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    I would not continue to play if we returned to the previous situation of no pre-registration. Yes, it does bring some problems, but, it also encourages the building of relationships across rounds. This is a game of co-operation and strategy and, as such building good long term relationships is key.

    But, I agree, there is a major problem with newbies and keeping them in the game. And, yes, I noted the rank 5 player who was a "newbie"! There has to be some way of stopping this from happening.

    Last round, a small group of us landed in the city recommended by the AI and found ourselves somewhat isolated. We had so many newbies around us it was impossible to cope with them or include them all. We wanted to keep them, we wanted to help them to enjoy the game, but, it was an uphill and ultimately impossible struggle.

    This round we are much larger and pre-registered. Era 1 is nearly over. We would love to help a newbie. We have not had one made available. I check daily. I assume this is because our city and the immediate neighbours are showing as full. This is something the AI should have the ability to rectify. If a large association has an empty

    newbie slot it should be able to recognise this and place a newbie, or two in that city. Perhaps a tick box should be available so that an association can choose to accept a newbie automatically into the newbie slot when the newbie joins the server. Newbies who are made welcome and feel included are far more likely to stay and to do well. It might even be possible to allow more than one to co-operating associations as long as there is some way to prevent them being "carried over" into subsequent rounds. The newbie slot is not intended to be an exploit and the loop hole which permits it should be closed firmly.

    I agree to certain extent, although lots of people connect to a city but don't haul there, which also affects tonnage needed by both LM and EG city.

    And that is the core of the problem. It should be very easy to tie consumption to the number of players registered to a city as their home city. And a great deal fairer. Would not solve all end-game issues, but, would go a very long way to it. Even the free-haulers designate the city they will haul for before the end-game starts.

    That is not what I said, and not what I suggested. I said, that freeplayers should get an extra bonus for hauling passengers to the winning city and that they should get, along with everyone else, prestige for hauling passengers to any mega city as well as prestige for hauling goods to their home city. How is that restricting them? They actually get a very nice bonus if they can manage to be top PAX haulers to the winning city.

    You are quite right, the current system allows not only free players, but others who flout the rules on duel accounts to manipulate the statistic mercilessly.

    There is absolutely no reason why free players should not go on doing what they do now and nominating a home city for the purposes of the end game. If they are going to help a city then they should be part of the city for the calculations. Right now, they are part of the city they have set as home city and of every other city to exactly the same extent even though they do not haul for any of the other nine in the end game. If your suggestion does as you say it does, and, I am afraid your description is very hard to follow, so does mine, they are essentially the same suggestion.

    (I am sorry, I cannot comment on the warehouse system as I only play on classic but, I assume each city has a warehouse, so it should not make a big difference.)

    What I am suggesting would, like you, make it possible for a well organised single association city to beat a multi association city. I would have thought that was what every one would prefer. It would also, in some measure, compensate the free haulers for the small change in the way they conduct their end game.

    Trolls at RN itself you can't block, from discord they are very easy banned and removed.

    I am not talking about the annoying little people who deliberately set out to upset others with nasty messages. I am talking about the sort of criminals who require police intervention to stop and who leave you feeling violated and unsafe in your own RL home. You have to change your phone number, use phone blocking systems and wish you could change your name and move after one of those. I got one from one of your precious communication systems. Discord et al, no thanks.

    Unfortunately German is not a language I feel I can attempt to participate with.


    Ssurely this is the big problem. In an attempt to include everyone equally the game has actually developed to favour one style of play over all others and the others have to constantly try to adapt their style to that of the favoured style. This has to be the result if the game attempts to be "all things to all people". The only way to completely prevent this is to develop two completely separate end games on the same map and this would in fact limit every player. (Assuming you do not also want a beautiful end game for Mavericks and spoilers and the ever present clones and zombies.)

    So, a best compromise has to be found.

    By changing the basis of the consumption calculation to city residents only and having a seperate PAX calculation based on every city with a prize for deliveries to the winning city the problem is solved. Most Free haulers join a city at the end, and haul goods to that city. They can continue to do this while knowing that they will get a big bonus if they haul the most PAX into the winning city. The main reason for connecting to another city would be to haul PAX and to complete competitions, but there are others, of course, these connections would not damage the end game for any mega city as PAX would be included in a separate prestige calculation, giving a real goal to Free haulers to be both connected to the winning city and to deliver more passengers than anyone else to that city. I would remove PAX from the delivery card in this case and allow infinite deliveries.

