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    Dear players!

    This year, Masters is so much more than just a server. Among other things, we also prepared the biggest and most challenging Community Event in the history of Rail Nation!

    We will reveal the details over time, but we can already tell you that the 4 events, that still remain hidden for now, will be much more challenging and rewarding than the forum events you are used to! We will test your abilities in 4 different categories to find 4 kinds of Masters among you and you can win prizes that might provide you with the advantage you need on the Masters 2 game worlds…or any other server.

    The first event will be revealed at the 2nd of September, so stay tuned!

    Your Rail Nation team

    Clash! is back!

    On the 30th of August, Clash! will go live again as one of the challenges of this year’s Masters 2 event!

    Clash is free for everyone and in a global ranking we will be looking for the best player among you, who will be rewarded with this shiny physical trophy:

    And of course, there will be achievements too. You can find more info about that in the Lobby.

    You never played Clash! ? No problem. Clash! is a fast, exciting and simple game that can be played against other players in the Lobby. To make sure everyone has time to learn and train, Clash! will be divided in 6 phases. The first phase is just a training phase where you have nothing to lose. In every following phase you will earn more and more points for each match you win. You will be able to play 5 ranked matches per day, so you don’t need to play all day to win. You just need to be the best ;)

    Schedule & rules

    • You may only participate in Rail Nation: Clash! with one Rail Nation account.
    • You can play 5 ranked matches per day
    • 30.8. – 5.9.: Training à No points for the ranking yet
    • 6.9. – 14.9.: Preliminary round (Basic points à 1st 6 points, 2nd 4 points, 3rd 2 points)
    • 15.9. – 21.9.: Doubled Points à 12, 8, 4
    • 22.9. – 27.9.: Tripled Points à 18, 12, 6
    • 28.9. – 1.10.: Quadrupled Points à 24, 16, 8
    • 2.10. – 3.10.: Five-fold Points à 30, 20, 10
    • Any attempts to cheat (i.e. trying to win with anything but skill) will lead to disqualification at the end of the tournament.
    • In case a BF/Travian employee wins the Clash! tournament, the physical trophy will go to the next best non-employee.
    • The general participation conditions for Masters 2 apply. You can find them on the Masters 2 info page in the lobby.

    May the best among you win!

    Your Rail Nation team

    Dear players,

    It is possible you experience some issues connecting to Rail Nation. The game and also several other services we offer at Travian Games sometimes are not reachable due to routing problems with our provider. The provider is working on it.

    We keep you informed.

    Your Rail Nation team

    Good morning all,

    Today, Thursday 17.01.2019 we will do an update of our mainpage starting at 10:45 GMT +1.

    It will take about 1,5 hours, so during that time you might not be able to reach the mainpage.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Your Rail Nation team,


    Dear players,

    We followed the development of the event closely and we were pleased to see that there are many players who put a lot of dedication and brainpower in this event to figure out the best way to maximize profit, which is exactly what we aimed for. We are also really happy to see a lot of positive feedback and very constructive criticism that we can use for future events.

    However, we were a bit surprised that the efforts of some players exceeded even our wildest expectations and resulted in absurdly high amounts of winter coins. Don’t worry, we do not intend to take those hard-earned coins away from you, but today we had to adjust the gold gains in this event accordingly to make sure the event can continue. As compensation we increased the amount of diamonds and lottery tickets you can earn in the event.

    We want to make very clear that this was our own mistake and that the players who found and used smart methods to play this event did nothing wrong. They played the event as it was intended to be played.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this rebalancing might cause and hope that you still enjoy all the other goodies you can earn in this event.

    We will make sure to learn from this and for future events we will not make the mistake to underestimate your ambition and dedication again. But on the bright side, we really like that collaboration and strategic thinking resulted in the most effective method to play this event, which is a characteristic we would like to see again in some future events.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Kind regards,
    Salix (Community Communications Manager) & Loekie


    Heya Rail Roaders,

    Here you find an overview of the servers that will have the Rail Nation Winter event running!









































































    More information you can find on our blog!

    Enjoy the winter.

    Your Rail Nation team

    Dear players, we need your opinion on the split laboratory!

    You might have asked yourself what happened to your ideas for new features that we recently collected. Your favourite feature at the time was the split laboratory.

    A little reminder: the idea was about being able to decide whether to speed up research and increase the frequency of research point production, or to increase the maximum storage limit for research points. Both options, depending on play-style, have their pros and cons, and the option to choose either allows you to match your train station with your personal style of play.

    Option A: The two-button solution
    Here, it would be an option to have two visual buildings in the game, but only one large clickable area that leads you to the laboratory and lets you decide what to upgrade there.

    Option B: The two-building solution
    Alternatively, both buildings could have their own clickable areas, each leading to a separate menu. This would change the mechanics of the feature slightly, as two separate buildings would also mean that they could both be upgraded simultaneously if a player wishes to do that.

    Let us know which option you prefer... and why, too!

