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    am i kicked out? why

    Because, Greyjumper, this forum is to be closed by Rail Nation. (see the thread - Please DON'T do this).

    We are being offered Discord as a replacement. Many will not use Discord and far more, having tried Discord, find the environment unacceptable and unsuitable.

    (Frankly, I find Discord Discordant and shambolic.)

    We are informed that it will (sometime in the undefined future) be adapted to become a usable replacement, take it or leave it and make do with Discord as it is until they do, if they ever do, make the changes and more to the point make them work.

    Many of this forum community are very, very unhappy customers and some will undoubtedly become excustomers. Many of these customers, like myself, have been Rail Nation customers for seven + years.

    Nobody can blame the fore mentioned customers for feeling that they are being kicked out of the community.

    ( I, personally, feel totally devalued as a customer.)

    On the news this evening in the UK it was announced that the government are to do a U-Turn and NOT decommission the UK military HQ in Wales.

    If a National Government can U-Turn, it should not be too much to ask of a business to consider the strong feelings of a considerable number of its oldest and most loyal customers and U-Turn, or at the very least delay until they can offer a proven like for like service. - Should it?

    wygrałem konkurs, ani pieniędzy ani darmowego losu

    Translation:- I won a contest, neither money nor a free ticket

    If you contact support, they will be able to see what went wrong and issue you the appropriate compensation.

    Translation:- Jeśli skontaktujesz się z pomocą techniczną, będą mogli zobaczyć, co poszło nie tak, i wydać odpowiednie odszkodowanie.

    So the forum is going read only and Discord doesn't allow me to log in. I guess I won't have a say now.

    A forum which is Read Only is most definitely NOT a forum. It is just another boring blogg and RN has more than it needs of those.

    Thank your lucky stars you cannot use Discord. I can if I mute my security software!. It is a noisy muddled babble, not a forum. Most certainly NOT a forum for all RN's assurances that they can ..E..V..E..N..T..U..A..L..L..Y ... turn it into a forum if we will only give them ..T..I..M..E..

    How long is a piece of string?????

    You will be missed.

    Could we please have a Classic x2 server which is PAX free.

    It would be interesting to try this out as a Special Server. But, I believe that there are many players, the old guard, who started to play before PAX was introduced who would love it and would play this way as a matter of choice.

    Surely, it would not be to difficult to stage the game without passengers on a trial basis and see what happens.


    Agreed. And I've run across players who will move to a rival city for end game just to run goods that are not the current "call" and thus ruin hauling times for the folks who have worked for 12 weeks to get to the top 10. There should be a rule against jumping cities for end game without the approval of the city leaders.

    I get the feeling, I hope I am wrong, that RN will not address this issue and hides behind "many ways to play" because the players who play aggressively (I use this word advisedly over assertively), rightly or wrongly are perceived to be the big real money spenders.

    But, if one small group of players are permitted, for whatever reason, to "play the game their way" and in so doing destroy the game for the majority who also want to "play the game their way" and who do it in a peaceful, friendly and co-operative manner, then in the long term, the game will deteriorate and players will leave.

    As it is, if a large number of players leave a X2 server and go to a regular one then the potential revenue from these players is effectively halved as many players choose to play one server and play it well, in my experience. But, some do not move, they leave.

    RN, please, find a solution to this.

    These things should not be happening. The first thing to do is to restart your game. If this does not work then try restarting your computer or clear your cache.

    If after trying all that, then you will need to contact support.

    When the end game begins a pencil icon will appear, top right on browser screen. Use this to pre-register. You may stay in your current association and choose your starting city. You can also buy a starter package, with gold, for the next round, if you want to.

    A couple of days before the new round begins your pre-registered game will show on your Home screen so you should not miss the start. :).

    Okay, so how i see it, bring an extra stimulous for the beginners and put down the restrictons =OAnd bring more bark to the city 8)

    And, at what point will you remove that special newbie bonus? You won't be able to and you will have made just one more way for the assertive/aggressive, seasoned player to push his advantage.

    Work out how to get the best from the engine you have. Be judicious about which upgrades you prioritise. As it is, a small handful of players with good career engines can easily level a city, at the start, in a couple of hours.

    How much more goods can you want to deliver, knowing that others also have the excessive power you crave. Remember, whatever you deliver, there are going to be players out there who will deliver more because they have a better career engine, and/or they have more "gold" engines, and/or they use gold for boosts and/ or they pay for instant dispatch vouchers.

    It is a simple business decision. RN needs advertisers to pay for time. Advertisers are not interested in 100 viewers seeing their advertisement 1000 times, within a very short time frame. It is far better if 1000 viewers see the advertisement 100 times over a significant time frame. So, RN needs to balance the wishes of the player against the needs of the advertiser. There is a point at which repeated views cease to affect revenue and prudent advertisers will not pay for views which are of no benefit to them.

    This is a game to us. It is a business to Travian!

