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    Your name has changed to make it a unique name.

    RN are adding the suffix to all names which have duplicates. You can change your name without losing career points, but, as I understand it, it has to be a unique name. You can change your name in Options., but, obviously your current name is also used by someone else so you will not be able to revert.

    A - It appears to me, but, I have nothing to confirm this, that once a player has obtained his/her two upgrades their bonuses then become available to everyone. I think what is actually happening needs to be clarified.

    B - On the server I play (not Crankshaft) the second video is definitely offered. No change except in the purple presentation before you have your upgrades and the Green after. I have just checked. Is this a bug which is affecting one or more, but not all, servers?

    This is really beginning to annoy me!

    Yet again, I put my engines back on normal schedule after the results appeared. The problem is, the competition had not finished and the results were returned - again - for the competition I won earlier.

    Old results have a very bad habit of popping up repeatedly after a competition even after refreshing the game!

    The reservation time for pre-registered team members is far too long. On a normal length server it is too long. But on a X2 server this time is effectively doubled. As a chair, unless there is exceptional reason, I do want back a player who starts 3 days late. But, kicking them if they eventually turn up causes resentment.

    The biggest problem with this is that the association appears to have vacancies and we get applicants who become frustrated with waiting while the clock is ticking. We lose many good players this way. Three days is 1/14th. part of the entire game on X2 and those first few days are extremely important to get the association and the city off to a successful start.

    Please consider changing this restriction, I would suggest 24 hours for X2 and 48 hours for X1.

    1. Click Options - Top Right
    2. Select Profile Options (about half way down the Options window)
    3. At the top of the new window you will see your current name.
    4. On the line below beneath your name is a ">" symbol. Click the >
    5. The next window gives you the option to change your name.

    I believe, if someone is already using your choice a number is added.

    If you want a unique name you will need to change your name in some significant way,

    For example:- BjornBjorn could be an option. Or, perhaps use one of your initials before or after Bjornen.

    Good luck. :)

    And "you are a cry baby" Can't be offensive in the same situation??

    Of course, Rcmp, I was not intending to be specific. I just picked on the one as it mirrored a recent, and long term, ongoing and unresolved situation.

    Rmtcp, you said it yourself in the original question, "(well, probably not an ealthy conversation)."

    If you think it is not healthy, it very likely isn't so don't say it. Simple.

    Having said that there are times when "Go to Hell" is probably healthier than a reply I have frequently itched to give, especially to one particular player whose excessively arrogant behaviour, which upsets a huge number of players on the server I play, seems to be acceptable according to the rules.

    If you look carefully you should see that there are two options.

    You will certainly be offered the chance to buy instant upgrades using gold. But you do not have to. Building upgrades without gold are the most commonly chosen option. They do take time though. With Gold, they are instant. The same with laying tracks.

    It is perfectly possible to play this game without using any gold whatsoever. Personally, I would not play without a Plus account, but it is possible to do so.

    This is day one of era one, again.

    There are many newbies on our server and every single one of them appears to be in a virtually empty city.

    Why do we treat potential new players in this way?

    How can we expect them to stay when they find themselves in a failing city with other players who do not know what they need to do?

    Every association has a newbie slot. And, the slot can remain empty for the entire round while new players become frustrated with the game and leave.

    I have often gone out of my way to help these players, but, they remain too far from my association and the help I can give is limited..

    Is it time for a re-think?

    There has to be a way to place Newbies in cities where there are associations with vacant Newbie slots. Or to match Newbies with associations prepared to take them. My association would very much like to help these new players. I am sure most associations would like to help. So, can a way be found to bring new players into closer contact with seasoned players rather than isolating them with other new players?

    As a certain Judge Judy would say. "If you come to court then it must be with Clean Hands."

    Never the less, there is a huge problem with bots, multi-accounts and bullying which demands attention from the owners of this game. All bots, multi accounts and bullies, whatever their reasoning, are detrimental to the game. Two wrongs never make a right.

