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    Don't, this is a very actual issue. Most players feel the same. This is a week spot from Travian. They don't recognize the difference between harrasement and bullying and fair gameplay.

    they actually REMOVED a section of the game rules relating to "interfering with enjoyable gameplay" a while back, i wish i'd saved a copy of that rule set before it got altered.

    re-post, as i'm getting tired of Travian ignoring posts in these international forums.

    if WE can use translators to read the GERMAN forums. THEY should be using translators to read AND RESPOND TO OURS as well.

    simple: RN needs to pick a direction.

    Team game?

    or Individual Game?

    Team Game:

    Eliminate or reduce Prestige from factory investments (Cash) to less than 5% of what it is now.

    Increase Prestige gained from deliveries of RGs (City or LandMark)

    ADD prestige bonuses based on integrated hauling of RGs. (Supply Prestige bonus awarded when factories level/Grow)

    ADD prestige bonuses based on overall team tonnages delivered to RGs (City and LM)

    in this way, players who choose not to be on a team, still gain by delivering as part of a city/LM effort.

    Individual Game:

    Eliminate all Prestige for deliveries of any kind.

    All prestige is earned thru factory investing.

    This is what these players do anyways, only hauling goods that fill their banks fastest.

    Pick a direction. trying to have both is no longer working.

    So here we are, a bit over 5 weeks later. how about an update on this timeline?

    Well, our customers paid us or our bosses directly for the project ... but at the end, even if it's an online game we as customers/players are doing the same, don't we?

    See, there's the problem. We, the Players, are not looked at like paying customers.

    We are simply sheep with credit cards to these folks.
    First and foremost they are working on more ways to incentivise us she...players to bust out that almighty plastic.
    They look at that first .. and if they do just happen to glance at the Buglist .. that's just to wonder who pulled it out of the garbage.

    Start withholding access to our Credit Cards until GENUINE efforts are made to fix long standing problems.

    Ok.. so some followup questions after watching what has been happening in a Fast Forward server, and in the German forums for those servers.

    How is the Base tonnage going to be calculated for the different servers going forward?

    for the FF servers it's citybase*2 right now.

    how will that change in the other 6 servers types? (SOE, SOE X2, Classic, Classic x2, USA, USA x2)?

    what is the multiplie to be? for FF it is now 0.7 .. what about the rest?

    Adjustments in new "Sets" .. exactly what is this adjustment? i have not seen this change yet, so i'm asking here.

    Endgame: The number of tonnes required in a megacity depends on the number of active players and is recalculated with each block (only for new rounds starting on or after 20th of April 2020).

    How exactly will this work?

    are the Base Mega city tonnages being changed?

    How much of an impact will X number of players connected to the city have?

    How precisely will an "Active Player" be defined?

    let's start with these questions and go from there ...

    The Learning curve for Rail Nation is extremely difficult IF you don't have a few good mentors to help, and to get that help you have to "Luck" into a good association.

    Why do i say that? simple: there is no decent in-game guide for even basic function and strategy, Lucy's quests are vague at best.

    i spent 2 rounds stumbling around, asking questions and sometimes getting answers, mostly getting the "don't bother me newbie" reply, until i finally found a group willing to teach to learn from.

    and yes, i would love to see a scenario that placed far less importance on Personal Prestige, somehow tying personal ranking in with team / city / LM / region / east v west ect..standings. so the better you do working WITH a team, the better you do individually.

    I finally think i worked out how Travian designed the maps, at least as far as Facility locations!!
    THIS is what they did:
    Found 48 different Paintball Colors ..
    Equipped 50 Conscripted "volunteers" with rapid fire or full auto PaintBall guns loaded with 50-60 aforementioned Paintballs (1 color per gun, each color representing an industry) ..
    Applied BlindFolds to the shooters and let them spray-and-pray a wall sized map!

    NOW the map makes PERFECT sense!!I

    figured out how the track routing was designed ages ago: that was a blind folded 2 year old with a box of crayons :)


    and i stand corrected, thank you.

    hehe, 20 months playing and never looked much past the sitter screen in options, my fault.

    the overall system does however still need a major overhaul. more reliability, a more streamlined way to change forums/threads, and some options for multi association private communication. perhaps Chairs and designated Deputies being able to create "invite only" Forums/topics where the creator has admin level control of that thread ... hmm... or maybe each association could be given 1 topic/thread that requires permission/invitation to join, where the chair or 1 designated Dep can delete posts or remove people? ..