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    This is what happens when a product with known problems is pushed out anyways, with the intention of "patching" (hahaha) as needed.
    here's the problem with Patching folks, and i'll use Drywall as my example...

    Some jerk punches a hole in my wall .. i have 3 choices ..
    A: slap a patch right over the hole, smear some paint, and hope for the best.

    Result? ... A Patch that fails and falls out very quickly.

    B: Take a few more seconds, clear out some of the broken bits, sand the edges, and take the time to create the best patch possible - Primer and paint.

    Result? .. a better patch, but still not a permanent repair.

    C: Fix it right the first time: Cut out the damaged section back to structural supports, add in structure as needed .. install a new section of drywall, properly secured to Structure, plaster the joints, sand .. tape the joints, sand .. finish plaster the edges 1 more time, sand smooth.

    Primer, paint.

    Result? .. A Permanent repair that will not need to be touched again, unless some idiot punches a hole in it again.

    and folks... option C is actually FASTER about 50% of the time.

    Think about that.

    Sadly, option A seems to be the method of choice for "Patching" RN servers from our (The Players) perspective.

    The server is back online, and we thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked on a fix.

    We are very sorry for the frustration this sudden downtime caused and for the way the loss of revenue affected your game this Sunday. The team will next discuss what would be a fitting gesture of an apology for players of Tower Bridge.

    not just sunday, saturday earnings were also far below what they should have been. looks like 36-48hours of severely hampered cash flow.

    a fitting gesture would be triple income on all goods and wait times locked under 30 seconds for a few days.

    and before anyone asks:

    YES i have reloaded (more times than i care to count)

    YES i have completely restarted my browser.

    YES i have tried different browsers

    YES i have cleared cache and re-booted several times

    YES i have completely re-installed my browser.

    ALL my other servers are working normally.

    ONLY COM203 Tower bridge is completely tanked.

    currently com203 Tower bridge is extremely laggy.

    Trains are also currently NOT earning cash for the routes they are on 90-95% of the time.

    i have watched my trains land in cities, landmarks, factories, warehouses and harbors with the same results over the last several hours, if not a day or more: nearly ZERO income.

    Hi, all.

    Please let me know the mechanism of facilities upgrading.

    Thank you.

    And this is why many say the so called Lucy Tasks "Guide" is complete garbage.

    Gege Gondri : on the right side of your screen, click the button that looks like a Building .. this is your "Train Station"

    In here you upgrade your facilities. simply click on a building and it'll show what you need to upgrade, and what the benefit will be.

    So if we're going to count these "active players" then let's be real about it,

    * Anything less than 100k PP before EG is an inactive player, by any serious definition.

    * Any player who is not filling 25/25 slots of engines, is an inactive player.

    * Any player Who does not have all buildings maxed out level wise is of course not an active player, etc.

    Only players who fulfill these criteria should "qualify" to the endgame, while all other accounts are stopped, so they don't bother those who actually play.

    Many active players enter End Game with less than 100k Prestige.

    Many active players also do not max out all buildings.

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    (yes, i love Wikipedia ;-) )

    Bruno_BF   Salix  
    Consumption ..

    The stated goal of Platform X is to encourage the highest possible city levels.

    Consumption percentages therefore need to be completely reworked.

    You want max city growth .. but nail the server with 30% or higher consumption to choke growth down?

    i'll tell you now, that is a HUGE DRAIN on player moral and participation.

    Hi, I have a question. Platform X has started, we have leveled the city. The requirement of the city was 2640 t. We needed 3770 t for the green. I don't remember such a situation for lvl 3 during the whole time of playing. Is it related to any unpublished change on platform X or was this calculation not interfered with?

    consumption levels due to growth rates across the server

    Will the feed in the final change according to the number of active players only when all twelve resources are changed or constantly when the active players change?

    As i understand it, EG tonnage will be adjusted with each new set of goods.
    the 1st set based on active players over the previous 24h

    2nd, 3rd and 4th sets based on the previous 60 minutes

    Up to now, the Rosen-server isn't visible in the lobby at restarts.

    the Platform X servers starting today i'm guessing will populate in the lobby at their start time.

    For EG, I'd recommend only counting players that have the megacity set as their home city when EG starts.

    Also only get prestige for delivering goods in their home megacity. Only delivering tonnage to your home megacity should count in EG.

    I would LOVE to see something like this.

    Make sure the "hanger-oners" can only benefit from their own "Home Mega City"

    Eliminating the ability to "Farm" another Mega city would cut off all but the intentional saboteurs (and we know who most of those are)

    Prestige Farmers who don't want to commit to A Mega City can go off and try to level a regular city, and stop wrecking 6-12 WEEKS worth of effort in an EG city.

    "Hanger-oners": those questionable players who INSIST on hauling a little bit of everything because they have no concept of TEAM PLAY.
    And if you can't, or refuse to, acknowledge the EG play is won or lost BY TEAMS ... you seriously need your head examined. ;-)