    My hands are clean so to prove what many of us know is difficult. Proof might well be obtainable by using a second account to track behaviours in another association. But, of course, doing this, as a player would result in dirty hands. RN themselves must do it for themselves and unfortunately it seems they will not without the proof which can be obtained by players only if they break the rules themselves. This is a no win situation for honest players and a huge playing field for the dishonest.

    Just my take on this, and any other computer game, individual or mmo.

    People who cheat have the very dubious distinction of knowing they are cheats. If they are good at it I suppose, unprincipled as it may be, it brings them some sort of pathetic satisfaction. Feel sorry for them, they show themselves up and display their lack of integrity. Likewise, pity those who bully their way to whatever success they think they can achieve that way. The shame is theirs.

    Those who pay out money and then also cheat, are foolish beyond the comprehension of most people.

    Those who play the game well and who play fairly have the far greater satisfaction of knowing they have played an honourable game and whatever they have achieved they have achieved on their own merit. I applaud them all. It is hard to continue playing fairly against cheats and/or bullies. But, many do. They are the real winners. And, they are the people who make playing this game worthwhile. They are also the people without whom this game could not survive.

    It behoves the developers to take appropriate and decisive action against the Cheats and the Bullies. I see them and I find it reprehensible that they are permitted to continue unhindered.

    Unfortunately there is little if anything that we the honest and ethical majority can do.

    We need more information than you are giving.

    I can only assume you are a very new player. Forgive me if I am wrong.

    Have you just lost your Newbie status?

    Are you delivering goods or passengers the city no-longer requires?

    There are many reasons why your profit could drop dramatically..

    If you are not in an established association where other, experienced, players will happily help and be able to see what is going wrong then my advice it to find one. You may need to try several before you find one with room.

    You could also try asking in World Chat many, sadly not all, players who post there will be happy to help with questions and will also be able to see exactly what you are doing with your engines and your station.

    That horrible one which pops out if you have the audacity to service a single engine instead of doing a full fleet service!! Can't the AI figure out that you already have 40 + hours of plus account available! Why would anyone want to purchase another 7 days? The dear little red kite just needs more servicing than the rest of the fleet. If you must get pushy over promoting cash purchases then, make it relevant. Perhaps an upgrade to the kite, if offered at a discount, would be of interest.

    And, while on the subject- if you must keep popping up personal offers why not make the bonus something other than 7 days of plus account. I don't need any plus account, but I might be tempted to take up an offer with a free bonus engine or primus. Or, better still, a bundle with a tempting number of free lottery tickets.

    Tempt me - don't annoy me! I never purchase anything when I am irritated.

    Support actually can reset the timer if you encounter the bug.

    Not according to the reply that was sent to one of my invited team members. He was told on day 3 of era 6 that "Support cannot reset the timer." He asked for them to do it after i advised him he should. We, and he had to wait the 24 hours. And on x2 that is not good especially as he was aiming for a high individual ranking. Perhaps support need support and training:!:

    Copy of reply mentioned above.

    Name of player removed by me.

    "Thank you for your message.

    Unfortunately, this is a known issue and is in the attention of our Developers to be fixed with a future update. We do not have a way to reset the 24-hour timer, and you will need to wait until this expires before you are able to join a new Association. I am sorry for the inconveniences caused by this issue.

    If you have any further questions or other issues to report, please do not hesitate to contact us again."

    Name of support person removed.

    Just read the above thread.

    There is a bug which kicks a player immediately they join using an invitation. This is known to support, i have seen messages regarding this problem. This is very unfair to any player affected and to the team they are joining. Support should have a way to over-ride the 24 hour countdown, which they don't, when it is obvious that this has occurred. It is especially damaging to players on x2 and x4.

    And, I absolutely agree that the times should be in proportion for x2 and x4 servers.

    In a similar situation to the above; Every round I have a queue of waiting players and a number of "empty slots" for 3 days. On a x2 server this is nearly half an era or 8.5% of the game round. This is far too long. I do not want players on my team who log in every half era, so, why can't I kick them and get in someone active? A quarter era, as on a normal server would be reasonable.