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    Please have a look here: The 2019 Winter Event - Free browser-based online strategy game - Rail Nation

    With a quick calculation, COM/US domain has around 10 servers running during the event and whoever wants to experience it this year, can join one of the other COM/US servers instead of COM02. If we moved the event, then this would mean removing the event from some other servers, or even domains.

    I already play at 4 servers, 3 of them are excluded from the winter event. It's ridiculous that you have to start other and more servers. It's very unfair to a lot of people who can't participate. No all can and have the money to spend to play multiple servers. the COM02 starts 1 day after the winter event. Why can't the winter event held at that server?? It's only one day. Or why isn't decided to start the server one day earlier than?? Too often are servers left out of the events.

    why doesn't firebox COM02 have the winter event. The server start is one day after the start of the winterevent. Most of the servers which are now excluded didn't had the last winterevent also. The winter lasts for three months so all servers can have that event, only at different times

    If you want to search for the fastest schedule of a pax train to a defined city you have to scroll through the entire list because the filter only choses the highest profit. When you have a lot of cities connected you have to scroll throught your list to find the fastest route. With using the phone app it's a big challenge.

    I would like to see more selection options like you have with the cargo trains. For a competition or at the endgame the fastest route has more importance as profit. Also a selection between production series would be very nice, e.g. a Minerva is better at a different route than a Pluto.

    For the medal you only need to complete one era, just put your extra points from era 2 and following in Era1 research which is the one that requires less points and you get it.

    we were replying at a second proposal which a few players might reach, see the second quote. buying a train of each era that isn't a problem, but the Engine collector serie medals are a bit simular to the first proposal. Than these should be changed with buying a train of each era.

    OK, what about the medals for exploring all the trains and upgrading the 1st era, 2nd era,. . . Not necessarily in this order. And then for exploring and upgrading all trains in all eras

    Naike Firebox COM02

    1. Which worker provides 20% on chocolate? Frans Sacher

    2. A city from Origin Journey! Ulm

    3. Among the new goods are 4 liquids: Water, milk, beer and… Paint

    4. The pyramid is the landmark of… Karlsruhe

    5. The OJ City where the Bright Future office is located is… Cologne

    6. Which worker provides 40% on leather pants? Josef Vogl

    7. Home of the largest machine in the world! Geneva

    8. Origin… Journey

    9. The 3 countries of Origin Journey are Germany, Austria and… Switserland

    10. The very first live Origin Journey server was launched in (month)… May

    11. The two dogs shown in the “Behind the scenes” Origin Journey video are not German Shepherds, but Dalmatians

    12. This worker founded the Swatch Group. Nicolas Hayek

    13. The Romans called it “Castra Regina”. Regensburg

    14. The very first recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics made his ground-breaking discoveries here. Würzburg

    15. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s father was born here. Augsburg

    I don't finish the research of all trains at the classic or europe servers too.

    To reach that goal you need to be a lot of hours per day online. Look thousants of movies and hoping to get RP's.

    By Example, (for non-Passenger server) : There are 6 trains for 6 Eras = 36 different engines. Whoever buy the 6 trains of the respective Era, wins a medal; who accumulates the 6 Medals, gets a 7th.

    for the USA servers this proposal can work, for the SOE and Classic you can't achieve that. You can't have more than 25 passenger trains in total at the moment (that is active riding and parked in the museum combined) If you are a pax hauling player you never can earn those medals. First you don't buy cargo engines and second at some point you can't buy passenger trains anymore because the system won't let you buy more when you reached a total of 25 when your station is at max level.

    We had to prioritize some things and correcting this has been pretty low on the list. We haven't forgotten it though, in fact we talked about exactly this issue just today. So don't give up hope, we will come around to correcting the results soon(ish).

    The issue that caused this problem in the first place was fixed before the Origin Journey Express server started.

    Just a bit sooner communication about it would have been much appreciated.

    That a city is overcrowded is a theme of the game, which I also believe already controls it. Another thing is the election of a city by whom it must do so within an association, which should be the President.

    But I will not argue. You think one thing and I think another.

    We discuss with our entire association if we move city where we move to, that kind of descisions we make with all our members. We play democratic. With the pre-register the first one who registers choosed the agreed city, if it is a player, deputy or chair. Because of the rule at the moment, if the chair of an association can't pre-register at the start of the endgame but e.g. 6 hours later, the chosen city might be overcrowded because others registerd there.

    I mean with everybody should be free to choose city both ways.

    At the German forum is communicated that several server starts will have a delay of a week. steam Boiler is one of them.

    DE-5 Kurbelwelle

    •RU-8 Сцепная штанга

    •RU-105 Бродвей

    •COM-1 Steam Boiler

    •RO-1 Cazanul de aburi

    •FR-3 Boite à fumée

    •IT-3 Camino

    Furthermore, this is all a distraction if you need to have 'corp-wide' meetings and discussions about the next round while the End Game is going on. These decisions have already been taken long ago probably so all that needs to happen is for a leader to pre-register first and all is done. Why complicate things and leave this open for a saboteur or for a player who just doesn't understand what is going on? You create only a big mess, confusion and probably some dirty tactics this way.

    This discussion jou can have before the endgame starts. At least that's how we do it. And I'm speaking of multiple servers and different associations.

    I think we need a whole new mechanism and challenges :)

    we need the original classic back, no passengers, no limit in leveling per era and aim for #1 to have the best chance to win the endgame. That are a lot of new challenges for players who started after 2016

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