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    If limits are defined like this:

    - I cannot speak in public, I cannot dance, I am unable to respect other people

    - there is no way to improve skills in maths, logic, programming, writing, running, diving, organisation, supporting, health, ...

    - I am not attractive and smart, so I must not talk to THAT girl

    ----> I would happily explore the area beyond these limits

    These examples are not limits but pushing boundaries. A limit is a maximum. The definition of limit is: a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass.

    To know what your limits are is in my opinion more valuable as crossing limits.

    Every limit you cross you pay a prize for and can become something bad you have to carry the rest of your live with you.

    If I push to hard and cross a physical limit my body will tell me no, if I cross a limit at work my mind will tell me no. If I cross a financial limit my bank account will tell no.

    My statement is find your limits and to find them you have passed a few times your limits.

    Maybe a possibility to change the prestige from city to landmark during the leveling of the landmark and prestige to the city during city leveling. And every day with the day reset the gathererd prestige is added to everybodies account.

    Each major and chosen council member of each city will be allowed to change the prestige settings.

    I'm more for removing all prestige for investing (all scenario's).

    It was changed a while ago - it used to be that there was no limit. I personally wish the Sitting period was slightly longer than it is now. I regularly sit for a Player that has to have frequent time off from the Game but loves to play, and we tend to run out of Sitting days every round.

    Emziie. :)

    I agree with you Emziie, the days of sitting should be extended again. Or as already suggested by several players, change the maximum days to an amount of hours. For a normal length server of 84 days regular playtime you have 30 days, this are 720 hours. This amount of hours will never be reached. I think a total of 250 hours will be more than enough for the entire period and e.g. an express server 125 hours for sitting.

    I did sit a long period for somebody who was hospitalized on a regular bases and didn't had an internet connection during that time or not always had the energy to play but loved the game very much. These people are now excluded from this game what I think is a very bad thing. Anbd there will be more examples where the days sitting are not sufficient enough,

    I know the restriction of sitting is done to avoid multi account playing. But the people who are really playing with multi accounts do this by VPN and for the moment hard to trace for Travian/BF.

    Well that was sort of the point, the Kindle app site has an old RN app,

    How do you get Travarian to provide Amazon an updated version?


    I know their developers are spending lots of hours for HTML5, but there has to be someone dealing with the current flash version that should be able to deal with this.

    (I sure hope we dont have to wait until the html5 roll-out is done)

    If you need a new version for the app you can download it from the google playstore or the apple app store. Depending which system you use.

    The diamonds are collected for you. See Lobby - Career - Profile - Third info.

    They are kept to set the start level for your Winter Market next year.

    is that all :(, I thought the initial plan was we could use them to buy special things

    my whishes for 2020 and Railnation are:

    * communication, communication, communication etc etc

    * the launch of HTML5, with none or a very few bugs.

    * that Travian/BF will value the opinion of the players more and really start listening to feedback

    * an improved commitement of support members and a better follow up on tickets, including feedback