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    Wow - things are going very fast for a newbie :) I would like to have a kind of "sandbox" where I could investigate the different kind of trains - and build rails around the world :) Maybe a place where the eras were double as long... :)

    I just started playing Rail Nations. So far I think it's funny... but.... there is a lot to learn and understand - and it's not that easy to find the answers you need... ?(

    I got the advise to build up the engine station (remise in danish) first. Well... I can buy trains then - but which trains? Should I research a train fully before buying it? Or just buy some, research others and then sell the "starters" later? Which trains should I go for in each Era?

    I hope other newbies will add their questions to this thread - so that we all can learn from the answers we get :)