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    One of the biggest problems we run into in End Game is significant wait times in facilities which have had someone parked on them from before the city became a Megacity. The easiest way to solve this is to have every train hauling to a megacity park at the time the city becomes a megacity. This would allow a 1 hour cooldown for the facilities which were being hauled from, and would be much more equitable to all megacities, some of which may have more lazy people than others.

    How would you fix it with industries which are used for two cities and one of the two isn't a mega city?
    Players who don't want to play the endgame but want to continue normal hauling to that city?

    I think now we are forced to watch the videos for the pollux adds of 30 sec will be the max length. The app is also set at 30 seconds. It's a total loss of playtime the forced adds

    I can't buy gold...

    some more info would be nice. What device, which operating system, if you get an error message what message etc.

    If you play on a browser you have to make sure you don't use a pop-up blocker and no adblocker. And also not to forget the ability to use one of the used payment methods.

    If nothing works, sending in a ticket from the game you play is the best option. The support team can help you. In this forum there is no ingame support. Only P2P help. And the question you have is one with the involvement of personal data.

    it's a known bug with a price reduction (worker or RN discount) the discount is shown instead of the price to pay.

    the bonus engine upgrade does normally cost 100 gold. You get 25% reduction which is 25 gold in this case.

    do you have screen shots where it shows the 25 gold price?

    HEY! RN-staff. Reply. There is a massive comunication failaure at the moment. Reply in any thread that is open. At least we can reply to that.

    Or is it a deliberate policy to stay quiet? To just send messages that cannot be replied to?

    One way trafic?

    if you read in the correct topics instead of spamming everywhere you will find the information

    how do I delete my account from RN servers. the customer support is terrible and now you wont let me remove my account

    if you want to delete your avatar from a server you can do that in the options menu by using the option "transfer gold". In this window there is at the bottom the option to delete your avatar.

    Do you want to have your entire game account removed is only possible by sending in a ticket to support with the question to remove your account.

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    My account limit went down again by itself and I lost a lot of money, this is disheartening, what do I do?

    did your plus account ended? One of the features of the plus account is it doubles your banklimit for the time your plus account is active.

    I need one city expansion to claim the prize for connecting to 100 cities. Last time I asked about this I needed 2 cities. Since then I have connected and hauled goods to and from 5 more cities. How many do I need to claim one more city??? There has to be a bug, I can't for the life of me figure why you wouldn't give this reward. :/

    if you don't get your reward for the city connections, the best you can do is send in a ticket to support at the server you play and the new connections are not counted.

    Here it is:


    thx DSnepke, you were a bit faster than me with poiting out the changelog. ;)

    trainspotters also appear when you are not online, they come with one every hour. Logging in and out every hour doesn't make a difference. If you think you are not getting all trainspotters the best you can do is send in a ticket to support on the server you play. It can be checked by support if you got all trainspotters yes or no.

    it's not in the way it's explained, people don't read properly.

    Good Day,

    I am trying to upgrade my Pollux, the detail says 1 upgrade in the first 14 videos, I have watched 40 sofar with no upgrades. This is the third time since I started playing on loch ness.

    Thanks for your time,

    it doesn't say you get the upgrade in the first 14 videos, but 14 bonus videos. Read the text of the added screenshot. A bonus video you get guaranteed with plus account. Without plus account you don't receive after each video the bonus video, fairly small chance of getting a bonus video. See also post #15 with the same explanation