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    I agree with Sniffa, there is not enough explanation from Travian. The input from players should be an addition, and not the guide book. The Lucy tasks don't explain and teach the game only show how in a very simple way. New players try to find help guides at the forum and I often hear it's hard or not found. I played more games with a forum and there was always a complete walktrough part.

    I miss good explanations of the most important basics of the game, these are for all scenario's:

    * Recalculation time

    * Consumption

    * Integration

    * Majorities

    * Occupancy

    * I would like to see all the rubbish deleted to get some structure back its a real mess now.

    * Easier switching between different selected languages or messages sorted by language. e.g. I follow three language parts of the forum and I see all messages mixed.

    * A better tutorial part.

    * Less non rail nation topics

    * An unfollow button for chosen topics

    * A max allowed characters in posts. Some like to write entire books.

    You wouldn't tell a chef not to taste what she sends out of the kitchen. Same applies here, employees and some of the crew members are professionals and here to serve you. Volunteers are players who want to help everyone keep the chats clean for example, they are trained, honest and they are awesome.

    Than the professionals shouldn't play at all. The volunteers shouldn't play also on the servers they volunteer for. That's not correct, and even worse if they lead an association in top ranks. That creates conflicts and friction between crew and players.

    I'm not happy that moderators and community managers are allowed to play active on the same servers where they moderate and do support on. They are in the postition to give bans and not always that kind of decisions are made without prejudice. Game world and "work" don't combine. Be honest as crew member and don't play on those servers. Choose one where you are not doing your "job", there mods and CM's can play as a normal player without privlages.

    Most of us will have a smart phone and at work there will be always a lunchbreak or so to log in and empty your bank.

    When the bank limits are streched this will create a lesser activity for a lot of people.

    When you're just looking around the map at all of the facilities, it's easy to confuse the glass and sheet metal facilities. It's just a very simple, visual thing that could easily be changed. Anyone else feel this way?

    I agree with you Jacorp, I have made several mistakes between the 2

    About your example nobody would say they are hard to find.

    With a large rail network it's no fun anymore to search for them. To get a better overview you have to zoom out, If the spotter pictures would keep their same size with zooming ut it will become a lot better.

    To look for them on the phone app is really hard to do.

    In later era's also more and more industries are on the map and they fill the map too.

    this doesn't make it easier to find the spotters.

    I don't see why this will improve your game enjoyment.

    Better is first fix all bugs and faults in the game(s) before adding something new.

    People run away of this game because of all the failures it has. Most of the new players leave the game again after 1 or 2 days.

    This all can be done if you wish, the only thing you can't change is the face. Clothing you can change every minute if you want to

    Also I would like to have the option to be able to define how much gold and or plus days I want to move to a certain server.

    I started on Firebox and will play the Origin server too. Today Steam Boiler started again and I deleted my avatar there. Now I only can move my total package of gold and + days to one of those two servers instead of the option to divide it on both COM servers. :(

    I think you are discussing now a different thing as what was asked.

    The question was the demand of goods during the endgame and not during normal level ups ;)