    If all ten cities had a chance of winning, instead of just one of two, the free-haulers would be challenged to work out which city to invest their time in. If ten cities were competing as city builders on equal footing it would then be a competition of organisation and experience not of weight of numbers. Weight of numbers will always penalise the small cities in favour of conglomerates. A case of quantity over quality and little quality of game for anyone who is a city builder as there is no challenge or fun in being a little cog in a big wheel, and no fun or challenge in being a big cog in a little wheel which is going to be smashed no matter how well the team play.

    I am sorry, Hear me Roar", but the above is such a ramble that I am still none the wiser what you are advocating!

    Some time back I suggested that for Mega Cities the consumption should be tied to the members who have it set as home city and prestige only given and consumption only calculated for home city deliveries. And, that PAX should be treated differently with Prestige given for deliveries to all mega cities with a bonus on PAX deliveries to the winning city.

    I feel that you are suggesting something similar, but, with preferential treatment to Free haulers. Are, are we looking at two totally different games played simultaneously?

    Currently, the game favours free-haulers and the new rule is a "cheats charter" which further enhanced free play, but, also gives a massive opportunity for those with such a bent to deliberately skew the chances of winning away from all the smaller cities. Do we want or need a game where two giants fight it out and free-haulers rule the result, while everyone else is forced to watch helplessly or quit the game?

    Don't get me wrong, there are many free-haulers who play fair and who appreciate that they would have no game at all without the city builders, but, not all. Give city builders, all city builders, a fair crack of the whip, please.

    Until you have been hit on one of those chat/messaging systems by a troll! I no longer use any of them. Yes, RN does need a Chair & Deputy room in the association forum.

    Even more, it needs a workable way to deliver identical PMs to all or to selected members. 1 x 1 when there are 24 to message is a big pain. Individual pms can be essential on rare occasions, room messages often get lost or missed, especially by mobile users.

    By definition, not active players are not likely to be looking for an interesting end game, they are not active.

    I have suggested PAX as a totally free "goods" with prestige for all Passenger deliveries and a bonus for Pax delivered to the winning city. Cargo is a problem with Free haulers. I can't think of a way of rewarding them for cargo without them skewing the city population calculations as they do now with the calculation for consumption based on connections.

    Suggestions for improving End-Game.

    1. Active player, for end game is:-

    • One who has a Mega City set as their home city.
    • & One who has logged onto the server in the 24 hours prior to the end game.
    • & One who has made a minimum of 5 deliveries of Cargo to their Mega City on the current card.
    • & One with a minimum of 1000 prestige which can be achieved without effort in less than two days of play.

    2. Prestige:-

    • Cargo - Awarded only for goods delivered to the home city.
    • Passengers - Awarded to any Active player for deliveries to any Mega City.
    • Connections - Bonus for at least 3 deliveries of passengers to the Winning Mega City.

    3. Consumption:-

    • Calculated only on the number of Active players registered to the Mega city.
    • Deliveries made by players from other cities are not counted either as delivered or for consumption.

    It should be possible to have a short grace period to allow players to set their Home City after the End Game has started only if they are registered in the 11th or 12th City and qualify on all other grounds, so that players in a city which had a reasonable chance of being a Mega City can play the end game in the Mega City closest to them.

    Currently, consumption is based on the number of people connected to a city. This acts as a significant handicap for small cities as, proportionally, more players who are actively hauling for another city will be counted as consumers then with a large city. This was clearly demonstrated by the new calculations on the x4 server I played. In this case, the small city I was in had a ratio of approximately 1 active hauler to 5 connections with just one association and a handful of players from neighbouring cities. The winning, heavily populated city never exceeded 1 to 3. This was relatively easy to see by examining the delivery window while goods were being delivered, and is probably a conservative estimate.

    There are, of course things which you can do with deep pockets which you cannot achieve otherwise, like owning all the bonus engines, but, where is the satisfaction. Use your skills and you can go far, including being #1 on a server, but, it takes time and effort. and determination. Result, a huge sense of achievement which the gold spenders can never know. I agree, RN needs to pay some attention to the game mechanics, urgently, but, the big gold spenders do not bother me. Try to get one into your association, if you can, and get a big boost of second hand prestige, but you don't even need that. You can enjoy the game with minimal or no spending. Play to be the best you can be using skill and strategy.

    Having said that, I may not be playing for much longer because of the end game formula which is seriously flawed and really does take the fun out of the game, including for the big spenders. Without the big spenders there would be no RN.

    If, after the end game starts, a city inflates by 60% connected players but 0% additional hauling power, then, the new formula actually works against that city. The city I was in with the new formula had about 30 of the 100 connected players actually hauling in the end game. So, each player was hauling for approximately 3 consumers (1:3) after the first card was done, consumption increased to one hauler for 5 consumers 1:5. I fail to see how this makes for a fairer or a more exciting game. Perhaps someone can explain!

