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    I agree with you Gen Pestilence - we should have a multilingual server & one reserved for English language only.

    Personally I have really enjoyed this x4 experience as well & I would love to see it become a fixture going forwards.

    It is labour intensive but all the feedback I have had from colleagues I play with has been good too

    How long have you played Rail Nation?

    - Around 5 years but I did take a break in the middle

    Favorite goods to transport?

    - Pastries, clothing, anything without a long wait time!

    Favorite Rail Nation scenario?

    - Classic

    Strangest / Coolest place I’ve ever played Rail Nation?

    - Difficult, nothing cool here, probably as mundane as in the toilet!

    Favorite Rail Nation era?

    I love era 5 - the medusas are so versatile & the competitions get frenzied by that stage

    Favorite endgame snack or treat?

    - Anything I should not eat :)

    Any other railway themed hobbies?

    - I do not really have any hobbies - other than gaming

    Pick local goods from your home country, that you would like to see in Rail Nation?

    - Definitely a real ale from a brewery

    Favorite railway-related movie?

    The Polar Express

    Favorite railway-related song?

    -Travelling Wilbury's - The end of the line

    Bonus: Caption this image

    - All aboard, you'll love it


    I think the key is to know your limits - there are times in life when we must remain within these for safety but there are others when we can risk crossing them & have the personal resources spare to cope with any consequences be they good of bad.

    Pushing the limits is necessary to expand & experience new things but should only be attempted when you can cope with the process.

    I get in a mess with this one too

    That message is in your system box & means you have lost your personal 50% investment on that site

    If your association lost control the same message goes to the association investment thread.

    Hope this makes sense?

    It is not good & against game rules to name players in these forum threads - we can discuss theory but if you have a specific problem with a specific player then it needs to be reported to the support team who can properly investigate it

    Yes indeed - I am constantly amazed by how many servers some folks can run at the same time - I struggle to run more than one to a high level but I have come across players running 6-8 servers at a time

    Yes indeed you can win the same one again & "stack" them up - the extra time is then added on to what you have left from your first one.

    The only thing to watch is that some workers change from one era to the next and if you have say an era 1 version then the era 2 ne may be slightly different & will not stack - would need its own separate worker slot. You do get both the benefits though clearly - so speed +20km/hr & speed +30km/hr would give trains total +50km/hr

    Hope this helps

    I also agree with the previous comment on the idea put forward by GIGASTORM - that would be a really interesting potential development and would significantly increase the interest and provide another potential strategy to compete differently

    I tend to agree with the comments that the sitting limit has some merits. It does stop players disappearing & leaving you holding their accounts for weeks on end which has happened to me & additionally it does try to address one of the multi-account options.

    There is no perfect solution but I think this is reasonable - it allows just over 4 weeks out on a standard server & if a player will miss more than this in any one round then probably they should skip the round.

    And 30 days is enough to allow for unforeseen illness/admission to hospital etc in all but the most serious of situations.

    All of us would like to see the multi-account issue dealt with more aggressively but we must all just continue to report suspicious cases & allow the team to investigate. Proving someone is operating behind a VPN is very difficult and until the technology improves it will remain a frustration I guess

    I personally find the game can be tiring as well as fun - late nights doing last minute farming before the day change & then up early for work the next day.

    I personally think a gap of around 10 days is good.

    Firstly a little longer to recover.

    Secondly it also means the competition & start day change around so that those who struggle to do city comps on a weekday or a weekend day get some change & a better chance in different rounds.

    Not longer though - I get a little lost without Smoke Chamber & my team after 10 days :) I am sad I know ;)

    Thanks to all who have contributed - another member of my team has now opened 230+ tickets & got zero bonus trains for this new era. We have both been playing for a good few years & I know they can be tough but something has definitely changed here. Or my team are having some seriously poor fortune. Any way back to the game we love :)

    Have any of you experienced increased difficulty getting your bonus trains? I have opened around 200 lottos, 105 I had accumulated from vids & bought the rest at the discount rate but I have not even got one of the trains

    This is an unheard of difficulty in my many years of playing this game

    Has there been a tweek to the probability of getting them to compensate for all the low price gold going around?

    Price of the sausage? €25
    Price of the hamburger?
    Price of the flour? €10
    Price of the cooking pot? €15
    Price of the bread? €5
    Package offer of the last row? €55
    Package offer of the last column? €55

    I agree with this suggestion Emziie
    The glitch with worker slots has been ongoing for a while and players are getting disillusioned.
    RN needs to act & your suggestion, even if only until the problem is solved would go a long way to bringing happiness back to the community on this matter.
    I feel the slots are a penalty to small associations anyway & would do away with the gold & allow a potential 3 to any size of association
    I suspect RN would not be en on the revenue loss though