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    No incentive for Travian to lay on servers where gold is not allowed - play on the PTR if you want that sort of equalisation I guess. Set amount of free gold for all & no more

    The wallet has always been king - you only have to look at the completion of the full station complex on day 1 or 2 of the Masters events to see that. What worries me more is that the changes that have been brought in are tending to sway the balance even more towards the gold buyers with deep wallets.

    Clearly the Travian business model does like the deep wallets for their success but a balance of some sort is required if they want a healthy & good sized game community.

    I have known players who do masses of videos have enough lottos from collecting free/5/10 lottos that they can achieve what you have described Tony.

    But with the new changes to videos that will not now happen.

    The direction of travel is definitely not good for the long term healthy of the game.

    I cannot agree more with the sentiment of Homer Bedloe. HMR is a massive contributor on this forum and I have observed his love for the game & the time he contributes here. He is, as he says, a human being & not a computer. He also shows his passion for the game in his posts. He has contributed more to my enjoyment of this forum alone than most other players put together.

    I do fully understand that any of us can inadvertently step over the acceptable line without intending to do so. Irony and sarcasm tend to run close to the line & sometimes are misinterpreted.

    The moderators are well within their right to withdraw a comment if it is considered unacceptable & if someone is a repeat offender then I am sure that they will be administered the appropriate punishments.

    Posting that punishment needed to be applied to HMR in this context is akin to the odious practice that footballers had of signalling to the referee that another player requires a red or yellow card - this was outlawed even in football & I agree that it should not happen here. HMR deserves a bit of slack - if you add up the total of his posts (masses) and the number of times he has erred I think it would be a tiny proportion.

    Keep posting HMR - the forum would be a poor place without you!

    I have read the comments on here with interest & some sadness. A number of us, over quite some time, have tried to convince the game makers that whilst people doing lots of videos do get reduced price lotto tickets - free, 5 & 10 being the ones mostly bought - the majority of such players do also spend regular small amounts on gold. As iMarius pointed out, many of the players, especially those in lower income countries, do not have the disposable income to compete with the deep wallets of the big spenders. Multiple smaller spenders do add up to the bigger spender I would have thought?

    The videos were the one mechanism that allowed a lower gold spender to compete at this game and this limitation on the number significantly erodes this balancing effect.

    I have heard paternalistic comments that watching videos for hours at a time is not good for players, but nor is spending more than they can afford (which may happen in those that wish to continue playing). Some will be forced to leave the community that has been their refuge through this pandemic. I agree with those that say that this will favour the big spender & will potentially lose yet more players from the community.

    I can only presume that the modelling that the game provider has done shows that they are better off in terms of their financial return by seeking more of the small group of big spenders than by having a larger number of smaller spenders & alongside that a larger healthier sized community.

    It is my personal view that RN had a model that was quite unique in allowing big spenders to compete with lower spenders on a relatively even basis as a result of the balancing effect of the videos. I feel this, on top of the railway specific interest put them in a good marketing position but sadly this has not been either understood or more likely wanted. The pursuit of returns at the expense of the community that you serve will eventually lead to failure in my opinion.

    I am really sad to see this sort of thing popping up again & again

    I know that after reporting the problem that I can safely park it with the excellent support team who will eventually come back to me & put it right.

    Why can't Travian learn better customer relations strategies though?

    On one of my other games, I get a gift of compensation every time they have an hour or two down to do a major update.

    It is New Year's weekend and these things always happen during shut down periods - that is Finagle's Law (what can go wrong, will go wrong, and usually at the worst possible time).

    A simple statement to everyone when it becomes clear there is an issue with no clear & quick fix with an apology & if possible a small gesture to the players like a few lottos for instance just to say you are sorry for the inconvenience would go miles down the road of keeping your loyal players from besieging the support line & flooding the forum & generally getting frustrated.

    Happy New year to all :)

    I personally have had the opposite - I have repeatedly been assigned newbies to mentor & nobody has responded to me. On one occasion a newbie was very inappropriate to me & I had to report them.

    So at the moment I have turned off mentoring

    However if anyone is on my server & wants to ask me a question about the game I am only too happy to chat with them.

    Maybe one day I will try mentoring again.

    The problem here Mihai TheRetired is that there is no rule against breaking majorities - it is a deliberate feature of the game. Players can compete in an arguably aggressive manner by taking majorities & investing for prestige benefits and this is an accepted behaviour within the game rules. Likewise as I said the EG all haul together approach is the correct approach by those that understand the game but not following the calls is not illegal. Penalties can only be applied by the game management for infringements of the game rules. So, I agree with your comment that the bad ones stay bad most of the time but there is no recourse to punishments unless they cross the line of the rules.

