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    As soon as a worker drops the bought slot is gone too.

    E.g you opened the third slot with gold for a good worker and you bought that one. You have the 3 workers spots until the first one drops, by experation or firing.

    You missunderstood that. Rankedclash ist over with the end of September. You can stil play in the first week of October, but thats just for fun.

    not wrong understood, there is realy mentioned the last days of october. But I guess it's a typo and it should be 29/9 and 30/9

    The service setting of my trains resets everytime back to 70% when I log out for a longer period e.g. during the night.

    When I log in again I have to adjust it back to my chosen value. This is happening since the restart of the server with the XXL update.

    I play at other servers too which got the XXL update and at these servers the setting stays as I set it.

    * when someone has a full bank the indicator in the widget shows green, with trying to collect the bonus the indicator turns red after using the refresh button of the widget the indicator becomes green again. That should be contstant red with a max bank account.


    full bank is shown green

    when I try to collect it turns into red:

    after using the refresh button of the widget it becomes green again with a full bank:

    * the fold option doesn't work, after the schedule is set it is gone again.

    The game it self runs a bit smoother for me, the loading times of the screens and fora are a bit faster. The loading of the goldshop is still very slow.

    He is not referring to the number of engines, he is referring to the ratio of goods hauled per engine. In era 1 a fully maxed out to era 1 CE train is light years ahead of respective era 1 engines where as it may be less efficient than an era 5 or 6 engine.

    A good developed career engine is also a very good addition in era 5 and 6.

    The screenshot shows possible income, this is end era 4

    Thanks for that answer. It correlates exactly with my thoughts. :thumbsup: :evil: 8)

    But how about thinking on in that direction? You have just made (at least) two experiments with influencers on youtube. How about one, who plays clash in July (with some of your employees or on PTR), creates his vid and offers it all over August, so people would be curious in Clash-September.

    there is a sponsored youtuber, Colonel Failure if I'm correct.

    So my next question about this idea would be:
    Assuming we use daily resets for this system, we still have very big queue times for everyone outside of prime-time-players. This is even a problem right now with Clash! as it is. This system would multiply it.
    Any thoughts about possible solutions for that?

    I play the game mainly during the central europe morning. Not a real prime time moment also. I will wait some time during the games trying to avoid the same players.

    When there is a waiting cue I'm not sure if there is a possiblity to make a first match between people of the same time zones or the nearest?

    I fully agree. Playing preferably with friends means, that very soon you will know your ranks in the final list.

    But most of all, if we look at the thread theme "clash suicide players" ... for me, it is more friends that play suicide rounds, rather than multis.

    So giving friends an option to play together opens the doors wide for suicidal friends.

    yes that's exactly what is happening. There will be multi accounts also but most suicides happens between friends. Now you lose a game with returning to the lobby when the counting down has started. So it's easy to keep trying to play together when not all three players are present. Than you can return to the lobby endlessly. Take that chance away by disable the return to lobby button for e.g. 1 minute. If there are no 3 players after a minute you can return to the lobby and try again. When people use the F5 option during the minute waittime take a "life".

    And that doesn't even involve the fact that Clash! is much more fun if you play against people you know. So this solution would not only increase queue times massively, it would also eliminate the most fun part of Clash!
    Is that still fun?

    I like it more to play against unnkown opponents.

    I forgot to mention only once per day. Not during the entire duration of the game.

    why not change the random selection so that you can only play once against the same player(s).

    First round I (A) played against players B and C, second round I can't encounter B and C anymore it will be D and E etc etc.

    Cheaters need to find more companions or more multi accounts to accomplish their goals

    Seems this wasn't solved in an update since I have the same issue happening right now. Much easier to post the solution here instead of wasting an extra day with no engines running.

    Do you have enough space to buy new engines? If your total owned engines (active and stored at the museum) reached the maximum you can't buy new trains.

    I encoutered the opposite possibiity. I think two of my competitors held a grudge to one another and they were killing each other. It was an easy win for me, luckily in this game it wasn't one who did the killing but both towards each other. Otherwise my game could have been judged as manipulated too while I wasn't active involved in it.

    The best solution is to identify the players who make a history of suicide only runs and give them a lifetime ban from Clash!

    Not only a lifetime ban for the clash but all Travian games. Cheaters with the clash game cheat also during the regular games.


    with this link you can compare the engines the carreer engine is added too.

    In which order you upgrade is a personal choice.

    I upgraded my carreer engine after a nice set of wagons and some ok speed first to 100% reliability. This train is indeed a very good one during the first two eras and without maintenance it is a very good one.

    how increas my level, and how i can cange home city?

    The option to change home city may also appear in the city where you connected your tracks

    When you have connected to another city you can change it to your homecity by using the button with the house and two green arrows in it. You can find this by opening the city info