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    .......... One possibility there is for the chairman to have a limited power to force-park a member's trains. Might be it could only be used once in 24 hours, or something.

    This I absolutely agree with. A recent event in my team brought this home to me very strongly. There needs to be a facility to allow a chair or deputy to stop the engines of a player who does not return. If a good players, there will be a very good reason indeed why they have suddenly dropped from the game.

    Why don't the videos auto-play anymore?

    Hi, the videos are not loading in my mozilla. I deactivated the antibanner, but still it doesn't load.

    Probably because you are not starting them. Now, you have to start them using the arrow in the centre of the adver screen,

    Yes Naike. I would also suspect secondary accounts with the real player in the home city and another account causing disruption to the opposition. (One of these had a name which when translated indicates the likelihood of this being a clone account,)

    What we all need to know, is, is this reportable and sanctionable. Is RN doing anything, or planning to do anything to rectify or prevent this? If it is sanctionable, how far does it have to go before the problem is reportable?

    The above several posts interest me because I have seen this behaviour or variants of it, far, far too many times. In our last end game we had two who did the following (one did all, the other was marginally less organised):-

    • Used 25 Lindworms which made what they were doing easier.
    • Continued hauling all era 4, 5 and 6 goods after we had requested all hauling to stop to allow the industries to cool down.
    • At the start of the end game, and of each card after, distributed their engines to deliver a balance of every goods on the card, except the called goods.
    • When a goods closed, redistributed their engines to take account of the change.
    • When one goods was left to deliver on the card, distributed their engines across all era 5 and 6 goods remaining to be delivered
    • Stopped delivering completely when we were on the final goods.
    • Never answered any messages politely requesting that they help with delivering goods.
    • Had the main opposition city set as their home city.(I am not suggesting that this city sanctioned this action, btw).
    • Were showing as on-line for most of the end game.

    In any type of game I can think of the equivalent of this sort of behaviour would be classified as a foul (or, actually, a series of fouls), whether or not the perpetrator knew it. Think of it in the same way as when New Zealand bowler Chris Pringle used a concealed bottle cap to rough up one side of a ball during a 1990 series in Faisalabad or when Chess Champion Garry Kasparov changed his move against Judit Polgar in 1994 after momentarily letting go of a piece.

    We won, in the end, but, this type of unsportsmanlike behaviour should surely be discouraged.

    I would very much like to know if this was behaviour which could have instigated action against these players or, is it actually a legitimate strategy?

    If it is not stopped it encourages others to copy and this cannot be good for the game. It follows, this being the case, that it is not good commercially either.

    The videos don't work anymore. Reload of game same result, changing computer same result. Work on basics of the game instead of implementing new bullshit.

    The player in the previous post to yours gave you the reason and the solution:-

    "since today you have to start the videos with the play button in the center of the video screen." (Naike.)

    "Depuis aujourd'hui, vous devez démarrer les vidéos avec le bouton de lecture au centre de l'écran vidéo." (Naike.)

    Ridiculous excuse from Rail Nation.
    I'm not talking about the moderator. I'm talking about Rail Nation and Travian Games

    (Please don't shout it adds nothing to the validity or otherwise of your argument, if anything it detracts. Shouting is usually associated with irrational and belligerent thinking.)

    What is so ridiculous about reducing or stopping the use of bots to watch videos? That is a form of cheating which harms other genuine players. Anything which can be done to reduce cheating and/or exploitation, unfortunately there is a massive amount in this game, has my support.

    Would not buy and will not spend another penny until the game is improved. Not just the bugs, but, also the game play problems and the game rules need addressing. Sad, because the game is basically a very good concept with the potential to be a lot of fun.


    Send the chair of the association, or one of the deputies, a 'Personal Message'. They might let you in on another 'slot', even when you are stil a "1".

    Or, look for another association with vacancies and apply to them. Smaller associations are more likely to have space and be prepared to take a new player in a regular slot. Show that your are active and interested. Ask questions about the game and how to do well in the city forum. You will get noticed that way.

    Watching videos gives an advantage to all those with the time and/or the inclination to watch them.

    This advantage is not, however, restricted to players who cannot afford to spend cash. Therefore, the restriction is relative not incremental. So, how many does not really matter to players who watch huge numbers. It is of interest to those who cannot or do not want to watch large numbers because it goes a small way towards leveling the playing field for players who cannot spend money and who do not have time to watch hundreds of videos.


    Player 1 spends $100 and watches 500 videos per day - he gets 250 random rewards.

