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    Immediately, William will delegate the efforts to escape the tropical paradise.

    He will have Mr. Mechanic inflate the beach ball and flamingo, and have the Professor figure out the best way to
    use the metal loops from the croquet set to climb the bandanna tree to harvest some ripe, delicious fruit.

    William will also set Lucy to creating a log of their experience with the camera and notebook, for eventual movie rights.

    After inflating the inflatables, since Mr. Professor still isn't back with the bananas, the crew will create a small fire
    with the lighter, paddle, remains of the croquet set, and enjoy a sparse dinner of chips.

    Finally, when Mr. Professor returns with some bananas, he gets the last beer and they plan on the best way to create banana daiquiris
    with the strong alcohol but no ice and settle for a kind of strong pudding.

    Having spent a snug night on the sand, they rise early in the morning and prepare to set off to the mainland. Unfortunately, Mr. Professor
    has a horrid hangover and can't bear Lucy's constant chattering about the book she's going to write about all this.

    Lucy politely asks Mr. Mechanic to stop calling her 'Gilligan'

    Thirsty, Mr. Professor stalks off to the coconut tree to look for something to throw at Mr. Mechanic, who used their water to soak his socks in.

    William, ever the pillar of inspiration, uses the string to tie the floaties together into a collective flotation device (you know, in case of a water landing).
    He also ties the pointer stick to the flamingo's neck and uses it as a flag pole for the towel, as their flag.

    While Mr. Professor is gone, Lucy gives Mr. Mechanic basic swimming lessons, firmly encouraging him to leave his wrench on the beach.

    Sighing with resignation, William UNTIES the floaties, since somebody isn't in a sharing mood and this is why we can't have nice things.

    collecting the group back at the beach and leads them into the water, giving a floaty each, to Mr. Professor and Mr. Mechanic. As they wade out into the water, William instructs
    Gilligan... I mean Lucy, to aid Mr. Mechanic in kicking towards the mainland.

    Always careful of his passengers, William ensures that Mr.Professor and Mr. Mechanic are out of arm's reach of eachother.
    William and Mr. Professor gamely kick together, using their beach ball floaty, trying to out-pace Lucy and Mr. Mechanic, but due to Mr. Professor's hangover,
    they lose to the more energetic team and in the evening, it's Lucy and Mr. Mechanic that reach the mainland first.

    William, after assuring that his crew all make it safely out of the water, blows on his whistle as loud and as long as he can. to call for an uber to their hotel.
    Not having any money on him and being an expert at taking fares, William smartly trades his collectible engine-themed pendant and uber-strong chain to the driver for their fare.

    Ever unflappable, William takes them out to dinner to celebrate their adventure, calmly dealing with the maitre-de over their lack of proper attire.

    Hearing their story, the maitr-de laughs. Lucy laughs, Mr. Mechanic laughs. Mr. Professor nurses a martini while rolling a coconut around on the bar.

    With increasing regularity, it takes up to a half-hour to get into the game, flash crashes after about an hour on average, and now, instead of loading I get this message as the game tries to load: "

    An error has occurred whilst loading "templates.js". Please reload the page.

    "and reloadign the page never actually does any good. I just have to come back later and try again.

    Each time you collect a bonus, you have a 1% chance to get a free ticket.

    This Round, I've been seeing lottery tickets drop on abut 1 in 10 clicks or about once a pass through the corp's stations.