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    The SSP is logged as purchased for you as well.
    It's probably a display issue. You won't be able to purchase the SSP again, you will get some kind of error when trying to go through with the purchase as the server already knows you have it.

    Still get popups inviting me to buy the SSP - not showing as purchased for me neither...

    Just received:

    "Your Rail Nation Customer Support Agent has resolved your ticket [x]

    We hope the issue has been answered to your satisfaction.

    You can close your ticket in the portal and give us feedback on our assistance.

    Without any action, the ticket will be automatically closed after 48 hours.

    Best regards,

    Your Rail Nation Customer Support Team"

    A separate email says "Further information will be provided in advance tomorrow before the Server is placed back online and information about compensation will also be provided tomorrow." So echoing what Emziie said above

    Watch this space I guess....

    Just had my ears blown off by the Fitbit 4 advert - which I will definitely now NOT be considering purchasing....

    Have noticed that a lot of the more recent adverts don't seem to have an in-game mute/volume slider

    Is it possible to provide a consistent volume?

    Can we please add a volume control to every advert? For those of us who want to hear what's being said you sometimes have to increase the volume on your speakers/headphones for one advert only to have the windows shattered by the following advert - and that Fitbit 4 advert should be banned for dangerous noise pollution... just saying :cursing:

    Thank you in anticipation

    Been forced to play RN via the app on Android recently

    When watching videos you get a consistent message "Video not available" and then you have to watch a timer countdown for 30 seconds before you can collect your reward - on every advert.

    Could you please make the time random between say 5 and 30 seconds - not all adverts are the same length elsewhere...

    Many thanks :thumbsup:

    This is yet another issue that is reducing fairness for all and game enjoyment for me too - on top of an already slower responding server (cripplelingly slow in things like page redraws and updates - it seems like someone has added a 'fade in' with every page update - why?) we now have facilities taken away that we've come to expect and appreciate.

    Not happy I'm afraid - so it's 'Nil point' from me until this is retored :(

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