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    Ah, one question, two different answers ... and both are correct. Depends on what you define as "on one train"

    Lacidd is right. One train can load wood, unload that completely at the sawmil, load boards there and haul them on to the city or the cartons factory. That is ONE train, but on its way, it can only carry ONE type of goods while moving on a track.

    Years ago, it was more interesting (and more fun), for a 10 waggons machine I could load 5 waggons with boards, move on to the paper factory and load the other 5 waggons with paper ... and haul 5 t paper and 5 t board to the cartons factory, on ONE train on the same track. So, you could have mixed loads on one train between 2 stations. So, DSnepke is right too.

    Wait a few days or 1 or 2 weeks ... it will automatically be transferred.

    However, they have not (yet) published and info, when they will run that transfer script.

    I try each day, if it is there already (cause I planned to use it on a different server), but still each day a few frustrations caused by my impatience.

    and how many rounds out of 111 have you played in full?)

    If at least 8-10 out of 111, the way your team and yours play raises questions.

    Does it really really matter?

    But yes, more than 8 out of ten, but maybe less than 105 out of 111. Whatever matters, ask your questions not relating to ads by PN, please. You are right, it's easy to get the second star.

    Quick brainstorming question: Can you imagine any video reward that is EXCLUSIVE to watching videos? Do you have any ideas for rewards that could be contained in videos and are NOT yet available in lottery tickets?

    Storming my brain muscle ... and reading about you not interested in PP ... same here. Ingame I am a team player, if I can do something for the city, fraction or association, I will do that and forget about PP. As a result, even after 111 rounds, I still have no second star, but proudly look at my one star, the biggest and nicest of them all.

    Additionally I hate to watch ads. No matter if on tv, in cinema, in my mailbox or on websites (and I am astonished, that the lobby tells me that I watched almost 3000 ads already).

    Based on that background, my brain muscle storms to suggestions, that would help the team. And that would also help on HMR's idea (active = PP) ... team orientated rewards I can brainstorm:

    - reduction of headquarters levelling: voucher to reduce next donation by 10, 20 or 50%

    - voucher to be used on workers auctions, each voucher valid 100k $ for example

    - big prize: voucher to increase the number of workers for your association for a set time

    - a small amount of points that are added to region/fraction statistics

    - a voucher that would transfer a given amount of money to another assoc member, who is short of money

    - a reward that would switch off the bad weather and/or reduced speed for your assoc

    - another very big reward: one free track for each assoc member

    Storming the brain muscle must not be totally realistic or immediately possible. Brainstorming searches for directions. I hope, my ideas help to look into team orientated directions ... away from PP collecting.

    According to data: Yes.

    Even after you subtracted 15 k views, which they need to be cneast number 1?

    Same for everyone else, not just payers.

    Nope, not the same vor everyone else. Take me for example. About 2900 ads during all the years. Not enough for cineast 5.

    I do not care about that title (like I am also still proud about my one and only star, the biggest and nicest of them all) ... it surprised me to have watched that many ads ... because ... I get 200 points for the 15 k ads ... I can have them much easier and much quicker.

    My guess is: the reason to watch 15 k ads is, you either want to be number 1 on that too, or you want to support RN getting some income and yourself to get some advantages for the game.

    Numbers are numbers ... they do not tell reasons. To know reasons, do not look at numbers, look and people and listen to them.

    Apart from the fact that this is simply not possible, this is also sadly not at all true. Technical issues with videos are by far the most common complaint about videos. Complaints about the content of videos are a very "German problem" and not at all common anywhere else and even in Germany it's far behind technical issues.

    As I understand this thread, we are NOT talking about technical issues on ads. They are many, too many, too much wasted time and documentation and too much fun destroyed. So, you say, what I say: complaints about ads are most common.

    But just, because we document each failed ad with their id, the company or product ... we report each single ad in detail. If we would to the same on each failure of schedule functions ... hehe, that would outnumber the ad complaints easily.

    Fortunately, login issues, schedule failures and news problems have no id ... so our hope is, those get your attention, though we do NOT report them each time they appear.

    So, again, this threas is not about technical issuse of ad id 23xxx, it is about numbers allowed to watch within an association.

    However " ... this is simply not possible ..." is it opinion, fact, perception? After using html5 for much more than a year, and previous html versions since the 90-ies, I see no reason for the word "impossible".

    It might be challenging, it might be the other way of programming (html opposite direction to flash), but at the end it's about programming a counter and to evaluate that counter. So yes, it might be "impossible" if the other 229 bugs get a higher priority.

