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    Riddle 9


    Which conclusion can you make with absolute certainty after reading these two statements:

    - Only red trains are diesel trains

    - All black trains use the boost

    A. Some black trains run on diesel
    B. Red trains do not use boost
    C. All red trains do use boost

    D. None of the above

    Riddle 6


    Two men start walking at the same point. They walk in the opposite direction for a distance of 4 meters, then they turn right and walk for 3 meters. What is the distance in meters to each other?

    A. 9

    B. 10

    C. 13

    D. 14

    E. 20

    Dear players,

    We are happy to announce that all prizes for the Rail Nation Summer Games have been distributed. Congratulations to the winners! In the attached file you can find a complete list of all winners and in which categories on which servers they won.

    Summer Games Winner.pdf

    We hope you liked the event and thank you for your feedback. We especially want to mention that we agree that, in future in-game community events, your individual progress should be trackable during the event. We’ll try to figure out a solution for this and if you have suggestion for similar events for the future, we would very much like to hear them!

    Your Rail Nation Team


    Hello all,

    The American Dream Challenges event is already behind us and we can proudly say it was a success.

    Today we announce the winners. The production series (and gold) have been distributed. The friends of the winner will receive their prices after

    the event has ended on ALL servers.

    For the US-103 the winners are:

    Congratulations to all winners!

    Count Duckula, larzvegas  Ricstr  Fusiion  Caerbannog  stefg  Ursulus  Gico59  SeriouslyDude  General Disarray  Queckenwilli  Sandelus  TAnderson  JD Brakeman

    Your Rail Nation-Team

    hello all,

    there are several reasons for mid-week serverstarts. First of all by doing so, we allow everyone to find a server that suits his/her private timeschedule (also think of starting day for the endgame), secondly it is easier to balance for our system and last but not least, in case something might happen we can react faster.


    Now I'm just a little curious if any employee of RN can explain to me (and to all other players) in what way the new loginbonuses would be an improvement?

    Hi there,

    The biggest advantage we mentioned before is that you do not have to fear you miss a day in case you should not be able to login everyday and the content of the megabonus contains more gold and the possibility to win the huge lottery package.

    Overal we think it is more balanced.


    Dear players,

    We would like to give you an update about the current status of the HTML5 development.

    We worked very hard in the past weeks & months and we made big progress. We worked on creating a structure that allows us to prevent a lot of bugs in future, improves performance (especially while moving over the map) and allows our developers to work more efficiently. In the last few weeks, we were busy creating this alternative version and integrate all the improvements we already made for the current live version. That work is done now, and we already started tackling the remaining bugs. This version is now playable on our PTR game worlds (PTR1 + PTR2) if you want to have a look.

    However, we don’t consider the current level of quality sufficient enough to release it on our live servers now. We heard your feedback during the previous rollout and we don’t want to repeat the same experience.
    Therefore we will focus on fixing remaining bugs and polishing this version for all of August before we roll out live.

    We will keep you updated about our progress until then. Additionally, we will organize a Q&A session about this version with our Technical Director Andreas and Sergej, one of our Frontend developers.

    So, if you are into technical details about what exactly we did there and why, that’s your chance. The Q&A will happen next week Thursday 06.08.2020 around 18:30 (UTC+2), and we will share further details (like where and how) in the next days.

    Your Rail Nation Team

    So I started playing thanks to the Colonel introducing the game. Complete noob and I can't quite figure out the difference between the corporation and association. I can't find a help topic anywhere.

    Hello Shawnc5000 welcome on board!

    If you are looking for tips and tricks our players collected some interesting things in this thread.

    Rail Nation players among eachother are always willing to help. You can always post your question here in the forum.



    Dear players,

    there has been some confusion about the recent changes for the calculation of the required tonnage in the endgame.

    The previous calculation was: TRN2oYI.png

    The new calculation is: qSLoBxE.png

    These changes lead to an overall shorter endgame and bigger cities being less overpowered.

    We made these changes following the majority player feedback about the endgame being too long and bigger cities being unbeatable. We know that there are very different opinions about how long the endgame should be and many among you do not consider a shorter endgame better.

    Others however do and the optimal duration strongly depends on individual preferences. And not just the opinions about the endgame duration are different, the endgame duration itself also greatly differs depending on region, activity, coordination, game world and even individual game round. We will keep monitoring endgames and make further adjustments if necessary. However, we want to make clear that, due to very different playstyles, individual preferences and habits, any solution will be a compromise.

    The second topic we want to talk about here is the lack of proper communication about this change.

    We prepared these changes quite a while ago and waited for a bigger update to bring them to live game worlds. With the recent update for the new shop, the endgame changes went live and, quite honestly, it simply fell through the cracks that this would happen. With the actual development of the changes happening quite a while ago and everyone already working on other topics, no one noticed.

    We apologize for this slipup and hope that the info provided above make the changes less confusing.

    Your Rail Nation Team


    • The change is active on all game worlds that started after the 20th of April except PT2 and NL201. On these two game worlds, the consumption is qXJeNBX.png. This will be changed with the next round.
    • The required tonnage is currently correctly displayed in the centred window only, not the side screens. This will be fixed in a future version.

    Discussion for this topic can be found > here <