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    I am very sorry you are perceiving it that way, as I already stated we have a different opinion on the benefits of discord and will do our best to make the transition to it as easy as possible.

    When I was in business, my Customer's Opinion, was immeasurably important. I would never have been as cavalier and as dismissive of my Customer's views.

    You have already shown how well you respect your customer's by making the move before making any worthwhile attempts to tailor Discord let alone actually implementing a working solution. It is, business wise, foolhardy to replace a working solution with an embryonic substitute.

    By jumping in with both feet and trashing what you currently have you have, without a doubt, proved one thing:- You WILL NOT "do our best to make the transition to it as easy as possible" because you have already failed dismally your own test by implementing the change prematurely.

    Discord, does not offer, and by it's very nature, cannot provide an environment conducive to constructive, considered and measured comment with such a large number of users. You are conflating two different and incompatible mediums. You are also saying to your customers that you do not care that the only way they will be able to make constructive comment is by using the chaotic, unsafe medium of Social Media.

    I am very sorry but the decission is already made. We have to do our best to work with discord and see where this leads us.

    That is a very weak and unworthy response and it does everything to confirm the suspicion I voiced earlier and you promptly denied, that RN had always intended to close the forum.

    I am retired, but, my extensive business background informs me that you are making a mistake and that customers respect a company which owns it's mistakes.

    If, as you say, the forum is attracting little traffic it will need equally little moderation. The sensible move would be to keep it operational, in a reduced form (possibly just an International forum or reduced to three or four main languages.)

    That aside, it would be a prudent move to keep it operational at least until you have proved that Discord can do the job.

    However, it will never do the job for those who do not want to use a product which causes them insecurity or inconvenience.

    For me, I have to manually over-ride my fire wall, a very well known one, each time I load Discord and then if I leave it loaded, at regular intervals. Why would you expect me to bother in order to be bombarded with inane chatter, flashing pictures and virtual coffee! I also have to ask myself why one of the most popular PC protection applications should regard Discord as UNSAFE!

    Did it never occur to the decision makers that their huge customer base deserved the respect of being asked to comment prior to such a massive reduction in service. Customer Care is a vital part of all business operations. It is invaluable to any customer service business.

    I do use Discord, sparingly, with my association. The chaotic RN service, NO WAY. I tried, you know I tried. And, I know I am not alone in this dispare.

    Care; from where I am sitting, there is a distinct lack of care.

    Discord is NOT currently set up as a forum.

    Discord is full of NOISE

    Discord is a platform for IDLE CHATTER.

    Discord threads get lost in the CONFUSION,

    Discord is NOT fully COMPATIBLE with some firewalls.

    Discord is a "social media" platform and a very large number of people AVOID social media.

    Discord will need a great deal of YOUR TIME to make it anywhere near suitable for a substitute forum.

    On the other side

    This forum needs updating but, this could be done over time without disruption to the users.

    Moderation time and platform usage are in correlation. If there are less posts then there is going to be less moderation time.

    In addition

    There is a place for the type of social contact you provide on social media.

    A forum is an essential tool for any complex game.

    Most people, when replying on a forum give careful consideration and time to their replies.

    Social media is too busy for measured response.

    I can well see that you are finding Discord a burden to moderate.

    Social media is a nice to have, but, works better with much smaller groups and for social, not information contact.

    RN, makes it obvious that they do not CARE about any of this. Happy customers are repeat customers you know.


    It is too bad you won't join us on discord, I like your suggestions. Feedback like that is always helpful and appreiciated.

    Can you not understand that Discord is infested with problems which many of us are not prepared to put up with.

    Apart from the noise, the disorganisation and the meaningless, pointless chatter which wastes my time, I also have technical problems with the app itself. My firewall goes not like it.

    I know I am not alone. And, what is worse, RN knows and does not care!

    Remove interaction from a forum and it is NOT a forum. It is a notice board or a blog.

    I have tried the threads on Discord. They are graveyards for potentially good discussions.

    The noise on Discord is disconcerting and detrimental, if not terminal, to intelligent discussion.

