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    the us servers need to make it so if you do not unlock a good then come endgame you have to wait for it to be unlocked by a city that has unlocked it to haul it to completion plus an hour so the strategy of not working as a team to max out cities and picking a lower spot to have less to haul is taken away its supposed to be a team game but it has now swung way too much to being individual play everything is focused on personal conquests rather than teamwork. team work should count for more prestige than single play

    and also every person that joins an eg city should add 10k to the total needing to be hauled on top of the initial haul amounts during endgame making it back to cities actually competing instead of 2-3 getting flooded in the end

    but we had no choice but to forfeit the round and accept the compensation package without having any input on what should happen and you seem to think that is fair to those players even though it has impacted them greater it still has wider implications on the outcome of a round which in reality is why the server should have been suspended and forfeited for all its a double standard to expect 44 players to accept losing the round even with a compensation package which cannot in all fairness replace 11 and a half weeks of work getting cities into there end game positions preparing associations who joining them prepping industries and then to just told your going to get this this and this to compensate you but you got to forfeit the work and probably if you delved into how many active players that are on the server it would be less than the number showing and the next round there be 44 players less as most of them wont return down to the way it was handled and how it has played out since

    and im sure many in those assos/cities that were affected wont be back so the figure could be greater that will not return

    so at this present time there is a chance on all the servers for this to happen again ??

    secondly the option that was never considered considering the actual wider impact on this round on that server should have been to suspend the round why was this not considered

    heres a question since a lot of the players affected were in top eg cities and all going for the win will rn actually adjust the amounts needed to be hauled per player lost in that city ? 7 in one city alone I cannot even be bothered to look at the other affected players cities even though I know a top player in another city was wiped a main caller for that city the implications just grow and grow and still the answers come from mods not actually from a game developer

    since this happened I been arguing with support rn over this whole fiasco it maybe only 40+ people who got there accounts mismanaged by a inept department but the far reaching effects are the actual game as those that were affected has a bigger impact on the whole server something everyone has overlooked 7 players from the top city on the server wiped out and yet the top and bottom of the answers I have managed to actually get are sorry but that's tough we have compensated you for what has happened to which my response has been the compensation is a joke and not fit for purpose they say it was the fairest solution to the problem when in reality they just looked at a short term package to try appease the players without seriously looking at the wider implications in the context of game play with what has taken place

    amazing how no one from travian has had the courtesy to actually address this properly just script written answers the answer we would like are

    why was no back up done before implementing a fix

    why was the server allowed to continue to run after the fix was implemented that showed the fix had now affected 40 players who didn't have the problem in the first place

    why was the fix not fully tested for all possible outcomes

    one more question what if the fix had affect more people what would travian done then

    these are the questions that need to be answered from a travian representative not a forum mod game mod this has to be addressed properly

    how about reinstating the prestige the waggons the tracks the buildings the time we all invested into this round oh that's a roll back take the risk roll it back if it affects the server then cancel it fix the problem properly before restarting the round and by fixing it testing the so called fix with every possible outcome before implementing it or am I looking at this through the eyes of someone who actually knows that before you try to fix something you test everything so it works all the possible outcomes not just the possible ones you know the ones that are like a 1 in a million chance to come up

    my city lost 2 chairs my self and chair of fitb and 2 players from my asso to me it is a total insult that in effect you are washing your hands of a problem you caused by not testing for all possible outcomes unwilling to actually do the right thing and suspend the server which should have been done soon as the first ticket went in about the problem you were supposed to fix causing the same problem on people that were not affected in the first place then insulting 40 players with the so called compensation package

    absolute joke you have rolled back servers before when a maint to solve a problem has caused other problems so not only does this round be a complete and utter waste of time for the 40 players it affect through your inept tech department that for one do not test before they implement a fix and cannot fix what they broke you are offering the poorest compensation I have been offered from games in the past what an absolute poor showing by a company that actually needs to get techs that know how to test for every probable outcome not only have you now killed a full round for the 40 players who your so called fix affected but the other players that count on those player for eg 6 days before an end game and you cannot roll back I smell something extremely fishy

    still no new news on what they going to do when in reality what they should have done is suspend the server until they can give a proper solution and compensation package why is it so hard to actually do this as half the server has lost there progress when most didn't have an issue before the maintenance instead of leaving the server in a complete mess with people who not affected able to continue and those who have nothing stuck in limbo travian do the right thing today and suspend the server until you have a proper and viable solution.


    jeez how can something that was supposed to fix a problem cause people who didn't have the problem to now have the problem im the chair of Columbians on com 101 not been able to log in all day finally able to log in to find everything gone my prestige my gold my remaining plus account I have 1 train no tracks cant do anything I got the supposedly compensation items but they totally useless as I lost everything else and yet when I logged out with many others last night or this morning we had no problems and yet then we get told that it wont get fixed for another 24 or so hours meaning we lose 2 days. are travian going to revert the server those days we lost ???

    why is it that cities who scrape into the top ten have the biggest advantage in end game over those cities that actually work and level there cities to the top spots in the regular game and then have no benefit from it they work the hardest to take there cities to the top then get screwed over in the eg by the game mechanics that says the lower ranked cities get to haul less its time travian changed the mechanics of the game to benefit the top cities not the bottom