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    Look folks, I was just asking about a feature I thought I remembered. Everybody has their own opinions pro and con, right and wrong, good and bad about the Rail Nation rules, the game developers, etc. Please don't turn a thread with an innocent question into a thread about the things you hate about the game. If you don't like the game, don't play! It's called "Freedom of Choice". Thank you.

    Note that the entire discussion developed as a result of answering your question.

    It's probably good that players do not play blindfolded, but watch the game, penetrate its mechanics and share their observations and conclusions or doubts with others?

    Unfortunately, I will not confirm anything, because I made a pause with the game. Today I went on com5 but with 3 trains and three factories the game always worked well.

    It is important how it will be with heavy load in the 6th era, e.g. during city competitions.

    Finally, you acted as the players expect. The problem - immediate reaction and positive results.

    Way to go.

    ... we are working on an alternative / workaround where we are not reliant on the affected sub-system.

    Finally something concrete. May it succeed as soon as possible, because players really have enough of these problems

    ...Good change in my opinion cause that was an exploit to get unlimited money for players knowing it...

    Yes, the falcon...

    It is not very logical.

    Decide either to be able to earn money by legally buying / selling locomotives, or an exploit.

    I want to believe that you have expressed your words inaccurately, but the impression remains that you perceive using legal solutions in the game as cheating, which was probably not your intention.

    Equally, a new player for an exploit might think that others are using the plus account when he doesn't because he doesn't know he can have one, and sees that others get Research Points faster, get better locomotives faster, earn more and get more more prestige.

    Let us write here about what is, not what it seems to whom.

    Then our discussions will be of more use.

    We are still investigating the issue with our provider and looking into alternatives to fix the issue.
    I have forwarded your feedback to them and hopefully it will help them find the cause of the issue.

    Nice what you wrote, but I think your ISP has much better configuration professionals than I do and they can handle the problem of bandwidth perfectly well.

    It all depends on what is the declared capacity and what is the actual one.

    As for the actual bandwidth, the total load (not average) is related to the assumption that all players (the minimum number, even inactive ones) play at once on all worlds of one IP with the maximum number of information (packets) - e.g. minimum 15 cities and 600 factories and 32 locomotives per player and shifts every 15 minutes.

    Only from this you can draw some average.

    If then the network bandwidth (two-way) covers the demand of its load, then the game will run smoothly for players and probably many problems will disappear, e.g. with refreshing the game or automatic cleaning of the memory.

    But I am sure that your technicians and technicians from the net supplier know this very well.

    It's time for them to do something about that.

    I keep my fingers crossed for technicians, because they are people who can do miracles.

    Nope wrong. From the beginning the you would earn the same money for selling an engine no matter if or how many upgrades were installed. That was changed some years ago and now we get more money for selling an enigine if upgrades were installed.

    This entry proves that you have absolutely no idea what money was earned on this accumulation of employees and the bonus for locomotives.

    Selected locomotives, of course.

    Good change in my opinion cause that was an exploit to get unlimited money for players knowing it.

    No exploit.

    This game was an economic strategy from the beginning and earning money from trading locomotives was included in the gameplay.

    I regret to say that you still have no idea what you are writing about.

    All in all, I am not surprised, because there are many who, due to the lack of knowledge about the game and unable to win anything, look for an exploit in every better result of other players.

    Which in no way changes the meaning of my previous speech.

    @ KE - Kelot

    AnyCast IP 8)

    There is basically nothing wrong in single IP for multiple servers

    It depends if the number of incoming and outgoing packets can be handled by one IP link.

    It is exactly as if you connected several computers to the router and one computer to the router.

    As long as everyone goes online at different times and only checks messages in the post office, everything works.

    However, if everyone starts watching movies on different platforms at the same time, none of them will watch any movie, although the card of each computer should easily handle it.

    unfortunately, the router does not make the bandwidth despite the connected high-speed and capacious internet connection.

