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    Du bis hier im englischen Teil des Forums gelandet, wenn du oben auf das Symbol links neben der Glocke klickst, kannst du bei deinen Einstellungen "Allgemein" die Sprache(n) einstellen, und das Englische total ausklammern.

    Zur Primus:

    Die gab es ab 24.4. für drei Monate bei jedem ersten Goldkauf in jeder Runde auf jedem Server. Diese Aktion ist vorbei.

    Die Primus gibt es immer noch, aber selten, über Lose, aus der Lotterie, beim Bonus-Abholen für die GS oder auch als Letzter-Tag-der-Epo-Bonus.

    Und es gibt sie noch für Neulinge ein einziges Mal beim allerallerersten Goldkauf überhaupt.

    Vorschlag: stell deine Forensprache auf Deutsch und schau da noch mal nach Primus. da gibt es auch Infos in Deutsch.

    I've been in contact with the player, and he can discuss it through with game support in private.

    That's the best way. It should be done in private. So good to hear he has not given up and is lost for our game.

    My personal impression was that if a name has been in use for multiple years without any reports, it would probably stay that way. On the other hand, if someone found a justification for the name change - then we should start following those policies. As long as we will not end in a situation where players need to compare their names and make requests based on our previous actions.

    On the other hand ... of we trust the player Sir JackHole, he was not contacted by that employee directly but via the association chair. That's a NoGo, contrasting to the European Law GPDR. Telling a player to tell another player about his name ... no way!

    Secondly, totally YES. If a name was accepted over years, in Germany there is even a law (Gewohnheitsrecht / customary law) that a sudden change cannot be made that easily and company policies do NOT overwrite common law.

    Third: while you as the official speaker made a message here, some other guy, even an employee, and even a boss, should not stab you in the back and change that avatar name without giving you reasons and even tell in this thread. No matter what justification they found.

    The same tip still holds I wrote earlier, if you are unsure if the name you are about to pick follows the rules (does it insult someone?), try picking another one.

    That tip is ok for new players. But Sir JackHole played for years with that name.

    If you use a name for years and in a dozen other games ... there is emotion connected to that name, some identification.

    If any company follows "policies" that sets priority to some weird rules and is not interested in the reasons, emotions and feelings of their customers ... there's something wrong.

    Why should a customer, who uses a name for years and in dozens of games ask the question on a regular basis, if it might insult somebody?

    Take my example ... lately Google did not accept the RN App update for the Google PlayStore, because there is a picture of that cigar smoking Atlantic guy in it. Same with my avatar. A ships cobold will always smoke a pipe (and show off his hammer, which also might be an insulting idea in some weird brains). Some day someone might be insulted by my forum avatar, cause smoking a pipe is use of drugs.

    Do you really think I should change that picture?

    Yes, Luke, those are the exceptions that I would agree too: politics and religion should stay out of a game forum ... and should also not be used for names of avatars and associations.

    If you are wondering if the name is allowed or might cause issues, pick another name. World is full (unlimited) of names and we aren't looking for a situation where "if this name is allowed, then this must as well"

    May I contradict a little bit, Samisu?

    - RN is an international game, a global game even. Combinations of letters, that are normal, friendly, fun and without any harm, have a totally different meaning in one of the other languages used in RN.

    - People use their avatar names to express something they want to tell the others. My name of the ships kobold tells, how much I love sailing and the kobold's hammer tells that he is always wide awake to point at (hammer on) things and thoughts that might be useful for the ship. Dougs name tells me that he is a fun person who can laugh about himself. Just like the LazyBastard, who does not laugh about all "bastards" of the world, but about himself. And HoseBag shows the language problem: a German, who just knows English from school will think of pants when reading "hose" (the German word Hose means pants, trousers), and then start thinking about the meaning of the "bag". So a German with little English knowledge and not doing any more research will think about "big bulge" (in their and only their heads) when reading HoseBag.

    So your suggestion, to find a name that will not cause issuses .... impossible. There will always be someone, sho stops thinking and getting informed, when only they think of a possible offense.

    - People pick their names in different games. So they keep it, because most do not want a list of dozens of names. Plus: if they keep their name, they can be found by their friends who they asked to follow them to RN.

    - If someone feels offended, they thould talk to the persons. Anyone in the game wants fun, wants to play, ev1 is friendly ... so (almost) ev1 will explain the meaning of their name, if asked in a friendly way. To talk to a chair and talk about a third person definitely is the wrong way.

    However the worst think (IMHO) in the starting post is, that there must have been a person posing to be a moderator, a team member ... and from my perception that's the real NoGo.

    I informed the "offended" one that nothing further would be done and that Doug would not be changing his avatar and if that forced someone to leave an assn., i can't help it.

