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    Well, let me tell about the company that owns the flat I am living in.

    It's a cooperative, which means the renters are owners of the company, because they pay a share (in my case 7 shares /1000 Euros) instead of a caution. So at the end there are 5000+ flats with 45 k shares and ... yes, 6000+ shareholders/owners. I tell the numbers to show, it's not the biggest but probably not a small company.

    So, we, the renters elect representatives, who meet to elect the directorates and they control the 2 top managers (and the employees). Well 5 years ago my neighbours elected me to be a representative, so I visited the meetings, the votings and the seminars they offered to support us in communication, legal and business knowledge and about the ways to do our tasks.

    That's the background, now ... when did I experience empathy, respect and appreciation?

    - From the very first day when I was one of the 120 representatives, the 2 managers and most of the directorates knew me by name, which told me, I am not just one out of 120, but my volunteering is appreciated

    - One day there was one of the employees, who greeted me and proudly said: "Remember? I signed your contract, when you rented your flat." Well .. HE remembered, I had to look it up.

    - The communications seminar was simply great. Active listening, the most modern version of transactional analyses, non aggressive communication and so many more things that makes interaction easier .. and exercises.

    - And in the meetings with the managers and employees I noticed they really LIVE this way to respect each other, to show empathy when interacting, even between the coworkers.

    - Whenever I meet one of the managers or teamers, there is a feeling of pride and enthusiasm about what they do.

    - In 2018 my house (11 floors, 42 flats) and the other 15 houses around, got a big maintenance (water supply, electricity, internet, telephone, ...). They informed us all about each and every detail (we even know, what they paid for the project), first us representatives, then all renters (they rented a big cinema for that).

    Well, one thing is complete information, given to us customers/renters, but each employee seemed to know all the details too. I could see so often, that they do not hesitate a second to help a coworker, when they need another detail of information.

    - So, one thing I supported to that meeting with representatives was that I asked: if you renew the bell system .. why not install one with a camera? We will check that, was the answer ... and last week another representative came to me and told: "Klabbauter, I like our new displays and the camera down at the door. Soooo good that you suggested that."

    - So many more examples of appreciation, respect and a non aggressive way to interact ... and the result is a very good atmosphere, enthusiasm and a feeling of comradeship that includes renters up to the two top managers.

    I can only tell that from the perspective of a renter/customer, who joins meetings as a representative, and so I can see, how the teams and workers cooperate. The philosophy of the company is given and spread to all employees (and they stay, there is almost no fluctuation), through all teams and commettees ... somehow all through the company there is a natural attitude to treat ev1 else well, to answer questions, to give out informations without being asked, to find someone who cares, even if the actual job holder on vacation. And as I joined some committees it's not only good manners towards the customers, that atmosphere can be felt in each meeting.

    Well, the result is success. Financial success, even with fair rents, service quality and being more than respected by authorities and the other flat renting companies.

    So true. Last year I worked for a charity. The boss was very active, but she was unable to show empathy, respect or appreciation to any of the employees and volunteers. When she talked about the results of any work done, there were only negatives and she had much fun to react to anything with sarcasm and irony.

    She was probable the best to start and represent that charity idea, but she was unable to motivate any of the people to worked for that charity.

    Result: the good ones quitted (like me), or when she was in a rage, she kicked them, those, who are forced to stay (by job authorities) have mentally resigned and internally joke about her. She is losing all the good volunteers and employees, and her problem to find new ones never stops.

    The "bad apple" must not always be one of the among the team, must not be a coworker, but might also be the top apple in the basket.

    I learnt from her (again), how quickly disrespect spreads from one person ... will on the other hand respect, appreciation and empathy have a big motivational effect. I am happy to experience the opposite too: a company that spreads empathy and respect from the top bosses down to each teamer ... it is pure fun to cooperate with those people.

    When reading here, I get the idea, that limits are defined differently.

    If these are limits:

    - take the risk to ignore the red traffic light, drive on!

    - when someone is very sad for a good reason, tease them more, make jokes about their mishap

    - treat people differently, depending on their ethnic origin or their disabilities

    ----> those are limits I would NEVER cross

    If limits are defined like this:

    - I cannot speak in public, I cannot dance, I am unable to respect other people

    - there is no way to improve skills in maths, logic, programming, writing, running, diving, organisation, supporting, health, ...

