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    No, not going to happen. It takes WAY too long to restart ANYTHING on railnation. This morning I had pictures being colored in as if I had those items without being connected to those items. For the heck of it, it DID connect to those items and even though the top row said that I did not have it, when I clicked on the picture, it was collected. Not related to the winter even bug, but to restarts...When I click on to start a game and the loading screen starts up, I can't switch to another browser tab to do something else while the game continues to load. I have to leave the railnation screen on and wait SEVERAL minutes for the game to load. Why? I never had to do that before. Just fix the winter event problem, not make US do it.

    I have something that seems to happen frequently. I will click on an object (say a glove) and I get an error message that say something to the effect that I don't have enough hot chocolate. What's up with that? It's not all the time, nor is it limited to those two items. I could click on a snowman and get an error message that says I don't have enough sleighs or something similar.

    For me, the day endgame starts is a crapshoot whether I'll be working or not. The hours I work 1 week will be the hours I'm off the next week. Invariably I'll have a whole day off to play eg followed by a whole day unvailable to play eg. I got lucky with the last SteamBoiler01 endgame. I was off the day it started, worked the full next day then had sat/sun off. Sometimes I don't get so lucky. Also an early european fri can be a late US thurs. You can't please everyone due to various work schedules of players and time differences.

    They don't cross the bridge at the same time. One train stops before the bridge allowing the second one to cross then the first train starts up again and crosses after the second one crosses. COM02 Steamboiler and US102 Grand Central

    Thank you! I am playing on a pc. I don't know what server I am on. How do I find it? I know the city in the center of my screen is Hartlefield and I am in the corporation "Feed Sped". One other thing that I don't particularly care for, and it's not just this game but on my phone too and other programs, is the use of tiny "pictures" to represent things that don't words underneath to describe what they are. I've gone so far as to take a magifying glass to look at some of them but I just can't decpher what they are. My eye's are not so good! Anyway, I'm enjoying learning a bit each day. Thank you for your help!

    Thank you Ron! I'm slowly learning, I guess that's typical for anything new! A lot of poking around to see "what's what".

    The mentoring program is allocating students as soon as they sign up - not when their engine shed reaches level 4 as indicated in the introduction.
    This means that we (as mentors) will get all all the "sign on and are never seen again" players, and questions which should have been answered by the student completing the tutorial (or at least starting it!).
    Not a great start to the new system.

    Hi, so I'm a new player who has a mentor and so far I've been getting some good advice. Thank you Kinnick! Now, here's what my experience is so far playing this game. I did not know the object of the game initially. I thought it might be something like the old Railroad Tycoon 2. I went through the tutorials but don't remember all of the advice. I would like to go back and READ (not necessarily do) the tutorials again. Are they available? I still don't fully understand how I choose where to place my engine, choose what (and how many) (and what type) of cars to attach to the engine, where the supply of goods and demand of goods are. There's a LOT of things that I find just by clicking around that are not explained. For instance, I just found out a couple of days ago that people have been sending me messages but I never knew I had them and they seem to be all over the place. Thing is, I can't remember where I see them and have to go hunting again until I fin them! I see a lot of tiny pictures but no words to tell what those pictures are. I see the words "licenses", "comptetions", "servers", "auction", "workers" and no idea what they refer to. Also, NONE of the engines are like anything I've ever seen before. Are they supposed to be real? Also, I just discovered these forums as I always just logged into the game. Didn't know I could be on Railnation but not logged into the game. It's all still VERY confusing! Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth of input from a newbie!