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    Well we tried... Never mind, it gives me plenty of time to concentrate on my Forge of Empires account. :)

    Whilst you are trying to keep us safe at home during the Covid 19 outbreak remember that these are not free services RN, people can still buy gold, so you are making money by re-running these, perhaps you should try giving paying customers what they want?

    we started to play with a group train station

    a bonus you receive by mail for a new round can only collected if you log in with the link from the mail. If you already entered the game through the lobby login the bonus isn't valid anymore.

    you can only haul one good. If you want to haul two goods you have to bring them after each other to the city, on to an industry if it is an integration good.

    e.g. you want to haul cattle and wood to the city:

    first part of the schedule is loading grain - unload grain at cattle and load cattle - unload cattle at the city (for unloading and loading you have to click twice at cattle)

    second part will be: loading at wood and unloading wood at the city.

    See the screenshot for the schedule

    If you want to integrate two goods, it's the same. Create a first schedule with one of the integration goods and than a second schedule with the other integration good.

    We have several very good calculators, I use the Kaiowas calculator very often. I have a request to the builders of the maps and calculators.

    I want to build tracks to another city but that city is not in my neighbourhood. Is there a possiblity to create a track calculator which can give me the best path to follow?

    If I want to do that by phone app it's very small and the overview is almost zero.

    That means stronger regions stil have to haul more than weaker reagons, because they will have more connected players to the cities.

    no a stronger region with all cities with less than 100 connected players have a great benifit too. Stay out of each others cities or pair cities you will have a max of 50 players. The gap in regional points will become bigger. The balancing should be calculated not depending on active players but tons capacity.

    And as SavageDanyro said the soe are indeed multi player farms and German and Russian groups who destroy the native servers with big money spending faul play

    This makes a strong region even stronger. I play a SOE server where no city reaches 100 players. There is 1 region with three strong assos who have now an even easier win of the game. Other regions have 1 big maybe 1.5 bigger asso's. This is killing the smaller SOE servers.

    All changes are made out of the German perspective.

    It takes now already lots of time to fill the landmark.

    A better thing is to remove the city competitions at the SOE scenario. No city competitions are active played until the landmark has it's max level, all to avoid an unintended level up of the city which results in even more goods to bring.

    What I regret the most is that there are changes made without asking an opinion of the players. Just a few German players shout something at this forum and those changes are implemented.

    Hi All,

    I'm at home at the moment because the company I work is closed at the moment. I'm not bored at home, my cats are happy to have somebody around the whole day.

    I play some railnation and some other games. Read some and work at my diamond painting.

    I only leave the house to take care and excercise my horse and join together the nice spring weather.

    the waittime reduction should be based on transports and integration not money based with prestige. This will always be a nasty part of the game, lot's will use this only for trolling.

    I know naike and she knows all about City Competitions, she doesn't look for explanation about how they work and so on…

    If I'm correct, she just would like to know (the original question) if it has any function that the last part of the bars have another colour (greenish) compared to the first part (grey)?

    In my opinion it does not have any function because nothing happens throughout city competitions. The grey and greenish parts will remain gery and greenish but only get a blue overlay when stocks increase (look at Naike's picture and the different goods, then you can see it yourself).

    That was my question ;). I noticed this last week the first time and with me more people.