    Business wise, I would consider that the viewer/repeat viewing ratio is actually far too high and is likely to adversely affect company's perception of RN and consequently revenue.

    Companies know that when their advertisements flood the presentation media the viewers "switch off". Ask yourself - Do you actually WATCH all those videos? The owner of the advertisement can certainly be forgiven for concluding that you do not!

    (And, NO, I am not employed by the company. And, YES, I am absolutely kick arse furious with them over another poor business decision :!: )

    Well nou,.. the carreertrain can pull a lot of bark to the city but its limited in era 1,2 and so on... X/:sleeping:

    If its not limited of course it would have more value for the gaming pleasure :huh::thumbsup:

    I find the career train is a real boon in era 1 and 2. How you progress it makes all the difference. That little engine can deliver more than an entire fleet of swallows if you develop it the right way.

    Just my opinion, but, if it's traction and speed were not limited it would be fun for the owner, but completely outpower new players. As it is, it is a beast in those early days. I am more than happy with mine though it is not a lot of use in later eras.

    My advice, do not develop traction and speed early take your engine to the limit for era 2 then think about what the other factors will do for you. There is one element I would take to the maximum before adding any other upgrades if I were to start again.

    Join the Bollux Free brigade. I have been surprised by how little effect NOT watching any video's has had on my game. I have more time to spare to be active in the game and more time in RL. Win/Win! :)

    IF it is possible to make the above work, and in addition shield those who do not want it from the silly chit chat, virtual coffee and weather in Timbuktu, then the intelligent way to achieve this transition is to do the work and to prove it's viability before trashing the current forum.

    You should also have checked that there are not technical problems with the Discord app., which there are, and ensured that they were fixed. Many people want to know that the services they are using are safe. It worries me that my PC protection (one of the top brands) has Discord in the "unsafe" category and requests my permission to allow it everytime I try to use it. (This is the only product, of dozens, I have on my PC which does this!)

    It would have been customer friendly to have asked your customers to voice their opinion on this change in advance. Nobody likes being presented with a fait accompli especially when that fait accompli is an embryonic work in progress.

    It would be sensible to now delay this migration until you have made the changes and made them successfully. (If that is possible. I will not hold my breath!)

    I understand that discord is a new environment and you are sceptical. We will spend the next weeks reworking the structure of discord to adjust it to your needs and also provide tutorials and help on how to use discord to make the transition as easy as possible.

    Putting the cart before the horse comes to mind here. You have pushed ahead into unknown territory and cannot wait to burn your bridges behind you.

    Personally, I have seen as much as I will ever want to see.

    I am very sorry you are perceiving it that way, as I already stated we have a different opinion on the benefits of discord and will do our best to make the transition to it as easy as possible.

    When I was in business, my Customer's Opinion, was immeasurably important. I would never have been as cavalier and as dismissive of my Customer's views.

    You have already shown how well you respect your customer's by making the move before making any worthwhile attempts to tailor Discord let alone actually implementing a working solution. It is, business wise, foolhardy to replace a working solution with an embryonic substitute.

    By jumping in with both feet and trashing what you currently have you have, without a doubt, proved one thing:- You WILL NOT "do our best to make the transition to it as easy as possible" because you have already failed dismally your own test by implementing the change prematurely.

    Discord, does not offer, and by it's very nature, cannot provide an environment conducive to constructive, considered and measured comment with such a large number of users. You are conflating two different and incompatible mediums. You are also saying to your customers that you do not care that the only way they will be able to make constructive comment is by using the chaotic, unsafe medium of Social Media.

    I am very sorry but the decission is already made. We have to do our best to work with discord and see where this leads us.

    That is a very weak and unworthy response and it does everything to confirm the suspicion I voiced earlier and you promptly denied, that RN had always intended to close the forum.

    I am retired, but, my extensive business background informs me that you are making a mistake and that customers respect a company which owns it's mistakes.

    If, as you say, the forum is attracting little traffic it will need equally little moderation. The sensible move would be to keep it operational, in a reduced form (possibly just an International forum or reduced to three or four main languages.)

    That aside, it would be a prudent move to keep it operational at least until you have proved that Discord can do the job.

    However, it will never do the job for those who do not want to use a product which causes them insecurity or inconvenience.

    For me, I have to manually over-ride my fire wall, a very well known one, each time I load Discord and then if I leave it loaded, at regular intervals. Why would you expect me to bother in order to be bombarded with inane chatter, flashing pictures and virtual coffee! I also have to ask myself why one of the most popular PC protection applications should regard Discord as UNSAFE!

    Did it never occur to the decision makers that their huge customer base deserved the respect of being asked to comment prior to such a massive reduction in service. Customer Care is a vital part of all business operations. It is invaluable to any customer service business.

    I do use Discord, sparingly, with my association. The chaotic RN service, NO WAY. I tried, you know I tried. And, I know I am not alone in this dispare.