    Exactly the same thing happens with this game.

    However, if one computer is connected to the Internet connection, its owner will easily check the e-mail and watch the movie.

    Everything is a matter of the mathematical calculation of the load on the network.

    As you can see in TG they calculated it wrong, they either lack the appropriate internet connections, or they simply have too few servers, and those that are not able to convert packages from players and to them, with many worlds on one server.

    Hence the symptoms such as the lack of the game's reaction to the player's actions, or a long waiting for a reaction, e.g. after changing timetables, or the need to relog for anything to work.

    The current configuration just loses packages and players suffer.

    Nothing that was for the benefit of the players will return, even if it was introduced as planned from the beginning.

    You have an example with profits for selling locomotives.

    From the beginning of the game it was possible to earn good money with an employee 40% cheaper upgrades with a 20% discount on locomotives.

    You had to hunt for such a layout sometimes the whole game, but the effect was worth it.

    As this did not generate profits for the company, the employee was changed to a 30% discount for improvements and no locomotive for today can be sold for a profit.

    In the settlement, however, the item "profit from the sale of locomotives" was left, because who would care about such nuances?

    The possibility of purchasing acceleration packets, instant loadings, etc., which could be purchased with gold, was no longer possible, even though it benefited the company, because people were buying gold to convert it into some kind of packets.

    Why was it abandoned?

    Because it was too good for the players again.

    Supposedly in the name of equal opportunities!

    Complete nonsense.

    In the name of equal opportunities sustem, at the beginning, the system does not allow cities to "overpopulate", and as a result everyone aims at one or two cities.

    They may not even realize it, but they do it intuitively, because in one peripheral city even a well-coordinated team of 25 people is unable to achieve anything, because prestige is accrued in cities based on the number of connected people, not city development level.

    The differences could be four times greater in favor of a "big" city, even if it is a few levels lower in development than a city with, for example, one full association.

    So what level of the same opportunities are we talking about?

    Another example is multi-person accounts and system substitutions.

    The first ones have everything at their disposal and the replacements - everyone knows what their limitations are.

    One could multiply these examples.

    There is only one conclusion - nothing that could be in favor of the players will not come back. Rather, it will be the other way around.

    But good luck in the game.

    The topic has already been covered in many threads.

    Unfortunately, the forum was treated as the fifth wheel of a cart - so there is no admin here who would watch over such matters, so that there would not be a dozen threads on the same topic.

    Like everything in this game and the forum has gone to the dogs.

    In a moment, the same thing will happen for Discord with this approach to players.

    and the problem 3.5 is reportedly analyzed by the "company" ... for the fifth month now and nothing comes of it, only the inequality of incentives for individual players, but in the logs everything agree ! :-D

    tolek, tak to wyglada;) I haven't been able to play for the last 2 weeks. on the wheeler. I have all the cities conected since then. it's a fact. but not only I have all the cities and the game works for others. when there is less than 30 players online , the game works better.

    Miło spotkać rodaka na forum :-)

    Resolution changes, increasing the capacity of graphics element packets, additional background fumigation and several servers on one IP and that's what it is.

    But instead of telling the truth, it's better to pretend you are analyzing the problem so as not to solve it.

    Additionally, it is completely pointless to engage players to do link tests - complete ignorance since they know that they do not have adequate bandwidth.

    So what if the player has 1.3 Gb / s connection, if their server - actually the connection, is not able to handle it?

    We know what needs to be done, but in the era of cost cutting (even support wants for free), the cost of another equipment is unlikely to go through.

    Domino effect: the number of players decreases, the income decreases, so the costs are cut - getting rid of more servers, so the bandwidth is reduced again, more problems for the players, so the number of players is reduced and the circle closes.

    As a result, the game will disappear. Maybe that's good, it will teach the owners something.

    Certainly not back to normal! Playing servers (other than PX) is a drag. Pun intended (drag for being terribly slow, "dragging along")

    I have described above why this is so.

