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    Actually, I like that idea Samisu. A Carreer engine that you can choose PAX or Cargo with based on its current upgrades. That should be totally doable but what rules would need to be in place (programming wise) In other words. Would we be able to switch at will or would you have to choose at the beginning of each Era or round or even a one time choice per server? Some tough questions. Of course, as an avid player, my vote would be to just have a very versatile Career Engine that we can allow to haul whatever we want, whenever we want, Level dependent of course. Anyway, thats my two cents. It would also have to be a brand new train model, something super amazing

    It's not just a few hours cool down. If you use the "Leave" button, you will have to wait 24 hours to join a new corporation. The only way I have found to defeat this cool down is to ask your Chair to kick you out of the Corporation, then you can join another straight away. As for dissolving a corp, I havent done it in a very long time but if I remember correctly, you must remove all members first, then you are given the option but the easiest thing to do is remove all players except one who has stopped playing, make them the chair and leave.

    I researched this a few years ago and what I found was the fastest way is to max occupancy to 300%. Yes, investing helps but not that much and you do need a combination of the two. In over 6 years of playing, I have never seen an industry level without some investment. Also, investing lowers wait time which means more goods being hauled which means higher occupancy. See, it all works together

    2. Change the predictability of the game. People have figured which goods are coming up in the next era and they know where they will be located on the maps. Move their locations around even if its just one or two spaces over.

    I just thought I would talk on this issue alone. I did look at all replies and something that people forget is that several years ago, city locations were random. We could play in the exact same city every round, however, where that city was geographically was different each round. Many of us disliked it when they locked the cities into the same location and I have mentioned this on multiple occasions so thank you. By the way, moving the actual city each round would achieve what you are going for. I would like this to come back as the random location of cities does change up your gameplay each round while helping to keep your team together

    SBB_CFF_FFS_, this is a very well thought out suggestion and your post is fantastic. I also agree with Samisu that we cant just give Mayor/Presidents ultimate power, however, at least in SOE servers, each city does have a city council and each Region has the various chairs so for SOE, the structure is in place to have city and regional taxes and with the elected government that is already in place there is a structure to vote on how to use those taxes. We need the government structure added to the Classic servers but this isnt a bad idea

    you are more than welcome to your opinion, however, I have played this game for over 6 years and we didnt always have all these vouchers. They are a bit of a bonus so yes, I will stick with the term "Strategic" when it comes to their use as you can either choose to activate them (in the case of instant upgrade) or wait and use them where you want. I do like your idea though where you have the option to "Activate/Use Voucher" and wouldn't mind seeing that on all vouchers

    Ok guys, I have been playing this game for over 6 years so I have seen a ton of changes over the years. It took a looooong time before I would even attempt one of the European servers which have been using this new interface for a while. I admit that it took me about 2 Eras to get used to the newer style of interface but that I was playing both Europe and Classic at the same time, I started getting frustrated with Classic because you had to do so much more just to switch your trains around. The App was using the new U/I as well so I started logging in to my App when I needed to move my trains because it was just easier to build routes, especially multi stop routes.

    Yes, most vouchers are to be used the very next time you encounter that item (i.e. train,Building, engine upgrades) It is a little problematic as sometimes you dont wish to use the voucher you have and it has kept me from spending down where I wanted to because I wanted to save the voucher however, it does force you to use them strategically.

    Howdy All, I am Roadkill911 (Roady or Road for short)

    I am one of the newer Chat Mods and I am currently serving in Smoke Chamber, Loch Ness and (that server which remain Nameless)

    Although I am fairly new to the chat mod position in Rail Nation, I have been a mod on other games. I have been playing Rail Nation since 2012 and been a "Gamer" since well before that was a thing.
    I am here for you guys and I will help wherever I can. In addition to being chat mod, I have been asked to help a little bit here in the forums where I can and I plan to do just that. If you have questions, comments or conserns, feel free to start a thread or message me directly and I will do what I can.

    Peace and many groovies to you and good haulling

    Lets try to be civil. The forums need to remain a friendly place for people to express their views and opinions. You may not share the same point of view but there is no need or room for name calling or creating hostility. Let me start by saying that Travian does watch what is going on and they do value your opinions. Yes, they are here to make money but much of the staff are gamers themselves and do try to make this a fun environment for all so the idea of a round free of spending isnt that far fetched as it generates more interest from the players. That falls in line with global finance as well. That being said, I have been reading all the posts, here and within the Masters server itself and seen some brilliant ideas. One of the best I saw was the idea of a flat entry fee and everyone is given the same amount of gold at the beginning of each round. It is a little problematic to completely eliminate gold altogether as there are so many features that require its use, however, by everyone being given the exact same allowance of gold, people have to use it strategically and therefore, everyone is equal and it becomes a game of skill versus money. If you play on the PTR server, it has been done this way as well.Masters is a new concept and there was bound to be some issues but I can tell you that the feature to buy gold during the event was widely discussed and debated all the way up to the start. I cant tell you what they will do for next Masters event except that I would expect there to be some drastic changes. Please, feel free to voice your opinions here, they are all being read by staff members and again, please treat each other with respect, no idea is stupid or ignored.


    these are valid questions and I'm sorry to say, these things do happen. Some people would rather play by their own rules and do their own thing. As for joining an association, there are definite drawbacks to being a solo player. Certain things that you can only get from being in an association. As a chair myself, if I see people in my association not helping the city or the association, I message them, if they do not respond, I remove them. If they are in it just for themselves, I remove them. I'm not a harsh chair, in fact, I'm very relaxed but we have rules in order to help us be the best. We dont have a lot of politics.

    Now, your final question regarding Carreer Engine- that is a tough one and its all in what you want your CE to be able to do first. I did some in each category to start with then focused on which Eras I could haul in, that way, even if it isnt the fastest train, it is still always useful.

    I'm sorry but I'm going to have to agree with Lord Ocryd, although I'll be nice about it. I have found that Rail Nation is not a game that people just do one round and leave. Those who do that, rarely return. In most cases, people get with a group of people they like and build from there. Sure, over time some drift off to other teams, form teams of their own, etc. But most stick with the game because of the friends they have made. Teams evolve from round to round and even I myself am always looking to the next round to implement changes in the team. Rail Nation is all about the long game and the teams that win have worked hard to build a team capable of winning. Your suggestion to limit choices of where to start are made moot anyway since with the last update, we can now sign up for our team in the next round once we reach End Game. My suggestion to you is to either start building your team up in your region and start thinking about what its going to take to dethrone the top teams or contact one of the top teams and try to arrange an invite. For the record, I am a top team leader on one server and a new member on another so I do see both sides to this.

    I have played this game for quite a while and I enjoy seeing the new changes. I have primarily been playing on Classic servers the whole time but just recently started playing SOE and I play both on PC as well as Mobile. In talking with several people in COM3 Smoke Chamber it was pretty much a general agreement that while we dearly love the Classic scenario, some of the features of SOE which are also seen on Classic when using Mobile would be awesome on the PC version. Mostly what we would like to see is the schedule assistant. This makes moving trains around so much easier. SOE and the Mobile App are just so much more intuitive. Thank you.

    Lord Ocryd, your feedback is always appreciated and thank you for bringing this to the attention of all. Have you sent a trouble ticket in yet for this issue? The developers are constantly at work, doing their best to improve the game and fix bugs, however, sometimes, the upgrades do have curious effects on existing coding and they wont know theirs an issue if you dont send it through the proper channels.Thank you.