    But "not possible" normally finishes a discussion, while I find it extremely interesting to listen (and read) to what your customers think and wish and hope for in this area of the game.

    Solutions so often come from a field, that people tend to call "not possible". Imagine if the engineers would have listened to the "experts" who told: "Building railroads is NOT POSSIBLE, because at speeds above 30 km/h your face will liquidate and fly away" ... we would not be able to play RN, if our ancestors would have listened to those experts.

    Or to tell it differently: Once I (the bragger) became team leader, whenever a programmer told me "not possible", I knew, that's the solution! ... Because most often, almost always, they said that with a slight smile in their face.

    Hm...depends. Some players who already buy tickets would use them to get them cheaper (i.e. we lose revenue), others who would otherwise not buy tickets might buy them this way (i.e. we increase revenue). So it depens on the circumstances and the details.

    My thoughts on this:

    My estimation/experience (before last changes): I have to wait 30+ seconds for an ad to start, then it runs 30 seconds. Sums to 1 Minute. Every other time things fail and I have to repeat: makes an average of 2 minutes per ad.

    Now let me start using my brain muscle, no matter how much it hurts:

    a) Extreme Euro player. Might pay 200 Euros or $ or pounds per era and aims on lottery tickets to have bonus train and best machine and the station built to limit on day 1.

    Would that guy watch 10 ads = 20 minutes to save 5 to 20 gold for the next lottery ticket? I guess not. Because, to get 10 cheaper tickets they would invest 200 minutes, more than 3 hours ... saving 125 gold (average) I think, they don't spend that time for just 10 cheaper tickets.

    I guess there is only ONE reason for big payers to watch 15 k of ads ( = 30 k minutes = 600 hours): to reach Cineast level 10, because they love to be number 1 on anything.

    So, Salix, before evaluating your numbers that only you can see, subtract 15.000 ads from the big spenders, and then restart evaluation.

    b) No gold player, poor player, player with no money and no credit card. Those might have the time to wait for the ads and would be ready to invest their time for better chances. But my guess is, those low budget players rather hope vor 24 h plus than for a ticket taking 20 of their gold.

    c) Medium budget players. Here I agree to Salix: depents on their free time, how much they value their free life time, how much they have fun to be surprized by the next ad ... so for them it's depending on circumstances, context and details.

    Unfortunately only Salix knows the numbers. We players have to guess from what we see, read, hear from our mates.

    So, whatever has changed now, and no matter if a party calls it a bug or a feature ... the complaints about ads were NOT about who and how often they are accessible, all complaints were about contents (alcohol, hardcore movies), length, noskipping and toltal failures. The players, the community lived with the situation that was given.

    So my first suggestion would be: re-install the old features/bugs as good and as close as you can, because they caused almost no complaints. Because there is so much work on details, the community REALLY complains about.

    Hmmm ... lying is a very strong word.

    But Salix brought it up. He has two roles here, being a human being, he can tell his personal opinion. On the other hand he's a manager, speaker of the company, may it be Bright Future or Travian Games. As his bosses never appear in this forum, his voice is the voice of the company/comanies, that sells RN to us customers (we pay by either buying gold or watiching ads).

    Now ... would it really be a lie, if Salix would tell: "We want html/video problems finished till August 2020, with less than 2 dozen bugs/5% vids failing."?

    Would it be a "promise"? Would we create a shitstorm and call Salix a liar, if the 24 bugs/5% fails would be reached in September?

    I think, we would be happy to know: they commit to completing this year. We would know, the team knows about this commitment of their company. We would create trust.

    But what if the company promises: "We guarantee a second video if you give us 150 of your gold"?

    It's not Salix promising that, it's his company. But we cannot catch a company speaker with a higher rank, so he will be the one we talk to, he's the one, who will be confronted with this promise.

    Now, no matter whose fault it is, copmany, devs, progger, advertising agency, youtube, MS windows .. or bad karma ... if a company promises something in ads and public offers, and cannot keep that promise, it's false advertising. In German "Unlauterer Wettbewerb" (unfair competition). Unfortunately, law is on their side, as gold is not a subject, it's a virtual currency, and judges all over the world do not see it of any worth. Law courts would tell: as your gold has no value at all, the promise does not count.

    Nevertheless, we, the customers and players, are human beings. And for us, our gold HAS a value. According to law, it might only be felt value, but we gave money (or ads watching time) for it, and we expect the company to act as promised.

