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    That used to be possible.Back before city level prestige sniping was common, I had all my teammates doing it. When the team we were chasing tried to counter us, well... We didn't actually get the price to go negative, but $1 a ton was seen. We were wondering if the game could handle it (bad array pointer), and whether we were about to become incredibly rich (integers without a sign bit can go from $0 to $65K), but the city levelled to fast for us to find out.

    Now, they set a minimum price, presumably to prevent exactly what you are asking for.

    I realize there are a lot of OCD types playing this game for whom having to find every last trainspotter is more a compulsion than a game mechanic.

    Having my own set of mental wirings I need to compensate for I do sympathize, but the first step on the road to recovery is recognizing you have a problem.

    1. You don't need to click on the trainspotters... problem solved. you have already made clear how unimportant you feel they are to gameplay.
    2. You definitely don't need to click on that 'last' spotter ... if you are active and believe spotter cash is valuable you just need to make sure you have room for one more spotter, not 10 more spotters
    3. If you really can't sleep at night without first tucking in all your spotters, 10 gold before bedtime is not too steep a price to pay for a full night's sleep. And before long, you may find you don't really need to spend that 10 gold to fall asleep after all.
    4. If you really, REALLY need those 5 lottery tickets asap, you really only need to obsess over finding that last spotter when a star appears on your trophy.

    To be fair, you didn't say they were on the track at the same time.

    But your picture shows both trains at the same time. Of course the picture clearly shows the left train is not on the tacks so clearly they didn't crash because it had already derailed. But that doesn't seem very likely, so lets try some more realistic options.

    My favorite possibility is that the bridge is actually a Mobius strip and the trains are clearly anti-grav trains. One train road the top of the tracks while the other rode the bottom of the tracks.

    There is of course the old standby... they didn't crash because one of the trains spontaneously combusted moments before the collision, only to see the other spontaneously combust moments later. Freaky.

    The Star Trek answer to all problems. A rift in the space time continuum opened moments before the collision whisking one of the trains off to Stavro Mueller Beta.

    I am not very good at riddles like this for some reason, can I have the lottery tickets anyway?

    I think I was referring to the fact that by the time folks get those five lottery tickets they have already received millions of dollars from clicking on those spotters.

    I have tried to figure how those spotters might provide a revenue stream beyond just keeping folks logged in and active more. Honestly, I just think bubble popping is a basic time killing mechanism these online games provide as a diversion.

    Yes I like Sundays Very much, U2?

    P.S. They got booed when they played a concert at my college during spring break because they moved the venue indoors. That was their best (only) known song at the time. :)

    P.P.S... I did think Sunday, Bloody Sundays when I typed that phrase.

    Best man at my wedding was COO for the Buffalo Southern railroad... Actually still is.

    When you are COO of a railroad with one engine, that OO can refer to Operating the train Often

    Also, when you are the COO for a one engine railroad, repairing and 'spotting' railcars is not an insignificant portion of your revenue stream, or at least it wasn't back when he was best man at my wedding. :)

    I was a little vague the last time I said this so this time I will steer clear of the flowery prose and stick to the facts.

    Trainsportters .are a sunday. Every click on a Trainspotter is another spoonful of yummy ice cream.
    You all are complaining that after you have eaten all the ice cream, the only thing left is a yummy maraschino cherry.
    Not only that, but as soon as you eat the maraschino cherry, they give you another bloody sunday, for FREE.

    Now come on, don't you feel the least bit greedy for complaining "I have to eat so much ice cream before I can eat the cherry, that you owe me like 50 cherries"

    :) You actually didn't pay THAT much more.

    Sure, when you pay 650K for a building rather than getting it for free it feels like you lost 650K, because you paid 650K.

    But when you get a 400K building for free rather than a 650K building for free, you only 'lost' 250K.

    Feel better?

    Anyway, I can confirm that the super starter and starter packages do stack (i.e are not mutually exclusive) I was curious about the era package as well, but heck, that was getting a little pricey for me on my strict eat what you earn gold diet.

    I did look for those warnings and assumed no warning = no problem.

    ., and today I wake up, and the game is asking me if I want to be a mentor. Its just messing with me to prove that it owns me now.

    (p.s. I think I worked out that you need to be connected to the city you have mentoring candidates in. makes sense)

    Last round, I got a bunch of folks to mentor. And I enjoyed it.

