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    ... Golden hour is a load of rubbish as well. Its a myth put into play years ago by the hourly prestige pinchers. Its lack of supply that makes loading times high. So when you smart, no it all players, haul direct in golden hour you are in fact the ones making loading times higher.

    Safe to say, you have little to risk from being one of those know it all players.

    FYI... Happy Hour was leveraged by city levelers to close rgs in a hour, long before prestige farming was even a thing.

    The biggest driver is Utilization not supply. Dancing was an innovation many years ago to level cities faster by minimizing utilization. The math on chained hauling is very rare that chained hauling benefits total tons delivered. The counter argument is always. "But if I don't chain haul, it will eventually be worth while" That's like saying... "I could win if I wanted to".

    My senior project in college was to recreate the formula that "invented" anti-matter. I am used to knowing things people insult me about. But I manage to enjoy the game none-the-less. I am imagine we are on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to knowing things nobody else agrees with, but I suggest you try to shoulder that burden with as much grace as possible.

    Can we please come back to the original topic instead of discussing who is "best"? ...

    I kind of thought that was my point.

    Ironically, I find ePeen wars to be the second most common unsportsmanlike behavior behind only "My city , bow to me".

    I play on a server where the corps have specialized for literally Years. (one individual prestige corp, one Team prestige corp, one endgame city corp, one city flipping corp). We tend not to have "play my way" fights on it as a result. I have to come to the forum to enjoy the nostalgia.

    Of course there was that one time when the endgame city corp told the individual prestige corp "Its my way or the highway". That didn't end well for the Endgame city corp.


    I have finished 2nd and could easily won a round if I were to push again, but never acted so selfish with majorities nor have I expressed myself like you just did.


    How many of those were on a server against the Dogs?

    I have scored 850K prestige and placed 35th (it took 1.5 million to crack 10th that round)

    One thing I know for sure, anytime a player says "I could have if I wanted", it means they never have. When you start whipping it out, you should make sure you've got the goods before you start.

    So how many people reading your post thought... "gosh he is so much better". And how many thought... "dude just bragged about a knife to a gun fight"

    learned the game but what do I do? How do I win?
    To win the game, you have to stay in the last 10 and fight for the best city.


    oh wait, that was serious.

    To win the game, you have to give up on sleeping for the last 6 weeks.

    To Win Game as top Team, You need to be active enough that other top players want to play with you. Basically top 50 on cruise control is easy. Not being a jerk... that is more difficult for some than others.

    To win the game as top city. Connect to it by era 6 and build out all the tracks.

    To win the game by having fun. That really differs by person. Some enjoy learning all the nuances the game has to offer, while most don't. Some enjoy playing as aa team (ooo, oo, i kno w that type), while others enjoy playing as a city, and more than you thiink enjoy playing alone.

    Whatever you enjoy, that group will find you if you talk on city forums.

    If you don't talk much, keep applying to associations until you find one that clicks.s

    ...I mean, I can imagine all those exploits. pulling them off requires quite a bit of coordination, and 0 self-esteem...

    I remember the first time My team watched a solo corp player win first overall. Rather than thinking the player should be ashamed, we were impressed.

    Next game our player kept leaving our corp to chase first place. We kept telling her to let us do all the worker bids and she focus on winning. Had she stayed with us, we would have been top corp. But she felt she needed to win on her own, and now you are saying she should have low self esteem for doing that.

    about a year later all the unaffiliated players would band together to 'share workers' The big city corps always patted themselves on the back for sharing workers , but individuals fighting for first should have low self esteem?

    Well you are correct. One of our players from that run where Chalyze won on her own, did eventually build a team around making all your worst nightmares come true. He had to orgnize, recruit and keep motivated an entire team of folks to leverage cheap workers effectively enough to produce the top player, round after round after round ... for years. I agree, he is not popular on our server. But I don't think he should have low self esteem. While they were on the server, the corp I now play for had to compete for prestige, and work extra hard to get a player into first.