    In short, I will NOT be trying to use the RN Discord forum again, I have better things to do with my time than discuss the weather and exchange virtual cups of coffee.

    I will miss the intelligence of many of the contributors to this forum and my daily visits to this facility.

    My personal opinion, you are "throwing baby out with the bathwater" and replacing a thorough wash with a perfunctory "catholic" and a lot of hot air.

    Good luck to you. I hope the damage you are doing to your already floundering customer care reputation does not damage your product further, but, I fear it will. It takes seconds to make an impression, and the impression on Discord is very far from good.

    The number of viewers and people who only read/visit have also been factored in into the data that lead to our decission.

    I can't say much about the time before I joined here, but I hope the responses improved with my presence. I want to continue this on Discord as well.
    I am sad to see the forum go, but I want to continue on Discord keep up and improve the communication with you :)

    That is likely to be a very forlorn hope. Look to the numbers who have tried your Discord and have either dropped off completely or drastically reduced their input. And, look to the numbers who have not and who will not use it.

    (You will get no more attempts at serious communication from me on Discord. I have had it with the noisy undisciplined playground behaviour. I have not time for pooh pooh, self contradiction, hecklers, bs, and gossip. You waste your life playing playground monitor and RN belittles it'self, imo.)

    Maselbart, if you put as much time into reforming this platform as you are so willingly prepared to sink into trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear, this platform would be awesome.

    Many ways to win! Play the game your way!

    This is such a laudable goal, but, as of now, it is most definitely not reality, at least not on some servers.

    I appreciate that RN has introduced anti bullying rules. Sadly they failed, on at least one occasion recently to implement these rules on one of their servers. The bullying was blatantly obvious to everyone including those not involved in the appalling fracas which RN permitted to continue.

    On the server I have been playing since well before it became a x2 server it has become a home for one style of play and one way to win, exclusively. Players are leaving the server after years, and after the end of last round the majority of players of at least 4 associations have left together.

    My association and another have gone to a regular server. I cannot comment on the others.

    So, we are still playing, just, but, not anywhere near the way we like or want to play and have played together for years. Our playing time has been effectively halved. It was that or quit playing completely. I am sure this is not what RN wants for this game.

    I have no problem with players who play for individual prestige, but it is not acceptable when they destroy other people's game, completely.

    To outline the problem, though I am sure RN is fully aware of it:-

    The majority of players work for 6 or 12 weeks to develop one city with the intent to get "their" city into the top ten and perhaps even win the End Game.

    To do this they foster good relationships in their own association, with the other team or teams in the city and with the teams in the surrounding cities. Watchwords are Friendship, Co-operation, Teamwork and Diplomacy.

    However, some players choose to form associations of Free Haulers and generally speaking they work alongside the City teams, join them for the end game and help with city development to some extent. They are part of the "Team City" from the start even if they play mostly outside the city.

    However, some (few) Free haulers do not help with city development, in fact, if it means prestige points they often do not hesitate to harm. Come the end game, after putting nothing into a city, they move in and take over leaving the players with weeks of work and enthusiasm, commarady and planning pushed aside. Effectively, their whole preparation time is set to nought and apparently this is OK because "nobody owns a city".

    So, teams fret and worry about where to play the next round to try to avoid the aggressive players and they worry for the entire round in case they are to be the target this time. For some players this becomes too stressful and they leave. When it gets the point where it is too stressful for whole teams who have played together for years there is one big problem. Games are supposed to be FUN.

    RN, please look to your rules and/or the way prestige is distributed. If the strategy outlined above is OK then make sure it is known to everyone in the rules (something along the lines of aggressive city takeover is permitted) and those who do not like it will quit the game because the whole point of the game, for them is co-operation, team building and diplomacy - "Team City" . Or make it known that it crosses the line into bullying and destroys the game for the majority.

    (Please note, I am referring here to Classic servers.)

    You will have to send a message to Support about this. They will help.

    Support : Rail Nation

    - if you cannot get onto your server.

    If you use this link, make sure you give the full title of the server where you are having problems and check your e-mails fo reply.

