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    Chapter 6: The final wagon

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    I combined the correct 3 cables. The Indigo blue door opened, and I stepped into a small, comfortable wagon which seemed to be a VIP bedroom. It was the last wagon! At last! At last, I reached the other side of the train! A pleasing feeling of relief overcame me. But it did not last for long... only a moment later, my smile faded, and I collapsed, as I realized that this last room was also empty. Just as empty as the other wagons. As empty as the whole bloody train. It seemed the "Master of Secrets" was a farce. There was no Master. There was no other passenger on the train. Not a single soul. I was all by myself. Was this the end? Would I starve to death on this never-ending journey?


    I looked around me. Some red flowers on the table, a piece of paper, a purple pen, an empty bag. And... a purple chest on the bed.

    I grabbed the chest and tried to open it. Locked. No keyhole, no lever, no buttons, no nothing. And nothing else in the room seemed to be of any help for me. Except...

    I took a step back and grabbed the document on the table. I read the notes:

    - Name of the company this train belongs to: __________

    - Number of people who boarded this train at the day when it started the journey: __________

    - Name of the region where this tunnel is located: __________

    - Name of the town where the train started: __________

    - In which year does this journey end for most people: __________

    I took the purple pen. I had no idea what the answers to these questions were... But maybe my inner voice would guide me once again.

    I began to write

    Task: Find the correct answers to all 5 questions to unlock the chest

    Chapter 5: The electric door

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    It was like a miracle. As if I was guided by a greater intelligence. I typed the numbers that first came into my mind. A green light appeared on the metallic device and the door opened. This wagon was bigger than the other ones and it was filled with multiple private passenger cabins. When I arrived at the next wagon door and saw that it was locked again, I saw there was a diary lying on the floor. I picked it up and read the last entry:


    "Perché mi sono dovuto sedere nella cabina con il numero sfortunato? Da quando il treno è entrato nel tunnel sono successe cose strane e la gente ha iniziato a perdere la testa. Ho paura. Mi nasconderò nel prossimo vagone. Se qualcuno lo trova: se vuoi aprire la porta elettrica al prossimo vagone, devi combinare i 3 cavi corretti. Lascerò un suggerimento segreto per te nella mia cabina. Se trovi il suggerimento, saprai quali sono i cavi corretti."

    There were some cables at the wagon door:


    I had to investigate the cabin of this mysterious passenger. But which one was his cabin? I looked in all cabins, but they were all empty except of 4: Cabin 8, cabin 13, cabin 17 and cabin 21.

    Investigate Cabine 8

    Investigate Cabin 13

    Investigate Cabin 17

    Investigate Cabin 21

    Task: Find the secret hint from the passenger to identify which 3 cables need to be combined.

    Chapter 4: A message from the future

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    As I entered the next wagon, a shock overcame me. In this short moment of confusion and irritation, I stopped my breath as I didn't understand what I was seeing. This wagon looked strange. Everything was different, even the material the wagon was made of. The whole interior design had a style that I have never seen before. Probably nobody has ever seen anything like that before.


    Also, there was a strange metallic device with numbers attached to the next door. It seemed that once again, some sort of code was needed.


    What kind of silly game was this? How many more doors would I need to open to reach the end? And would the Master of Secrets be waiting for me on the other side and give me the key to the cockpit? I walked a few steps back to pick up the only thing that was lying on a table: a very strangely shaped cookie. I grabbed it. Something seemed to be inside, so I broke it open. And indeed, there was a piece of paper inside:


    The message was supposedly from the year 2018. But the current year was 1911... This did not make any sense. Or was this a message from the future? An absurd thought. What a nightmare! I walked over to the metallic device next to the door and tried to enter a code. Since I had no clues, I had to rely on my intuition and gut instinct.

    Task: Use the information from this waggon to find the correct code. Act as the inner voice of the passenger and help to enter the right numbers.

