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    Just awesome news overall :).

    Might consider to come back, thanks for the 6w instead of 12w. But its quite tough to be 2 rounds in a row like "top-end" without good sleep and so on ;). MAybe there could be more than 5 days server-restart-time between the qualify-rounds and the actual Masters.

    Oh and my 2 Cents for the pay-to-win stuff: Guys, these 1st day - all trains / buildings unlocked players are one of the reason, that you can play this quite good game for free. Make your own goals, like metropole-win or something like that instead of beeing #1 player. Yes, that would be some thousand bucks I guess.

    Maybe the team could make defining each owns "sub-goals" a bit easier with not just rankings in City, Asso and Player but like the achievement system "most VIPs, most prestige out of invests/competitions, most won/entered competition etc."...