    Player 2 spends Zero and watches 500 videos per day - he gets 250 random rewards.

    Player 3 spends Zero and watches zero videos per day - he gets zero random rewards.

    Now, restrict videos to 50 per day:-

    Player 1 spends $100 and watches 50 videos per day - he gets 25 random rewards.

    Player 2 spends Zero and watches 50 videos per day - he gets 25 random rewards.

    Player 3 spends Zero and watches zero videos per day - he gets Zero random rewards.

    By restricting watching there is no real gain or loss of advantage for players 1 and 2. But, player 3 is relatively a little less disadvantaged.

    Mathematically, restricting the number of videos a player can watch will actually make the game more equitable not less.

    i tried right clicking and i do not get a "block" option

    Elle, Right click on the name under the avatar portrait. A small window opens giving name, and other basic information such as how long the player has been a member.

    Player Ticket inspector smiley37.pngsmiley37.pngsmiley37.png

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    ..................................................................................................................(Three symbols here)

    Below that on the right are three little symbols. Plus, No Entry, Speech Bubble. You want the middle one - No Entry.

    In the words of John Lydgate (c. 1370 - c. 1431).

    “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

    In trying to have a team game and an individual player game all in one, right now, Travarian (Rail Nation) are pleasing most of the people none of the time, and a few of the people some of the time.

    They need to decide, is this a team game or not? If not, I am out of here.

    The big problem, whether they like it or not, without the teams (at least on the Classic servers) who build the cities there is no individual player game. But, all too often the individual player who ignores the needs of the city team players is given preference. And, always he/she is permitted, if they so choose, to wilfully damage the dedicated work of hundreds of other players in the name of "freedom to play as they choose". This is particularly so during the End-Game.

    City Team players are powerless to rectify this situation. RN needs to recognise it and to change the balance of the game such that ALL players have an equal chance to win. As a team game, which is quite obviously the original design, with an end game which pits city against city the win conditions need to be aligned to that end goal. And, more importantly, the rules need to support this position.

    Right now, we have a few people who advocate a "bun fight" as a way to play the end game and they demand to have their own personal "bun fight" at the expense of hundreds or even thousands of players who have put effort, time and money into having a fair and equitable end game after 6 or 12 weeks of committed preparation.

    This could and should be a great game, but in it's current state (and I am not talking about the technical bugs)I have never and will never recommend it to anyone.

    your gold and plus account stay on the server you played. There is a possibility to transfer remaining gold and plus account to another servers if they are in the same domain. e.g. COM --> COM, DE --> DE, RU --> RU.

    You have to wait until the server you finished the endgame comes back online and you can use the option transfer gold in the options menu.

    There is an exception to this if your last round was a special server and will not re-start in a few days, such as Origin Journey. In which case the purchased gold will become available in a few days on your current server.

    Suggestion to RN. Strip out all the new stuff and return to the original game. No PAX. No special servers. Just PAX free Classic and get that running properly. It was not running properly when they started to expand. So, they expanded an already faulty game which has multiplied the problems. Some time along the way they bolted on a poorly planned PAX system which has drastically altered the original game without improving it. (imo).

    Go back to the drawing board. Fix the bugs on basic classic, then, and only then start to add back in ideas for improvement. But, please ensure they are improvements not game breakers.

    What is the point in having a host of different servers all fighting for time and player space such that they, we are told, the players who have the timidity to try to play this game are responsible for bringing the server down when they have the audacity to try to log back into the game for a competition, or the all important end game after a well documented bug has kicked them off - Again. Whoops, sorry, different bugs, of course, just the same outcome!!!!!

    There was a time, I remember it well, when you designed a program using flow charts, you walked through your flow charts. Then you coded your program usually with multiple assembler language sub-routines. You checked your code thoroughly before submitting it for testing. You got your test results and you debugged. In my company we were permitted 3 test runs then the program went live and it better be bug free or your job was on the line. Ok they were simpler times we did it all in First or Second generation languages. But look at games still being played today (many of them multiplayer) but written and released on disk, bug free, 20 odd years ago. No chance to tweak and re-tweak, patch and re-patch those games while the player paid your wages.

    Support ticket is a communication with the support team who can help to resolve technical or user problems.

    If you are using the browser version, there is a ? in the top right hand corner.

    Click the ? and a window opens.

    In the top right hand corner of the new window it says Contact Support.

    Click on Contact Support.

    You can now open a support ticket where you describe the issue you are having.