    Two rounds ago, that team made them work so hard for it... they disbanded. Last round, our corp, now unchallenged, was so dominant that i finished 31st overall... 21st on the team. We scored more than the next 5 teams combined. We totaled more than the winning scores from the prior four rounds combined.

    basically, if what you are looking for was a fair fight, you lost what had been a fair fight for years on our server, when the individual prestige corp disbanded. Be careful what you wish for. ;)

    Heh, leveraging corps to get workers has been a thing on servers I have been on for over 5 years.

    Here's a question for you. Would you rather play against one corp that reforms to get workers on the cheap or against a corp that is so strong it wins 90% of the workers it targets?

    Trust me, having battled against both, I can assure you the former is much easier to beat than the latter.

    I have to highly recommend these graphs instead. They have many counter intuitive results but have tested accurately.

    I know many who have built spreadsheets (myself included). While the HMR graphs don't include number of stops, chained hauling is almost always hands down to elephants (era 2, era 3, era 4 ), so its not as interesting a case as it would seem.

    endgames lasting longer than 36 hours? those are myths and legends from days gone by!!!! (I blame Dumbledore)

    I think a number of folks also play from work, logging in once an hour, which they probably prefer to spending a weekend chained to the monitor.

    Personally, endgame is one reason for me to look forward to retirement. (There are others)

    I've never known the "old days".

    But we have strategic opportunities to explore with this ranking as well. (Right now on my server we are pushing one city to 50, to punish the rest of the server and make them all start EG during the night, while our main city will start in the evening).

    Opportunities exist, we simply need imaginative people to think of some new ways to beat the cities that stay purposefully at low levels.

    The second place city came in 2 hours behind the first place city which started 4 hours earlier, however, had the losing city levelled up to eliminate the 4 hour difference, it would have been much more than four hours behind.

    I will be interested to hear whether your strategy works or not. Tigerhawk has told me that she beat the very strategy you are employing by starting as the 10th best city. The city she beat had many endgame wins under its belt. Ever since, that server has been a race to the smallest city (and now a race to the highest ranked smallest city. It is rapidly approaching the 'all cities at the same level hypothetical' mentioned earlier.

    Can I mention that I miss the days when endgame actually made people want to level their cities? The current algorithm encourages everyone to keep all the cities as small as possible. I am not a city grinder, but I do feel they should have at least a little incentive to keep leveling their city.

    I do too Tiger. oh well.

    Even if they weren't fun, following your calls would be.

    Dutcher, I still haven't forgiven you for taking my 3rd place finish on the winning city bonus back when you were still rockin you 'Poirot' face. Sneaking up on noobs in their first full game, is that very nice? :P

    BTW, Dumbledore/Sandberg used a call I had never seen before to powerful effect. I am sure it is not new to many, but here


    ID Call (advanced) - The city failed to clear the RG by a small margin just before recalc, and shifts all trains to a new RG except for those players who still have Instant Dispatches.

    A call is typically written in some variation of 'Haul Cotton SD SOUTH, ID haul to close Steel'

    This means each player should determine which category they fit into.

    • If they have no Instant Dispatches left, they should shift to the new RG.
    • If they have instant Dispatches,
      • They should shift all their bonus trains to the new RG
      • Use Instant dispatches for their Olympus trains to haul the prior RG until it closes. When spending instant dispatches, spend them 5 at a time because you don't want to waste any once the RG closes.

    This seemingly obvious strategy is advanced for a number of reasons.

    1. It requires folks to determine which group they fall into for themselves... many will fail that determination and stall their trains on 15 minute wait times.

    2. It requires folks to have Instant dispatches... either via gold purchase or via saving 3 months worth acquired over the prior 6 eras

    3. It is not obvious when Instant dispatches will be enough to close out the RG. The caller needs to use this sparingly enough that players have instant dispatches all the way through the end game.

    In the game where I saw it. I personally started end game with 180 instant dispatches. I participated in 6 different Instant Dispatch calls and still had 100 left for the final endgame push.

    I Do.

