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    How do i collect the gold from another world where i deleted my avatar?

    There is a BIG difference between collected gold and purchased gold.

    You CANNOT transfer collected gold.

    For the future: If I have collected gold in the game and want to stop playing that worls, I buy the smallest amount of gold available, have to wait 7 days, look into the transfer screen to find out how much of my gold is collected / purchased and change the collected gold into Plus days. Plus will be transferred together with purchased gold ... after another 3 days of waiting.

    And what they call "domain" means the TLD, the top level domain of the server. You can only transfer vrom .com to .com or from .de to .de etc. The type of game world doesn't matter.

    Just to be sure ... "I am playing another world" ... does that mean you play another RN world?

    If so, nothing needs to be done, just play the other world, and forget about the one that you don't want to continue.

    Just don't log in any more or, if you want to be more correct, go to options and use the "delete avatar/transfer gold" option, confirm by "ok" and wait 3 days and your presence on that world will be cancelled.

    The word "account" in this game is connected to your mail address, and you may play with the same account in any RN world.

    That's called an "avatar" then, so each "account" can play the same avatar in any of the RN worlds.


    - if you used two different mail addresses for registstration in those two worlds, you should definitely delete the one that you dont wand to continue ... you have to do that by mail:

    Lots of good ideas that can be added to Samisu's suggestion. I like it, when a discussion developes, pros and cons are collected and new ideas get added. Together we might create some really new and challenging fun.

    Luckily those two things are entirely independent. But even with that being the case, random stat changes would be something we could to a bit further in the future, not right now. So either way, those two things will not impede each other.

    I have never seen a successful migration project, when the teams were separated, or when it was meant to be independent. (remember lately Lidl trying to migrate to SAP) The more the teams are mixed and flexible, the more they interact and support each other ... the quicker they both are, the less old bugs will be reborn and the more the migrated version will start with an acceptable quality. That's why I asked for priority being set to migration, so those who know the running version get some free time to give information and support to the migrating team. However, this thread is about new ideas on engine research.

    A. Generally, yes, that sounds like a fun idea. It challenges to more thinking, which engine to pick or which upgrade to research.

    B. But also another general idea: there are so many players who are railroad enthusiasts,others even are enging drivers in RL, and they often tell, that they are unlucky about technical details of the RN engines that totally differ from their real data.

    For me, an essential part of all graphic focussing internet stuff is the rule "form follows function", which aims in the same direction: even in a game, the technical data of engines we are playing with should be (almost) realistic.

    One example is the latest skin of the Medusa, that blue engine, which looks like a blue brick, like a tram/streetcar ... but to imagine this engine to run 240 km/h ... impossible! I like that skin, really, but it should have been given to a much slower engine.

    How much could each stat change?

    Not too much. They should make a difference, but not differ too much from something that would be possible for a build like that. And the other way too: if its an engine looking like a speed train, it should not be the slowest in that era.

    Should the engines be in the same research order?

    Again: look at the forms. The research order goes from old to modern in each era. The engines develop in size and detail. Switching two engines will work, but if the order looks very unrealistic, some fun will go.

    How about pricing?

    I would think, some little changes in pricing should be done, if the engind becomes more effective or less effective.

    Should the upgrade (engine parts) stats change or the engines?

    According to the form follows function idea (B) little changes should happen for the engines themselves. Top speed might change, but still in realistic steps. Bigger changes might happen on acceleration, maintenance and waggon count.

    Should the random changes happen only on certain servers while other servers kept the original stats?

    Not every player likes maths. Also, new players should learn the game first, which is quite complex already without these new challenges. For those players there should be servers on which engines do not change.

    See idea A: some like additional maths challenges, some will dislike them.

    So, yes, random changes should only happen on certain servers.

    What if stats were kept the same but each engine would get one more research/upgrade slot that is always random?

    This might be another good idea. Keep the main stats (or just change 1 or 2 for each engine) and add another slot, which might be totally new (quicker loading/waggon switching time, more safety which gives extra money or prestige on delivery, ...). But again, only on special servers and in a realistic way.

    And a side note:

    Please do the migration to HTML5 first, then plan these new ideas to be on the schedule.

    Okay, so this is about finding the photos when zoomed out. Zoomed in they are easy to find but zoomed out, they can be hard to find?

    This is part of the minigame, you can use the collect all voucher or zoom around the map to find and gather all the trainspotters.

    Yeah, the question is, how hard the contest is meant to be.

    Era 1 is no problem at all for this task, era 5 or 6 with hundreds of tracks ARE a hard job. It's the hard part of game designers to find the best ratio between making it a hard, interesting challenge or a boring much to easy klickbait.

    About the vouchers (and not about spotter visibility):

    I almost never use them, not even if I won 3 or even 6 of them from the lottery.


    The hard part comes, when you found 23 or 24. With the new algorithm of update 4.14 the guaranteed time to get one (the last) new one is about 1 day. So, if just Petr is missing, I know, during the next 20 hours he will appear ... and the star will appear.