    OK, the TOS tell us: there is no guarantee at all. No guarantee that any game function works properly, works as announced. But thos are the TOS, those are not our feelings.

    And if we FEEL that it's a lie, if we FEEL that promise is broken ... we feel that our trust is not respected.

    Our trust does not depend on the words of the TOS, but on how we feel about promises given ... but solutions so far away ...

    Repeating the same request won't result in a different answer: I am sorry, but I will not guarantee something that I can not guarantee. That is something that (in my opinion) is very close to lying and I do not intend to do that. As I said before, I'm not in the business of making false promises. I can only repeat what I said before: I consider it very likely that we can do something about videos this years.

    Understandable. Your view on doing false promises coming close to lyeing is totally acceptable. And appreciated.

    However, this is a company website. You are Herr Salix of course, but you also are CCM, a manager of your company, a communications manager even. A communicator of your company, a speaker. You are talking as Herr Salix, but also as Bright Future Manager ... your title tells it.

    Now, what do you think of a company, that has a speaker who does not dare to commit so something?

    Bright Future is an IT company and IT people know and live with deadlines ... I would even say, if you do not give a deadline to an IT team, you will never ever get the final result (look at UI with centered and left windows, look at html migration, look at bugfixes, ...), definitely, as programming is a creative job, no deadline given will create a very creative product, but not a finished one.

    Do customers trust companies, that do not commit to "Yes, we can. And we can till next Monday."?

    Do you really trust a barber telling "OK, we can try some hair cutting, but maybe you don't like the result".

    Or what would you think of a mechanic, who tells you: "Your car needs new spark plugs? Well, I cannot guarantee, my team is able to put them in correctly ..."

    IT is the business of Bright Future, not committing to being able to finish a programming task, well, somehow that tells, that IT is not your business.

    If a company manager will never commit to a promise, there is also a feeling coming up, that that manager does not trust the team to be able to do that job.

    Maybe you rely on experience .. but again, if your experience is, they cannot finish any task ... well reduce the number of tasks, new stuff, events, migrations ... and give them deatlines. And make totally clear, that you trust your team, your mates in your company. Show and publish that trust, inside and in public.

    I have always noticed that the teams of developers and programmers do great jobs, when on the companies website the managers promised even more than they were - normally - able to do. Make them proud to be part of your company. My bosses and managers always told: "Yes, we can!" and that gave me so much motivation, so much enthusiasm, that as a programmer I did more than asked for and promised and later my team did the same .... I KNOW your teams can do it too.

    If only there is a manager daring to commit solutions and deadlines to us customers.

    Then, as a manager you may tell: "Speaking as Herr Salix, a first step might last till christmas, but the team promised to have it done till September." How about that?

    But if I were you, I would tell: "Our team committed to September, my bet is, they will have it done till mid August."

    The more you seed trust, the more customers will trust you. And the more you can trust, your teams can do it in time.

    This is, how it often happens today.

    My suggestion was a bit different, cause I fear, that this leads to a big amount of threads with only few readers.

    So my idea ... if I were a "connector" I would read the English forum (my 2nd language) once or twice a week, with a text editor open. If I find a discussion that would be interesting for my German mates (because it's a good discussion, a thrilling Samisu challenge or a discussion going on in German too, ...) I would write 2 lines of summary to my text editor and copy the link to the thread.

    After about 3 finds I would create a new thread in German part, called "week 18 interesting English threads" and copy the text from my text editor.

    Then (maybe) replies would come in. "Böööh! Boring!" or "That's interesting, can you please translate post 4 in that thread?" or "They have some pretty good ideas" or "Hmmm, what did Salix post in that thread=" or someone else would to translations of parts that are interesting to them.

    So, the "connectors" would provide "management summaries" of what is going on in other "domains", and if their mates are interested, complete posts or threads coult be copied and translated. If not, it's just 2 lines written for nothing.

    Summaries from other domains

    This might work, depending if the topics are relevant globally. There's also the question of translating all the summaries to all languages, which can be a lot of extra work. This would not bring people together in the same threads or topics though, but instead people would likely continue discussions on their own domains. We CMs do go fishing for topics from other domains though that we think would be of interest in "our own" communities. And I might've just hooked a big one, let's see if I can reel it in...

    That is, why I suggested volunteers. Players. They must not even be called into the team.

    A normal community member (player, customer) knows best, what is interesting, moving, urgend, fun or boring for their language mates, and they would check their 2nd language threads once or twice a week and translate best as they can, summarize best as they can.

