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    Firebox never came back. I have no idea about the stats regarding the game or my place in it, how much gold and plus acc. I carry forwards, worse still, the members of my association were left without any feedback about the server, instruction on what to do when the server respawns.

    So, the End Game on firebox finished last night whilst I was offline (asleep in bed) and this morning I cannot log into my account there to see the results, leave messages for my association members, chat on world chat about the server. The whole server has gone missing from my list of Game Worlds :( Not satisfactory at all. I like to read the messages on world chat and tie up loose ends within my association/city/friends. Can someone please tell me how to get back in.

    In a similar way to the thunder storm and track maintenance feature in each city once per server, this feature could be similar, but have a positive affect on the cities inhabitants (or will it?!) It would probably need to be restricted to the first three era's, otherwise the disparity between those getting it in era 1 and those in later era's would be too great. The feature is a 'gold rush' as in the old times when all of a sudden thousands of people were drawn to remote inhospitable site to prospect for gold. For a short period (6 hours?) a new track would appear on the map, a dead end with a gold mine at the end. For every 100 tonnes of gold ore each player transports to the city, they would recieve 10 gold to spend in game. The site could have a waiting time, so that the more people used it the higher the wait would be. To lessen the disparity between the first three era's, the track to the 'Gold Rush' site could be further out in the later era's, so 2 or 3 tracks in era 1, 4 or 5 in era 2, and 6 or 7 in era 3, thereby lessening the effects of having more and faster engines that can carry more. Gold ore wagons would be free and available in whatever number was required. Unlike the thunder storms and track maintenance, this would bring something to boost or enhance your game, but it could be a double edged sword. Could you imagine a city that is preparing to upgrade to the next level and then randomly the 'Gold Rush' feature activates in their city, half (or more) of their active players are going to drop growing the city in favour to 'striking it rich' thereby pitching the city into turmoil for several hours, and increasing tensions. For people who are connected to more than one city, once they have accessed gold ore wagons once, they won't be available again, so it's a one time feature. Your guys could have some fun with the graphics for the gold mine, and the developers even more fun with bigging the feature up, 'there's gold in them there hills!' That's it, that's my latest idea :) What do you think?