    You do not have to be actively posting on a forum to be actively using it. I frequently come here without posting or leaving a reaction. Don't you think that some of the new names you are seeing here, in this thread, is because forum "lurkers" (in the nicest possible sense of the word) have seen something which has prompted them to react.

    I tried, I really did try, to get involved on Discord. I even tried starting meaningful conversations several times on Rail Nation topics. These attempts were fragmented by incessant noise, pooh poohed by several to drown out those who were interested, and shoved sideways into a thread to die within minutes. And, there they remain prematurely buried.

    Both types of communications can and should complement each other, they are not naturally mutually exclusive. Please reconsider your long standing customers on this matter. Cut down, rationalise, whatever it takes, but, do NOT throw away. Your customers will not thank you. Serious topics need quiet contemplation and considered composition of answers which cannot take place in the active cut and thrust environment on a social media chanel.

    I would also politely suggest to you that Discord has been a bit of a novelty and many, like myself have been prepared to give it a try. I know that I am not the only one who has done this and found it woefully wanting. Candy floss is no substitute for rich dark and smooth chocolate.

    This is all explained in our announcement. The activity here has decreased so far that it simply doesn't justify the time that is needed for that.

    Interesting. Put to one side this discussion and count the other posts in the last seven days. Now do the same on Discord, but put aside all the chit chat, rubbish and pictures - count only the proper discussions in threads.

    Chit chat is very nice if you enjoy it, but, it is not helpful or necessary and frankly chit chat is a waste of your time to moderate. You have to face the fact that you have two different customer bases. There is, of course, some cross-over, but not enough to justify catering for one at the expense of the other. I, personally, have tried to give Discord a fair try. It is most definitely NOT a place where I want to be.

    The submissions to this forum may be few, but, they reflect a wealth of knowledge and the reply posts are, for the the main part composed carefully and thoughtfully. On Discord, because of the way it works, posts tend to be quickly dashed off without proper consideration.

    However, what really worries me is the implication that good customer care is not justified. You obviously knew when you went onto Discord that it would split the contributions. And, it is pretty damned obvious that knowing this you went ahead with the full pre-intention to axe the forum for the untried and unready Discord regardless of the implications, and without a thought for long standing contributors to the forum.

    At least be honest.

    BTW Customer service and customer Care do not generate income directly. Valuing them is not an easy process.

    Also, there is, at the moment, on Discord a rambling discussion which is potentially interesting to a limited group of players. But, it is not in a thread and it lacks cohesion and, more to the point, it is flooding the chanel with information specific to one particular scenario so is of little interest to those who never play this scenario.

    how do you change routs of an engine?

    If you are using a browser:-

    Click on the train icon bottom centre of the screen,

    Your train list will scroll down on the left of the screen.

    Click on the engine you wish to re-assign and select "Edit Schedule".

    You can now either delete the existing schedule and replace with a new one., or you can add stops.

    If you have a Plus account then you may select "Timetable calculator" and get more help to decide what you want your engine to do. You may also choose to assign the same schedule automatically to a selection of engines, or to your entire fleet.

    I am curious to see IF it can be made to work. But to axe the existing solution before developing and proving a new and experimental one makes no commercial sense what so ever. Service industries, in my experience, have to put their customer care foremost.

    Right now, threads can be used, but there is no indexing or search function and no way for a new member to see what is available. Threads die prematurely within hours of a conversation being moved sideways into one.

    While I agree, long adverts actually defeat the object, I have no problem with them on RN because I cannot watch them for medical reasons and I rather resent the addition of an engine which is a reward for watching. Yet another handicap for players who for whatever reason cannot view these videos. Not only is this game "Pay to win", but, it is also "Video watch your life away to win"!

    One of the best adverts I have ever seen, and never forgotten was approximately 10 seconds long. A Grouse struts across the screen. Poses for a second and a bottle of Famous Grouse whiskey appears. Job done. Only whiskey I ever drink since then, so effective! Perhaps the Arkhiem advertising team should go and view these ads on Youtube. I am betting it is one of the cheapest adverts ever made too.