    No need for employees to seach, translate or control. Happens today already, when HMR does it or when I add information to German threads that English speaking mates have discussed.

    Only thing is, it should happen on a more reliable basis, maybe such connctors between "domains" could get a little bonus, or the ICH award (Iron Community Hero) after 2 dozen of summaries.

    Roles and titles of RN team members aren't clear

    Yeah, they are occupations, job titles. They don't always tell players what to expect from a Community Manager, TeamLead CM or Communications MGR. I personally like more the title Community Host for example.

    The discussion today motivated me to look up wikipedia. Wiki tells, what titles are used, what they mean, what they are (normally) doing in a company. I did not find the titles Travian uses ... which means, we often have to guess, what those guys might do all day long, or if they are the person to approach with a suggestion or problem.

    Well, yes, CM and moderators are clearly described all over the internet, but other Travian titles are not telling us customers anything, they often are riddles. So my suggestion is, to use titles as they are used elsewhere ... or, on the other hand, use titel forum orientated ... do we really need to read below the avatar, what title a guy can read in his job description?

    Missing the ability to connect with others and plan for a game round

    This is just a faint memory, but forum used to be more quiet than it is today. A new forum section for finding playmates or for planning strategies did not have the necessary pull, and might still not have the pull needed to keep the section alive. And yeah I know, we still have dead zones here on forum.

    True. But for me, a forum part like that will die in times, when customer numbers decrease. There is no need to call for new players when they do not appear. So, decreasing player numbers means dead invitation threads. But it is needed in times, when new players join.

    A forum part like this would give us hope, that player numbers may increase again, maybe after html is done, all buts are gone and the user interface does not mix up left windows and center windows any more. When the game is ready for marketing that brings new players, I guess, they would love to find a place where they get informed about groups and why they play which scenario.

    So, yes, it was a mail from Munich (told ya), that informed me about community most often means internal teams.

    Plus: "planning" for me IS internal.

    Plus: also for my understanding, someone who's area is communication, should communicate otherwise he would not experience his area himself. I am so glad, that you DO communicate and take part expecially in this type of threads.

    Nevertheless, my point is: if the community sees a bold title startind with community, they get a picture in their minds, that is very much showing external community and not internal planning. This is, what I would like Travians to keep in mind: thinking of what pictures they paint by telling a title that even wikipedia does not have in their lists.

    I think, this is one of the reasons, why we misunderstand each other so often ... use of words ... definitions.

    It causes confustion, when Travian uses words different from their customers ... and then even gives them out in bold letters.

    Years ago I got a mail from Travian/Munich, in which an employee tried to minimize my confusion by telling that "community" rarely means the community of players but the community of employees. As Salix tells: the community internal, or if I turn the two words over: the internal community.

    So keeping that in mind, I understand Salix, "Community Communication Manager" would then be a manager, who manages the internal communication.

    But then he tells us, his job is not managing, not community, not communication ... but planning. So, what are you planning? Human resources? Product development? Financias? New games? ... A strategic task ... but again: what strategy?

    Anyway, as you also use community for us (players) when you represent the communities interally ... I am happy that you talk to us so often, cause just reading the community posts does not mean to understand them. Feedback, questioning, asking to avoind misunderstandings should be essential for a good represantation.

    Nevertheless ... from the side of us, the members of the community, the titel CCM simply is confusing.

    And another question arising: if "community" defines the internal community of employees, what community are Samisu and Skadi managing, who are called "Community Manager"?

    See, Salix, I do not mix up your words, but try to explain, why we are confused so often by how Travian uses words and titles, when the do not fit to our understanding.

    "Community" ... never seen that word used by a company for the internal group of employees and volunteers, I have always seen "community" as a definition of the players/customers, who socialize in a forum, chat or blog.

    Internal titles would be "Team Lead Strategy" or "Product Manager" or "Chief Planning Officer" or "Customer Support Officer"

    Even wikipedia does not know about ANY business title containing the word "community" for any internal group. They tell about the titel CCO "Chief Communications Officer" ... and again, that's the manager for not only internal communication, but also for media, press, the community of customers, public, shareholders and bloggers.

    So please understand ... I think I am not the only one who reads "Community" and sees the humans being players and customers, and who reads "Communications" and imagines discussions, blogs, forums, chats ... but not internal planning.

    The use of titles, as Travian uses them, is confusing, to me, and I guess to many others.

    And if we are confused about communications and community already ... what will happen in discussions ...

    Thanks, Samisu, for starting another great thread just from what happens in other threads.