    Chapter 3: Antonella's package

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    After hours of searching, the hidden switch was found and the door to the next wagon was opened. The next wagon was very similar to the one where I awoke: Clean, fancy, but with nothing but empty seats and tables in it. A smell of tobacco lied in the air, but no trace of cigarettes or cigars. Arriving on the other side of the wagon, I pushed the door (which this time was green), to see if it would open. But no. Of course, this door was locked as well. However, this time, something was different. This door had a keyhole. But where was the key? As I walked back, past the seats, looking for any object that may indicate how the door can be opened, I stopped at table #14, where I found a package on the floor, right under the seat. The package had the inscription "Roma" and right below the name "Antonella Viteli". I knew it was not appropriate to take other people's property, but given the situation of being in a seemingly cursed train without passengers on it (god knows what happened to them) and without knowing if I would ever make it out alive, I decided to make an exception. I sat down and opened the package. A bunch of keys dropped out and landed right on my lap... Each key had a different color and number on it.

    • A brown key with the number 9
    • A black key with the number 14
    • A white key with the number 40
    • A pink key with the number 59
    • A grey key with the number 77

    Nothing more was inside the package. Just those keys. How bizarre... maybe one of those keys would open the green door? I looked at the door again. I went to the door with the keys in my hands. Which key number is the right one?

    Task: Identify the color and number of the correct key


    And after I saw that none of the keys worked, I looked around in the wagon once again, and there... right under the seat where I sat, I found a green key, with the number 29 on it. It must have fallen on the floor the moment I opened the package. I tried this key, and finally opened the green door.

    Chapter 2: Order and Chaos

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    I moved the stones in the correct order and suddenly... a dull sounding "clack" appeared from within the wagon door. I walked to the door and pushed the handle. The door opened. And as I walked into the second wagon, I found myself in a chamber of chaos... There were no better words to describe what I was seeing. "Hello?!", I shouted hoping that whoever this "Master of Secrets" was, would be there. My shout was answered by nothing but the rattling noise of the train, as it continued its seemingly endless trip through the darkness. Desperation overcame me. "Is anybody here?!" I shouted even louder hoping that there would be someone in any of the other wagons. Hell, or anywhere. I walked straight through the mess towards the next wagon door of yellow color. And again... locked. This time there were no indications on the door. However, it looked like it had the same mechanism as the previous door. Just like the abacus served as a switch to open the previous door, this door also must have a switch. I looked at the garbage all over the wagon again and noticed something interesting: Despite all the chaos around me, there was some sort of order... Both sides of the room looked perfectly symmetric... Apart from some small details. Maybe those small details would help me find the switch, in order to unlock the yellow door to the next wagon...


    Task: Identify how many differences there are between the left and the right side of the room

    P.S. This image was replaced on 12.10.2019 with a new one. Be sure to double check the differences if you solved this before 12th of October.

    Dear players,

    Clash! is over and after checking the rankings to assure that all participants were playing fair, we are now finally ready to share the TOP 5000 ranking!

    Congratulations to the winner sacroima , who already won the title Master of Knowledge! Winning two exciting challenges, what an amazing achievement!
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    What we also find interesting is the distribution between the ranks and scores of all Clash! participants. The distribution is very remarkable.

    Do you have an idea what could have caused this distribution? We hope you liked Clash! as much as we did and would love to hear your feedback, opinions and stories about it!

    Your Rail Nation team

    Chapter 1: Locked out!

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    Once again, I read the text on the lock: "Only the Master of Secrets has the key to this lock".

    I didn’t know who this Master of Secrets was, but I had to find him. Hopefully, he was on this train. I looked around the empty wagon where I woke up. The seats were fancy and clean, but empty. All but one... Something was lying on one of the seats. As I got closer, I saw that it was a train ticket. It appeared that coffee was spilled all over it, so it was impossible to read the origin and the destination, but the ticket was issued not too long ago: On June 14th, 1911. On the little table, next to the seat, there were two empty teacups. On the table next to it, an old, dusty wooden abacus was standing.

    It looked like nobody has touched it for years. There was a tiny inscription on it "Fatto In Italia". I tried to lift the abacus, but the object didn't move, as if someone glued it to the table. It appeared that nothing in the wagon was of any use for me. Confused I walked through the wagon until I got to the orange door on the other side. The door would lead to the second wagon. I pushed it but it didn't move... I was locked out!


    Both, the door to the engine and the door to the rest of the train were locked. Staring at the orange door, I noticed that the door and the abacus were of the same color, maybe even of the same material. It seemed that there was some kind of connection between the door and the abacus. Maybe, if I moved the stones on the abacus in a certain order, the door would open...