    Really good suggestions "Hear me Roar".

    Sadly, modern society is a throw away society. I, and all those who have been here for years are Yesterday's Customers! So, I am not holding my breath and I am considering my options. Discord is not an "oven ready" alternative. With all the tweaks in the world, it will only ever be "half baked" unless Discord itself dramatically restructures to mirror sites like Steam". Having no forum will significantly diminish this game for me.

    Take a look at Discord over the last week. Moderation there is a "HUGE" commitment! Virtually no significant traffic for several days, and none with any serious game relevance. Moderating that IS a waste of resources.

    (We have several versions of "hi" a couple of irrelevant pictures and a request for a "bonus code". Great fun, if you like that sort of thing. A waste of time if you do not.)

    Customer Care and Service cannot be easily quantified in money terms. They have to be analysed in terms of more esoteric criteria.

    ""I stopped doing the things in business that had made me so successful in the first place, a devastating mistake business owners often make." Tom Corson-Knowles, Systemize, Automate, Delegate

    What I find ironic is they send out surveys about purposed new game features, yet they didn't (least not that I was sent) do the same about support/community options (Blog, Forum, Facebook, Discord, etc). Plus there was never a thread in this forum asking for our feedback about shifting to exclusively Discord. Instead we are told this is what is going to happen on X date and if you don't like this, 'you're being selfish' (by far the least professional and/or appropriate response made by a company representative).

    And what is even worse, we are told this is happening regardless of if Discord can actually be shoehorned into some semblance of a proper Forum.

    This change is "Suck it and See" and as such is NOT a sound business decision. It is a leap of faith, and, I, like many others, have no faith in any social media platform.

    By the way, go look at what has been posted on Discord the last 24 hour. Nobody wants, needs or expects any of that on a forum. It is perfectly acceptable of course on social media, and enjoyable I suppose if you like that kind of thing!

    I hate it when I read this game forum is going to be read-only


    If it is READ ONLY, it is by definition, NOT a forum. It is Self Promotion hiding behind a smoke screen of a none interactive help board.

    The forum is dynamic help provided by experts - those who know the game because they play it. Discord, no matter how you dress it up is social media with the emphasis on Social (an add-on for those who want to chat).  A fully functioning forum is cheap and effective customer support which any games company can, should, and is expected to provide for it's customers.

    I feel devalued as a customer.

    Customer service is always a vital element of any business but is an absolute must in service industries which is essentially what RN is.

    I believe it was Henry Ford who said that every dollar spent on advertising is worth 1000 dollars if put into customer service. He also said only 10% of advertising is successful and wished he knew which 10%. The Wiki, The Blog (and soon, The Forum will join them) are essentially only advertising. (Many people are justifiably sceptical of all advertising.) The Wiki and the Blog do not provide dynamic customer interaction and development. In other games, I do not go to their Wiki for information, I have never read any of their blogs. I go to their forums. Or, I search the internet and almost Invariably I find myself directed to a Forum. I have never been, could never be, directed to Discord!

    With games, Customer's see the Forum as the most important Customer Service medium. They may not go there now for minor information and quick questions, but, when the problem is deeper, the Forum would be first choice. Discord is not a substitute at this time and is by your own admission unlikely to ever be a full replacement. If it is possible to make it fully functional, then, it is important that it is made that way before changing not evolved afterwards. What you are doing is not good customer service. Right now, Discord does well what it was designed to do and is pretty unbearable for your serious players. Your serious players are your long term customers. Long term customers are any service industry's most valuable asset.

    “If you make a sale, you can make a living. If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a fortune.” – Jim Rohn, Author and Motivational Speaker

    If a forum is READ ONLY, it is most definitely NOT a forum. It is a Notice Board.

    Define Forum:-

    1: a meeting at which a subject can be discussed

    2: a place for discussing a subject

    Users of a Forum and users of Social media sites are not necessarily the same people. While there may be some cross-over, the two facilities fill different roles. A forum is most assuredly a must have, especially for new players. A social media site is nice for chit chat, but, is not essential. It is a place for social activity. Many people avoid social media sites.