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    Been a bit since anyone updated this thread.

    As far as my Dynamic calculator goes, i have not seen further changes to EG tonnage calculations.

    I will leave the Variables adjustment in place for a bit longer, just in case. lol

    I'll never understand mid-week server starts. well over 50% of most team members is the average Corp are employed full time, in some it's pretty much the entire corp, with the VAST majority only being off work on weekends.

    just look at the numbers logged in at various times during these mid-week End Games, they speak for themselves.

    dumb, just dumb dumb dumb.

    don't even get me started on the communication issues from Travian. that's been a joke since the day i started RN.

    Don't, this is a very actual issue. Most players feel the same. This is a week spot from Travian. They don't recognize the difference between harrasement and bullying and fair gameplay.

    they actually REMOVED a section of the game rules relating to "interfering with enjoyable gameplay" a while back, i wish i'd saved a copy of that rule set before it got altered.

    re-post, as i'm getting tired of Travian ignoring posts in these international forums.

    if WE can use translators to read the GERMAN forums. THEY should be using translators to read AND RESPOND TO OURS as well.

    The old system - daily lottery and sign-up bonus + 14th day of surprises - was better

    this system is purely designed to :

    A: force you to load the gold shop, and

    B: try to get you to buy gold by going to garbage "prizes".

    nothing more than another cash grab instead of fixing game-play problems.

    simple: RN needs to pick a direction.

    Team game?

    or Individual Game?

    Team Game:

    Eliminate or reduce Prestige from factory investments (Cash) to less than 5% of what it is now.

    Increase Prestige gained from deliveries of RGs (City or LandMark)

    ADD prestige bonuses based on integrated hauling of RGs. (Supply Prestige bonus awarded when factories level/Grow)

    ADD prestige bonuses based on overall team tonnages delivered to RGs (City and LM)

    in this way, players who choose not to be on a team, still gain by delivering as part of a city/LM effort.

    Individual Game:

    Eliminate all Prestige for deliveries of any kind.

    All prestige is earned thru factory investing.

    This is what these players do anyways, only hauling goods that fill their banks fastest.

    Pick a direction. trying to have both is no longer working.

    So here we are, a bit over 5 weeks later. how about an update on this timeline?