    We'll see if they do anything about it.

    I am happy to hear that, I will forward that feedback.
    How about for the others? Is the performance back to normal?

    However, we haven't gotten the all clear from our provider yet, so they are still working on the issue.
    For us the situation got better but there are still some areas in the game that are loading a bit sluggish.

    You have to start with the fact that the game won't load.

    You have to relog several times on the start board to enter the game at the end.

    It has nothing to do with subscriber lines, link routes or subscriber computers.

    The problem lies with the sender - that is, your servers.

    50 players online and train schedules cannot be changed.

    Whoever has more than 20 cities connected cannot do anything in the game.

    Keep looking for a solution, because you haven't fixed anything.

    We start the final tomorrow.

    Fear to be afraid of what will happen


    I do not know myself, but from the data from players I can see that, for example, BIG BEN, Rocky Mountains, Komora Dymnar etc. are on one IP.

    Here's your problem.

    For me, there can be 15 players, but in another game world (on the same IP) there will be 400, in another 300, and 250 on others, and everything is suspended for me.

    I don't know what you have installed between the server and the network with this IP address, but it definitely has too little bandwidth.

    Until now, I was sure that each game world is a separate server and separate IP.

    Now the matter is clear and probably does not require any comment. Everyone sees it already.


    Now all you need to do is make a vote which bug fix out of the millions you already know and everyone will be happy.

    And the bandwidth will still be as it is.

    Because voting is the only way to fix problems in the game - right?

    In Polish-French it can be described as żenuła!!!


    The easiest way is to change jobs.

    Preferably for the night shift.

    You won't have a problem with 5.30 am.

    Seriously, this 2.00 AM count is a summary of all day's deliveries, and it doesn't matter if you're in the game or not at the moment.

    This can matter if you plan to advance your city just before 2.00 am to collect prestige from "falling good" and to get prestige from new good until 2.00.

    However, it is of marginal importance in the entire daily output of prestige.

    The base is an alarm clock, a lot of time, money and an understanding wife :-)

    Hello Kelot.

    Yes, he needs to raise his topic on Discord if he wants it to be included into the ambasadors vote at this leg.

    This is some kind of joke?

    Ambassadors can't read?

    You or anyone else on the support can't bring the matter over and give an answer here?

    Are you about to start demanding that you only receive telegrams from the post office in Berdyczów?

    Are you starting to piss off players again?

    Who super intelligent determines these sick rules of support operation?

    I'd love to meet this persona.

    How many players do you think analyze and compare multiplayer accounts and substitutions?

    How many players do you think don't even know there is such a thing as multiplayer accounts?

    My teammates were shocked that something like this its permissible, but they know that I deal with this topic and they will not duplicate the arguments presented here.

    What for?

    Does the number of writers really count for company?

    Does there really have to be a thousand entries to make anything on this topic?

    Get the deal balanced by balancing betwen deputies with a multi-player account, and it'll be over, and most people will benefit from it, not even knowing that there was such a discussion here.

    It is high time for action, not for sterile discussions in a larger and larger group.

    Mihai I agree with you on many things, but there is no problem here.

    Perdita presented the basic advantages of this solution.

    The video shows a completely different problem that you don't see.

    Grouping of single players and whole teams of players around two or three "big" cities.

    As a result, in each final two cities count, and sometimes only one.


    And here's the problem

    When we were breaking records for the classic server, it was logical that we had over 200 active players in the city.

    It would not have worked otherwise. We broke records, but that was our goal for that whole round.

    In a normal game, even a well-coordinated team of 26 players will not be able to win an individual or a team win, and certainly will not win the final in a small town in a competition with a city with over 100 players.

    The main reason is the unequal charging of prestige for cities with the same level of development.

    There is a huge number of components related to it, but this is on a completely separate topic.

    I hope we'll get to it someday.

    For now, pay close attention to the differences in such cities, and you will know why people focus on selected cities and not try to win in their own.