    ........................In the End Game you have a ton of cities who did not make it... how will the people who were pushing their city only to finish in 11th feel if they didn't collect any prestige when then trying to help their neighbour in the EG? Instead they will just keep hauling to their own city trying to deliver their RGs for prestige (Direct Hauling now as that is the most efficient way to "race" for the only prestige they can now collect each day) investing to take majorities in their local industries (which might well be shared with a city in the EG), blowing up the waiting time for those running in the EG itself.

    And what about PAX players.. no prestige will just encourage them not to even think about running 2-way PAX for cash to buy waggons etc and just blow up your cities waiting time.........................

    I was talking about mozzarella, you are talking about cheese!

    Or, are you suggesting:-

    1. That free-haulers rush around like headless chickens trying to make money to buy waggons for the end game only after the endgame has started?

    2. That the players in the number 11 city had absolutely no contingency plan and, unable to plan ahead they rush to make tracks to and around another city only once the end game has started, and too late to change their home city?

    There are 7 eras in a game. Era 1-6 and Era 7. Like the sabbath, Era 7 is a special case and that is what my post was about. You may be right about some changes needed in the main game. I had limited my suggestions to Era 7 to avoid confusion.

    It is rare, other than free haulers who carefully do not destroy the waiting times, to find players hauling - in the end game - to a city if they do not have that city set as their home city (regardless of their starting city), and the few that do appear to be deliberate "spoilers" who spread their engines, like confetti, amongst all goods on the card. They are not interested in prestige but in destroying the game for the people in the city and are aided in this by the current end game consumption calculations.

    And during the main game, isn't every player with a PAX train or who plays a competition in a city not their own city a free hauler to some extend. Your suggestion of making already expensive tracks even more expensive would curb every player with any PAX trains and every player who does the competitions, it would not change the problems in the end-game and would really damage the main game for most players who breath a sigh of relief when they reach the 2.5 mil cap.

    Greetings, Marius, You have ignored some important points ..

    1. Many actually choose the English Only server to learn English

    2. Many choose it to improve their English.

    3. Many speak another native language which is not European (Tongan, Maori, Cree, Gujarati, ad infinitum) and some are not translatable using Google.

    4. This is not about English only servers, it is about an English only x4 server.

    5. Your comment includes many different non-English players who will not be playing x4 on the other servers because they always choose English only servers for valid personal reasons.

    My current association on an English only server has about twice the number of non English players to Native English players. And most significantly about half the players wanted to go x4 again but will not do so on the international server. Apart from anything else, it appears to be packed to bursting already. Probably the main reason for the 4+ day end game. English only finished in under 36 hours. And that alone is a very good reason for not wanting to use the international server.

    Don't you worry yourself, many of those who prefer the English only server, for many different reasons, like myself will play the one and only x2 English only server and no other as, after x4, I and they find the normal game far to slow. My play is reduced from 3 servers to one when my last normal game is complete. Others will quit altogether. So either way, the decision has been made. It could be said you win!

    Be careful and enjoy your game. :)

    The time drag is due to the way the city consumption is calculated and it is exacerbate by the new calculation. There is an old saying that you cannot multiply apples by oranges, but, that is what the consumption calculation does. It takes the number of people connected to the city but who are residents of another city (Visitors) and the number of people who live and work in the city (Citizens) and calls that the population of the city (Citizens + Visitors = Population). If we did that in real life the population of the City of Rome would be all the people who live and work there plus everyone who ever visited there even if for just one hour. So Population = citizens + visitors and everyone, even those who never even stopped for long enough to consume a meal is part of the equation. City Consumption = consumption x (Citizens + Visitors).

    Put more simply - You live alone, but, it is your birthday. The postman calls and leaves some cards. Interflora delivers a boquette, Amazon delivers a book and you just happen to have a grocery delivery. In the afternoon your daughter pops in with two of your grandchildren and later your son with the other three. That makes 11 visitors and you, the resident. Will your grocery bill be "Amount spent to feed one person" or "Amount spent to feed one person" x 12 even though the delivery people consumed nothing and the family had no more than a drink and a biscuit each?

    Now, if you want to bankrupt the household in question, use the x12 calculation to bill them. Now we have the situation where all you have to do to achieve the goal more quickly is arrange for as many more strangers as possible to ring that door-bell! And that is why the end game is protracted, you have just one person working to deliver the requirements of an infinite number of visitors who all consume as much as the worker!

    The consumption calculation needs to be on the residents only, they are the consumers of the city. And, the residents is a known factor as every player must designate their "Home-City". And, prestige should only be credited for goods delivered to the home city. That is the only way to stop unrealistic inflation of city consumption.