    Our prior leader once observed that Rail Nation has a tendency to obsess spectrum folks to the point where they made themselves sick. Sounds about right. I just have to ghost all electronic channels after too much Rail Nation chat

    I actually just finished a full round without feeling compelled to log in every day. Didn't even talk on Chat. Actually got to watch Fantasy lose endgame in a two city Sandberg verses the rest of the map conflict. He lost by less than 2 hours despite a coordinated attack that drove up wait times for the last set of goods.

    He actually is a good caller... there may even be a story involved.

    ...But mostly I cannot understand at all the words you are using,

    Please note that many of us are either not native speakers...

    Hah! No... My writing is hard to understand because I don't know how to write like a normal person. That makes life difficult for english speakers and non-speakers alike.

    TLDR; Its not you, its me

    BTW: The second section is literally a glossary of terms. So you asked for a glossary to explain the glossary. :) Awesome!!! If I wrote like a normal person, that would never happen and where's the fun in that?

    TBH; All of the terminology is my invention. They are intentionally meant to differ from normal terminology to avoid inherent bias from folks based on what they are used to. Some of them are standard on the servers I play because I can be ... chatty.

    RoadKill911: Without a doubt. Whether you know better than the caller or not, follow the caller's call... unless they call 'offline'... or rrrrr 'Park your trains... or they tell you to haul from a 15 minute wait time... or, wait, where was I ... oh yes, always follow the callers call no matter what, except when you don't. But when you don't, and I am being serious here, when you don't absolutely make sure what you do has ZERO impact on potential next calss... i.e. no hauling from any active RG, never haul from warehouse, never try to spark a debate when the call is made.

    That used to be possible.Back before city level prestige sniping was common, I had all my teammates doing it. When the team we were chasing tried to counter us, well... We didn't actually get the price to go negative, but $1 a ton was seen. We were wondering if the game could handle it (bad array pointer), and whether we were about to become incredibly rich (integers without a sign bit can go from $0 to $65K), but the city levelled to fast for us to find out.

    Now, they set a minimum price, presumably to prevent exactly what you are asking for.

    I realize there are a lot of OCD types playing this game for whom having to find every last trainspotter is more a compulsion than a game mechanic.

    Having my own set of mental wirings I need to compensate for I do sympathize, but the first step on the road to recovery is recognizing you have a problem.

    1. You don't need to click on the trainspotters... problem solved. you have already made clear how unimportant you feel they are to gameplay.
    2. You definitely don't need to click on that 'last' spotter ... if you are active and believe spotter cash is valuable you just need to make sure you have room for one more spotter, not 10 more spotters
    3. If you really can't sleep at night without first tucking in all your spotters, 10 gold before bedtime is not too steep a price to pay for a full night's sleep. And before long, you may find you don't really need to spend that 10 gold to fall asleep after all.
    4. If you really, REALLY need those 5 lottery tickets asap, you really only need to obsess over finding that last spotter when a star appears on your trophy.

    To be fair, you didn't say they were on the track at the same time.

    But your picture shows both trains at the same time. Of course the picture clearly shows the left train is not on the tacks so clearly they didn't crash because it had already derailed. But that doesn't seem very likely, so lets try some more realistic options.

    My favorite possibility is that the bridge is actually a Mobius strip and the trains are clearly anti-grav trains. One train road the top of the tracks while the other rode the bottom of the tracks.

    There is of course the old standby... they didn't crash because one of the trains spontaneously combusted moments before the collision, only to see the other spontaneously combust moments later. Freaky.

    The Star Trek answer to all problems. A rift in the space time continuum opened moments before the collision whisking one of the trains off to Stavro Mueller Beta.

    I am not very good at riddles like this for some reason, can I have the lottery tickets anyway?

    I think I was referring to the fact that by the time folks get those five lottery tickets they have already received millions of dollars from clicking on those spotters.

    I have tried to figure how those spotters might provide a revenue stream beyond just keeping folks logged in and active more. Honestly, I just think bubble popping is a basic time killing mechanism these online games provide as a diversion.

    Yes I like Sundays Very much, U2?

    P.S. They got booed when they played a concert at my college during spring break because they moved the venue indoors. That was their best (only) known song at the time. :)

    P.P.S... I did think Sunday, Bloody Sundays when I typed that phrase.