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    I hit the same situation this round on one server because I had too much luck on building upgrade vouchers combined with building upgrade workers. Could not resist the best value of using them on the lab. :) I guess this would never happen, but, I would love to give those points to one or more of our struggling team mates.

    Gifting would be a nice touch but I expect there would be ways to abuse that too. :)

    You receive prestige and career rewards for leveling your home city and for having the winning city as your home city. When leveling a city which is not your own city you can gain benefits by changing your home city temporarily.

    For the end game there are just 10 mega cities. Most players want to take full advantage of the prestige rewards for the end game so if their city will obviously NOT become a mega city they choose one of the top ten and build tracks around it for the end game. They then set this city as their home city.

    May I just add, you use the Options menu (top right) and select "Collect Gold". In my experience it can take several days before your gold actually appears so be patient.

    I don't think there are, but there are servers where the Southern Hemisphere and Asian players seem, to me, to be more active. You would certainly be very welcome in the team which plays alongside my team (or in my team though we are more Northern Hemisphere) and who we rely on for keeping the flow of activity going 24/7.

    BTW it is the "other half" players who get a real advantage with competitions and Worker bids.

    with the new endgame rules of the tonnage for the goods is nothing changed with pax. The same pax amounts are counted as before change or a little adjustment was made. Now it is even harder for smaller cities to be able to win the endgame because it became almost impossible for them to finish pax.

    When I look at my main server, which is a smaller server, the winner of the last endgame was decided on the pax. Just one or two cities are able to finish the pax, the others were between half way tot 2/3 of the amount of pax.

    I think we must always be on the same servers!!!

    Pax, for me, has always felt like a "bolt-on" which does not quite work, not only in the end game but in the development stage. I left the game without PAX and returned to it some years later to find PAX. I have to admit I have never quite got to grips with them and regard them as an unnecessary evil which just has to be done. :whistling:.

    I don't like passengers either. I will check out that topic!

    I also agree, 4 players can ruin the game of several teams at the same time. Or, is that ONE player with clones? And in ruining the end game for the teams involved they will, rest assured, have several players leave the game for good.

    And like it or not the 4 players (or one) in question was/were most definitely NOT (a) city builder/s.

    I repeat my challenge to RN (tongue in cheek) develop a version of this game where city builders are NOT needed and serve no purpose.

    Why should a few players dictate the way the city builder's play? Now I know why I did not like American Dream! The NOT city builders shout very loudly leave our game alone let us play our way. But, do not seem to like it when the city builders request the same.

    Right now, I am playing a game where the city builders are happily building unimpeded. There may be a few glitches in the way the game functions but, it is so refreshing. If, with some inevitable tweaks, this becomes the normal way of play I for one will not miss the battles of the prestige farmers - the ones (the few) who have no respect or care for city builders.The ones who drove me from this game for well over 3 years.

    @mgc this is surely a microcosm of real life.


    Short of removing all open chat from RN there is not much that can be done. At least on the English only servers the moderators do a very good job of stopping bullying, foul language and unpleasant remarks.

    RN is made up of strangers of all ages, diverse nationalities, from every imaginable walk of life. The incredible thing is that so many can work together in harmony not that one occasionally says something that treads on the toes of another.

    There are people in the game who regularly and deliberately do things which damage the game of others. There will be complaints about this. You cannot expect the moderators to stop this happening. If one group appears to be getting the finger pointed at them more than at others then it is likely that the group being pointed at often do actions which are unacceptable to the majority more frequently than others. If dozens of people are working together in harmony and one person comes along and damages their efforts they will inevitably complain. When you break a majority, as you say you do, do you check to make sure that the city builders are not pushing to level their city at that time. If you don't then you could undo a lot of hard work and complaints are justified.

    Why should the city builder respect anyone's right to break their majority if there is no respect for their work in raising the city from which the majority breaker will gain prestige?

    prestige hunters earn very little prestige without the dedicated city haulers, I will go so far to call prestige hunters parasites. They live of others hard work and dedication. And again most prestige hunters contribute nothing to a city except a lot of irritations because most can't wait for a golden hour, break majorities for a little more prestige etc.They do anything for gaining prestige and in most cases more harm than good. That's the point of spoiling others game fun. And if the roles are turned around they are the biggest complainers and most get verbal very agressive.

