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    Agree, this thing time's out way too fast. Like, if you are not moving the mouse every 2 minutes. Horrible idea. Everytime they make a change, I'm liking this game less and less. After the recent update, I have found 1/2 the time I have to reload in order to invest in facs. I have money, you can see I should be able to invest, but the feature is grayed out. Why are we always the beta testers.

    I'll toss in an idea

    Split tech tree. I know it would require a lot of programming, but I'll explain the benefit. Split the tech tree. One side is for the engines, the other side is for capital improvements. We already know the engine side and this would need to be modified based on the Cap. Improvement side. On the Cap Improvement side your rails would start off running stringers, move to iron, then steel. Steel rails upgrades then be made to move trains of more tonnage at higher speeds. Electric trains could not be run on rails unless you had electrified the rails. Other aspects of the tree might deal with adding telegraphs, radio control, CDC, etc as well as having the ability to speed up loading due to improvements in logistics. The benefits of this would completely change the game. Right now, folks follow the engine tech tree and most folks figure out what engines to build and/or stay away from pretty fast. In doing that, pretty much all players end up at the same place with the same abilities. If you split the tech tree, you would end up with a game where chances are no two players would be exactly alike and this would have a huge impact on the game. Perhaps the RPs would need to come a little faster also. IN doing this, a few tweeks to the engines to account for some of the other changes could make it so that folks didn't always go for one specific engine in an era, but might go for the engine that best fit for where they were also on the Capital improvement tech side.

    Toss into that multiple issues. The game is crashing every 5-10 minutes(at least using Firefox) and I suspect it is when those stupid people pop up we are supposed to find. Changing train schedules is not great as it is hard to now see what you are going to, it still shows what they were running. Having the widescreen for the cities and facs is taking way too much of the screen and is pointless. This is a change that seems not to have been beta tested.

    IE or Chrome are even worse. Talked to folks in my corp or US101 and everyone pretty much said it is happening. That said, The game interface is actually getting much better with some of the changes your folks have made.

    With the most recent maintenance, it seems the games crashed about every 6th time that I went to move trains. Very annoying if you are about to run a competition, have you trains parked and check the time. Then, when it comes time to actually launch the trains, the screen freezes up. I'm using the latest version of Firefox as it seems to be the least affected by crashes.