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    Thank you, Loekie, for introducing the new ideas about the buglist organisation.

    Separating them into categories is much more what I call "overview" than what we had in the past.

    I fully agree to the idea.

    However, may I add some ideas?

    All planned categories are closely connected to program functions. However, there are and will be bugs, that do not fit into that list.

    Sometimes, the developers or the forum team will have to decide about the correct category. We are players, we are customers, we are NOT technicians, who can always be sure about which function definitely causes a problem/bug/delay/wrong data ...

    Well there should be at least one category for uncategorized stuff.

    1st suggestion: Add a category general/unknown for bug reports, your customer is not sure about the correct category

    More: sometimes we might discuss if a report is a suggestion, a question, or a real bug.

    Bad user experience for example is a bug in my perception, though the program works as intended

    (two examples: a) if any list shows just 5 lines in rectangles that are too big to be seen completely and to show all usefull buttons to scroll and jump ... the worst user experience is, that I have to scroll DOWN to find the button to GO TOP. b) mouse movements: several lists have buttons at top, and then you have to move all over the screen to finde the "OK" button .. user experience means to make mouse usage easy and not a marathon across the screens)

    Well, such reports might be "general" (1st suggestion) but I would (knowing that you would not call that a bug):

    2nd suggestion: category user experience

    Well, though most of the players are not technicians, some are. Some will use the developers functions of the browsers to find out what happens. For these people, it might be usefull tu have ...

    3rd suggestion: category backend problems/performance/loading problems

    Next one is care for handicapped players. Last year we had a very good discussion about colors, contrasts, transparency and their effects to color blind or color weak people. That changed many details to the better. But then the developers interested in that discussion became quiet and data slowly changed bask to light grey on lighter grey with too much transparency. The game returned to weak contrasts and lots of transparency. Which means: handicapped people cannot play this great game.

    4th suggestion: category visibility of information or accessability (for people with a disability)

    And one more: graphics and animations.

    if machines look great when they go west, but change to paper thin objects when going south or just south west, there's something wrong. We players cannot decide if if's a calculating problem (calculating thickness of the machine), or if the graphic artist made a mistake. But what we can tell: graphics don't look correct.

    Same with overlapping elements or - worse - with railcar distances behind their machines. That might be an error of the graphic artist, but might also be a bug made by the programmer who calculates the disstances from pictures length and train direction.

    5th suggestion: category graphic bugs

    Well, still not a complete list of categories, so I also suggest to keep it open and extendible.

    And please allow players to call annoying stuff a "bug", though the programm works as intended. Bugs not only appear on coding, but also on planning. And a bug made on planning a function creates a programm as planned, but a game not working as the players expect or would use.

    Good question, Loekie.

    As I am on retiring age already, I had 2 years go get used to times with no real good idea to get active. And to use my brain to get out of boredom.

    What am I doing now, at times sailory set the yellow Q flag and stay on board ... besides my main job to play RN (and Siedler/settlers) and annoy the forum team with endless posts, spam and "Knowing everything better"?

    First of all: I help charities, especially on management questions and IT. This week (and next one) for example I create the new website of a charity that collects writers, authors and novelists, young and old ones, but set the priority to save good literature of the times before German reunion from both sides, east and west.

    And being engaged in projects like that, I learn a lot about writing and history. One example: there were a lot of real good magazines published in East Germany ... however, the only nearly complete colleection / archive of them is in ... Los Angeles.

    That's just one of the charities that keeps me busy in my home now. There are more ... and well, I can keep contact with all my friends in these charities and companies via the internet and telephone. So good, that I got a flat rate.

    And there is more to be done: post processing my photos of decades of sports and event photograhy, writing coaching texts ... things that I always did on my home computer, but using it for external groups like charities now, in these days, takes more of my time, because that connects me to people.

    Another little thing: I take more time now to prepare my meals. Think more about seasoning, about good composition and about excact cooking/baking times.

    So well, there's a lot to do ... but of course I miss haveing people around me, hugging them, being hugged, being close, talking directly to them, face to face ... but that will return ... if we take care of ourselves and of others ... and come out of these times healthy and happy again.