    I know free haulers who play with respect for the city builders but that are not the prestige hunters. That's the difference. A real free haulers isn't a prestige hunter.

    I totally agree Naike.

    Also on the many little bites, up to a point. Unfortunately we cannot stop them as the game is currently structured, and, as long as they take only a tiny amount - not an Oly's worth, that is totally unacceptable and amounts to an attack on the industry by anyone's definition - we can cope even as a caller! Certainly I would be happy to see them gone. But, for now it is the major pests which have to be dealt with.

    Seems to me that it is time to get a group of like minded free haulers together to go to a "problem" map and run havoc on that map.

    All ready being done. <X

    It is a few bad apples which give everyone a bad name. There are free haulers and there are free haulers! You guys all sound like the ones who believe in symbiosis. The trouble is there are a few, a very few, who are parasitic and you don't need them anymore than the city builders do. Have a go at them and celebrate any chance of curtailing the activity which is getting you plastered with an undeserved name. Beat them, don't join them!

    Why is this game so sluggish? It takes seconds to get a response after pushing any button. This X game is the worst its ever been.

    Is it a problem with certain platforms? I just lost a player for the reason "too much lag", but, I am a PC/Google user and have had no problems with lag other than the irritating ones which occur on my other servers too.

    Well, having experienced it I could give you one very good reason for doing it which I am sure that support are aware of but which I cannot describe here for fear of giving copycats an idea.

    Where does it come from, BTW, that this game was originally about prestige. I was playing 7 years ago and it was most definitely about building the city. There were a few prestige hunters about but I never knew of one who would continually invest in an industry while the city was in active levelling mode thus making leveling extremely hard. Most that I knew back then would actively participate in levelling the strongest cities.

    Just a thought, without city developers beavering away and unable to make huge sums of money because they are concentrating on delivering low returns Required Goods, where would the prestige farmers do their prestige farming?

    RN here is a challenge. Develop a version of this game, heaven for prestige farmers, but completely devoid of the city builder who is an unnecessary irritation!

    I propose the theory that prestige hunters/farmers need city builders. Without them they have no game. Or they would perforce need to become city builders themselves. But City builders do not need prestige hunters/farmers. Without them the game would progress very nicely.

    The type of end-game prestige hunters being referred to above who take a tiny bite from each goods in every Mega city do no real harm. They may irritate a bit when there is a lot of malicious industry breaking occuring in the city, but, that is all. Mostly they can be, and are, ignored.

    It is the people who set out to ruin a city's chances in the end game or who attack industries during the main or the end game for other nefarious reasons whom I believe this rule is aimed at. These people will know who they are. Dutcher, I am sure you are quite safe if you are playing the way you say you are.

    Actually, not necessarily. Financial success isn't a very reliable indicator for how much fun people are having. Those two things are not as heavily related as one might intuitively think. Not because they are not connected, but because dozens of other factors overshadow this one.

    A bit more reliable metric is retention, i.e. the percentage of players that stay over time. In that aspect, Platform X is looking fine right now, but it's a bit to early to tell. It gets really interesting when we can see the development for the entire duration of the gameworld. And, as you already mentioned yourself, the percentage of players who decide to play a second round is quite interesting too.
    And yes, preregistration should be activated.

    My apologies, I think you have misunderstood what I was saying.

    The reference to the gold purchase was not a reference to commercial success or otherwise, it was to the value, in game progression, of having or not having a plus account. The standard game is much easier for those who have a plus account (a commercial decision, of course, but in this instance we were talking of the problems people may be having with the logistics.) If you play a standard game without a plus account then progress is impeded in several ways and this impediment may possibly be a reason for some finding the game difficult IF I am right in thinking that some may not have bought gold when in standard games they would. (It is also possible that some have bought gold when in standard games they would not.) This could possibly be a significant factor in why some people are or are not enjoying this version. It is, I believe, a point worth pursuing.

    1. Watch your home page. There is tab showing when new games are about to open. If there are none then the tab will not show.

    2. When the end game on your current server starts pre-register for the next round. The tab will appear in "Your Game Worlds" a few days before it re-starts and you will be told the start date.

