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    The consumption depends on the number of active players in a city and the progress of the city compared to the time played.

    As we have a lot of players on this server and the first levels were fast, the consumption is quite high now. There is a maximum of 30% that has been reached in some cities. The consumption will slow down a bit now for level 4 cities. Some cities managed it to become level 5, though. Keep pushing!

    With your permission, Bruno, it's better to explain everyone this concept: 30% of consumption means (5.700*0.7)=4.020 but 5.700 is required level up (4.020) tons increased of 42%.

    It's really too much for our actual resources (Rhinos). I'm sure we all can do better with more tractive force trains, later.

    Copy and paste my last message in Frankfurt Forum, topic "RG Discussion":

    Last consumption: Iron ore became green at recalc so (5.700/4.020) we need +42% on city consumption limit to beat it!

    It's a never seen thing!

    Screenshot by Lightshot

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    It's time to seriously revise the parameters of city consumption: 101 players with 7 Rhino stuck at level 4 and the same situation occurs in all cities. So it's not a game, it's a suffering.


    There is a medal for delivering 6 goods to a city at the same time with one train.

    A train can only stop at 10 stations in a route, so how is this possible. Maybe I am not doing it right, but I can only deliver 5 different goods...

    Anyway, just to answer your main question, when medal #76 was active, you needed to use a minimum 6 wagons train and charge a single wagon of every good, then delivery all together to a City.