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    I agree with you at your first point (1): the possibility to dismiss or accept members during EG would certainly be nice, but I don't know for sure if this option can or will be abused when it will be introduced.

    Normal limitations would not allow teams much time to abuse this at all. add in not allowing any new team formation, and it's even less open to abuse.

    (3) In their search of maximum PP most solohaulers switch their trains regularly too, mostly using factories with none or low WT.

    A 200-300% WT-penalty doesn't really change that: WT 0 remains WT 0 and a WT of 5 secs will become only 10 or 15 secs, I think that's quite doable for a solohauler.

    Solo Haulers who DO NOT sit on factories for hours on end are not the direct target here.
    these respectful haulers, who come in and run 1-3 rounds of the goods, and move on OR follow calls, are not an issue at all.

    this is aimed at those intentional spoilers who sit on a factory or factories for the entire set, sometimes moving when their WT gets too high .. burning still more factories.

    Most often tho, they sit on 2-5 key factories, and keep those burned.

    make it so they have to move every recalc or so, and maybe they'd pick easier targets.

    - (3) + (4) Some factories are shared by more than 1 city. An example:

    Factory name, RN may be force to address the factory imbalance as well, and actually open up MORE potential EG cities.

    - (2) Why should teams with 5 or fewer players not be able to set a Megacity as homecity???

    In my opinion that's just discrimintion, because those players/teams could also do their very best for a Megacity to win (hauling according to calls).

    simple facts: Many teams with 5 or fewer haulers are almost as bad as Solo PP Haulers. note i say "Many".

    heard the old "1 Bad Apple" saying?

    Last thought:

    - (1) + (3) + (4) If the possibility to dismiss or accept members won't be introduced what WT should be showed to solohaulers who are in a team which tries to win?

    Home city setting.

    Edit: and thank you for a Constructive response :-)

    Over the years I have played, I have had thoughts, and heard thoughts from many highly experienced players, on how EG could possibly be re-structured to ACTUALLY reflect Fair Play

    RN has repeatedly demonstrated that individual Haulers can do whatever they want... but the instant a Team tries to Organize any kind of effort to combat them... they're informed of a rule 3.5 violation ... therefore, i've gathered up what i feel could be the least intrusive, yet most impactful changes to improve Fair Play End Game Play.

    End Game specific Re-Structuring thoughts...

    1: Teams able to dismiss/accept members during EG, subject to normal limitations....


    This would allow Teams to remove players who "Suddenly " decide to stop being part of the Team Effort, and replace them with players who DO want to be truly part of a Team Effort.

    2: Hauling to EG cities limited to the Mega-city set as your HOME city ONLY (Solo or Team).. All NON-Mega cities open to haul to... NO teams with 5 or fewer Members permitted to set any Mega-city as Home.

    3: SOLO haulers -- 200-300% Wait Time penalty in Mega City , Prestige gains limited to PRE-EG Prestige

    rewards based on city level, and again, hauling limited to the Mega-City set as HOME city.

    NOTE: this suggestion and #2 is Entirely due to those Solo haulers who chose to wreck factories by refusing to follow calls during EG. Don't like it, that's ok: Go chew out Those Haulers.

    4: NON-Mega cities: 100-200% (maybe more -- need to make NON Mega-Cities more attractive to PP Haulers) boost to PP from RG hauling ... 25-50% reduction in Consumption, 25-50% reduction in factory Wait Times

    something along these lines i think would allow Teams to focus on winning EG overall..

    and allow Solo players or Prestige oriented Teams different avenues to pursue Personal Prestige.

    These suggestions are ENTIRELY aimed at End Game, Eras 1-6 would remain untouched.

    these ideas are starting points, additional thoughts and ideas are welcome.

    I looked for all the announcements about this round, and unlike the announcement of the first PX episode where it clearly stated that it would have 2 consecutive rounds, for this edition there is clearly a start date (17 June) and an end date (17 July). Also in forum, i don't find any mesage about a second round.

    those dates are for the Crossword Puzzle contest.

    I read on the forum that the movies limit are 56 per day. That is correct? At the station house there are 2 movies per building. I ask you if count the two videos or only the second video. Thanks.

    as i understand it, the new limits will be implemented in the next major update, which has been delayed.
    limits of 56 per day on 2x
    112 per day on 1x

    and yes, the bonus video is counted as part of that limit.

    once the new system is live, you will see the "limit counter" in the video screen.

    RN says its about tax issues (which is nonsens.. could easily be fixed since every other game is doing that too) but then we just commit fraud on a massive scale by solving it this way..

    The "Tax Issue" they hide behind is utter nonsense.
    I believe it's because of their Pricing "Practices" in different countries.
    I happen to live where RN Gold prices are among the highest, if not the highest.

    Mr Hoeven...

    If you log into COMM301 now, won't you lose the active days of plus account? Wouldn't it be better to just log in a few days before EG starts?

    I was wondering the exact same thing. Why log in and lose weeks of plus account? Madness, it’s all madness

    login, but don't actually collect the gold from Platform X until near the very end is what he means.

    until you actually collect transferred Gold and +account it'll just set there waiting.

    Good morning, How someone can watch videos? specifically about new cargo Engine Pollux? Thanx.

    Videos are available in 2 places: Your station house, and your Teammates station Houses.

    they can be accessed 2 ways:

    Click on your station House, watch your videos, then use the side arrows above your lower button panel to scroll your Teams station houses.


    enable the Corporation Widget. this is via the "+" symbol in the lower left of your main map screen. click that, and select "Corporation"

    The Pollux engine is available after the update on 2/17 (2/18?)

    Perhaps it's time to re-think the era Caps, especially on highly populated servers.

    instead of forcing people to grind against ridiculous consumption levels, earning peanuts for days on end..

    Allow cities to level, for Era 1 for example, just make RGs random past Level 8 until era change

    (like what happens from Level 47 onward in era 6).

    one "idea" behind Platform X was to encourage cities to go for the highest possible level .. well, take that 1 step further.

    EG on Einstein, specifically in Stamford, was absolutely over run with Saboteures. individuals, small corps, and members from medium to large teams absolutely destroyed our EG.

    If there continues to be no way to effectively combat or prevent ACTIVE and INTENTIONAL Sabotage, i may not be playing past my current servers.

    this is getting pathetic when TRAVIAN says they will not inhibit someones chosen style of play, yet THEY ALLOW these same people to inhibit an ENTIRE TEAMS chosen style of play.

    A: the so-called "Server freeze" did not work.

    Mechanic vouchers that should have had something like 6 hours left were expired when the server restarted.

    B: the chosen "Freeze time" was HOURS AFTER THE SERVER CRASHED FOR MOST PLAYERS.

    This End Game should have been reset back to zero and started fresh.

    Thank you for a completely destroyed End Game.

    Much appreciated.

    Wait! I know how to fix it! Did you try playing in a different browser and did you try clearing your cache? Ticket closed!

    wait... did you do this While standing on your left foot, balancing a yardstick on your nose, petting a black cat with your right hand, cooking a 5 course meal with your left hand, all while holding your right leg parallel to the floor and rotating your right foot in a clockwise direction?

    yep. beyond stupid now.

    this is the same thing that happened to Tower Bridge about a week before EG there ..

    when THAT one crashed, they supposedly put something in place to warn of issues like that again before they got soo bad.

    obviously that did not work .. was ignored .. or started alerting after they clocked out at the end of their Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm shift. <X