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    yes .. we can finally same agree ..

    now I will tell the support team "from the beginning"

    15 days briefly wasted.


    funny ...

    the problem is this is briefly;

    - I cannot enter any game after I have the layout from my computer (html5) ...
    - Currently nine games are open and all of them are stuck at 50% on luxury.
    - I'm currently playing 3 games

    . But on another computer.
    I always played

    I want to "play" on the computer

    but "application" not allows ..
    In short, to find another computer in every "application" change

    I have to?

    could i explain the issue "clearly"?
    Could you please explain this to the "technical" support team?

    This transition was clearly "so amateur " as expected ..

    I'm not playing the game on the other computer because of "htl5" .I wrote 10 days ago at Forum. There was no coming. Please help ..

    post in the forum like this.

    don't play for co-202 , a.d 1-101 , de205


    tfiso6 Thursday, 10:53 pm

    I can't get into the game (American dreams).

    I found the solution from the forum and applied it.

    Finally, I am sending the link (in we transfer).

    thank you ."



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