    3. Check the forum:- News and General Information - Server Information - Serverstarts. (First box, second item down).

    It seems you too have heard what I am hearing as you have listed them all and a couple I have not heard yet.

    This game, is as I believe most appreciate, experimental. Feedback is therefore essential and it is not unreasonable to do some fine tuning. It would be a big mistake at this point to simply dismiss the complaint that the consumption rate is set too high. Something needs to be adjusted and it may not have to be consumption.

    I also get the impression, but RN themselves would be the only ones to know, that people who would normally buy a small amount of gold for each round are perhaps buying less or none as they do not know what to expect. This is, if I am correct, probably exacerbating the issue.

    It will be very interesting to see what percentage of players who played this round return for the next round. Will we be able to pre-register?

    I can only report what I am hearing Mihai. People are struggling and some are giving up. Just because determined people can do it does not mean it is not a problem. Certainly, some find the challenge interesting, but, too many good players, imo, do not and that is the problem. I agree it needs to be higher than on a classic server, but, there is a fine margin and I believe that at the moment the level is a little too exacting. It is a question of balance, not of either or.

    If a player gives up then we should listen to the reason that they give for doing so, surely?

    And, Yes, we are on the same server. :)

    With all due respect, whoever asks for a decrease in consumption didn't really understood what Salix said, or what the game design for Platform X is all about.


    This is not a question of not understanding what Salix is saying, with all due respect it is a question of making the game interesting and attractive to good players. If this is not addressed the experiment will fail. So far my team have lost 3 good players who are too bored to remain on this server. They are finding it too stressful and tedious and stress and tedium are not not what the vast majority are looking for in a game. Btw, currently we are No. 1 city on the server I am playing. Good players who wanted to make a go of this experimental server are giving up!

    So, something needs to be done to improve the attractiveness of this version. Consumption is one possibility. I am sure there are others.

    What you describe is what I would call an irritation situation. Even multi-accounts, while not being permitted are irritations. I agree, however, that banning multi-accounts on one round only to have them all return in another is futile. But, it seems to me, from experience, that there are situations which require immediate and decisive action. Removing the player concerned and parking his/her trains would make that player think twice about serious misbehaviour in another end-game. However, the looseness of the rule could have support flooded with trivial reports and there-by unable to deal with serious violations. I also question if support has the set-up or the "teeth" to do anything positive.

    I agree with you about the subjective nature, I thought that my view would have been obvious. The problem is I do not see any solution to the situation. An Objective list of rules would by virtue of being Objective be very long and convoluted but still inadequate to cover diverse possibilities.

    I think you misunderstand what I am saying. This is my personal opinion about possible tactics. I am very well aware that I'm not the most experienced player and it is not relevant for this discussion if I work for Travian or not. Being an expert player is not my job.
    What I wrote is my personal opinion as a pretty casual player, nothing else. So yeah, I might be wrong. But I am asking myself: Ok, so it's difficult to level cities right now. Fine, that's true. And now, so what? I mean, it's difficult for everyone, so it's not like it's unbalanced or unfair or problematic in any way. Sure, it's different, but that's the point of Platform X. Who said it would be easy to level cities? And who said it has to be easy?
    Again, that's my personal opinion as a player and my personal experience while playing Platform X right now. You might disagree with me and that is completely fine. If you think I am wrong, you are very welcome to explain why or why you disagree.

    All the above might be true, other than the "problematic" bit, but, it is an essential in any game that it is at least fun or relaxing or interesting - preferably all three. If a game is overly stressful, boring or tedious then it is pretty obvious that players will stop playing.

    Good strong players will level through shear stubborn determination and the will not to be beaten. But, for how long before they give up?

    So, the "what" in your so what is that the fun and the pleasure is being sucked out by the shear grind of leveling the cities. If we are all in the same boat, which i agree we all are, then give us a dry seat so long as we all have a dry seat! This boat is, imo, sinking slowly but surely. There is challenge enough in getting diverse people from every corner of the globe to co-operate together for a common goal why make the challenge so hard that players are already giving up.

    So, yes, it is problematic. I am surprised you do not see that.