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    I landed in wrong region

    Now that I have laid tracks to correct city

    How do I change regions?

    As I have made new city with my corp

    Yet I still can only see old region

    If you play a Steam Over Europe or USA (American Dream) scenario you can't change the region, you wiill keep the region you started at. The only way to change region is to delete your avatar, wait for three days until your avatar is removed from the server and start over at the correct region.

    The only thing you can change is your home city at all scenario's.

    I think you play in a top association with reading your proposals.

    A small association doesn't have most of the time the same priveliges as top asso's. e.g No majorities at industries, no assigned RG, lower city levels, less income etc. So the 1 mil payed by somebody from a small asso might have cost the time to earn as the 100 mil a player of a top asso will earn. You will punish the majority for asmall group who play "smart" in the boundries of the game.

    this is realy a very unfair division. Why must the majority get some sort of penalty for a few who are playing the game not at the most fair way but still allowed by the game rules. If you start new you are immediately have disadvantages for workers. Play smarter yourself.

    Try again in 12 minutes. for the megabonus ;)

    The real megabonus was indeed today. But still there is a bug in the shop at Rocky Mountains. The new shop is implemented earlier at NL01, didn't happen there.

    Try again in 12 minutes. for the megabonus ;)

    why was the ticket in gold than yesterday? That's the color of the mega bonus voucher. The 1st is the daily and the second megabonus.

    It's counted also as supprise bonus yesterday for the carreer achievement. The last info is from a teammate.This is from yesterday, The first before collecting, 22. The second after collecting, 23 Suprises.

    This should be a megabonus???????????

    Thanks for the stunning prize of 80K money after scratching the lottery ticket.


    The fairest solution for EG is to only allow transports to your home city or any of the cities not in top 10. This will rid the game of spoilers. Then it will be a true contest to see who can finish first. Tonnage based on number of connected players. City level will only determine start position. This will have the effect of cities levelling to the last minute instead of sitting around the last 3 days waiting to see if any city is going to catch up. All four sets should be the same. A true race to the finish.

    than the spoilers set your megacity as their homecity. No change except they can ruin just one city. But most of the time that's their goal out of some sort of revenge

    But here in Rail Nation, although it's allowed, it's unusual. I don't know anyone who does that. Just cause its not as important as it was in Travian to have an eye watchin the account around the clock.

    There are enough who play with more than 1 person an account. Smaller country servers are crushed by asso's who can't compete at their own nation servers, there are accounts 24/7 onlie and active.

    I wasn't enthusiastic about the new shop (read: loginbonus) before it was implemented.

    Now I must say that this hasn't changed for the better, actually I am even less enthusiastic.

    I agree with you it's not a change with equal prizes. This overview is from Stoomketel too, at Rocky mountains we have also the new shop and the same results with the prizes.

    my first megabonus was nice with 250 gold

    day 1: lottery ticket

    day 2: lottery ticket

    day 3: lottery ticket

    day 4: 25 gold

    day 5: lottery ticket

    day 6: lottery ticket

    day 7: building upgrade voucher

    day 8: investment voucher

    day 9: lotery ticket

    day 10: lotery ticket

    day 11: lotery ticket

    day 12: lotery ticket

    day 13: 10 gold

    the lottery tickets came with small amounts of money

    Hi there, I'm not sure what a 'golden lunaka' is, a bonus engine I guess? If you purchased a bonus engine during a previous round, the engine will not move to the next server. If on the other hand you purchased a bonus engine during this round and did not receive it, please contact our game support so they can add it to your account manually

    I think he means te primus