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    A basis of 100 means that the overall difficulty won't change much for big servers (at the beginning less, later more than 100 players).

    Thats not right. In my first post I sharded a table whichs shows connections of a city in the largest regions on a german server, where 100 connections was reached in level 12(!) after 33 days. If you can level about 10% quicker you can already have reached level 13 at this point, because you won't get connections quicker. Even if you get some connections over 100 you'll only have to carry about 2-4% more for the last two levels.

    but for small servers it will get significantly easier. And that's good. I saw some level 4 landmarks at the end of era 5 on the scandinavian server.

    Thats right, but this cities are far away from 100 oder 70 connections and on the other hand the new way only will lead to about 15-20% less tons, perhabs one level more for them. Thats a structural problem, that won't be solved in this way.

    A basis of 70 would make it harder for everyone. Whether the real average number of players per city really is 100 doesn't matter.

    Of course it matters where the average number is. If you change exponent up without touching the basis you do it easier for everyone, when the average isn't higher as the basis. This number haven't to be the average of course, but have to be also balanced because I is in conflict with the real goal. Make it easier for cities with less connections / players. The goal shouldn't be to make it easier for larger servers or regions. So let's discuss about a good numbers:

    The average in large regions in SoE is maybe around 25 days and level 8 oder 9 in LM, where you have about 70 connections. Thus it would be a good point I think around this point to have nearly equal numbers for not making it to easy at all. Thus: For basis 90 and exponent 0,75 we have nearly the same numbers in the lower connections like u prefer in 100 and 0,7, but since 70 connections more tons to carry as it is in old 100 and 0,5 system. So larger regions have a quicker progress the first about 25 days but on the other hand a slower progress after it, thus around as quick as they are now, but cities/regions/servers with less players much quicker as you want.

    Number of active players connected to the city
    required tons (old) - Landmark level 3
    required tons (new) - Landmark level 3
    31,623 19,953
    25 50,000 37,893
    50 70,711 61,557
    100 100,000 100,000
    200 141,421 162,450

    Some examples how it works. Definitely better for cities/landmarks/regions with less players than before.

    So it is the same I mentioned two posts over you.

    But we are talking about a LM on Level 3 in this example. Even the largest and biggest regions will have a average number of connections about 30 people, so they have to carry also significantly less tons. Why not taking a basis instead of 100 like 70 to smooth the time where LMs have less connections in den first levels and after it about the same time they have more. Or taking a basis of LM Level * 10, thus level three 30 and eleven 110. You cannot balance LM like Engame cities and assume that there is the same ammount of connections. The largest cities start with about 30 connections and it lasts about 20-25 day to double it. In 25 days u already reached level 9 oder 10 in LM and you'll still be far away from 100 connections. This is a bad and not adequate number that is never giving the same balance between less or more crowded servers and cities like it is for endgamecities. I really love the adjustment of the exponent to 0,7 it was needed much, but you can't lower the hole amount of tons for everyone.

    no a stronger region with all cities with less than 100 connected players have a great benifit too. Stay out of each others cities or pair cities you will have a max of 50 players. The gap in regional points will become bigger. The balancing should be calculated not depending on active players but tons capacity.

    And as SavageDanyro said the soe are indeed multi player farms and German and Russian groups who destroy the native servers with big money spending faul play

    Thats not right or I think you are not right. Because there are no infos in changelog to the real balancing, I guess the change is the exponent discussed of Bruno_BF in this thread a year ago Anpassung des Anstiegs der zu transportierenden Waren und PP im Verhältnis zur Anschluss / Spielerzahl (Europa) from 0,5 to 0,7. Thus it should be a formula like: (Basic tons for LM Level)*(connected players / 100) ^ 0,7 [old one ^ 0,5].

    Therefore we should get for a example for basic tons on a LM Level of 100.000 these numbers, whereas the percentages are constant through every basis of LM Level tons.


    So there is a better relationship for cities with less connections than before. Instead of the factor of 1,41 before for every doubling, you now have 1,62 more tons to carry for having double connections. But all in all everyone will have to carry lesser tons into LM as my table in first post shows. Even the biggest cities and regions will have to carry about 10-15% less tons to LM than they actually have to. This couldn't be the idea of the balancing.

    This makes a strong region even stronger. I play a SOE server where no city reaches 100 players. There is 1 region with three strong assos who have now an even easier win of the game. Other regions have 1 big maybe 1.5 bigger asso's. This is killing the smaller SOE servers.

    All changes are made out of the German perspective.

    Even on German server we never got far more than a 100 players at the end of level 13. The Base of a 100 is not a practical number for a early and midgame feature. I love the idea of better balancing between cities with more or less connected players (I already asked for about a year ago) but it'll lead to much quicker LM leveling on every Server. Thus it is especially an early game feature it has to be less connected players as a basis.

    Sorry for german in the table, but think it's also understandable for not german speaking people. The third colum shows the number of connected players of LM of my one city for every level up of LM form the active and last game. Last one there were abot 220 active people in the dominating region, now there are 179 people at end of era 2 (first colum shows moment of level up). So even the largest regions on german servers will have to transport lesser tons, because luckily or unluckily the LM will only reach 100 connected players in the last two or three levels.

    The base of 100 perhabs is a good base for Endgame Cities, but for an early game feature it is not suitable. I wish we could have had a discussion about this like it was for the new balancing of endgame tons Bruno_BF.

    Don't worry about me - went with this strategy good since two years. Got in playerranking on german SoE Server 7, 17, 3, 4, 3, 12 in a row and also on german OJ Server ranking at 10. Heavily pushing laboratory don't worth it. With this strategy you'll get lynx, prometheus and thor in three days at least otherwise u can get it perhabs 12 to 18 hours earlier. How much u earn in Era 1 and 2 a day? 3 or 4 Mio? So u earn few 100k more, your restaurant doing it every 90 minutes more.

    However don't tell me I'm wrong never trying it. More than 40 people already told me , but everyone of it I could convince being wrong themselve after doing it.

    Bonus buildings are the most important Buildings. Get it up as quickly as u can, every day earlier u get it to limit of 32, is one day more u get more Money. Stupid Laboratory building as quickly as u can worth nothing. Go Era 1 to 8 as quick as u can, at the end the last three day up to 11 or 12, last day of Era 2 16 or 17, Era 3 20, Era 4 22 and Era 5 25 and you'll get in Era 1-4 the best Engine at least about 12 hours later than before, but millons more money every day instead of other players. The other players only get about these 12 hours 10% more Transport income, that's nothing in comparison to your bonus buildings.

    Without gold invest (only starter package and plus account) u can get restaurant up to 32 in Era one while activly watching videos. If not you are able to finish it in Era two a least. In best case u get restaurant in Era 1 to 32, Hotel in Era 2 and Shopping Center in Era 3. Do it this way and u have no money problems first four eras. Day 7 Era 6 my earnings of bonus buildings are 675 Mio. There only have to be someone collecting bonuses for u.

    What Cletus said! You will definitely do much better running direct If you have enough people active enough to change schedules each hour. Integrated is much better If people are just going to log in once a day or once every 12 hours and stay on the same good all the time. Since most people are between these 2 extremes, different teams will have different results.

    We practice it since one year in SoE as a hole association. Everyone who is online switch between two goods every hour and transport it directly. Everyone who is offline deliver only one good fully intigrated. Works perfecly if nodody do other things and everytime we have the best leveled factories on the server with only one association.