    This round, I was going to follow the lead of some folks whose game skills surpassed mine, so I wasn't planning on mentoring. Sure I was going to feel a little guilty saying, NO, GIT GUD NOOB, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

    But the game never asked me if I wanted to be a mentor.

    After fully protecting my thoughts with an aluminum coating, I realized the game was not in fact reading my thoughts and that the game operators merely disabled the mentoring program while it undergoes some tweaking.

    But then one of my first time players from last game asked me to help her mentor a passel of folks she took on and I immediately put the tinfoil hat back on my head where it still sits as I write this.

    If that weren't scary enough,

    • The game somehow managed to take all the folks I wanted to watch in their native habitat, and convinced them not to play this round.
    • The game just morphed the team captain from bright sunny rabbit into some sickly green on black Goth Scale of Justice
    • The game just accused me of being selfish because I posted about shedding a tear every time someone runs up wait time on an RG immediately preceding the hour that rg will be needed for a competition
    • All of a sudden I am building to a new city to help a bunch of new player learn how to play the game.

    So, please heed my warning. Get out! Get out now!!!!! Before the game permanently traps you into a mentoring role via some really twisted next gen singularity stuff. Roko's Basilik is HERE, run, RUN!!!!.

    In all seriousness, I was surprised the algorithm did not identify me as a potential mentor this round.

    The rest... its all true, Flee Fleance Flee.

    ... is a team game or solo game we can all argue until we're blue in the face ...

    :) I can agree with that.

    Interestingly the world is having a similar debate in its economic simulation game.

    Personally, I am glad that I live in a country that at least says it believes in solo competition, because of that whole being told what to do by 'Lords' in the other system can be brutal.

    Heh, I know a whole team of trolls who would be upset at that last suggestion. Of course, they assume every individual who does what they do is a mult-account troll so I guess this suggestion was karmically foretold.

    The US servers had a stretch 3 or so years ago where players were winning first overall by going it alone.

    The trade off for having no teammates to pop your bubbles for you was that you could keep forming new corporations and purchasing cheap workers. Since these players were online 24/7/12, they could pop their own bubbles thank you very much.

    At this point, that practice is so commonplace an entire team reforms every few days to get cheap workers, and not coincidentally, pick up a lot of HQ prestige for relatively cheap prices.

    For the record... they are not a team of trolls, they are just highly specialized players fighting for top 10 rankings in a world where 3 years ago, I could make top 10 just by playing but am now hard-pressed to break into top 30.

    By spending enough real money that the rest of us get to play for free. :)

    The more Falcons I see on Day 1, the happier I am. Don't worry, you can still win first overall without having Falcons on Day 1. If you are planning on sleeping any time over the next 12 weeks on the other hand...

    I do understand that you think 1 and 2 are the same type of player, and only 3 and 4 are useful but effectively the same.

    Lets have a small case study shall we... :)

    Last game I ran a learning corp.

    • that corp had 2 died in the wool farmers. offline, smoffline, doesn't matter what you call
    • I had 4 players who were active endgame. case 3/4. You got three of them for endgame, winning city got 1.
    • I had 10 that did not play endgame at all. (fun getting yelled at to force players who weren't even playing any more to shift their trains)
    • The rest were category 2.

    Lets talk about those category 2's

    Lots of talk on Corporate chat about which city to endgame in and where. The heavy haulers were curious because they wanted to set themselves up and did so. The class 2's also wanted to prepare but were less able.

    • Despite telling them from era 1 through every era which city should win so they should connect to it.
    • Despite specifically stressing during era 5 reminders that they should fully track the eventual winning city.
    • Despite specifically stressing during era 6 reminders that they needed to raise cash for carts because they would need those carts
    • Despite specifically saying that our city's endgame dream was dead so start hauling for cash for endgame

    When endgame came. we sent 9 haulers to the winning city, of which 5 or 6 followed each call. The top hauler hauled about as much cargo as the other 4 or 5 combined. That tells me this about the weak haulers.

    1. Despite being weak, they equaled an active hauler.
    2. They had a lot of trains hauling something other than the called good, presumably because they couldn't max out on the called good (or they were hauling from home because they were not allowed to haul from the warehouse)

    So I think accounting for those trains matters. Neilus called that need out out directly, and Tigerhawk implied it as well I think..

    Had we made end game, I was planning to call out a cash run in addition to the online call every hour for online players to follow if they couldn't max out on the current call. Wellll... that was the theory at least.


    Are you no longer a game GM because there were too many trolls and not enough players?