    We're happy to develop this feature together with you and are looking forward to the final result. Of course, we'll keep you updated about the ongoing development of this feature and hope all of us will soon be able to experience this feature first-hand in our train stations!

    Full steam ahead!
    Your Rail Nation Team

    Hello all,

    Congratulations to our colleagues for launching their new game Hyperdrome!

    The tactical battler racer can now be downloaded on iOS- and Android-devices. It's a perfect 'pastime' when waiting on the next delivery of goods or next city level-up.

    Get Hyperdrome via Apple App Store, Google Play Store or visit!

    Hello all,

    please be aware we will do a hotfix on several servers this Thursday 25.10.2018 on 2 different times; one in the morning and one in the afternoon! The servers will be offline during that time!

    25.10.2018 – 10:45 (UTC+2) – 12:15 (UTC+2)

    25.10.2018 – 14:15 (UTC+2) – 15:45 (UTC+2)

    The hotfix contains:
    - Performance Hotfix
    - Error 101 Fix (Schedule)
    - Worker Gold Slot Fix
    - Mobile: Facebook-Login Fix

    In case you have any question about it please contact our customer support.

    Your Rail Nation team

    Hello all,

    There are many different ways for you to earn Gold when visiting our partners' pages! Most of these offers are free of charge. They include small tasks like surveys, taking part in prize draws or making online purchases that can be completed quickly. After a brief wait, the Gold will appear in your account. These offers are updated regularly, so there will always be new opportunities to earn some Gold. We explain how it works here:

    Earn Gold via SponsorPay

    In the Gold shop, you can click on 'Offers' at the bottom of the screen.

    The 'EARN' button then brings you to the page of our partner 'SponsorPay'

    The overview then shows you all the ways in which you can currently earn Gold. You can find different tabs at the top, allowing you to filter by specific categories. 'Free' only shows offers that don't cost you any money. You can also filter by certain tasks, for example surveys, purchases and 'More'. The different tasks can be completed quickly and, after a brief wait, the Gold will be credited to you.

    Pick up your reward using the video feature.

    In addition, you can get another reward through the video feature you'll find in your train station.

    After watching the full video, which may last no longer than 60 seconds, you'll receive the reward displayed. At this point, you'll sometimes be given the chance to watch another video. For watching this second video through to the end, you may receive lottery tickets, waggon vouchers or research points, for example. Players with a Plus Account always have the option to watch a second video.

    Note: Please make sure to deactivate your browser's AdBlocker so that you're able to watch videos.


    Your Rail Nation team

    Changelog 4.9.0

    New features:

    A new newspaper function has been added to the game to present players an overview of the latest content update.

    The research tree has been completely reworked and new passenger engines have been added for SoE and Classic scenario. (new rounds only)

    Completely reworked the values of current trains and upgrades

    The left-aligned / portrait mode messenger has been reworked, so that it offers the same functionality now as the one in centred screen


    We have implemented a number of performance enhancements both on the client- and the server-side.

    • When the new idle screen is active, the FPS will be limited.
    • Number of server calls has been reduced to speed up various functions
    • Setting a schedule will be faster than before



    • RN2018-4273Scrollbar now correctly displayed and usable when owning three workers
    • RN2018-4369Fixed several text display problems that occurred when entering the Japanese server with a set language other than Japanese
    • RN2018-4370, RN2018-4371Fixed several text display problems that occurred, when switching the language from Japanese to English or vice versa
    • RN2018-4428Android: Bonus codes can be redeemed via the gold shop page again
    • RN2018-4430Plus account can again be purchased from the “more info” page
    • RN2018-4506Adjusted behaviour when opening another screen while the train buy screen is open. so that the train buy screen doesn’t crash anymore
    • RN2018-4524Servers you never played on will no longer be displayed in your active server list
    • RN2018-4616Language selection screen will show up correctly again on all devices
    • RN2018-4625Removed the full screen mode button from the app
    • RN2018-4627You can no longer get stuck in the options menu when opening it while the tech tree is open
    • RN2018-4702Fixed an issue that could crash the app after logging into the game


    • RN2018-4478The East-West battle status is displayed again in the server score for USA Express servers

    Day 1

    I'm a member of “The Friends of the Swedish Railway Museum”. The 31 May we (40 people) departed from Gävle Museum for a 750 km journey (100 km/h) to the Museum in Ängelholm. When you are a Friend you have access to the trains belonging to our museum so we traveled with a RC 1007 locomotive, built 1967. We had a restaurant wagon, a bar wagon, a wagon with arm chairs (very comfortable), two sleepers, a cinema wagon and a freight wagon.

    It was my first journey with the Friends and it was so awesome to travel with our own train!

    Day 2

    Old trains are noisy! I didn’t fall asleep until we arrived at our destination 5:30 in the morning. I got a couple of hours sleep before my husband woke me up for breakfast. Today’s mission was to make everything ready for the anniversary. After dinner we spent the evening in Sahlins wagon - the bar. Cozy armchairs here too.