    Task: Identify, how the stones on the abacus have to be moved

    Prologue: A bad awakening

    I, the passenger on seat number 4, opened my eyes. The unbearable pain in my head interrupted my rest. How long did I sleep? I couldn't tell. Could have been 3 minutes or 3 days... Or maybe even longer? The last thing I remembered was that I boarded this train. But then... What happened then? My mind was clouded. I couldn't remember anything. Not even my name. I looked around and realized that all the other seats around me were empty. However, I was sure that there were lots of other passengers when I boarded the train. What happened to them? I looked outside the window... The train was moving with high velocity through some kind of tunnel. And based on the screeching and wheezing sounds of the machinery, it was running full speed! I stared outside, trying to get an idea where I was. But all I saw was darkness and white fog everywhere. It was a terrifying sight.


    The door to the engine was just a few meters away. The conductor was probably in there, so I walked over to the door and tried to open it. But the door was locked. A big, massive iron lock of red color was hanging at the door. There was an inscription on the lock:

    "Only the Master of Secrets has the key to this lock".


    How bizarre. What was going on? I knocked on the door 'bam bam bam'. "Hey! ... Is anybody in there?", no answer. Either the conductor wasn't in there or he refused to reply.

    I had a bad feeling about this situation. A very... bad... feeling.


    Dear challengers,  

    The final Masters Community Challenge is about to begin.

    We're excited to kick off the finale of our Masters Community Challenge series. And in the end, only one player will be able to obtain the well-deserved title Master of Secrets.


    Date of the first chapter: Tomorrow, 9 October 2019 – in <this thread>.

    Date of the last chapter: 26 October 2019 – 16:00 UTC (be ready at this time).

    May the final challenge begin!

    Good luck,

    Your Rail Nation team

    Hello everyone,

    the purpose of this challenge is to pick the most fabulous association within Rail Nation.

    The fact you do not know the participating associations does not mean you can not vote for one of them.

    Please take a good look at them and pick the submission you like best; what message, what creation do you like best. Try not to be too rigid and objectively read the different submissions.


    weird poll.... more then 20 servers all language 's and you want us to poll on 1 association ? even dunno them so no vote

    Dear RЕDŴŌĻF™ ,

    this is a poll with over 10 submissions; associations from all domains have sent in there creations.

    You do not have to know the associations, you just have to look at them all and pick the one you like most.


    Hello everyone,

    The Master Of Community challenge is now at it's final stage!

    We proudly present you 12 wonderful association presentations. Please take a close look at all entries and vote for your favourite! The submission with the most votes will win!

    You can vote until Sunday 06.10.2019 23:59 GMT+2.

    The winner will be announced on Monday 07.10.2019.

    Disclaimer: Voting with multiple accounts is prohibited. Players who vote with multiple accounts will have all their votes removed, including their first vote.

    Your Rail Nation team

    Dear challengers,  

    The third Masters Community Challenge is beginning today!

    This event is intended for all associations! We're searching for the most fabulous association in the Rail Nation community! But who should judge which association is the best? We think the community! In this challenge, the community will be able to vote for the association that deserves victory. All members of the winning association will receive the title Master of Community until the end of the Masters period.

    ► Event description

    • We invite all associations to participate in this challenge by creating their 'association footprint' and posting it in this > submission thread <
    • The 'association footprint' is a short and creative presentation of your association (you can see an example below).
    • The submission thread will remain open until Monday, 30 September 2019. All submissions posted in the submission thread will not be visible to the public until Monday.
    • On Monday, 30 September 2019, the submission thread will be locked and all submissions will be published.
    • At the same time, we will publish a poll where the community can vote for the best association
    • The voting period will end on Monday, 07 October 2019, when all votes will be published and the winning association will be announced.

    ► What could the 'association footprint' look like?

    • Create a short post with the following details:
      • 1) Name (Association name and logo)
      • 2) Motto or philosophy (A quote or sentence that represents you or is just catchy)
      • 3) Vote for us! (Two or three sentences about why you deserve to win)
      • 4) Optional extra (A picture/meme/GIF of your choice to emphasise your association's character)
    • Only one submission per association is accepted (coordinate with your members to make sure you post only one submission)
    • Need inspiration?

    Good luck! We are looking forward to seeing your footprints!

    Your Rail Nation team