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    Dictionary Definition.


    2: an often prolonged series of retaliatory, vengeful, or hostile acts or exchange of such acts

    My guess is, though others overlooked it or possibly did not notice, this round, on whichever server you are on, somebody did and felt threatened.

    You have to admit, when you look at the definition, it is hostile and could be intimidating.

    On the X2 server you get two per day and they come in "random" order. If you can call two random that is. Everyone gets the same two but they may get either one first!

    This really does depend on what goods are still available, the condition of the industry, the number of players on line and the number of identical facilities available.

    If you have an Off-Line Goods then you can do that for the 10 minutes, but, you must ensure you use only the designated facility.

    Other than that, follow the call. Anything else will damage the delivery not help. Trust your Caller, he/she normally knows what they are doing and has a lot of experience.

    It is very rare indeed to find a goods which can be fully delivered in less than 10 minutes. Less than 15 is rare enough.

    The waste occurs and it can be very big waste indeed from starting to haul a goods which cannot be finished before recalculation. DO NOT do it unless the designator calls for it.

    Yes that certainly would make it worthwhile. :) And like you I tend to haul integrated for GH because I am usually doing something else at the same time.

    I probably missed the training value because I've never seen it happening. What I see a lot is newbies being expected to pick it up by osmosis and then being shouted at for getting it wrong. And no one has ever explained the logic of it to me ... I had to work it out myself.

    So yes, I concede ... if properly explained, a valuable training tool ... but that's a very big IF there.

    I make sure to tell my newbies. Even have it written up in a desktop file ready for each new round. Of course, not everybody reads it and I usually have further instruction to give using PM's, :) For me, not so much If properly explained but if properly read!

    Congratulations on working it out. I had to do the same.

    I too often find however that it is not the newbies who have the problem it is the "old hands" who know they know it all so have no need to read basic game concepts. You've got to love them!.

    This problem is exacerbated by the way new players are distributed when they join the game. They are very lucky indeed if they are dropped into a city with an established association which still has an open Newbie slot. They usually find themselves in a city of newbies and small associations where all are struggling to work out the game mechanics. This makes it easy for a newbie to develop into an old hand without being given any basic information beyond Lucy.

    Time - imo - for a drastic rethink on how to integrate Newbies into the game successfully.


    I answered this thread, very politely. (But in English as is required by the forum rules.) I was the first to answer and if the player had answered giving more information i would have gone further. Which is a damn sight more than you bothered to do.

    And yet you pick on me as having a problem with the Russian Language. You are obviously looking to cause trouble and not to help anyone.

    As you protested where no protest was required I suggest you take your own proverb under advisement. And stop protesting that on an English only forum English is the language used. I am sure that on the Russian only forum, Russian is the only language used. Please take you pettifogging whimpers elsewhere.

    Kelot, if you had the courtesy to read my posts rather than attacking me you would see that I too have no problem with the Russian language. I do have a problem with someone who has the hubris to try to impose chaos!

    This is an English language forum and that should be respected. Nobody minds translating occasionally. I have done it many, many times on this forum. But, if, as this player did, someone who knows they are posting in the wrong forum does so anyway then it is not unreasonable to politely request that they use the forum dedicated to their language.

    So, WHY should English be the required language here? - because if every language were used here, nobody would actually bother to use the forum. There is no dedicated English forum this is the only Forum available in English and it is quite happily open to every nationality, even those with their own dedicated forum as long as they respect the rules. Remember, many nationalities do not have a dedicated forum. There is a dedicated Russian Forum.

    I quit Masters for that very reason that the English only rule was totally ignored and will never bother again. The Chat was a chaotic impossible babble. Coincidently, I was even told by one Russian that "This is now a Russian Server and if you want to play then you must learn Russian"!. None the less, I have Russians playing very happily on my team on an International server. I have no prejudices, I simply ask that they use English as the team, from many different countries, need a uniform way to communicate. Without it there could be no team!

    I understand the logic of Golden Hour ... zero wait time for an hour if you do it right and therefore you can haul fast and direct ... new RG so hauling it often pays well ... gives the new RG a push to get its tonnage up with the others ... all understood.

    But I suspect that people have made it a rule that they follow without thinking about whether or not it makes sense on this occasion ... and is it really worth completely depleting the new factory and sending the wait times up through the roof when the hour is over and thus making it harder for those who are left to work with it? ... not to mention all the bad feeling and accusations it seems to cause!

    You have missed one very important aspect of GH - It is a top rate object lesson for the End Game.

    • It disciplines the team (City).
    • It shows how waiting times can be pushed through the roof.
    • And, how waiting times can be got back under control if everyone pulls together.
    • It encourages good team work.

    On balance it is a very useful tool. The inflated waiting times soon return to normal and, nobody is forced to do it, They are asked only to respect the wish of their teammates (City Mates) to do it. Personally I usually choose to integrate so that I do not need to worry about getting back on the hour, and so do many others, and this generally prevents waiting times skyrocketing completely out of control.

    Nobody here is outraged by the Russian language. Personally I am outraged by the arrogance of anyone demanding that everyone use the translator for the convenience of one player who wants to use the Russian language on a forum which is clearly designated as English Language.

    Please do not assume that English is the mother tongue of most players posting here. Most players have the good manners to use the designated language even though it is not their mother tongue.

    Here we have Welsh, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Indian both Middle Eastern and North American, Swedish, Icelandic et al, oh and yes, Russian and a few English. We even have speakers of languages NOT offered by Google Translate!

    I am happy to use the translator for an obvious mistake. Your comments obviously were not an obvious mistake.

    Hwyl dda fy ffrind, cael diwrnod braf. Translation = Good Bye my friend have a nice day.

    To open a support ticket you need to click the :?: top right of screen and then in top right corner of the new window it says "Contact Support".

    I agree that sometimes the answer is not satisfactory, but, I have found that they can be very helpful too. You may need to send an answer to their first reply to clarify your submission.

    Have you tried refreshing your browser? If you have, and it still is not there, then, you need to contact support.

    This is the International forum and the language is English. I believe there is a Russian forum. Since you know your browser automatically translates to Russian, surely, it would be more sensible to use the Russian forum.

    Its not that bad in our case :-) on what server is that?

    and of course I can't do anything about it, just hope that its possible to get support to delete those fdsfdssdf-players, at least if they in some odd way get more than 20 p p only by having a swallow parked in the city

    Isn't it about time that the requirement to qualify as active was raised, significantly? 20 pp does not even merit the dignity of being called a sinecure.

    The facility is there. Private Chat where you invite specific players to join you. It is bit unwieldy but it is there. Or, you could set up a private chat area using a third party communications system such as Discord.

    Your name has changed to make it a unique name.

    RN are adding the suffix to all names which have duplicates. You can change your name without losing career points, but, as I understand it, it has to be a unique name. You can change your name in Options., but, obviously your current name is also used by someone else so you will not be able to revert.

    A - It appears to me, but, I have nothing to confirm this, that once a player has obtained his/her two upgrades their bonuses then become available to everyone. I think what is actually happening needs to be clarified.

    B - On the server I play (not Crankshaft) the second video is definitely offered. No change except in the purple presentation before you have your upgrades and the Green after. I have just checked. Is this a bug which is affecting one or more, but not all, servers?

    This is really beginning to annoy me!

    Yet again, I put my engines back on normal schedule after the results appeared. The problem is, the competition had not finished and the results were returned - again - for the competition I won earlier.

    Old results have a very bad habit of popping up repeatedly after a competition even after refreshing the game!