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    And, for goodness sake check your ads, before accepting them, for photo sensitive content. Just a couple of seconds of a recent advert for Amazon made me very ill and I dare not watch any adverts now for fear of another incident. Fast flashing coloured content can and most definitely does cause serious medical issues for photo-sensitive people. At least TV warns viewers before showing programs with flashing content and I and others like me can switch off in time.

    In the chat window the different types of chat are easily distinguished by the font colours.

    Can we please have something similar in the message system. Either different coloured fonts or better still a colour shaded background. It is far too easy to get the different areas mixed up as it is right now.

    Example:- PMs - pale pink shade or Red Font. Association - pale blue shade or Blue Font. City pale green shade or Green Font. System black and white as now.

    Come, come, now Travarian, we may play games in our spare time but that does not mean we are all silly, gullible, children! I don't see that this is a good change for Travarian, either, they need the regular customers and they are being shafted for some supposed benefit to the irregular, casual customers. Great marketing ploy. Must check the Economics text books for how that one works! I am sure I read somewhere that "The Customer is always Right." For goodness sake, listen to your customers.

    And, just a simple matter of correct word usage. Login Bonus means you get it if/when you login and, you get it automatically. This is not a login bonus this is a bonus for going into the shop to collect it - the place where RN gets you to spend money. And that is what this is all about. Let's be honest.

    Good on you Loekie for attempting an explanation, but, that is your job. Do you really believe it?

    The daily lottery ticket + a login bonus was fun.

    No free lottery ticket and a login bonus which is almost invariably a free lottery ticket - boring - boring - BORING!

    And it smacks of pure down right meanness. Especially when the "MEGA" bonus was so insignificant I never even noticed it when I got it!


    The conversation was about the Newbie slot and it being used to take an experienced player's clone. The slot can be occupied for ever by that player as long as he/she pre-registers with the same association. Which, of course they do. It therefore provides a free extra place in an association 26/25 players and everyone of them experienced.

    You set your route. ie:- coal -> iron -> City. The goods unload automatically when they reach their destination. So the coal unloads in the iron facility. Iron is loaded automatically and unloaded when the engine reaches the city.

    Sometimes you will see the message "you still have goods to unload" this means you are trying to deliver to a facility which cannot accept them. Check your route setup.

    Lots of things get changed and mitigate for or against different players. My comment was actually only a minor side issue. The main issue is players using an inactive player to deliberately sabotage another group. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. Inactive players cannot provide leaddership so they should not be able to be nominated. There is no good reason I can see to permit this.

    Yes, I know. But I accidentally re-activated just before the end game started and I counted which is why I got the credit in my achievements. This should not have been possible, and nor should the election of a black spot player. These things are both open to abuse. My abuse was an accident. The one Surapappa refers to is quite deliberate.

    I cannot grasp why inactive players are not simply deactivated by the AI after a fixed period - ie: 4 days after going black spot. After all there is the sitter facility which everyone should sign up to, in advance, to take care of emergency situations and planned holidays.

    I signed into a server some time back, looking for a specific player and did not then want to withdraw completely as I have saved gold on the server and may use it again. So, having found the player I wanted and done Lucy tasks just because I could, (Added a little more gold to my store) I parked my engines in the city and left. But, as you know, it remained on my home page for the rest of the game. Quite by accidental click I went in just before the end game. I was very surprised to find that when the server finished I had actually completed an achievement due to that click. Sadly, of course, I also contributed to that city's active player count. This really should not be possible.

    The game should be fun, and it should be playable in many different ways, but, something has gone seriously wrong over the years. IMO that something is anything but positive.

    The game used to be played, by the vast majority as an economic and co-operative game. Associations working together to develop a city and play in the end game. And, that was the fun in the little exploit of moving players from small associations through bigger ones so that everybody in the city benefitted - co-operation for the good of the city. Back then, I recall free-haulers pitching in with the levelling process in order to take advantage of the prestige perks of levelling.

    Contrast, if you will. (very recently)

    The associations cooperating in "The City" were surrounded by free-haulers whose only aim appeared to be to gain first personal place. To this end they continually invested in "The City's" facilities. Not a problem, well, it did not used to be, free-haulers respected the majorities of city builders. But, these free-haulers, better called prestige farmers made their investments almost exclusively in RG industries (occasionally in supply also) over and over again and each time breaking the majority in the industry. They would do this even while city players were actively levelling the city. Eventually we all ran out of money as tied to city growth we could not wander around, as free haulers do, and make big money by hauling premium goods only.