    Day 3

    You can’t have a Railway anniversary without a steam locomotive. This was built in 1900 and in use until 1979, I was told. You could buy a ticket for a short trip. The children were fascinated (and the parents too) when the conductor cut the tickets in the old fashion way!

    Day 4

    This is the cutest little steam train I ever have seen! It was built 1888 and renovated in 1890 when the Swedish king Oscar II wanted to try it. Of course a royalty couldn’t sit on hard wooden benches so a Royal coupe was created in the front with padded cushions on the seat, double glass in the windows and a little stove so His Majesty shouldn’t be cold.

    The Railway crane

    It was built in England in 1948, shipped in parts to Sweden. Weight 127 ton (127.000 kilo) and can lift 50 ton. It has been used at serious accidents and to exchange railway bridges in need of repair. Last time in use was 1979 when a train set crashed in Nässjö.

    Safiren also made some video's:

    Hello everyone,

    Have you ever made a very special train trip or have you seen very special trains? #Safiren, one of our players did!
    Recently she made a wonderful trip with some friends and co-workers from a Swedish Rail Museum in Gävle (Järnvägsmusei Vänner - en stödförening till Sveriges Järnvägsmuseum) The museum was invited to go to a train event in the Southern part of Sweden. She wrote a small diary and took some wonderful pictures. Take a look!

    Please feel free to share your stories and pictures as well!

    Dear players,

    Thank you for your countless feature suggestions! We have now worked through all the ideas and have added quite a few to our list. Some of your ideas actually already existed as a concept on the desk of our game designer.

    Eventually, we had to agree on 5 favourites, on which you can now vote! Choose your favourite feature that the Rail Nation team will develop for you in the coming weeks! The poll is open until 25.05.2018.

    1. Production series benefits

    Each production series will have a small, individual advantage in one of the four categories speed, acceleration, reliability and tractive force (tractive force only in later eras, as the advantage would be too big otherwise). While one production series would have a 3 km/h higher top speed, another may have 5% greater reliability or an additional point in acceleration. That means switching between production series could gain you the crucial seconds to win a competition or increase your profits some more.

    Thanks to: Letnab

    2. Association competition

    Associations close to each other in the ranking would fight against each other in an association competition once a week. The association generating the highest profit within one hour would win the association competition and receive the main prize. The lower-ranked associations would receive smaller prizes based on their ranking.

    Prizes could include waiting time reductions or faster engines for all association members for one day.

    Thanks to: Hub3rt

    3. Landmark widget (only for Steam over Europe)

    There could be a landmark widget similar to the one for cities. It would allow players to see the progress of all connected landmarks and access them directly from the screen or centre them on the map. Investments, passengers and the two to three most required goods (including the player's own position) would always be displayed.

    Thanks to: Uvir

    4. Passenger transports with the career engine

    A career engine upgrade could be researched that would allow it to transport passengers too. The upgrade would follow after the goods for era six and would cost 3,000 technology points. The tractive force would equal 10 times the tractive force of waggons.

    Thanks to: Torsten Brehmer

    5. Split laboratory

    When upgrading the laboratory, a player could decide either to increase the research speed (e.g. one research point every 70 minutes instead of 75, for $1,000,000) or to increase the research point limit (e.g. 16 points instead of 14, for $500,000). The first option is beneficial for players who are often online, while the second option helps those who only log in once or twice a day.

    Thanks: Wunsiedl

    The ideas that didn't make it into the top five are of course not gone for good! After a review, many of them have been added to the ideas list of our game designer Bruno.

    We're looking forward to receiving your votes!
    The Rail Nation Team

    Dear players,

    We're happy to tell you that our new forum has opened its virtual doors. It's now connected to the community's railway network and will serve as a hub for communication in all languages. The forum can now be reached via the Rail Nation Lobby and we want to celebrate this development with you!

    One of our goals was to simplify and improve communication for all communities with the new, integrated forum. Rail Nation has fans from all corners of the world and they are all now part of one single forum. This is demonstrated by our postcard event, which ends in October.
    We'd like to thank you all for your postcards; we present the result to you in this Video.

    Finally, there is also a competition to celebrate the launch of the new forum and lots of amazing prizes to win! We'd like you to tell us how many kilometres were travelled by all 149 postcards put together, if they had been delivered to us in Cologne by carrier pigeon. The answer closest to the actual distance will win. If multiple players give the same answer, the winner will be drawn at random.

    Thanks to our friends from AORUS, there are three great prices to win:

    1st place: Geforce GTX 1050

    2nd place: FORCE K85

    3rd place: XM300

    The event ends on Friday (13th October).

    Info: The interactive map will be deactivated for the duration of the event.

    Edit: Every player is only allowed to participate once. If a player participates in more than one domain - only the first entry is valid. Of course players are allowed to adjust their entries.

    We wish you lots of fun guessing the answer!

    The Rail Nation Team