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    OK, I did not post the code together with the screenshot ....

    ... because the thread "Die Lok" tells to be the first to post the screenshot ... now in the submission thread there is a new rule, screenshot TOGETHER with the code .... so looks like I lost due to rule changes.

    Congrats Kocherga


    Well, the German task differs from the English one:


    So, trusting RN doing good, correct and full translations might not be a good advice.

    Don't forget: the guys, who decide about the game, the secrets and us, live in Cologne, Germany, and their time zone is CEST, Central European Summer Time, which is UTC or GMT plus 2 hours or 6 pm / 18.00 in Cologne.

    ... well, until tomorrow, when they change to CET for the winter ... so the next announcement for next week might run in UTC/GMT + 1 to create some more confusion.

    And about the hint. Well, thanks, it helps. May I add: I did not try keys but thought: What could I do with those key combinations? ... And then I saw the gap.

    Lots of business managers here? So, how can we invite Petr to tell about his life?

    About me .. .I studied "something like that". Maths and computer science to start with and changed jobs between IT teacher, project manager, IT Manager. Second half of my job life started with studying ways to counsel and coach people (NLP and many more) and ended up with a certificate as family coach and management coach. So I became a freelancer and switched between teaching, IT projects and coaching ... and sailing. Now I am retired and - if it's fun - develop games in virtual worlds or applications for charities.

    So yes, I fulli agree. Railrod romance is one thing that brought me here, but also the challange to decide about strategies, do the maths (hehe, business).

    There are more sides of RN. Fighting to be a winner is one thing many come for ... and the "opposite" to meet friends and interact in groups of players. But that's not the theme of this thread.

    So yes, I got a connection to business, though I started with maths and teaching ... it was, what I neede for the business jobs.

    I apologize.

    But I didn't know the cookie had a wireless 7G connection to the internet

    It changes everything ...

    With a cookie connected to the internet we can find everything

    Sorry, HMR, but I have some little doubts ... see, if cookies were that powerful, why do the RN guys always tell us to delete our cookies, whenever there is a little buggy malfunction? Wouldn't it be wise to keep our cookies?

    Oh dear! I guess my inner voice is leading me off topic ...

    Back to topic then:

    But I didn't know the cookie had a wireless 7G connection to the internet

    That's what they call the "Z-net" in that train. Which explains the picture next to the door.

    Hehe, if this is the answer ... the story will have a very interesting continuation.

    Nevertheless I love the idea to hide answers in the forum.

    I wonder, how the inner voice of that guy will tell him to find a laptop in that dining car and quickly teach a 1911 guy to use a wbb forum search function .. or scroll through the announcements of December. :) :evil: :thumbsup:

    True ... I cannot tell a perfect time of the day to be fair for a Japanese player, a Finnish player, a German or Dutch player and an American player. You offer an international, even global, service, so "first to post" always is unfair.

    Yeah ... but I agree to HMR, there is more than 1 correct answer.

    But as you tell us: the author only knows ONE, our task is to read the mind of the author.

    So, if I begin ... the author tells: "Probably nobody has ever seen anything like that before." That's a false statement. Even a lie. Or wrong thinking. In the story that waggon EXISTS, so someone must have built it, someone must have added ... several people must have seen that waggon already, otherwise it would not exist.

    That sentence is a filler without any meaning or even a false information or thought. So, there ARE bugs also in the author's text(s), and that is, why I trust HMR more than the hint you were allowed to give us. Sorry.

    Naike and HMR make a point:

    If the first to answer, what the creator thinks to be correkt, some might be excluded, as they are at work or sleeping ... but even if we all were awake, one domain will get the answer thread a minute or 5 minutes ahead of another domain ... and as I see it, some will just wait for it.

    This 4th Masters Challenge is amazing, BECAUSE it needs brain power, intelligence, thinking, skills to join information ... but at the end you will declare the quickest user, the quickest finger on the quickest mouse as the Master.

    You created an amazing challenge, a challenge for the brains ... and then you declare the quickest copying user as the winner.

    Please think about that.

    If the first player commenting got everything right, we have a winner. Shouldn't matter if there's an explanation or not since rules do not request explanations

    That doesn't work, Samisu ... not without causing arguments.

    Take this on for example. The vanished handkerchief might have been a bug ... and not count at all. Now the creater of this picture will have had an idea about the correct answer.

    Maybe he thought like this: "I will tell them to seek and find, and if they don't realize I should give a hint that the photo is a modern one, from Amtrak train of 2018. But what the have to find is the letter Z, with is the 26th letter of the alphabet so 26 is the correct answer."

    Then the answering starts and HMR posts his code: 1245 and everything else correct. Then I answer the same answers but only 26 for this challenge. So, the challenge creator will tell you: "HMR is wrong, Klabbauter is right, so Klabbi is the Master of Secretions". But HMR might have a much better and more logic explanation for his code, so he would be ther REAL winner.

    The system to decide about right or wrong is ok if there are possibly more than one correct answers ... cannot be done without the explanations. In my example, HMR will have shown much more brain power than I, but the creator of the challenges, who put up two wrong pictures already ... might not see that HMR is more correct than I.

    I have no idea if there are more than one solutions, but I guess we will see once the thread is open where all answers can be submitted.

    So, that sounds like we have to be prepared to not only post the one and only correct answer, but also the way we found it.

    If we have to count differencies, well there is ONE answer, but if the hints are a Z, the Amtrak railroad company, a mysteriously vanished handkerchief on a seat, the date of December last year and a Chinese cookie ... these hints will allow a variety of answers that can be put into a code.

    "Seek so you will find" ... I found 2-3 dozens of hints, so at the moment I do not see a logic combining the hints to a one and only code, that MUST be true.

    So, I think I will start a text file with my conclusions from the hints to add them to the thread of answers.

    Unless, HMR .... you forget about ... magic.

    There is so much magic and mystery in the story ... so it might also be in the keys.

    On the other hand, I wonder why that mystic passenger does not look for the safety brake. There MUST be one, it's law.

    If I remember correctly, they messed up with some city names, when it came to list them up in the lobby.

    So, Ulm appeared as Vienna in the winners' list.

    WOW ... that one time servers return so soon!

    Well, a lot of the customers asked for it.

    How about the gold? We all (maybe not all) transferred our gold from the first OJ server(s) to "regular" servers.

    So we have to start express OJ with no gold (or buy, buy, buy!) ... or do we get some start gold? And will it be transferred again to the other servers, when OJ 2.0 is done?

    As a German I am not a native English speaker ... however, I learnt that "until" definitely includes the day/hour/minute.

    So, "open until 30th", as my teacher told, means - like Lyna said - including the whole day (30th).

    If they had planned to close at early morning hours of the 30th, they should have said something like "submit your post before Monday, 30th".

    That is, how I learnt it ... would love a native speaker to confirm or to teach me the correct way. Cause, if my teacher was right, Lyna made a point.