    Some people love to be officially offended, and they mostly do not realize that it happens in their own heads and is not intended.

    Some people love to change their own thoughts into what they call "truth (tm)" ... but whatever they think, it's made up in their heads, not in Doug's. Plus: if there is someone else posing as a team member, that's much more offending than a funny avatar name.

    I love people like Doug, who can laugh about themselves, playing with an avatar name like his. My own one goes into that direction, taking a ships kobold name, incorrectly typed (the double-b) .... avatar names like those of Doug and me should be telling that we love to play, that we are here for the fun, and that while playing here (or writing in the forum) we are NOT the serious businessmen, that we might have to be in RL.

    Hmmm ... there is something that I do not understand: If a moderator thinks your screen name might be offensive, they would never contact another player (not even the chair of your corporation, that's just another player) to talk about you, they would have contacted you directly. That would even conflict with the rules of the GPDR ...

    So, there is something wrong in what they told you. That "moderator" cannot be a real moderator.

    So, if I were you, I would not ask, what might be offensive in your name, but how that person that played a mod can be found snd stopped offending you via another player.

    Some might not have noticed those great, amazing, outstanding threads with pictures of RN but also photos and videos about the RN machines and their originals in real life. Together with background information and documents.

    We can find those threads in the "Station Concourse" ("Bahnhofshalle"), where many do not read ... but all of these still groing collections are worth a visit ... more than only one visit.

    HMR, your posts did already enjoy me a lot. Thoughtful, creative, great ideas and comments ... now it's time to appreciate your collections, which will be a source of joy for all players, who are here because they are railroad enthusiasts ... and love good pictures and graphics.

    Long ago there was a German forum user, who brought to us lots of photos and background information about the machines ... but, sadly, he is gone from the forum, though still playing.

    It's great to have you now, HMR and your nicely organized threads about everything about the RN machine.

    Thank you.

    Shame, lost my friends. ty.

    Lake Constance was a one time gameworld. New players might of course not have seen (or understood) that announcement.

    But you might know their names and find them on other servers, just try there to find them (using the players ranking), and if you find them, you can continue playing on one of those other servers.

    And if you found them, picked your fav server (probably one of the internacionals with .com ending) you can get your gold from Lake Constance to transfer it to your chosen one (Options menu will help you)

    If you don't find them ... no problem, you either find new ones or delete your avatar from that server (avatar, not complete account) and try another one.

    As this was a one time game world, I am sure you will be able to find at least some of your friends on one of the "regular" .com servers.

    We are working on getting the gold transferred as soon as possible. Promoting Masters 2 events will not affect the OJ Gold in any way, I promise.

    Sorry, Samisu, I admire you as the one with the backbone to tell us, I appreciate your will to get some information, I appreciate that you even give your word ... you are one of the best CMs I have seen (and I even trained some mods and admins).

    However ... the team now has had 2 (two, zwei, diu, dia, deux, nk'bukto) complete workdays to answer your request for an ETA.

    I made my first program back in 1971, so after 48 years of IT jobs, I cannot understand that the Cologne team of 50 programmers, developers, IT managers, database admins and server technicians is not able to give you a calculation or an estimation at least, how long it will take to create this comparatively little script to transfer the two numbers they have alrady shown us at the end of EG to the gold exchange server.

    There might be an explanation. I am sure, there IS an explanation.

    But if they don't tell, they are drawing a picture of their skills that they do not deserve, no matter what we read about bugs and apps updates. .

    And in the other part of that picture they show us, how much they value their customers and the time they demand for waiting for a little piece of information. The more they wait to tell, the worse will be the picture they draw in the heads of their customers ... in our heads.

    Hi Samisu, that explains it well, thanks.

    If I remember correctly, when we play till the end, not only purchased gold will be transferred, but also won gold. Which would mean ALL leftovers (of gold) will be available. Is that correct?

    Pay attention:

    It's case sensitive ... capital letters, a normal hyphen/minus between the words (not an underscore) and no blanks

    Plus: don't try this on an Apple device (IOS driven).

    Log in to a game (any game server) with a computer or a NOT Apple/IOS phone, klick the shop (big yellow X on my pic) and enter the bonus code.

    Newbees wait. Pros go directly after city lvl up if it is at least 20-25 minutes before recalculation or even 15 minutes if there's a lot of players in the city or the factory is really close to the city.

    Indeed, there are two (at least) different types of professionals.

    Professionals tho fight for their own win, will of course haul those goods directly after level up and get a big advantage for 15 minutes and leave all waiters behind them.

