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    Thanks a lot Jack!!!

    I used the previous version of it.. and in fact the distance/track lenght was an important information during the good selection. (I missed it)

    Maybe, a cell were you can add the "actual" WT beside the W column, give additional infos and provide you a more complete picture of the industries status before the call.

    Unfortunately the players of megacity and region were almost sleeping so I did not have the possbility to discover the full benefit of the tool (we took always a couple of hours to complete a good :( )

    But it was good time to get familiar with it.

    I'm going to use it in a month....I'll provide additional feedback.

    Last thing: did you ever think to create a version for the Classic scenario ? or is it already available somewhere ?

    Thanks again !!!!

    Hi Jack,

    very nice and useful tool.

    did you create an updated version of the tool with the new calculation mode of the number of good required based also of number of city active player ?

    I'would be very interested in it.