    I wrote, very politely, to the chairs or deputies of several of the players doing this. A couple of them replied sympathetically and the behaviour stopped. A couple did not bother to reply and the behaviour continued. And, one replied that if I complained about it again they would set our association to rivals and increase the behaviour. Needless to say, I dared not say anything further and we struggled on but, none of us even completed upgrading our stations we simply could not keep pace with the financial strain. My association lost at least one player who will not be returning to the game due to this and the majority of players in another association will not be back I am told. These same players whose association hauled in the end-game for another city, even came and destroyed the waiting times in our city then took the majorities of those industries while they were the "called" goods even though we were absolutely no threat to their end-game position. So, they could only have done it for individual prestige.

    If this situation is not caused by the erosion of the balance between city builders and free-haulers then perhaps someone has another answer.

    That round was most definitely NOT fun.

    I have absolutely no desire to stop anybody's fun, but, nor do I want to play where some players are able to destroy the game of others consciously and with impunity. I am absolutely certain that this is not what RN intend to happen. I believe the only way to stop this is to strengthen the city players' prestige and financial rewards so they can compete. But, I noticed on the new x4 announcement that these elements have been downgraded for city deliveries. I wanted to play x4 again (It was great fun and a very happy environment although very intense). But, doubt I will be bothering.

    A change in start of day would even out some anomalies, particularly for players in the Eastern time zone. It would also affect city competitions and End-game start time. Interesting. I don't see why it should not be possible there are some servers which are already offset from the majority. I wonder how many would choose to play a server which is offset by say 12 hours though. It would make sense to have USA servers set to USA time zones for example, but, I am betting that some players would still choose International and European servers.

    We already have restarts roll on so that each round has a different day for city competitions and end-games to make these features more fair, so why not different start of day for the same reason?

    Professor, I saw that, we dropped out when it got too rich for us, and, if you had been watching you would have seen my association buy the same worker, in the same auction group as yours about 12 hours later, for a tiny fraction of what you paid, around 25,000,000. It was simply a question of timing and luck. (I should have been asleep, insomnia brings some benefits, and I expect you were.) -You were very unfortunate, it is true, as a lot of buyers pushed the price up whereas when I bought later there was very little competition.

    The problem of exploits does exist and it needs to be addressed. The one you refer to was partially addressed a few years back when the ability to switch associations several times a day was removed. That was great with the building upgrade worker, the whole city could benefit with a little organisation. :) Ah well, those were the days. 8).

    Yes, further restrictions on association hoping could well be the answer. But, I still strongly believe that the better solution is to restore the balance between city building associations and free-haulers. I have watched the balance being slowly eroded. Make city building viable again and a lot of the exploits for prestige will lose their appeal. This game is supposed to be equitable for all styles of play. The increase in the problem you are talking about is a symptom of the fact that the balance has been compromised. May see an entirely different crop of exploits, who knows. :/

    You need to change your city. This can be done in options. Or, open the city window. At the top there is a button with the city symbol and two green arrows. Click it and you will set your new home city.

    Please, read what we are talking about. As TabeYuriko said, I have a problem with those who goes in small associations to buy cheaper workers but they are fighting for top 1 individual. They must be stopped doing this and fight correctly against the other top players,

    I did. And, the only way that you could implement your idea would be to completely separate the pp hunters from the city builders for the auctions(not practical). Otherwise, you further penalise the city building associations.

    I totally agree that some way needs to be found to stop association hoping for unfair advantage. But making life even harder than it already is for city building associations, by making it more difficult to get the benefit of workers, is not the answer. Most small associations are beginner players and by definition they are mostly city builders. You are talking about a very small, but growing, group of people who have found a way of exploiting the game weaknesses.

    RN really does need to take in hand the whole free-hauling prestige hunting elements of this game, at all levels, in order to restore the balance of fairness for all. It would be much better, imo, to tie prestige more closely to goods hauled to home city. (After all, founding a railway company to develop the best possible city for the end game is what this game is supposed to be about.) And, that would certainly put a stop to association hoping for worker benefits.

    It is absolutely in RNs interest to make life easier and fairer for new players not even harder which, your suggestion most certainly would.

    Last round, I observed dedicated prestige hunters, from several associations of various sizes, continually breaking majorities in order to gain prestige and doing untold damage to the city building associations. Perversely it was the little prestige hunting associations who responded positively when approached about this and very fairly made a point of discontinuing not the big ones, some players of whom actually delivered large quantities of goods off call during the end game, thus destroying waiting times, and regularly broke majorities for the called goods.