    - I am not attractive and smart, so I must not talk to THAT girl

    ----> I would happily explore the area beyond these limits

    There are personal (own) limits, limits of other people ... and there are rules, good and bad ones ... all four are called limits.

    Remember Buzz Lightyear and his famous quote: "To infinity ... and beyond!"

    Klabbauter, playing on German server Broadway decifers:

    This train was


    in the city

    of La Rochelle

    In La Rochelle (or around that city) the company Alstrom contructs trains.

    They created the AGV, and just a month ago introduced the new Tramway Citadis X05 (too early for a maintenance).

    It's your choice. You may stay within your limits, never push them into new territories and experiences ... and you will stay the same person over years and decades.

    Of course I cross my limits (two exceptions: singing publically and shouting too loud) because there will be new limits beyond the old, some new chances and experiences in between and the challenge to cross the next limits.

    So true. Managers should know that thinking.

    Another example for 2 out of 3 is programming ... it can be cheap, fast (quickly done) or good (correct, bug free).

    So, if managers want it cheap and soon, they will get bugs and annoyed users/customers.

    If they want it soon and correct .. it will be expensive.

    If they want it correct and cheap, they should be very very patient.

    There is one exception: if managers want it cheap, but interfere, know better, order changes and new stuff in between, or put pressure on the programmers, even the most simple bugfix will last and last and last ...

    Adam oh Adam!

    Never trust the Travian guys, when it comes to English words.

    Jim Rohn did not say " ... risk the usual ..." he said: "... risk the unusual ..."

    Well, I don't see a big difference between the usual and the ordinary.

    But if I want to change, to learn, to become better, to grow, to gain knowledge .... I really should do the UNusual.

    Cause, if I always do as I always have done, I will always be the very same for my whole life.

    The diamonds are collected for you. See Lobby - Career - Profile - Third info.

    They are kept to set the start level for your Winter Market next year.

    There is an announcement (in German forum) that instant dispatch vouchers DO NOT COUNT for the winter event, if you use them on trains.

    Use them on the factories instead.

    I think, that bug was already active last year ... so one year did not fix that.

    Sure that was a bot or a human advertising anywhere.

    Problem is, player_xxxx or in German Spieler_xxxx is also given out for good members that picked an avatar name that annoyed others or one of the teamers ... so at the end we can never be sure ....

    My suggestion would be to name bots, who do not pic a name in a different way than customers who are about to change their names.

    With a quick calculation, COM/US domain has around 10 servers running during the event and whoever wants to experience it this year, can join one of the other COM/US servers instead of COM02. If we moved the event, then this would mean removing the event from some other servers, or even domains.

    That's true ... but there is a little different problem:

    Most players prefer 1 or 2 servers, and if they are unlucky, there is no winter event for them. So they have to play the event on a different server.

    No problems with the diamonds, they go to the carreer and ranks. However, we can win gold and plus during the event. If we are lucky and our server runs the event, we have that gold and plus to play on, or keep it for the next round.

    The unlucky players, who play the event on a server they don't want to play on ... they lose the gold and plus, cause I think they are not transferable.

    Lucky players get gold and plus from the event for their rounds, unlucky players get it on a server they don't want to play on.

    Best would be to make event gold transferable, that would also make plus days transferable.

    Well, 10.000 hours, that's 1250 days of normal workdays, or 830 days of a 12 h day ... or a few years.

    As I am old, I have experienced that several times, let me tell about 3.

    First: when I studied at university, my side job was driving a taxi. First year was hard and tough. To learn about the town, all the streets and addresses, and about the guests, from drunken people to a sheik, wo I picke up at the main station ... and all the ways how they try to cheat and pay less ... second year was easier and in third year I KNEW the town, I knew the adresses, the shortest way and colleagues asked ME where to find that party shed outside the suburbs. I felt so sure about the job, the radio calls, behaviour of guests and the prices, that I finally was able to do the homework for university while waiting for the next guest.

    Second was my main job, IT. Programming, developing, project management, and leading teams or rescuing projects out of time. But I doubted, if I ever would be an expert. I did all the jobs and projects, successfully, but I always felt there is so much more to learn.

    However, now decades later, I am retiring and do little side jobs. Like lately an application for a charity to collect data of their actions. I noticed that I have gone through thos 10.000 h. A few weeks ago the IT guy, half my age, of that charity asked: "How are you doing that, Klabbauter? Your application never fails, there are no bugs, it restarts by itself, there no problems with client-server-communication, and it never stopped yet. How did you do that?"

