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    I also mentioned you don't need to worry about multiple correct answers. And now I've said all I can :)

    About the submission thread, if you have wishes on what could be the perfect time of day to open it - I'm all ears. It still needs to be opened at some point.

    there is no perfect time because of all the different time zones, people working in shifts etc. The first who anwers isn't a good option. But this discussion isn't the first time we had with contests and a winner with the first answer. But as always nothing learned from the past.

    With the option of the first player who gives the correct answer, lots are again excluded due to time zones, work etc

    The last winners are from September 27th (announced in the thread)

    The next raffle from 8th, winners are announced this week. And an hour ago started the latest raffle.

    I did not go back in time any further than that, but let me ask if someone could double check some of the raffles from before 27th.

    Sorry but I don't see announced winners in the comments for previous weeks posted at 8 octobre and also no winners at this weeks raffel for last week.

    Hi all,

    it is not a syncronization issue as for the fault of the game necessarily. I had the same issue in the past which was caused by a lag on my laptop internal cloack which was like 10 seconds late in the correlation of the core, and thus affected the game as well.

    When I switched laptops it stopped existing and after I tried to open the old laptop it was there again.

    Additionally, internet delays, workload and everything can make these 2-3 seconds delays possible. Having checked the app, that is faster on the timer (mobile network is better than laptop) but slower in responses and showing info of who placed bids.

    Do keep that in mind and place the bet few seconds earlier.

    I have a new computer and the problem still excists. It's told with sending in a ticket that it is a syncronisation issue of the servers and not our computers

    I think I know what Marinus means.

    During worker auctions e.g. my timer is at 0 and other associations have 2 or 3 seconds left and can make still bids. You think your bid was made at the last seconds but that isn't true. It's a silly synchronisation bug which is present for years now and nothing is done with it by the tech department.

    It's a very nasty bug which also can happen with city competitions.

    I see one more benefit with that option, also smaller associations can unlock the worker spots.


    What is the maximum number of characters allowed to use for an association name?

    I just created a new one, wanted to name it: Chairmen and Deputies, and found out that was too long. :(

    Maybe if you change it to: Chairmen & Dept
    This are exactly 15 characters

    today we all received the new production series of the Aten, the Shinkansen. This train isn't a bonus engine but a passenger engine from era 5.


    I play with mobile app, probably use pc one or twice per month, during that Fu...... Bug I did use my work PC to login to don't lose to much in the game, I didn't receive any email, so that let me think that because I made a effort to play RN during that issue (using WiFi connections where I normally don't, using PC that I'm not allowed to use) just to play your game with this stu.... Fu.... Bugs, and you still making new servers, new events. THANKS FOR KILLING RAIL NATION, you're doing just the right thing for accomplish that goal.


    I asked around with 7 associations on different servers, I know there are android moblie players only. None of them received a mail and a compensation