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    make a competition a game of SKILL,
    take out the gold buying, for once, take the loss and give the community that built you a fair game.

    Gameplay, engines, strategy is all basically excellent, but when you offer prizes, and then allow someone with money to get ahead of everyone else, you have just lost respect

    Buy gold in normal games, expected, but not when its a competition for prizes

    Completey with you about the serious money being spent .... it is already after 3 days just another standard game, dont see the point in pushing myself to stay up to get that final competition, or setting the alram early to collect bonuses. Just spend money
    give him the prize..... forget about the %th YEAR ANNIVERSARY COMPETITION ?????? thats just a laugh, as being able to buy your way to the top ;means it cannot be a competition .. let us ordinary poorer players just have fun