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    4 + (4 * 4) = 20 Shoes = 4
    5 * 4 * 1 = 20 Bath tub = 5 | football = 1
    (8 * 2) + 4 = 20 Juicy burger = 8
    (24 : 2) * 5 = 60

    Game world: COM202 Loch-Ness

    Here we go Mr. William:

    Now, after checking it to make sure I got it right, I might need glasses so let me know where to send the bill.

    Game world: COM202 Loch Ness

    Answer: 75

    How I found out it works is: you count the objects in each image and then add the bottom two and multiply with the top.
    So the answer would be (6 aluminium rolls + 9 pipes) * 5 cars = 15 * 5 = 75

    Couldn't find any other rule that would work 100% of the time.

    Game World: COM202 - Loch Ness

    "Trainspotter is a person who collects train series numbers and cycle information by taking pictures and writing notes at railway stations and other vantage points"

    You learn something new everyday!

    Username: UnuMicutz
    World: COM202 Loch Ness

    I think I might be able to help, trying to list them from left to right (all of these happen on the bottom picture):

    1. Rail Nation sign on the front of the left train missing
    2. Researcher's shoe laces of the right foot came undone
    3. Fountain's water is running
    4. The second window under the Rail Nation sign is broken
    5. The last "N" from the Rail Nation sign is tilted
    6. The girl's fancy hat is purple instead of red
    7. The man on the stairs has gone missing
    8. "Lukas was here", he wasn't before
    9. The train conductor lost his green sign
    10. There is a "Denzel Washington wannabe" poster on the lamp post

    I think that makes ten, ten-k you.

    Game world: COM202 Loch Ness