    On the other hand I feel with those, whose jobs become harder and harder, doctors and their helpers, those who care for the old snd sick ones, people that deliver goods to us and the shops that we still need ... while many of us are forced to stay at home, others have even less time for themselves while they have a bigger chance to catch that virus and join the statistics.

    Because the goal of this game is to reach players from all over the world. And not just from Germany.

    Hehe, it's your (and mine) assumption about the goals of the company. We assume, that the company is happy, when customers are able to enjoy their product.

    And I can assure you: I am in Germany, and I see the same problems that you see ... loading processes, that simply stop.

    Well, it might be slow internet, but there can be other reasons too. But what we see is: the loading stops ... and does not resume ... we have to take action, manually and try a reload. So I agree, the product needs to be more resistant against slow internet or missing responses or whatever the reasons are.

    Something I learnt quite early in software engineering: "The fact, that you sent a request to a server or database neither means that it will be answered nor that the answer is correct or usable."

    So they forced me to code a check after each request, first, if there is an answer, second if the answer is usable, and third if a time (a few seconds) passed with no answer. And in all these cases they expected that I retry the request. Or tell the reason that can be taken from the returned error code: "the database does not respond" or "your internet connection is broken".

    And once those checks were coded I could use that code in almost all programs and projects to keep them robust, reliable and not stopping.

    I sometimes have the feeling, that this game is missing some of those checks .... cause as HMR states: We do not see anything that would make us believe, the game is still trying to talk to the server (or database).

    Well, let me tell about the company that owns the flat I am living in.

    It's a cooperative, which means the renters are owners of the company, because they pay a share (in my case 7 shares /1000 Euros) instead of a caution. So at the end there are 5000+ flats with 45 k shares and ... yes, 6000+ shareholders/owners. I tell the numbers to show, it's not the biggest but probably not a small company.

    So, we, the renters elect representatives, who meet to elect the directorates and they control the 2 top managers (and the employees). Well 5 years ago my neighbours elected me to be a representative, so I visited the meetings, the votings and the seminars they offered to support us in communication, legal and business knowledge and about the ways to do our tasks.

    That's the background, now ... when did I experience empathy, respect and appreciation?

    - From the very first day when I was one of the 120 representatives, the 2 managers and most of the directorates knew me by name, which told me, I am not just one out of 120, but my volunteering is appreciated

    - One day there was one of the employees, who greeted me and proudly said: "Remember? I signed your contract, when you rented your flat." Well .. HE remembered, I had to look it up.

    - The communications seminar was simply great. Active listening, the most modern version of transactional analyses, non aggressive communication and so many more things that makes interaction easier .. and exercises.

    - And in the meetings with the managers and employees I noticed they really LIVE this way to respect each other, to show empathy when interacting, even between the coworkers.

    - Whenever I meet one of the managers or teamers, there is a feeling of pride and enthusiasm about what they do.

    - In 2018 my house (11 floors, 42 flats) and the other 15 houses around, got a big maintenance (water supply, electricity, internet, telephone, ...). They informed us all about each and every detail (we even know, what they paid for the project), first us representatives, then all renters (they rented a big cinema for that).

    Well, one thing is complete information, given to us customers/renters, but each employee seemed to know all the details too. I could see so often, that they do not hesitate a second to help a coworker, when they need another detail of information.

    - So, one thing I supported to that meeting with representatives was that I asked: if you renew the bell system .. why not install one with a camera? We will check that, was the answer ... and last week another representative came to me and told: "Klabbauter, I like our new displays and the camera down at the door. Soooo good that you suggested that."

    - So many more examples of appreciation, respect and a non aggressive way to interact ... and the result is a very good atmosphere, enthusiasm and a feeling of comradeship that includes renters up to the two top managers.

    I can only tell that from the perspective of a renter/customer, who joins meetings as a representative, and so I can see, how the teams and workers cooperate. The philosophy of the company is given and spread to all employees (and they stay, there is almost no fluctuation), through all teams and commettees ... somehow all through the company there is a natural attitude to treat ev1 else well, to answer questions, to give out informations without being asked, to find someone who cares, even if the actual job holder on vacation. And as I joined some committees it's not only good manners towards the customers, that atmosphere can be felt in each meeting.

