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    take away the limit on videos, or introduce a "tick box" in the bonus buildings so players can choose themselves to watch/not watch due to online/offline times.

    bug fixing would be great, there are still bugs reported over 4 YEARS still present in game even after the change from flash to html5.

    update this morning on rocky mountains, very proffessional looking "please buy gold" page, however, game is still way too slow, messages and chat still dont work, freezes or crashes constantly, STILL DONT get bonus from videos, not ALL trains reschedule at same time, the list goes on and on, and on, like an ABBA song, new update promoting gold buying, but no improvement on any issues that have been highlighted for over 3 months.

    1. Plus account videos still not working properly (no 2nd video, or no personal bonus)

    2. Messaging system either freezes or just doesn't work forcing reload.

    3. game play is unbelievably slow, switching between screens etc seems to take ages, to extent that appears game has frozen, and refresh/reload.

    4. unable to bit at end of auctions, due to game play speed.

    5. when accessing the harbour, game needs reloaded

    there are more, but I will keep it to 5 for now.:cursing:

    sporadic not getting bonus and second videos, sometimes the bonus was only for the player i was watching video of, but when you try to watch all videos of asso, it adds up to a lot of missed bonuses, also seems that majority of bonuses are reduced price lottery tickets, trying to claw more gold/cash from customers.

    still don't get all the 2nd videos and bonuses. not sure as to how or why, but maybe it's something to do with players not having plus account that means we don't get bonus, might be worth looking into.

    still not fixed, only difference seems to be higher quality of travian games adverts, but the cost of this is the game is even slower than it was before, still not an enjoyable experience, sorry rail are drastically falling short of even a mediochre browser game currently.

    always get a 2nd video to watch, but there are no prizes for me in some of them, and majority of prizes are a reduced price lottery ticket, could easily spend 500 gold per day if took them all

    when having plus account, you are guaranteed a reward for watching videos, this is not the case, there has been countless times when watching videos, i have not recieved an extra bonus.