    As I have said previously very few see the International server as a valid alternative, and that includes a significant number of non-Native English speakers.

    From my association of 25, I had a core group of 8 players committed to returning to Rapid Rail x4. I had another 4 players who were thinking about it and two players from the x2 server who were also committed to joining Rapid Rail. As soon as i told them that we would have to use the International server, Fast Track, they pulled out. One informed me he was quitting RN altogether due to this. "Sigh" say what RN will, that is how it is.

    Make what you like of it, you will not get the majority of the Rapid Rail server to join Fast track if my experience is even partially reflected..

    I see no point in making suggestions for improvement to x4 as the situation stands.

    I realise you are the messenger, not the decision maker. And I am sorry to give you a hard time. It is not your fault.

    Perhaps I should not have used the word herd, but, I did for the very simple reason that I felt it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black. The word was used as a description when in fact it also applies to the group to which the writer belongs who initially made the comment. I apologise, I had not intended to cause offence. Just to emphasize the comparison.

    There is nothing whatsoever wrong with alliances, it is what the game is all about. The problem is the mechanics of the game which does not properly redress the imbalances caused by monopolies. In real life curbs and restrictions are put on large companies in order to encourage competition and to protect consumers. For example, the UK government recently prevented a merger between two supermarkets because the resulting company size would have swamped all other supermarkets and stifle competition. In world trade, tariffs and trade agreements perform the same function. These "game" mechanics are in constant review and flux to adjust to changing circumstances.

    RN End-game needs to change in order to bring some proper balance to the end game. The recent change to consumption calculation (as on the x4 servers) were intended to address the imbalance, but, in fact, they are, imo, making that imbalance worse by providing yet another way for those who lean that way to artificially skew the result. This is being addressed in another thread, so, I will not elaborate.

    But, I believe that the end-game needs to be improved so that the smaller groupings can compete, by introducing a weighting system which properly addresses the problem of numbers actually hauling into each city. Winning needs to be based on strategy, organisation, effort and team mechanics not on shear numbers.

    It is for the game developers to strengthen the checks and balances to keep the game fun and challenging for everyone. Your strategy exploits the game weakness, just as businesses do in RL if they can. Perfectly acceptable as the game is structured to encourage and reward that strategy. But, eventually the weakness could well be fatal for the game. imo.

    Since 4x servers were generally liked by players, what if a faster than 2x server became a regular thing in the future? What would you change? This, to me is much more fruitful direction for this conversation to take. I'm not promising anything, since I'm not in that position (just to be clear), but it makes for a great topic and we did not say no to the possibility of seeing one other special server again.

    So, let's journey forth!

    Great thought, Samisu, but, falls very flat indeed if the section of society to which you belong is currently not catered for. Plenty of ideas here and from others on my current server who thoroughly enjoyed x4 and had been enthused about doing it again, but, as we have been excluded we do not feel our input would be taken seriously.

    the entire discusssion is why there is no english only fast forward server. Not the current servers which have as you listed above engish only servers.

    It is confusing: the standard international servers are English only, event servers suddenly have all languages allowed. :/.

    Exactly. We are discussing X4 here.

    Surely the number of English only servers, as listed actually reinforces the point rather than negating it. An English only x4 server is justified and is desired by RN customers. By listing the successful English only servers (12) the fallacy of the argument that one x4 English only server cannot be justified is proven Q.E.D.

    The obvious answer is as I said before, make them all INTERNATIONAL

    And, my statistics are widely available and not from a single source. The figure you give is the minimum number of non-native speakers of English. The figure is hard to define exactly because it is dependent on the level of English communication required to qualify (I doubt I would actually qualify at your bar!). That is why I said upto.

    The English only server serves a purpose, but, if you have to axe it, why not at least recognise the size of the English speaking population and at least offer a choice of International servers. One server is not sufficient.

    In my x4 association, I did not actually ask, but, I know that at most only 5 or 6 were native English Speakers, not all were fluent in English and one joined to help him to learn English. When I asked who would join me for another round I had 8 players definite, four possible. When I, later, told them it would have to be on the Fast Track server they dropped like the proverbial flies. Myself and one other and I was having doubts. I like many others enjoy communicating with people world wide, but, cannot cope with or do not want to be constantly struggling with comprehension.

    But of course if you do not want to increase Rail Nation popularity over a wider area of the world and are happy to contract your customer base, then you are doing the right thing by offering all English speakers Hobson's choice of one International server.

    This is not a question of priority status for English speakers as you imply I am advocating, I am not, but, a question of balance.