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    Thanks for the summary, but your chart does not match what the text says when clicking on the Shopping Center.

    For level 2, it says generates 3 gold every 180 minutes, for level 3 it says 5, and for level 4 it says 6. What is right?

    I've got to say why put a link to the Fandom calculation of the hotel in all the other servers, when the question is concerning the Platform X server only with this new feature, which would sure be nice to figure out...

    Particularly as there seems to be a bug and gold is not always credited. I have had nothing now for over six hours on Rosen!

    And, the info is that the gold earned for level 2 will be 3 and that is what is being credited despite having watched a video, which should have made it 4 per the info given to us and the display on the shopping center. Does not seem profitable to invest any gold into the shopping center when 1) the return is so low, and 2) it's even lower than what the posted amount should be...

    same, it's been like that for some time. Can set 10 stops using computer, but on phone can't be done. and, if you try to edit a schedule that has supply of a good to another facility, can't delete the 2nd facility then supply that first good to another, i.e., if supplying cows to leather, and want to change to cows to meat, have to delete the entire schedule on the phone, but not on the computer.

    I purposefully play a server with only a small Corporation. We often get good workers because the competition is lower.

    The change to 12 a day was great and helped spread out the workers to smaller Associations. You are correct Hilti that it was 6 per day (3 hours bid time and 1 hour between bidding is 4 hours for each.)

    More groups would help.

    HP Pavilion 17 Notebook PC

    Processor Intel Core i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20 GHz

    Installed RAM 8.00 GB

    Windows 10 Home, version 1909, auto-update is ON, last update yesterday, performed another today

    Intel HD Graphics 5500, version, updated today

    Internet Explorer 11, version 11.1039.17763.0, update version 11.0.175

    Microsoft Edge version 44.17763.831.0, MSEdgeHTML18.17763 (not using for last few months as it is hardly running.)

    Ever since the change of the DE Holstettnor server to HTML5, the game will come on for up to a minute but then the display goes crazy, with blue and black geometric shapes flashing and circling around 2 points. Any ideas how to stop and be able to play on my PC? I reverted back to IE, when Edge had issues.