    In RN we meet all types of professionals:

    - zero-sum gamers, who go to for their win and the disadvantage of others

    - win-win gamers, who play for the fun and the advantage of a bigger community

    - and all types in between

    That's a difficulty of pro tipps: if you call it out, it might be good for one strategy and bad for a different one.

    At the end ... a silly question: are there REALLY professional players in RN? Professionals play as their job, they play for money, no matter if the game is poker, soccer or an online game. Anybody here, who plays RN for money? 8)  :cursing:  :P

    Samisu, generally a good idea ... but please rethink.

    Players use the term "the golden hour" .... but it is definitely NOT the hour "directly after city level-up".

    Cities rarely level up in the minutes of recalculation, but 20, 30 or 40 minutes early or late ...

    Pros WAIT, in some city communities up to 45 minutes for recalculation, and then ALL have a FULL HOUR called golden hour.

    If a few follow that pro tip, they spoil the waiting time of the new goods for a little advatage during the next 20 minutes for example .... ans ALL OTHERS will have a waiting time which often doubles the total transport time, plus, they have dropped the income for the new goods already.

    The "Golden Hour" rule is: LISTEN to the city community, most often WAIT till next recalculation AFTER level-up, and then enjoy a COMPLETE golden hour together with all your city community mates.

    - - -

    This is only one example, where those tips will not work, but increase problems. The idea is good to ask experienced players, generally (as you see from my example above), however, the players are not in the mood to think about new things, they want HTML5 and less bugs first.

    Those employees who are not engaged in HTML5 migration or bugfixes, should use that time for a good FAQ, a manual, a collection of tips already made all over the forums ... players are suffering from bugs, from waiting for HTML5, they are worrying ... the mood is not to enjoy "new projects" ... plus: to integrate those pro tips, it needs IT people again to put them ingame ... they first should fix bugs.

    you cannot tell the truth here it will be deleted.

    The problem with "truth" is, there is none. Ev1 got their own truth. You (and I) make up your truth, from what you see and read, from what you think about good and bad, from your believes and from what you know and don't know.

    In RN the "truth" might have started some rounds ago, or just some days ago. Bullying or a blackmail may just be the end of esclating each other to worse accusations each day ... or it may be a total misunderstanding.

    In RL it's judges who have to find out the truth. They ask witnesses.

    In RN sometimes or maybe rarely there is a chat moderator, who witnessed the beginnings, that might help on judgement.

    In RL, judges do not trust witnesses. Judges are good in testing witnesses and their abilities to report what has happened.

    in RN the judges do not ask witnesses, they ask their logs, and they trust them. Logs might be better than human witnesses, but how long back into the past are they examined?

    So, at the end, if you feel the truth is: "I am bullied, I am blackmailed and Klabbauter is the wrongdoer." you might be totally sure to tell the truth. But probably that Klabbauter might tell (if asked) a different truth: "Oh, wrong translation, misunderstanding, just a joke, I meant it positively ..:"

    So that is, why we should not call names here.

    Because that other person will tell a different truth ... as true as your truth. But that other person is blamed, flamed, accused ... publically in the forum.

    So it will not help, to call names ... especially if that other person does not communicate in the forum (like 99% of the players).

    There are other ways, different from the RN way, giving all investigating and responsiblilty to supporters. Ways that include witnesses that are asked by private message, in a conversation or in a special part of the forum. There are ways that include a friend of the one complaining, so you are not alone against 2-3 supporters, and better ways for appeals, which are now just exchanging your complaints with a friend and colleague of the supporter who punished you.

    There is no way, to discuss special cases here, especially with name calling ... not because RN set different rules, but because you do not get all the witnesses into the forum.

    There would be ways for general discussions .... but I do not think that RN will only think about their strict rules about their way to truth.

    May I add ....

    We know the rules: Rule 1 Don't talk about fight club. Rule 2: Don't talk about fight club.

    Oh sorry, wrong copy and paste. :P

    We know the rules: Rule 1 Don't talk about PTR in RN forum. Rule 2: Don't talk about PTR in RN forum.

    But let me talk about my WAY to PTR. I saw the new lobby, and then I saw a lot of very very interesting pictures and buttons ...

    Masterly hidden from us normal forum users, but very interesting.

    Well, about HTML5 ... yes the links here all point to the preview of what they call lobby.

    Well, that's a website, and a website is not a real challenge for HTML5.

    However, in the German forum they told, that some PTR servers are running the HTML5 version already ... and to try it, I just registered on PTR2 (US scenario) and it started without making me click to allow Flash.

    So, looks like they are moving on, though I also read of (a surprize!) many many bugs in those HTML5 versions. Maybe some of you would be interested to try the PTR versions and help the team to detect all the bugs (before they roll it out).