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    You need 20 prestige to be acknowledged as an active player, I think that amount is too low.

    It is not only too low, it is derisory. It is also an invitation to cheat in a very big way. I am absolutely certain that it is in use in my city. I hesitate to explain in case it gives more people nefarious ideas. I would never do it myself, but there are many "players" in the game who take pleasure in underhand activity.

    I do not think that this has a positive impact on the game. It does not address the real issues. It has, without a doubt, slowed the progress of the end-game, but, in my opinion, that is all.

    My city has "gained" over 30% more players since the start but has only the same number of haulers. So, I have to ask, where did the extra players come from and more importantly where are they? They have slowed our progress and not added a single ton to our deliveries.

    There is a more obvious way to fix the imbalance problem, but, perhaps a bit radical. My suggestion, calculate the consumption not on the number of active connected players but the number of active Home City players and DO NOT award any prestige to players from other cities. This would also curb many, but not all, of the spoilers. In other words, to gain prestige, during the end game, in "Tunbridge Town" you have to have "Tunbridge Town" set as your home city. It is not too difficult a programming query to develop. IF (city = Home City) THEN (ADD prestige) ELSE (ADD 0). Could do that with first generation languages!

    Sorry, I do realise that this changes the game somewhat for players who like to gain extra prestige by hauling a tiny bite to every end game city. These players, are normally very careful not to spoil factories.

    In my opinion, something must be done to make the end-game more interesting and more competitive. This has to retain the element of co-operation and alliances which are so vital to the game, but monopolies need to be "contained" in the same way that governments "contain" monopolies in RL. Governments do this because, put very simply, competition keeps prices down, standards up and encourages development and innovation. There is one server I am aware of which has two "supermarkets" one about twice the size of the other and a lot of "corner shops". Inevitably the "corner shops" are quickly crushed and the element of competition is crushed with.

    It might also be a good idea to consider (in addition) leagues with appropriate prizes for the winning city in each category Something along the lines of:- Bronze = 1 or 2 associations, silver = 3 or 4 associations, Gold = 5 or more. Obviously in addition to the current 10 city competition.

    Have RN team actually looked at a globe to see how much of the world uses ENGLISH as their sole or main language. Then add to those all the people who are fluent in English as a second language and who regularly use the other English Language servers. Now factor in those who play the English only server to improve their English skills. Ergo, to drop this server is most peculiar.

    Come on RN, think again.

    "Over 2 billion people speak English, making English the largest language by number of speakers, and the third largest language by number of native speakers. With 300 million native speakers, the United States of America is the largest English-speaking country. Most native speakers of English are Americans.

    Additionally, there are 60 million native speakers in the United Kingdom, 29 million in Canada, 25.1 million in Australia, 4.7 million in the Republic of Ireland, and 4.9 million in New Zealand.

    In the European Union, English is one of 24 official languages and is widely used by institutions, and by a majority of the population as the native language in the United Kingdom and Ireland and as a second language in other member states.

    Estimates that include second-language speakers vary greatly, from 470 million to more than 2 billion. David Crystal calculates that, as of 2003, non-native speakers outnumbered native speakers by a ratio of 3 to 1. When combining native and non-native speakers, English is the most widely spoken language worldwide.

    Besides the major varieties of English, such as American English, British English, Canadian English, Australian English, Irish English, New Zealand English and their sub-varieties, countries such as South Africa, India, Nigeria, Philippines, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago also have millions of native speakers of dialect continua ranging from English-based creole languages to Standard English. Other countries such as Ghana and Uganda also use English as their primary official languages.

    As of 2012, India claims to have the world's second-largest English-speaking population. The most reliable estimate is around 10% of its population (125 million people), second only to the U.S., and is expected to quadruple in the following decade."

    What are RN thinking about??????

    My view of the end game on Express server Com05 is most definitely two herds the main herd and a second herd which appears to me, and I could be wrong, mainly free-haulers. Either way it is a battle between two camps with the Big herd bound to win and the Small herd in second place with about 2/3 of the goods delivered. Then, all the rest are doomed to deliver few or no goods or worse, zombie cities.

    This server, due to it's speed should be vibrant but, instead it is dull as ditch water. Interesting only because it is faster than the regular servers. Two Goliaths battling it out with the Little David's bound to join either one or the other or simply waste away into oblivion.

    Solution, inmo, is to stop free-haulers in their tracks. Restrict home city changes to a maximum of one or two per era. Prestige for delivery to cities awarded only for delivery to home City and, possibly, even restrict number of associations within each city. There are ten cities which become Mega Cities. There should be ten cities in the race not two.

    I am sure there are other solutions, probably better solutions, and no one solution will fit every player. That is human nature. But, surely the developers can come up with something to rejuvenate what ought to be a very popular server. But, they will not succeed unless they can find a way to have all ten cities participate in the end game. That 100 threshold is no more than a sop and will not fix the problem.

    I like this speed, though it is necessary to check the trains a little more frequently. So much more interesting to play. Can't wait to experience the End-Game, but, paradoxically don't want it to end. Please make permanent.

    Congratulations on your Sisyphean end-game. If the erstwhile king of Corinth was given a choice between his eternal rock and a Rail Nation Endgame, a pound to a penny says he would choose the rock.

    It is about time that something was done to add a little excitement and end the current preordained winner which leaves the few remaining, occupied megacities to jostle half-heartedly for second, third or fourth place.

    It would be intersting to know if others have some suggestions to fix these two problems.

    My suggestions:

    1. Reduce the required goods card to 6 or 8 goods and replace each goods immediately it's quota is filled. (This should also make it slightly harder for spoilers to ruin the end-game.)

    2. For the endgame only, calculate consumption using the number of active players who have the city selected as home rather than the number of players connected to the city.