    Let me add my 2 cents to your opening questions:

    • Would you be happy to see more life on all different forums? Or has Forum as a platform become somehow outdated?

    Well, first of all that would depend on what the makers indend. Why do we have a forum?

    One big part is probably getting information about bugs. But imagine, the number of bugs would reduce to a dozen .. would we still really NEED a forum?

    There is the "general" part, with very interesting discussions in all langages (at least those that I can read) but in the German part, the idea of "Austausch - Exchange" often is in the title, but it's just trading opinions and perceptions between players, not between players and makers. Yes there ARE threads with Bruno or Salix involved ... but even those often (not always) their posts make me feel, they do the final statement, not motivate to more discussion. It's just my feeling ... but look as Samisu's type of questions, they are open, they motivate to think, they tend to NOT stop the discussion by a yes or no ... other employees come up with final questions of the type that close and finish a discussion.

    Looking at the other side, what would a community of players need a forum for?

    I miss the parts of the old forum, where associations and groupe could tell their plans on the game worlds, where they could find mimbers and attract newbs to join them. Sometimes, when there is a new forum game, there are hundreds of users online, never seen before, but there is no other part that the actual game or challenge ... and they never come back.

    There is not part that tells them how to find friends in the game, and maybe also in the forum.

    Also: my feeling is, that there is an understanding of "community" that differs between the makers and the players. See, if any company starts a game and people register, there IS a community, immediately. There is no need to "create" a community, to change it or to adjust it, they are there already.

    Now, wisdom of life: it is much easier to change one person or one company, than to change a community of 1000 humans. See, of you fall in love, the whole world changes for you (but only you have changed), if you are enthusiastic about a game, you will find more enthusiasm, no matter how many bugs there are.

    The community is there, right from the start ... and though rules are needed, the idea should be that the job of the makers is NOT to watch out for rule breakers, and to adjust the community, but to take part with the intention: "How can we be part of the community?"

    See, there are 1000 players and only 10 employees talking to them (maybe 10000/100). It is never possible to change the 1000 into a group adapted to the rules, much easier to spread the enthusasm of the 10 about their product into the 1000. Much easier to look at the 1000 and watch their into their way to socialize, to make friends, to set up groups ... and make the 10 try to be part of that ... part of the community ... right in the middle, not above them all.

    • Or would you rather like to have people join one forum more often and participate in the same discussions?

    Yes, only discussions bring up solutions. People are different, their perceptions and opinions are different. The more we discuss, the more understanding is on the way.

    I also see some judgement about "the other domain players" ... sometimes good judgement, sometimes totally wrong.

    Only talking, disussing will destroy the "bad" judgements, only if we get to know the humans in that other "domain", we get to know people.

    And yes, end game, news and chat system, bugs and features ... that's interesting for all, somehow the ideas should come together.

    • (how to solve language barriers though)

    Just an idea that came up to my mind last night:

    How, if we change the role of moderators ... or create a new type of forum team membres. Their first priority would NOT be rules and editing, but their first priorities would be activity (your task is to keep your forum part active with discussion and enthusiasm) and "connecting".

    First of all they would be bi-lingual at least. Or even be tri-lingual. And once or twice a week they would scroll through the threads of their second language and create a summary of new ideas, posts and threads for the users of their first language. Just a summary, but the community of the other domain would know, and maybe decide to take up this or that theme into their part of the forum.

    Those connector mods ... well reading the discussions in other languages is, what many of us do already, they would not need extra time, just 2 or 3 lines about interesting stuff they have found. As a side job, by simply reading and participating (activity) they would find all rule breakers and even illegal stuff without taking extra time for that.

    There ARE people among us, who talk two languages ... if only they would be interested to create one or two posts about what happens in the other "domain" ... that would be a first step to connect.

    • Do you get a different experience when visiting different language forums?

    Definitely. There are big differences. And it's like in the endgame discussion: so often I read about really good ideas and suggestions in the "small domains" ...

    • Do you have good examples of content you would like to duplicate to all domains?
    • Or do you have examples of important topics you'd like to see discussed on the biggest domains?

    Generally, when I joined in 2014, my feeling was, that the bigger part of the community would be interested in railroads, vintage railroads and others came to play Railroad Tycoon. If today I read ingame and in the forum, the main motivation to stay is: friends and community.

    There are still railroaders, and people like me, who remember being a boy and playing with my Märklin trains, when I play RN. But I also stay, because I found so many friends, who I don't want to miss.

    So my themes would be: creating groups and friends, creating community, working with teams, leading teams, cooperation.

