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    Are bonus trains kept, even after world restart?

    In era 6 there are 4 bonus trains, 2 of them (Titan, Aurora) say "can be unlocked in latter era", but it's the last, how to get these?

    No, when the server restarts you only have your carreer engine again. Bonus trains won in the previous round are lost.

    A worker who will reduce the city consumption would be very nice :):)

    or a worker who will increase the deliveries,

    or gives the ability to attach more wagons to each engine. e.g. era 1 one wagon, era 2 two wagons etc.

    sounds nice but what is the relevance of the information?

    this information is an addition to compare different trains, it gives you real numbers instead of estimated numbers we find at the compare sheets. This is one example

    I think the main fix would be to have the slot assigned to the worker bought in it. So that if people get rid of another worker, they get the slot back, but if they get rid of the worker bought with the slot, it disappears.

    Would be much fairer and more logical.

    what you say is what I mean

    A bought slot should be at least stay open for 24 hours.

    e.g. you have two workers and need to open the third slot with gold to get the one you want to have also. One worker is still valid for 10 hours and the second worker will expire in two hours.

    You are succesfull with buying the worker you opened the slot for. After two hours when the second worker you had will expire than also the bought slot is gone.

    In my opinion 50 gold is a lot of money just to open it for this short time, therefore the third slot shoud stay open for 24 hours, this is the time a worker is valid.

    I know how frustrating this is, all the wait. This is very unfortunate and we are sorry for all the inconvenience.

    We are waiting for Google to approve the fix (cigar free image) and then everyone can join playing with the Android app again.

    I'm lucky I don't have to use the android app but I don't take the risk to update the iOs app now.

    People who depend on the app are loosing progress, plus account days (lost of real money). Servers are in their endgames, they lose gold because of the prestige they can't earn.

    I read from someone who bought extra data only for an endgame, again real money washed through the drain.

    Why doesn't give Travain/BF the previous working APK here in a link so people can download this again and play without issues until the new update is approved.

    Again the quality of support by not taking any actions to help people to get back online, the little of communicating, at least at the beginning of this problem. This is not adressed towards the support employees who are trying to inform us as best as they can or allowed to do. It's adressed to Travian/BF management.

    My opinion is that employees from higher management inside Travian/BF should communicate here at the forum explaining what's going on and what steps are taken to solve this asap, management should deal with all the crap people are totaly understandable writing at the fora. It's not appropiate that "volunteers" have to keep the angry and frustrated players satisfied with information which is repeated over and over again.

    It's time Travian/BF starts to act as professionals.

    I can not believe that it is taking three day of solving this issue!

    On the top of that someone from your company have replied on my complainments on Google store than I always can play on my computer, seriously?! What a nonsense...

    I am really wondering how will you compensate not beeing able to ride a final stage, lost a lot of presige points and $$ not only at one server for so many players.

    Welcome to the wonderfull world of fantasy which is called support

    Are you using Pro? I just installed the free version...looks like it still removes all cache or all cookies from a given browser.

    Yes I'm using pro, but I think it will work with the free version too, at the options menu you have a cookie sub menu