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    Please keep in mind that this is a spur of the moment response; But, how about making the end game a choice. You have to register, possibly in era 6, for the end game, and designate your end game city. When the end game starts those who are not registered will no longer be able to play. Their engines will be automatically parked and all industries will be reset to zero waiting times. Only Mega cities will be able to ACCEPT goods and Passengers. Prestige would be awarded at the end of Era , to all players, for the main game (individual and association) and then also be reset to zero. Obviously, the End game would have to have it's own prestige allocations. This would make the End Game a true show down between Mega Cities. Would add a level of excitement and challenge too. Just a thought. :)

    Using Browser:-

    Click Engine centre bottom of screen.

    On the new window, click Wagons bottom centre.

    Here you can then click the name of the waggon to choose to buy or sell.

    ........... but then I know that some players might describe me under that heading because I often free haul so perhaps I'm biased. But then there is no unbiased answer to this question.

    I know at least one 4 Star free hauler who is never Unsportsmanlike. He plays with a city building team. He never busts majorities except the occasional accident and then he apologises. He invests in workers for his team (where he used to be deputy) of city builders. (And, sadly, he has vanished from the game recently. :( ) I know of many free haulers like this, but, no others with 4 stars. I also know of entire teams of free haulers who are like this and they are invaluable to the city they join for the end game

    "Free hauler" and "Unsportsmanlike" are not necessarily synonymous.

    It behoves us all to remember that there are also some very unsportsmanlike city builders and quite a few "lone wolves" (i emphasis not all lone wolves are included) who are in the game for the sole purpose of spoiling.

    In der letzten Zeit gab es immer wieder Probleme mit der Disposition von Zügen.

    Aus irgendeinem Grund werden nicht alle gesendet, wenn 1 Zug 1 Slot belegt und es gibt viele davon.

    Ich habe gerade die Lokomotiven aus dem Museum zurückgebracht und die Route kopiert, aber sie sind auf der Route gefahren, die sie vor dem Museum gemacht haben ...

    [ Translation" -

    "Lately there have been repeated problems with the dispatching of trains.

    For some reason, when 1 train occupies 1 slot, not all of them are sent and there are a lot of them.

    I just brought the locomotives back from the museum and copied the route, but they drove on the route they did in front of the museum." ]

    This is a known bug. However, you should still report it.

    I always wait until I have seen my engines running the correct route before logging out.

    Dies ist ein bekannter Fehler. Sie sollten es trotzdem melden.

    Ich warte immer, bis ich gesehen habe, dass meine Motoren die richtige Route fahren, bevor ich mich abmelde.

    You cannot place a different player in a pre-registered slot for 3 days. This means that if someone does not return, even when you know they will not return, the slot has to remain open unilt the start od day 4. If someone pre-registers but does not come back until era 2 you may well have filled their slot.

    Why not just make the upgrades an additional daily login bonus detached from video watching.. Or just remove it. Put it down to a bad experience and/or an error of judgement. Attached to video watching it discriminates against players with certain disabilities anyway!

    To upgrade the Pollux you have to watch too many movies and that takes so much time that it is at the expense of the gameplay. For me they can either remove it or make it more fun that you have to watch fewer movies for an upgrade.

    I was watching, but, for medical reasons will not watch again. My pleasure in playing has been restored, so I will not miss it. Just annoyed to have a weak engine to carry forward to the end game. :( I would love to have it deleted or put it in the museum.

    Steve, there are some people in this game, proportional to Real Life, who cannot be happy themselves unless they are making others unhappy.

    Don't let these individuals ruin the game for you. We all have them, whatever the server. It sometimes feels, to me that the RN approach of laissez-faire is actually a promotion of unsportsmanlike behaviour. But, I do believe that Travian are recently actually trying to make adjustments to the rules and to the game mechanics to level the playing field. I have seen some very good players quit this game over the years due to this problem. Indeed, I have myself quit 3 times, but, there is so much potential in the game that i have returned each time, eventually.

    It is the people in my team who keep me coming back. :) I also love the co-operation and the team spirit it can generate.

    Personally, I feel sorry for those who get their kicks out of spoiling the game for the majority of players. They are missing out on a lot more than they can ever begin to imagine. :)

    me as well Ahnlak!

    Also having this problem.

    I have better things to do with my time than watching endless videos, But, I am not able to disable the wretched Pollux so I have a choice between NEVER watching any videos or putting up with a lame engine which will be nothing but a pest in the end game. I deliberately pushed my career engine to era 6 so that I would not have to worry about it being unable to carry the called goods and getting stuck on an earlier call.

    Can we at least be able to put it in the museum out of harm's way, Please.

    This is the shorter form of the explanation of the end game I give my team before the end game begins. I also invite them to ask questions if they are unsure of anything.

    • "EVERYONE, Please ensure that you follow the calls. Absolutely NO random hauling.
    • If you are new to this:- The end game consists of 4 sections. In each section we will have 12 random goods to haul. DO NOT haul random goods from this selection for any reason.
    • We have a designated CALLER. The caller will request just one goods at a time and we ALL haul this goods and this goods only until the requirement is filled then you must wait for another CALL. Usually the call comes quickly, but, if there is a wait then everyone parks their engines."

    Are you in an association? Your team mates should be very happy to help you.

    The end game can vary greatly in length and on some servers the teams will deliver up to 4 goods in an hour. Be prepared for some quick calls.

    If your server has passenger engines you will probably be asked to deliver Passengers when you cannot be on-line.

    You will need full fleets of both passenger (if used) and cargo engines. The multi slot engines are best.

    You and your team can make large amounts of prestige If everyone works in co-ordination.

    After the end game the server closes and the map is reset for a new round. You will start again in era 1 if you decide to return to the server.

    It would certainly make more sense for local servers to run on local time from a players point of view.

    From an admin. point of view though, I imagine that having all servers in sync. makes more sense. If this is the case then unfortunately the area with the most players is likely to be favoured.

    Those of us who are not dedicated to playing for No 1 spot in prestige can still have a very enjoyable, fun game playing with a team for Top City where all time zones can participate and those in the less populated (from the game's perspective) time zones can be really appreciated and useful to their association and their city.

    Met name meer afwisselde industrien ook bijvoorbeeld een paardenslachterij. ik ben al een week wakker door die beesten. zou een goed gevoel geven X/:sleeping:


    "In particular, more varied industries, including, for example, a horse slaughterhouse. I've been awake for a week because of those animals. would make you feel good"

    Surely you are not serious. This would be very offensive to many different groups. For example:- Most if not all of the English speaking world would find a horse slaughterhouse extremely offensive. All vegans and vegetarians would also be horrified. It might make you feel good, it would disgust very many others.

    Different scenarios already have different industries. Try some other scenarios. But I doubt any will slaughter horses!.

    Tonight i will have nightmares. <X


    Je bent toch zeker niet serieus. Dit zou voor veel verschillende groepen erg aanstootgevend zijn. Bijvoorbeeld: - De meeste, zo niet alle Engelssprekende wereld zou een paardenslachthuis buitengewoon aanstootgevend vinden. Alle veganisten en vegetariërs zouden ook geschokt zijn. Het zou je misschien een goed gevoel geven, het zou heel veel anderen afschuwelijk maken.

    Verschillende scenario's hebben al verschillende industrieën. Probeer een aantal andere scenario's. Maar ik betwijfel of iemand paarden zal slachten!.

    Vannacht zal ik nachtmerries hebben. <X

    At least make it possible for those who want to be rid of it to put it in the museum, or, mothball it in some other way!