    The forum is bug based and "general" discussions that move away from the theme to ideas and suggestions are often blamed as offtopic. I would love discussions that REALLY are general, topics that allow creativity, new thoughts, lateral thinking.

    Best actual example are HMR's suggestions for the endgame. HMR aims on fairness, challengs, community, fun ... while some of his discussion parters aim on numbers, rules, ontopic.

    So, generally: I would love more of these open threads, creativity, socializing, getting to know each other (also filled with little private stories) and lateral thinking.

    And one thing I personally would really love to know: what do the Russion people think about us (people talking English or German or ...) and our gaming, our attitudes and strategies ... I would so much love to read a "connectore" who would sum up their intersting threads for us.

    Naike, I totally agree to you, though we are getting off topic.

    But as an example ... when I got that title "Master of Secrets" for solving all challenges of the mysterious tunnel train, there was another player answering in the same minute like me. His answer was correct following the rules of the English version, my answer was correct following the rules of the German version. At the end, we both got the title.

    But things like that - even having rules of events in different versions - MUST NOT happen, when the company claimes go act internationally or even global.

    And I also agree to you: we are people, human beings, we got feelings. And I fully understand that the smaller (different language) communities feel lost and forgotten, when they just see the number of posts between German players and the employees. Well they got the advantage to use their native language. But the claim of the company is: global, so they should act global.

    On the other hand, if you would ask me to be honest, I feel much better in the English forum than in the German. People here are nicer, they are friendly, they accept different perception, they even THINK about the other side's arguments and reply to them. And also Samisu acts as a part of the community, talking cool, talking about his feelings, joking, showing empathy and tries to mediate.

    I feel warm here and accepted, while in the German part I feel like at the tax authorities 20 years ago. They are formal, they are correct, they do their very best ... but I am missing the coolness of Samisu and others and the warmth of a ... community.

    And that is, why I love the actions and ideas of HMR so much (which brings me back to topic). And endgame that would combine coolness and clear rules, warmth of teams and friends with a good challenge, fairness with the chance for success, empathy with competition, fun for small and big groups .... would be like bringing the advantages of the forum parts together ... and listen to ALL of them.

    Again only at German forum. All this kind of descisions are made between German players en devs. All others are not heard. Same happened with the new crappy endgame rules

    A few Germans try very hard to bring in at least part of those discussions to other languages ... but they are only few.

    Unfortunately I can only write in (poor) English, I can read some Dutch, French or Spain, but to write ... I better don't try.

    Also Hear Me Roar does a great job with active discussions in several languages.

    Are there any ideas, how an international acting company could create an international community, acting and interacting and discussing all together? I know virtual worlds have almost no problems with that, people simply meet and try to understand each other. How could that be done here?

    Just a curiosity, the guaranteed second video was not the only improvement when Plus account was upgraded (from 100G to 150G). Let's hope we get the second video bug fixed asap!

    So true ... that's why I told, it was a strong point, if not the strongest.

    I only followed the discussion in the German forum, but generally it was said (and in some points even agreed to) that the PP overview and the servicing filter were a nice addition, but not worth any increase of the plus price.

    So, what was left, were the lottery tickets ... and yes, they are worth the difference of 50 Gold ... unless they come in a bundle ...

    And the store function for schedules would be worthy ... if bugless ... but that one still is in the html buglist.

    So, Travian members spoke for the guaranteed video to be (one of) the strongest advantage, as we would get it from 25 asso members on their 3 station buildings ...

    But my main point was: company speakers refused to accept the 2nd vid to be a way customers supporting the company by watching ads (not videos) ... they always wanted the video clicking to be seen as part of the game ... and those arguments support HMR's idea to give out prestige for video clicking. We should not refuse to think in that way too.

    Both these things are precisely why we offered to create the Video Viewer Task Force. There we can discuss openly (and, thanks to NDAs, share all the data) and have the opportuniy to directly include player feedback and their feelings about the topic in the design process.

    Well that's easy. Create a new forum category, only accessible for invited users. Can be done on the admin access panel within very few minutes. Then you can ask users that contributed already, or that watch a lot of ads, if they were ready to continue with their ideas ...

    About the nda ... for me there are no one way ndas. They must work in BOTH directions, Because customers not only get to know the top secrets of Travian, but also Travian would get to know some private data about the customers and their friends. But I guess, your standard ndas consider that.

    So .. if you want a Video Task Force (RN-VTF), the one to do the next and first step is .... YOU