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    I just wanted to pass along my gratitude to those responsible for fine-tuning the GUI, especially when it comes to interfaces or sub-screens like the individual engine window. A few weeks ago, if you were servicing engines manually (no plus account), you'd have to wait for the data to catch up to your clicking. Clicking on the next engine too soon caused you to skip ahead without servicing.

    Having spent a little of my life writing scripts and dabbling in code, I appreciate it when people keep things tidy and efficient...I *hate* bloatware. Just because there is a few hundred gigs available doesn't mean you have to use it all for your applications. :)

    "Well done" to the dev team.

    On the Android app, the number of stops you can set has serious issues. I use a browser 90% of the time. An example of the problem:

    Set sched to grain-cattle-leather-city, grain-cattle-meat-city. Eight stops normally. You cannot set this schedule on Android. You can get as far as dropping off cattle on the second run and then you get the 10-stops warning. It appears to count every action as a stop, i.e., I stop at grain and pick up grain (2), then drop off at cattle and pick up cattle (4), and so on.

    I've noticed this problem for several months.

    Well, ♫ I'm going off the rails ♫♪ ... you get the idea. As for "Ron", people always assume Ronald. Nope. Ron is derived from my middle name, Cameron. What I find surprising is that people ask how I could possibly get 'Ron' from 'Cameron'. Seriously. I figure if you can pull Bill out of William, Bob from Robert, or better yet "Jack" from John...I can certainly use 'Ron'. At least all the letters are there.

    Ah - the sabo-gang. Aren't they fun? There was an entire corp based out of Moscow, as I recall, and they consisted of only what could be described as sleeper cells in each region. If you looked at their membership, it was quite colorful. Apparently, they thought that running blanket coverage on all RGs for a region's EG city would help them. Well, it did not. I cannot remember exactly where they finished in the rankings (6th - maybe?), but they did not really keep us from winning in 23 hours.

    Maybe...just going out on a limb here, if they directed all that planning and effort into, oh, maybe hauling to their own city...hmmm.

    Same. I always have two windows devoted to RN. I used to run tabs but prefer alt-tabbing around or being able to see what's going on in the other open round.

    I've been running Firefox all issues yet. Still running Opera & Chrome with other browsing/email.

    Lately, it seems since the last update, I notice a high probability that the game hangs during the load, never loading the GUI/buttons. I'm running Chrome. I may switch over and test Opera, Firefox, and MSIE for awhile.

    The only possible action within the game is collecting any visible train spotters.


    Hmmm, maybe what we're seeing is not the direct effect of running integrated, but more of a side-effect. You have everyone running integrated so say, a 30sec wait time or better. But, everyone is grinding away at it direct and the WT is over 5 minutes. That seriously reduces transport levels, thus drastically lowers occupancy rates, which if occupancy rates are indeed the driving factor...

    10 people running 10 engines with 10 rail cars. So, 1,000 rail cars at their disposal.

    (60/5)*1000=12,000 tons hauled per hour. 5-min WT from hauling direct.

    (60/.5)*1000=120,000 tons hauled per hour. 30-sec WT via integration.

    Of course, no distance/travel-times were thrown into the equation, but we have a baseline using the above. Also, variables like n hours of direct haul driving WT any higher or facility cool-downs dropping them down into the single-digit-seconds become major players as well.

    Well, a few of us have observed that direct hauling and investing only led to insane WT and the facility did not grow. As soon as we started supplying resources...WT dropped and we saw growth.

    Things do seem to fluctuate there's a random algorithm or something. Some days the facilities seem to grow...and sometimes it seems to take a few days. A bit like "okay, today your growth multiplier is .28, tomorrow .0028.

    I never liked that term anyway with regard to one "invented" it. It's a natural occurrence that was discovered. And, while Ben Franklin is credited with modern discovery of electricity...what about those Baghdad Batteries? They are estimated to be around 2,000 years old.