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    both in workers bidding than in license buy, there is no indication of thousands division points.

    This make some difficulties to understand how much you are bidding.

    I mean that the numbers appear as 1234567 instead then 1,234,567

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    Hi all,

    my suggestion is concerning the "winter event train", in Italy it is called "Rompighiaccio".

    I noticed that this train has different characteristics depending on the age it is obtained.

    My suggestion is that this train, during the progress of the ages, will increase its characteristics, as it is now for career train and for Primus train.

    What do you think about it ???

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    Hi all,
    my topic is dedicated to an issue that is very often affecting the normal game life.
    I am talking about the discrepancy between the city consumption timer (each 15 minutes) and the recalculation timer (each hour).

    In the "normal" life, these 2 timers are synchronized, I mean that every 4 consumption there is a recalc time.
    As a consequence, the 4th city consumption, inside 1 hour, arrives exactly in the same moment of a new recalc time.

    Very often, especially after a maintenance, recalc time and consumption become not synchronized.
    For example now, on Italian Caldaia server, we have 5 minutes of discrepancy.

    Recalc time arrives at minute 10 of each hour (xx.10) while city consumption are at xx.5, xx.20, xx.35 and xx.50

    The main effect of this issue is that every hour becomes a "55 minutes hour".

    When you are trying to level up a city, the 4th consumption arrives 5 minutes before recalc, so in 5 minutes normally you cannot
    reach the city level, while if the 4th consumption is synchronous with recalc, you can use also these last 5 minutes...

    The same problem will arise during the final game, each hour will be only 55 minutes long...

    My request to the developers and programmers of the game, is to synchronize these 2 timers, in order to have always the
    hours of 60 minutes, that is the "normal" situation.

    If the modification is too difficult or requires a "main" modification of the game, my request is just to be attentive,
    after a maintenance of the server, to synchronize manually the 2 timers before re-open the server.

    Thank you for your attention,
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    In my mind, the competition itself can be just similar to the actual bonus trains competitions.

    I imagine that, on every day 7 of each era (the "Primus day"), in several cities and at different hours, will start Primus train competitions.

    The only limitations are :

    1- only gold registration

    2- registration allowed only for who haven't the train

    Hi all,

    my new porposal is to have some competitions to win Primus train.

    An idea could be to have 1 race for each era (for example, on day 7).

    My suggestion is to make these competitions with golds registration mandatory.

    Registration is forbidden to who already have the Primus train.

    Let me know your ideas, I think it could be a good opportunity !

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    I don't want to talk about moral or ethic behaviour in bonus trains competitions.

    I just want to chang ethe rule and give the possibility to everyone that don't have a bonus train to get it, even of an inferior era.

    And sometimes you are alone in the competition, so in this case why not win a train you are missing ?

    Hi all,

    actually, if you win a bonus train competition and you already have the involved train, you just get money.

    My suggestion is this :

    - if you don't have a bonus train of a previous age, you will get this train instead of money

    - if you already have all the bonus trains, then you will get money, as today

    Example : we are in age 5 and the competition is for a train of age 4.

    If you have already the age 4 train but you haven't bonus train of age 2, you will get this.

    If you miss age 3 and 2, you will get age 3 train.

    Same rule both for passengers then goods trains.

    This is my proposal !!!:thumbsup: