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    Six years! I've been here for five of those and oh what an adventure! Who knew hauling goods from point A to point B would be so much fun? During the holidays our city experienced receiving holiday greetings from players on SIX continents! (Nobody from Antarctica darn it!) So my wishes are what those three gentlemen would want for ALL of us:

    1. That we learn how to get along with each other in real life as we do playing this game, regardless of race, color, creed or national origin.

    2. That we use our technology to improve life for everyone.

    3. That we continue to develop new ways to connect with each other that are less harmful to our environment.

    Congratulations on SIX years and hope for many more!

    Regards, Bigtycoon, Albuquerque, US 101 Golden Gate

    P.S. (#1 doesn't apply to Las Vegas or Little Rock whom we must CRUSH in EndGame! Hey Look! I made a JOKE!)

    P.S.S. Wish #4 is a fleet of fully upgraded Valkyries!

    Player name: Bigtycoon game world: US101 Golden Gate

    1. Pumpkin in rear car is different in second picture..
    2. Skulls handles have eyes in second picture.
    3. There is a face/moon in second picture behind trees.
    4. Headlamp beam is different (top right) in second picture.
    5. Letter "H" is missing from "Halloween" in second picture.
    6. Skulls on front of engine have different color eyes in second picture.
    7. Poor Lucy is being eaten by evil steampot whistle in second picture!


    Good Game! :evil::evil::evil: !