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    I would like to see either an end to Pre Regisration:thumbup: or make it a gold generator for RN; pre registration has given rise to marauding associations ripping acress the game worlds suck all the goodnes out of the game,:cursing: FFRN Rail Pirates CV et all are relentless in their quest for PP. and to hell with association majorities. It could still continue in that if you really want to pre reg, you would just cough up say 3500 gold or take your chances, That way some of us who do not have money to burn could get half a chance of getting somewhere, otherwise what is the point of ccontinuing with what is slowly becoming a farce on some severs.

    From four or five cities across FFRN make a bee-line to which every city Argent is based which makes it look like a grude match.:(

    I can give you the numvers if you like but recheking my figures there seems to be a discrepancy so yes the advantage is not so big never the less

    olly requires 289 rp plus hyrda 185 which gives a total of 474 rp which requires 6.17 days

    to completely research the extra repeat extra 75 rp from the lindworm path requires 23.4 hours based on a fully upgraded lab with a researcher. do some maths yourself on how much 25 lindworm can earn in 6.17 days

    currently my olly are earning 404k/hr so it is a fair assumtion that 5 medusa would be earning around 40k/hr less the figures would be

    40k x 25 x 24 x 6.17 which is 148 million. What ever your opinion it has worked for me but I only post so people have a informed choice

    Does anyone have an opinion on this? It has beome a thorny issue in my association, and I'll be honest I cant see any benefit thas is substatially worthwile I am happy to learn but from my point of view any ton to another city is a ton your home city doesn't get so this delays your home city's level up. My associates are convinced that it is the way to go and I would willingly suport it if there is good advantage other than the naive belief that these other city dwellers will help you in endgame.:|

    You are mising a trick labouring with medusa and not running lindworm

    On average the lindworm is 20K/hr better than medusa and across the 9 (+/-) days it takes to research olly to full upgrade (due to the capacity of LIndworm) that amounts to $1.04 BILLION of lost earning to be on olly 1 and a bit days earlier with amounts to something like 15 million extra

    I too have had erratic issues with flash player. I am finally getting repeated successful logins by open up the rail nation news page then clicking on the green log in button and selecting my game world. In google , flash player is set to "ask". when you go for your game world a warning that you need flash player comes up, with options to open or down load. If you click open then a box appears top left as a prompt. Click open and although google will block the plug in it is too slow to stop a single shot so the game world loads, I have not played since the spring because I could not log in.