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    No, it does not force you to use them strategically. IF you want to save a -35% building upgrade for a upper level lab upgrade that you are $5,000,000 shy of for example, you're buggered for 2-3 days on average.
    This is a particular sore spot when most Vouchers we can not buy as needed outside of some random package option, i think there are currently 4 we can buy with gold ... boost, mechanic, instant dispatch, and bonus engine upgrades.
    A simple solution to this issue would be to add an additional button to the pertinent screens: "Purchase/Upgrade with Cash and 1 voucher"
    OR a Check box to "Activate/Use Voucher"
    One of these solutions along with the ability to buy all vouchers with gold would pretty much make this argument go away.

    Ohh ... and it is not "A little problematic" ... it is a pain in the (insert imaginary word here) .....

    waste of time to me. if they are on screen where i happen to be working, i'll click them away. very rarely do i go hunting for them anymore, no i haven't completed a set. with the rewards i've seen posted so far, waste of players time given the amount of time needed to find the last 3 spotters.

    Would be good to look into adding a widget such as Google translate to the chat/message planes. I have only completed 1 game round so far, 3 more in the works, plenty of time however to see that there can be a significant language barrier on many servers. It does not seem to matter what country or regional server you join. that language barrier is always there.
    Add your thoughts if you agree or not, let's get a discussion going on this one.
    Hemi 8o8o:thumbsup:

    I would like to have the Choice regarding when/how to use different vouchers, IE engine, wagon, various reduced cost types, ect.. a simple popup "use voucher?" with a tick box for yes, and a tickbox for "don't ask again" would suffice. ;)