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    If any developer is interested I can report that my theory is correct.

    Now that I'm in era 6 and converted to Olympus my train count is now low, 13 with all the bonus engines. Batch re-routes, including parking, are now quite reliable - nearly 100% of the time.

    Only 2 weeks left in this round of American Dream. This "bug" has sucked all the enjoyment out of competitions.

    Trains don't respond reliably to commands. And multi-engine re-routes can fail after a two minute delay - either by ignoring up to 1/2 the engines, or by hanging and requiring a reload.

    Surely someone in development has noticed the incredible number of reloads that players are performing to get through an hour of play?

    I will continue to beat this drum.

    The multi-engine re-route is obviously implemented client-side. In the very rare case that it works exactly as desired and "quickly" there is a multi-second difference between the first and last train in the sequence.

    My internet is delivered via satellite, which has a very noticeable latency. So I can deduce the implementation method.

    This could be fixed by implementing the re-route on the server side. That is, a single complex command from the client to the server to unpack and execute.

    I just re-routed 19 trains with the schedule reload. Took two tries and almost 3 minutes to affect them all. Now my trains are scattered as they ply their route. Really annoying.

    I'm playing the browser version.

    Since the last two updates the batch commands to park engines or load a saved list doesn't work well.

    #1 The command hangs for 1-2 minutes.

    #2 It may or may not complete. Often I have to reload

    #3 If it completes it may not be 100% successful. Only some of the trains are parked or rerouted.

    The Classic Game needs a rule change to prevent an excess number of players flocking to one city for the end-game.

    In my current game, the largest city has 232 players, 2nd is 141. My city, which finished first in the regular game, has 59.

    The city with 232 players has run away with the endgame. It's very discouraging.

    I know that the game encourages players to start all spread out with the encouragement of 100 gold. It's not working.

    Some limit on the number of players moving to a city must be instituted.

    The Classic version is no longer fun to play now that people have figured out a way to win easily.