    I think the comment that raised the concept of gamesmanship & sportsmanship as different concepts is the critical one & I agree with the post that suggested that the risk of mutual destruction is what stops it happening - the principle I believe which stopped nuclear war during the escalation of nuclear arms.

    In practice it is the individuals on the whole who cause the problems but a really strong EG city can usually haul through these barring the one or two most difficult RGs.

    It is tricky to legislate for these actions though as there is nothing in the games rules, to my knowledge, that says you have to haul the called RG in the EG scenario. Those that ignore the calls are usually ignorant of the damage they are doing or they have a grudge to take out on the city concerned.

    I personally fail to see how the concept of "unsportsmanlike behaviour" can ever be applied in the game.

    In practice though, those that behave in a destructive manner at any point will tend to be shunned & eventually forced out of a server, or they leave once they feel they have made their point. It sadly seems a facet of human nature that we have to put up with.

    Ok - were the strong associations always strong - how did they start out? You imply that nobody who is not in a strong association can compete. Well most of the servers have a strong association & they have evolved into these. They were initially smaller, weaker groups who through hard work, good game play & forming good relationships with players have developed into successful teams & good players drift towards more successful teams & so make them even stronger.

    There are not enough players to do the only thing that might level the playing field which would be to create leagues of servers whereby strong teams were pitched against strong teams & weaker ones matched with weaker ones based on the performance of those groups.

    It is wrong to give strong teams a hard time for being successful. Rather other teams that wish to compete should look at what strategy they wish to employ & build to be competitive.

    I fully accept that I speak here as a part of one strong team which grew from a small freehauling association on a server previously dominated by a very strong group of 4-6 city-based associations who won the round consistently until they decided to seek a new challenge. My team then developed & became the full sized association & gained the success we have as a result - by good strategy & strong leadership, committed play by a majority of the association & by playing hard but fair as judged by the rules of the game (not by those who dislike our success).

    The 4 workers is a one off situation whereby Travian have to honour the bought slot whilst adding the additional slot that comes from levelling up the HQ to the top level. 4 slots have been discussed a number of times in the past but would actually more likely increase the dominance of strong teams rather than reduce it.

    Finally people play this game for multiple reasons - some to compete, some to have fun, some for the companionship & some for their love of trains. There will be other reasons of course. The trick for Travian is to make it competitive for the competitors but also fun for those there for other reasons & please do not underestimate the companionship element & the benefits it has had during this pandemic for some players. Actually they do manage to tick the boxes for many but let's face it nobody can please everyone & people come & go for different reasons some related to the game but others related to real life.

    I welcome suggestions for game changes, the new formats are already providing alternatives like the new Platform X which skews the strategy towards city based running over freehauling. However, remember that the best strategists & tacticians will always find a way to be the best whatever format they compete on. I look forward to the challenges of bright new ideas that will bring in the new order & make me & my team work even harder to compete

    If it is in the world chat, click on the name of the player and if in the city chat then click on their icon.

    The report player option appears then for both in the menu that follows

    I have no problem with clicking on these once but I have had it pop up again a few times on a computer that I have already completed it on - I hope that it will not keep coming back because of the choice of necessary cookies only being an "unwanted" option

    The new shop has had some winners but probably more losers. The loss of the regular instant complete each era & the other bonuses we could count on as outlined by Paul2112 has meant we get more lotto tickets & then are left to vagaries of what we get. I agree that having some regular defined bonuses suited the majority of the players better

    A Masters server with the same set up as PTR with a fixed amount of gold available for the whole round would be a great idea. It would even things out & the true excellence & hard work of the player would be rewarded.

    I hope there is no plan to bring that reduction in instant complete bonus frequency to the regular servers though! We have already lost the instant complete from the one per era bonus schedule & a further reduction would be very tedious & slow down the progress significantly. It might also reduce the number of era packages I bought as I would be unlikely to get to the last one in 24hrs in some eras & if everyone is going that slow why waste the gold

    Association and Corporation are the same thing - in the US scenario it tends to get referred to as Corporation more, in the classic it is association

    Similarly in US we have rail cars & in classic waggons (spelt wrongly you will note)

    When you set up initially for a new round - selecting UK option will give you waggons & associations, US option the rail cars & corporations

    Hope this helps