    That is, when I noticed, how much I had put into that code with no thinking, just automatically: declarations of variables, good and complete initialisation, checking each server reply for errors and timeouts, check input carefully. All that needed no thinking, almost no time ... and I think that is one step from "I can code programs" to "I am a professional progger".

    Third, and the one where it was obvious to me: Sailing. Sailing yachts as a skipper. Being responsible for the crew and the passengers. Being responsible to bring back that yacht into the harbour. I failed on my first try to get the skipper license. I was much better, when I did the second try, and got it. And then I sailed a lot. All my vacations I used to sail, first on Ijsselmeer, then on the Baltic, later in the mediterranian, the north sea and the carribean.

    After a few years I noticed something like a special sense, that told me where the underwater rocks are, how much time it would need to the harbour ... and even the weather ... Imagine, when I looked for hiding spot, a hurrican hole, I sailed south to that spot on Carriacou, though the forecast told, the hurricane would turn south. Actually during the night, hidden in the mangroves, I heard the new forecast: It's turning north. How did I know that?

    Or in Kos harbour I woke up 5 minutes BEFORE that ferry came in with so much speed scrambling all the yachts ... but I was out and watched the moorings ... what was it to wake me up?

    So yes, I agree to that claim. Maybe somtimes 5000 hours work, maybe sometimes 15,000 are needed ... but at a point you know the topic in a way that you even cannot tell how you do it.

    But I want to add: in all three cases, there were masters who taught me. Experienced professionals that were on that step already, and I was able to copy them. One thing to become professional is to learn ...10,000 hours, but to have people that you can model, imitate, copy and NOT rely that you will be better ... that's the other way to professionalism. Learn from good and perfect examples, look how they do it, accept that they found some good methods ... so my claim would be: learn 5000 h from book and from doing that job, and learn another 5000 h by watching people who are good at that job already.

    Respect to these people who have spent all that money - woooooowwwwwwwww

    Actually ... I confess ... there was a time last year, when near the end of an end game I took part in a fun group of players who sold all their waggons and invested the money ... and we counted the places that we could get to that 2.147 G$ number.

    At the end, when you can sell all your waggons and engines ... as you cannot take the money to next round ... why not have some fun?

    2,147,483,647 is the biggest number that can be stored as a computer variable of the type "integer".

    So, to show the correct bid they would have to change the variable type to "double integer" which allowes bigger numbers, but that would be a change in the database and all over the application too.

    Summing up the bids might create a sum that big ... and the positive point is that the programmers stop at that point. Because, if you add any number to the amount of 2,147,483,647 already in that variable, it would normally interpreted as negative ... and the exceptional rich bidders were the losers ...

    But as Samilia reports, a 2.5 G$ bis can win over a 2.7 G$ bid, so there is still something wrong.

    Well, players can become very rich, with more than 100.000.000 $ in each bank, if an asso with 25 players puts that in, using an integer variable for the sum is not the wisest thing, programmers have ever done.

    Wow! Such an old post (of Nov. 20th) and I haven't noticed it yet ....

    Yes, being able to think about and to create our own objectives, goals, aims, targets, destinations ... and missions ... that's the difference between animals and human beings.

    Animals happen to meet something and they quickly put it in an order (will it eat me - can I eat it - can I have s.x with it - will it feed me - is it a stone), humans do not only RE-act, but are able to act and to decide about direction to go ... towards their chosen destination or ... mission.

    Works in business and in all other parts of real life.

    For destinations and missions there are rules.

    . Make them active, not passive. YOU must go there (active: I want to run a railroad business, passive: I want to win the jackpot)

    - Make them desirable (you must really want them ... not because of a reason like: I MUST have a job)

    - Make them consistent to your inner values and beliefs.

    - Any IF in your mission is a no.go.

    - Make them able to be cut into step, so you can schedule your way

    - Make them TOWARDS missions, not away from. Find what you want to achieve, not what you want to avoid.

    Well. you ask about MY mission(s), Adam.

    - For my life: I want to work with people, have them around me, and when I have to go, I will remember other people lives became better by my existance.

    - For businiss: I want to work with people, teams and help them to find their way to success, but I also want to be successful on tasks that I can only do alone.

    - I want to learn "that everyone is created equal" (remember Mr. Jefferson?) ... and whoever comes across my way, I will find the diamonds, that they can give to enrich their lives and mine.