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    2014 review, and there are many more

    And they will wait because there are more important goals in the development of the game ... like getting more and more Pay2Win!

    it has always been a pay2win game, this is nothing new. Every game where you can buy sources is pay2win.

    All the negativity drive more people away than the bugs. Faul play, multi accounting, password sharing, respectless playing, bullying and the more and more only me attitude is the biggest problem and I have to admit bad moderated.

    New players are driven away caused by the big heap of negative posts done by players who play for a long time this game.

    which gold related bugs are than fixed lately? Yes there was an issue with the last sale but this problem caused also that we couldn't collect our daily login bonusses.

    So please tell me which other gold buy related bugs are solved lately? It's a bit off topic in this thread but I find it very annoying that in every answer there is a reference to it. You have made your point in the German forum about it and to be honest this has become a very respectless thread. There is no need to repeat it over and over again

    This bug has been known for a long time.

    But because it is not related to the store and the purchase of gold ...

    we will have to wait a long time for it to be fixed ;)

    I don't like the referring in a lot of your answers that not all bugs are fixed in a short period because they don't bring in (enough) money and bugs related to the gold shop are fixed.

    The last fix in the goldshop was because we, read players, couldn't collect our daily bonus.

    you have also an Arthemis on the tracks, you are using the 19 active slots. That's why you can't buy another train.

    You can buy more directly into the museum but not in your active trainlist because all slots are taken.

    When you park your Arthemis or Horus into the museum you can buy or reactivate another cargo train.

    it's possible you have the maximum allowed amount of trains together on the tracks and in your museum. Have you tried to sell a train you have parked in the museum and if you can buy another train?

    with better management you can have titles for more goods at once. Find a good one with short integrations and finished by most cities. And a good carreer train can help you for sure to get a title.

    Can somebody confirm the need for the Career-Engine being involved? Because if that's the case (and again, I'm sure it doesn't have to be the #1 Engine (i.e. the best of the lot), then it might be a consideration when choosing Career-engine upgrade, f.e. hauling the era goods.

    the carreerengine is a bonus engine everybody gets. This is the only train which stays with you round after round and on all servers you play.

    During era 1 and era 2 if your train is nice evolved it is one which gives you a lot of income.

    In which order you upgrade your engine that's personal.

    When my train had the max tractive force for era 1 (7 wagons) and 2 (11 wagons), the speed (100 km/H) and acceleration (10/20) was reasonable for the two era's I went for 100% reliability. After the reliability I went for the tractive force and now I'm working on the speed.

    For me is the carreer train a very good income source during the first era's without servicing costs.

    But again it's a personal choice.