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    The videos have some snafus also. When your widget shows you have videos, and you try to watch them nothing happens. So you take a full 60 seconds to go to your station page which is very slow to load, or maybe you have to reload the whole game in order to get it to work, then when you finally get there, it shows you have no videos to watch. So you go back out and the widget still shows you have videos to watch.

    OK, examples. Dont like having to reload the game constantly to keep it running properly. The visuals/graphics are not correctly aligned, some things are just off center, or sometimes you have to reload the game to see things in proper perspective. Game is slower to respond than it was even with flash. It is slow enough you dont think it will even respond at all sometimes. When you change screens you have to wait for all the graphics to load, it isnt smooth, but rather is choppy loading and very slow.

    It also takes longer to load the game than the other platform, which is most annoying since you have to reload the HTML format more often to keep it running properly. The set schedules dont seem to be working correctly. As I said, I really think the developers just need to play the game to see what sort of things are not performing well or what sorts of things are annoying.

    Constantly have to reload game to keep it working. All sorts of little glitches. The developers should really play the game for a few hours a day in order to see all the little annoying things going on.. Many little glitches that are difficult to describe, but guarantee you will experience them if you take the time to play, game programmers. I think the game will lose a lot of players if it doesnt get a whole lot better than it is now. Flash was bad enough, this is worse.

    You all need to check your achievements and not expect RN to credit you automatically when you finish an achievement.

    I only receive credit for about 1/3 of the achievements that I complete. If you contact RN they make take weeks to process your request---and then you may or may not receive what you are supposed to get. All I'm saying is just double check things. It is a big problem. We dont spend 6-12 weeks in a game and then not expect to get credit for it.

    One of the customer service reps that handles this is nice, the other one doesnt seem to care much about it. So you need to be proactive and watch over your own account and career. This happens to me regularly in all scenarios.

    Perhaps they refuse give a straight answer because they themselves don't know. Wow. That is bad. I believe you just got the runaround. Don't ask a RN guru, instead "perhaps other players will be willing to share their knowledge and experience with you".