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    This problem we are fixing does not apply to the PX servers or the DE servers (except the DE18).
    Hopefully we'll be able to fix the issue before the weekend on all affected servers.

    what about the dutch servers who are in or going into the endgame?

    is your train visible in your trainlist? If so a park in the city command can help to get the view back. Or a relog of the game can help also

    That is "an" issue, but not the topic of this thread.
    We are discussing here a very specific technical issue, not a bug in the game. And without knowning the cause, we cannot fix it. So I fear there is no way around an investigation.

    is there any kind of information we as players can provide to you to find or rule out issues?

    Thank you.
    Me and my wife play the game in Norway.
    And we have friends in England, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
    All of these have the same issues.

    I'm in the south of the Netherlands and I don't have much problems, more in short dips.

    how do i move up to level 2

    if you mean your career level you see in the lobby. That is the page you enter before loggin into your game world. In the top menu you see career. when you open the career tab you see all kinds of achievements you can earn. If you have finished one of these you get career points. As you start collecting these points you will level up if you reach enough points to level up.

    it wasn't a nice message to keep.

    I'm out of my association, after how many hours I can enter a new association where I got an invitation.

    If you were longer than 24 hours a member of your previous association you can join the new association right away. Shorter than 24 hours you have to wait, a timer will tell you than how long you have to wait if you try to accept the invitation.

    I would say more than that: the game

    it should contemplate other languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, and French, etc.

    Many players do not fully master English and will experience some difficulty.

    With the possibility of payment via ATM and more languages, the game would have other much wider boundaries.

    this game comes in more languages, see the screenshot of all possible languages where you can play in. If you want to play in one of these you can find the language of your choice in the lobby and chose to join a new gameworld.

    Hi all, I'm Naike and would like to introduce myself to you as one of the elected community ambassadors. In this role I would like to hear as much feedback as possible about the game, the things that go wrong but also the good and fun experiences from you. With all the comments, frustrations, reported bugs I can speak on behalf of the players and together we can make the game a lot more attractive.

    At the moment, bug fixing is highest on the priority list. All reported bugs, via tickets, the official RN discord and in the forum, will be reviewed and the most reported bugs will be collected and put into a voting list. Everyone can vote for the bugs you would like to see fixed as soon as possible if possible. I ask you all, let us hear from you.

    If there are questions or comments you can always contact me via an @ or PM here in the forum and in the official RN discord.

    I agree the sitters function needs a rework. Especially on 2x servers the cool off time of 12 hours is to long compared to the 1x speed. Another problem is the 15 days you can sit on a 2x server. At the moment for a large group of the players the annual summer holiday season will start soon or has started. If somebody goes on a vacation of two weeks the days are already consumed, with a three week vacation there are not enough days on a 2x server.

    I suggested a long time ago to change sitter days in sitter hours. Change the amount of days 30/15 to hours. Normally if you sit someone you are not for a very long period in one go online for the person you sit. This might be logging in several times per day to keep the account up to date and start some buildings or tracks, rescheduling etc. I don't think as sitter you spend often more than 1 hour per day active for the person you sit. With the hours option you can manage sitting a lot better.

    Maselbart, bist Du das?

    The answer you received is from the CM of the international servers. You asked your question in the English forum. In which forum did you send your design entry?

    Die Antwort, die Sie erhalten haben, stammt vom CM der internationalen Server. Sie haben Ihre Frage im englischen Forum gestellt. Wohin haben Sie Ihren Designeintrag geschickt?

    There is no point in talking since all the essential comments have been placed on this topic.

    Now the movement belongs to the company, not to the Community Ambassadors.

    Kelot, this topic is discussed here between a few players. We as community ambassadors will share this topic also with the players who are not active at the forum or discord. Bring it to the different communities we have in the game and gather the thoughts and feelings of a bigger part of the players.

    How can I proceed? it's already too much for me .. maybe others know how, but I personally don't ..

    I have repeatedly asked to change the login type. If I delete my facebook account, how can I still log in? I already lost good hours that how do I recover?

    you can use the link nEwW attached in his previous post. You can submit a ticket without being logged in. You see this screen, you can fill out your data and a description, support than can help you. It need to go through support because you have to give personal data. This can't be done here in the forum.

    regards Naike

    in later eras a double of the amount of licenses isn't needed, in the beginning when there are only a few goods unclocked and everybody is hauling the same goods more licences are needed. Now you have to share 1 licence with almost all players on the server in the beginning. In later eras not all licenses are sold because less people are hauling the same goods because of the difference of the levels and more unlocked goods

    hoe kan ik opnieuw beginnen en in een andere stad

    Hi Els, I will answer in English because this is an english thread.

    Which scenario are you playing you want to change city? On classic, If the desired city is close to your start city you can also build tracks towards that city and when connected you can change it into your home city.

    Steam over europe and American you can also change city the same way as on classic. You can't change region in Steam over Europe and you can't change faction (red or blue) in American dream.

    If you want to restart the server you need to delete your avatar, wait for 72 hours (3 days) before you can re-enter the server. If you have gold make sure you have change none transferable gold into plus account days otherwise that gold is lost.

    Is there a way I can find out what game worlds I have played? Thank you in advance for the information.

    yes you can see which game worlds you have played. When you are in your lobby select game worlds and you see the option completed rounds. There you can select all servers you have played.

    the GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is the european law for data and privacy protection . When I choose to share my privacy data no company can held responsible for it.