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    More often than not a Chair and/or his deputies are more experienced than the rest of the team, and it's perfectly fine for him or they to decide what workers to get.

    It isn't a case of more or less experience, not always has a chair or deputy more or better knowlegde of the game. And it's not fair that 2 or 3 members of an asso decides which workers are bought. The reason worker bids are locked during a sitter option are not done without a reason. Workers shouldn't be bought with others money if they can't decide for themselves if they want to contribute yes or no.

    I don't like it at all a demanded (fixed) contribution. This will create more cheating in the game. You let a few people decide which workers will or won't bought this isn't a fair option at all. With this "solution" the bought workers are those workers a chair or deputies think are the best and I can imagine it wouldn't be the teams choice.

    RN and other programs are storing pieces of data, RN will store the most off all. My games slow down also after a long period being online without restarting my browser.

    I logged in an hour ago on my servers which I play. If I look in my taskmanager the memory use of chrome is 1550 MB, yesterday evening (the entire day online) the memory use was more than double of that, 3500MB.

    I had yesterday evening the same problem, scrolling over the map was very slow, messages didn't load etc. Never seen it this bad. I am using chrome with the latest update as browser.


    Today it is back to normal. For me a big windows update with a new win10 version might have caused the problems. I think it was downloading at the background.

    I have to agree with Dutcher the iOs app is getting worse in peformance lately. There were the known problems with the chat and that was it for me. Now the system freezes more often or the buttons don't work and you need to close the app and restart the game. Ingame messages are not always shown, you are completely lost from communciation, no chat and no fora.

    I have a good wifi network, Iphone XR 128 gig with the latest software.

    Tried the performance of the app on a android phone, same wifi network, also latest software and a recent model phone. I was shocked how bad the app works on android. iOs gives a lot of problems but Android is even worse to use.

    I have one remark, the app is designed for tablet of phone. When I'm using the app by phone that's when I'm not able to use my PC. The app should work also without major problems when I use a proper 4G network and shouldn't be dependant on a wifi network.

    The city changing options I'm not totaly agreeing to it. With the pre-registration the stronger cities are overcrowded. New players have to choose a different city.

    During the game newbie players are lured to a city with 100 gold as bonus, dead cities a new player isn't aware of.

    These players are than punished with the system. Same if you join an association and later on it's no match between you as player and the asso and you change asso in a different city or your city doesn't make it in the top 10 and doesn't become a mega city. There are more reasons to change your homecity as clustering for the endgame.

    the advantage of the current one is that it's calculatable, if you're defining the tonnage of a 12-good set by the amount of people driving any good in the past hour - can surely be manipulated somehow to the point where you can just create easy sets, as long as the drivers have discipline (&back to the point where you can finish goods before the city consumption hits)

    you can also turn it around, if the active players are counted who delivered during the last hour for the calculations of the new set. You can jump with a lot of players from other cities during the last good to a megacity to rise the active players.

    When you count e.g. delivered 10% of the needed tons within the last hour.

    I think with the endgame mechanics yes the #1 city might be very overcrowded. Starting of the game I think will be more based at the edges as centered. I least I would prefer to start more in a town at an edge of the map.