    Well, the result is success. Financial success, even with fair rents, service quality and being more than respected by authorities and the other flat renting companies.

    So true. Last year I worked for a charity. The boss was very active, but she was unable to show empathy, respect or appreciation to any of the employees and volunteers. When she talked about the results of any work done, there were only negatives and she had much fun to react to anything with sarcasm and irony.

    She was probable the best to start and represent that charity idea, but she was unable to motivate any of the people to worked for that charity.

    Result: the good ones quitted (like me), or when she was in a rage, she kicked them, those, who are forced to stay (by job authorities) have mentally resigned and internally joke about her. She is losing all the good volunteers and employees, and her problem to find new ones never stops.

    The "bad apple" must not always be one of the among the team, must not be a coworker, but might also be the top apple in the basket.

    I learnt from her (again), how quickly disrespect spreads from one person ... will on the other hand respect, appreciation and empathy have a big motivational effect. I am happy to experience the opposite too: a company that spreads empathy and respect from the top bosses down to each teamer ... it is pure fun to cooperate with those people.

    When reading here, I get the idea, that limits are defined differently.

    If these are limits:

    - take the risk to ignore the red traffic light, drive on!

    - when someone is very sad for a good reason, tease them more, make jokes about their mishap

    - treat people differently, depending on their ethnic origin or their disabilities

    ----> those are limits I would NEVER cross

    If limits are defined like this:

    - I cannot speak in public, I cannot dance, I am unable to respect other people

    - there is no way to improve skills in maths, logic, programming, writing, running, diving, organisation, supporting, health, ...

    - I am not attractive and smart, so I must not talk to THAT girl

    ----> I would happily explore the area beyond these limits

    There are personal (own) limits, limits of other people ... and there are rules, good and bad ones ... all four are called limits.

    Remember Buzz Lightyear and his famous quote: "To infinity ... and beyond!"

    Klabbauter, playing on German server Broadway decifers:

    This train was


    in the city

    of La Rochelle

    In La Rochelle (or around that city) the company Alstrom contructs trains.

    They created the AGV, and just a month ago introduced the new Tramway Citadis X05 (too early for a maintenance).

    It's your choice. You may stay within your limits, never push them into new territories and experiences ... and you will stay the same person over years and decades.

    Of course I cross my limits (two exceptions: singing publically and shouting too loud) because there will be new limits beyond the old, some new chances and experiences in between and the challenge to cross the next limits.

    So true. Managers should know that thinking.

    Another example for 2 out of 3 is programming ... it can be cheap, fast (quickly done) or good (correct, bug free).

    So, if managers want it cheap and soon, they will get bugs and annoyed users/customers.

    If they want it soon and correct .. it will be expensive.

    If they want it correct and cheap, they should be very very patient.

    There is one exception: if managers want it cheap, but interfere, know better, order changes and new stuff in between, or put pressure on the programmers, even the most simple bugfix will last and last and last ...

    Adam oh Adam!

    Never trust the Travian guys, when it comes to English words.

    Jim Rohn did not say " ... risk the usual ..." he said: "... risk the unusual ..."

    Well, I don't see a big difference between the usual and the ordinary.

    But if I want to change, to learn, to become better, to grow, to gain knowledge .... I really should do the UNusual.

    Cause, if I always do as I always have done, I will always be the very same for my whole life.

    The diamonds are collected for you. See Lobby - Career - Profile - Third info.

    They are kept to set the start level for your Winter Market next year.

    There is an announcement (in German forum) that instant dispatch vouchers DO NOT COUNT for the winter event, if you use them on trains.

    Use them on the factories instead.

    I think, that bug was already active last year ... so one year did not fix that.

    Sure that was a bot or a human advertising anywhere.

    Problem is, player_xxxx or in German Spieler_xxxx is also given out for good members that picked an avatar name that annoyed others or one of the teamers ... so at the end we can never be sure ....

    My suggestion would be to name bots, who do not pic a name in a different way than customers who are about to change their names.