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    Many have stated the desire for a whole new scenario and I would have to agree with that thought. New maps are fine but an overall change would be much more fun. Original Journey is interesting but it is only different in appearance (i.e. different map and goods) I have been here long enough to have seen the release of the USA and Steam Over Europe servers release. It would be nice to have that level of change. Maybe something involving bouncing from city to city across the map as was suggested with the China Silk idea. Not sure how the Orient Express would be implemented unless it is Passenger rail service but must pick up clues to solve a murder. I dont know. Just some thoughts.

    Let me rephrase what I said. It would be nice if we could have the ability to switch colors on each of the styles. The female Bald option however really needs to happen as it does discriminate against the ladies who wish to represent that look.

    Another thing to consider as a pro for the new sitter system is that there are players who abuse the system in another way. That is that they start a round, get a sitter, then abandon their account to the sitter who is now left just maintaining an account that is not their own. I have had this happen multiple times and the new system actually inspires the players to return and manage their own accounts way more often. Just something to think about.

    it's not 15 days, its 30 and I disagree that it is a fiasco. The reason the time limit (30 days) was added was to prevent some of the multi account holders from taking the easy way and starting extra accounts and just use the sitting feature all the time. There are changes I would make to the sitting process but that isnt one of them. Also, it prevents people from just leaving their accounts with someone to take care of all the time, this is very annoying.

    Last year, a friend created a topic for this concerning the fact that for Male Avatars, there is an option to go bald, however, for Female Avatars, there is no bald option. I saw that she had some support in this but here we are a year later and still no bald option for the ladies. I'm not sure if people are aware but there are several conditions which cause people to either lose or never even have the ability to grow hair. I'm not going to go into a long list, but the top of the list is Cancer which, going through treatment often results in complete hair loss. These diseases, conditions and treatments do not discriminate based on gender and we shouldnt either. I think it is time for Travian to put aside any preconceived notions on gender and start giving more options so everyone can model their Avatar in line with how THEY feel, not how others want them to look.

    I have also called in winning cities but I was constantly getting told I was too slow last EG on Loch Ness because I wanted to take an extra couple of seconds checking the best call. Supposedly if you don't call within a nanosecond of the recalc you are not quick enough and people will haul their own choice.

    I'm guessing the people giving you a hard time and doing their own thing never do the calling themselves.

    I dont think it would be bad for the developers to consider letting us switch regions/colors but this should be a one time thing. Often, due to overcrowding issues, people are forced to start in the wrong region, I think they should be given the chance to be on the team they wanted to be on. Maybe make this an Era 1 feature or limit it to the first 3 eras. It's something to consider.

    I like the idea of an association yard with different buildings that would improve the association as a whole. Building would each be donated to by the members, including the HQ and asso Lab which could bring about a lab research chain but instead of trains, it would be association buffs such as speed, wait time, etc. Members wouldnt donate RP but they could donate money or even have tasks they can perform. Its an interesting idea that would take a lot of thought and design but over all, worth the effort and consideration

    Wow! For me, I noticed a difference. Playing on 3 servers, I complete a set every 2 or 3 days. On one express server era 3 just started and I got 3 complete sets during the first fortnight. So, as I see it, it's someone overdone, but much more fun than to collect 12 weeks and get nothing ... so I also think, 100 might return to that old situation again.

    And the big point of sacroima: Yes, if they change the pre-registration, they should also rethink the region-quota. We should be able to get players into all 5 cities of a region before it's closed.

    I have always had bad luck with trainspotter. Not totally sure why but I think I missed the last update (as this mainly applies to servers before the round starts). That being said, I just started a round last Monday so I should see the difference, I just dont, except what I listed.

    I do agree that if they are going to change the pre-registration rule, they need to up the quota. Teams that were together in one round shouldnt have overcrowding issues for the next round except when tons of new people join but that doesnt happen in the first 5 minutes. I think what they need to do is a mix of old and new. If the pre-registering team is remaining in the same region, overcrowding shouldnt effect them. Only if they choose to move.

    I havent really noticed any differences in the tainspoters except that they come in slower and we see Petr a little bit more often. I just started a round 6 days ago. I constantly collect them and havent finished a set yet and I just collected one and got a whole $1200 for them which is pretty much what I have always gotten. The past 2 changelogs have stated an increase in trainspotter worth so why am I not seeing a change to it?

    I honestly dont know when they changed it, guess I didnt even notice but I've been playing a bit longer than that. Wish I had a screenshot of the old Researcher write up. I did say that it lowered time for RP and Randomly generated. I know because it was a pain to calculate the time to the different trains, upgrades,etc. because of the random part.

    These are really good ideas. Would be interesting to see this tried on an Express server. Of course, it could just make those teams that already tend to dominate the game, even stronger but it could also help balance things out.

    during the plus account you have a researcher available. This researcher doesn't give rp"s but shortens research time with 25%.

    e.g. your lab level gives you every 180 minutes a rp, the time is shortened to 135 minutes with the researcher of the + account

    you are correct, the researcher does shorten time by 25%, however, it has not always been that way. The researcher used to randomly generate an RP

    I have had this same issue on 3 servers over the past round. This hasnt caused me any real problems and it will actually clear without restarting game. If I go into staion or lab or any other full screen window, it clears. Besides, there is a pop up that tells us when the recalculation has happened.