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    Before I say my opinion.
    Please specify:.

    In Option A:
    1) Can both parts of the laboratory be built at the same time?
    2) If you are using the Plus Account: Can you build a bank with both parts of the laboratory at the same time?

    No. Read the article again. That's the whole point of this discussion. In Option A you can only upgrade one of the two, because it is one building and you can't upgrade a building two times at the same time.
    It is only possible to upgrade both speed and storage in Option B and only if you have Plus Account.

    I prefer Option B

    The reason is, that you have more options to choose from. You can level both speed and storage in the same time, or you can level just one and then something else if you wish. But if it is one building you are forced to choose between speed and storage.
    And also it has more consitency with the buildings already existing.

    Well I still have problems... I just saw that my recent (15 minutes ago) investments were counted but the ones right now, on a different server, weren't counted.
    It worked with the ones on DE07 but not with the ones on US01.
    Or does it just take longer on the US server?