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    Thanks for repainting the building that's on fire, I think. While it is some kind of progress stepping on the little bugs the larger ones have deficated out, when can we expect RN to engage the queen? I should think improved load times and a functioning Plus account that sets schedules for "All" trains would be priority. But what do I know, go ahead and spend the next year painting a new train that no one will give a second thought to when and if they buy it.

    Please, please, please fix the glaring functionality issues before you start cartooning you next marketing plan. All is not well in Rail Nation, no matter how many coats of paint.

    Like every one has been asking for Mag-Levs for years. How could this go wrong? Here's an idea for trains, put them back the way they were before you turned them all into melted puddle of vanilla ice cream. Sprinter - fast but not many cars, Hauler - lots of cars not very fast, and All Arounder - somewhere in the middle.

    ^ That's how you hit the nail on the head RN. Cheers Viking!

    To the Q & A hailed as a great success, I think it was because they finally figured out how to use Zoom. I'll take a wild guess here and say the reason they didn't want it recorded or refuse to post transcript is because they couldn't afford the licensing rights to Happy Birthday. Next time you have a company party, do not presume it is for our benefit and leave us out of it, like all the players you wouldn't admit or could care less about anyway.

    For all the employees patting themselves on the back for some delusional and / or trivial reason, you are still NINE months past the dead line for implementing HTML 5. This makes you look even more incompetent as you knew this was coming FIVE YEARS in advance. How old is RN again? Oh yea, 7, so most of it's existence you've known there was a big giant bug coming to gnaw on your bones. What have you done about it? You let it stomp around and breed countless other bugs.

    To all the failed art majors trying to get your finger painting on the company fridge, I've got a few words for you too; Coal, Iron Ore, Copper Ore & Bauxite.

    I think the first question should be; Could you list the developers credentials, accreditation and or any other merits of note? It would help to formulate follow up questions suitable to a PhD in mathematics or someone that took a class at the learning annex last night.

    I think you're missing a few categories that made RN GREAT. How about most ALT accounts, Most gold spent to buy the awards listed, most (hacked) credit cards linked to 1 account. No reason employees can't get in on the fun too; Most code written to fix RN bugs, Most customers actually helped. Happy hauling

    Yea that's not happening either as it will only accept 1 mb. The crashing timetable that opens the chat window then goes into terminal hold is slightly larger. Guess I'll just have to wait and see if HTML 5 fixes everything (rolling eyes).

    Yes still occurring. Go right ahead try it for yourself. I've tried to send Vid of prob to customer disservice, but as it only accepts 2 kb it wouldn't attach.

    On a side note, your bug report is a joke right? I'm surprised the roaches running around the office weren't listed by name. Really , Lucy and tutorial are the biggest concerns. Might want to clear your cache and stop eating the cookies.

    Can anyone help resolve timetable locking up the game? Customer Disservice refuses to help. Selecting a train then Timetable it will try to open the screen then lock up until it opens the chat window then goes terminal hold forcing a restart. & yes cache, cookies cleared, fresh restart and the standard lame suggestions from Disservice.

    The trick to leveling it without integration and avoiding high waits is the On /Off approach. As many haulers as you have run the good direct and remove themselves before the next calculation. It will put a high utilization on the factory and a high wait the following Calc. Who cares, so long as everyone is out it will see a low wait after it has cooled off that next hour. Supply or don't supply depends on if you need to level the city, run other RGs or if you need cash. It is similar to running goods out of a warehouse. You can drain it to zero tons, if no one uses it the next calc the following it will have a low wait & still no supply. True, if your city is full of sleepy, inactive, grinding set it & forget it types then your only option would be full integration. Happy Hauling.

    Why is it that in a game about trains & transporting the route scheduling screen gets smaller & smaller & smaller. Do you think you could spread it across the bottom like it was back in the day. Maybe one of your spiffy new center aligned screens where we can see more than 2 trains or 2 stops in the route. Trying to pick through 32 trains with 10 stops each 1 at a time is going to make play ability horrendous.