    HOWEVER, if it's just Petr missing, if I use the voucher, all 10 spotters will be collected ... and I start the new collection with 0 (zero, nada, no, n'grte) spotters. What I do in this case: I offer 10 or 20 minutes of my life time to find Petr on the map (procrastinating engine maintenance, scheduling etc.), carefully inspecting all tracks between Doneszk and Copenhagen.

    Because: If I find Petr and click him first, I get the win and start with 9 NEW spotters (maybe with the voucher after clicking Petr). So after that I have to find 16 new ones the next days instead of all 25, and 16 days with a guaranteed new find instead of 25 will deliver the next spotter win more than a week early.

    Hi Samisu,

    your picture tells us: Spotters are very very very easily spottable, as long as you have to check just 5 to 20 tracks.

    But if you got 100 or 200 tracks (or 500) it's not that easy. So, as I understand the suggestion, this would be more fun (or explains the difficulties):

    - frames of the photos in that yellow color that you used for the easter eggs

    - easter eggs were also highlighted (glowing), so they made a good contrast in the zoomed out map

    - frames of spotter as same color as other icons (see the grain logo) but while other icons grow in size when zooming out, the spotters don't, they become smaller when zooming out

    - spotters appear in the tracked area, which is brighter on the map. This reduces contrast and visibility compared to the other information on the map (easter eggs were 90% in the dark area, easy to find)

    - if you have to check 200 (or 500) tracks, it will last a long time on your suggested zoom level, but they are very small when 3-4 cities are visible

    - spotters hide behind metro and contest information

    - the stars are same lightness setting as the frames and surrounding, so no good contrast when zoomed out, adding some intensity (let them glow) would help

    Here is your screenshot with yellow frames and I added a zoomed out map in the lower left corner, even with not glowing yellow they are easier to see (maybe the stars lose some contrast, but your graphic artists will have an idea about that):

    Naike, I remember when it was even more user unfriendly to select one of the avatar items ... and it was a lot of clicking and scrolling to change the avatar. So first of all, the good thing is, it's much easier today, than it was ... let's say 2 years ago.

    However, still lots of clicks to be done ... and when the server starts and I want to meet my friends asap for the new start ... I often accepted the random ava, just to get started.

    Today I can understand the idea. Cause, there is the idea, different to others I want to look the same on each server, people just look and say, "Hey, that's Klabbi" ... or I want to do little changes, a new tie, a different jacked on holidays ... so I like HMR's idea, cause it would let me create 5 almost same avas (same skin, same hair) but dressed differently for the time of the day (or year).

    That would be fun. And it would just need 2 clicks (avatar change, select #4, done).

    So maybe some like the variety, some like the quick selection ... but I see some advantages to have a set of avas stored for quick changing.


    First of all: the idea of singing ... if I do it, the room is empty immediately .. maybe the forum too. Would not do it in public.

    About my YT-choice:

    That's the one, that actually during these days I DO sing or hum ... when I am all alone.

    So yes, more than once. (but only for me)

    It's an old one, more than 20 years. The language is Plattdeutsch ... a German dialect they use at the coasts of the North Sea.

    The title "Rainbow Kids" or "Rainbow Children" ... not in the meaning of modern esotheric helicopter parents ... but as a metaphor of love (when the sun (a she in German) gives a child to the rain (a he in German)) and the ability of kids who can laugh, even if they are sad and cry and how there is a rainbow above us, when we are able to change from sadness to happiness.

    I really love this song, the easy melody and the motivation to get over any kind of problems and sadness.

    i wanted to ask a question for some time and i ask forgiveness if this question is very stupid. (yes, i ask many of them and receive some times unkind responses, so i am sorry in advance)

    No, there are no stupid questions, only answers can be stupid, though sometimes the answerers are stupid.

    Questions - even and especially those, some call stupid - are the better way to make people think in new directions, to be creative, to think of solutions instead of problems, better than telling an opinion and call it "The truth [tm]" ... so, please do not stop to ask questions.

    there is a meaning for the photographs (the transporters, photographs of men and women) that we see appear in the game? we collect 25 different transporters, we receive a gift, and each time we collect one, we receive money.

    who are them? what is their meaning?

    As hilti said, they are employees of the game studio (Bright Future) that develops all the programs and bugs of our beloved game.

    Of some we know, who they are, Andreas talked about his photo, so we know him, but Andeas posted a good-bye thread some days ago, we will miss him. Of Mette I heard, she's working in the human resources department of BF, and the guy who often holds back from trainspotting (and from posting in blog or forum) is Petr, who is mentioned in the impressum as the CEO of BF.

    Those are just examples, some of us know others too, or can tell who they are ... but as there is no page on the company webpage that introduces the team to us, we should not tell to many names ... but yes, they all work (or worked) for the game.