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    From now on this game will be exclusively and exclusively aimed at players who buy gold. Final paragraph!

    Reading through this thread, I think we all agree on that!

    What really freaks me out is again the arrogance with which this change is presented:

    "We are excited to announce a new bonus engine..."

    RN team has become very experienced in apologizing, so why not now???

    The following text would be much more appropriate and would get a lot more understanding:

    "Dear players, we are very sorry to announce that we have to take away some of the free stuff that players are getting from watching videos. The RN company is low on money and as you all have seen, our servers are crashing one after the other. With the limitation on videos we are hoping to collect more real money from our players, so we can solve the performance issues and hopefully create a more stable and more reliable gaming platform in the near future. To ease the pain a bit, we will throw in a new bonus engine. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding"

    Sorry, I thought I was clear but clearly, I wasn't.

    One watched video counts as one video - Two videos count as two videos. If you watch a video at your friend's station, the counter goes up by one. If you watch another video that follows, this also adds a counter to your max daily videos. That's 2/56.

    The German moderator clearly has a different understanding of the new video limitation:

    At 1x if you have a plus.

    Without plus - less!

    Even with plus, in reality it will be less.

    There is still the bug, that sometimes you don't get a 2nd video.

    This happens when 2 players click the same 1st video... Only the player who finishes the add first, will get a 2nd one. Nobody told me yet that this bug will be fixed.

    So in theory you could get 28 rewards per day, but likely it will be less than that.

    This is really the worst change i have seen so far in RN.

    Sorry, I thought I was clear but clearly, I wasn't.

    One watched video counts as one video - Two videos count as two videos. If you watch a video at your friend's station, the counter goes up by one. If you watch another video that follows, this also adds a counter to your max daily videos. That's 2/56.

    Sorry, i was too quick.

    Well, this confirms our fears: Per day you can only collect 28 awards!

    Videos you watch at your friend's station will count towards your own personal daily video limit of 56 videos.

    Samisu You have now made 3 attempts to explain this and nobody understands your answer.

    Please read Polimorphics question again (see quote, 3d paragraph) and give us a clear answer that everyone can understand


    I fully agree with what has already been mentioned by a few others:

    The video limitation is heavily affecting the group of players who buy a little gold and rely on 5 and 10 gold tickets to get their BT and other prizes. Videos made it possible for little gold players to compete with the heavy gold spenders and this has been taken away now.

    Looks like yet another way to limit the amount of free goodies and force people to spend more real money on this game if they still want a chance to end in a top 10 ranking.

    Keep going like this and RN will end up with only newbies and a hand ful big spenders, buying their way to the top and loose the big middle group of active competitive players.

    So much for an update in the morning.... Europe runs on UTC +1, so it is now afternoon... AND NO UPDATE...

    Totally unacceptable.

    Are you really sure you want an update from RN?

    You should know by now that the update in most cases is even more disappointing then the issue itself.

    If you must insist, I can give you a headsup:

    "We are very sorry for your inconvience.

    As a compensation we give each player on COM05:

    - 1 free voucher to pick up all trainspotter

    - 1 big middle finger"

    When you work for your city to be first on the Endgame (starting) and can't do nothing...what will you do about this? Another compensation which doesn't solve nothing?

    As usual, I think they will apologize and give us all 3 tickets and a get all trainspotters voucher.
    Problem solved!!!

    I have been watching performance closely the last few days. This server cannot handle more than about 100 people online at the same time. Below 100 the performance has been very slow but somehow playable. Above 150 online players it became almost unplayable.

    Currently there are nearly 300 players online. This is clearly too much for the server to handle. I suggest everyone who is not from the EAST region, logoff right now :D

    Okay, more than 24 hours have passed and still nothing. I even logged a ticket for not being compensated for the damage on COM203.

    Samisu This is not aimed at you because I think you are just the messenger, but I have no other way to reach out to the "behind the scenes people" who make these decisions, other than through this forum.

    So let me throw in a metaphor (hopefully the decision people understand enough of the RN game to appreciate this metaphor). Please pass it on!

    In real life: You damage someone else's car (by accident). The damage to the car is severe. Next day you go to the car's owner and you deeply apologise and give him/her a big bouquet of flowers. You don't offer to help repair the damage nor do you offer any assistance for repairing the damage, but hey, you offer him/her a really nice bouquet of flowers. And I am talking absolutely fantastic flowers with beautiful and bright colours!!!

    How do you think the owner of the car will respond???

    And this is exactly what happened here!!!

    Still hoping for a serious reply!



    In addition, maybe I should explain a bit how this map has been very useful for me and helped me get at least one victory on one of the AD servers.

    This strategy is for active and experienced players only. It is not for everyone. Some may even dislike it.

    For this to work you need to connect as many cities on the US map as possible. Aim at connecting 20-30 cities (On my winning round I had all 50 connected).

    Connect the cities only to the nearby warehouse (this is where the map comes in handy)

    Don't try to connect each RG industry to each city.
    (Of course you want to be fully connected to your association's main city. I am talking about the other 20+ secondary cities)

    While you are online you do what you would normally do: Help your association achieve it's team goals (level up cities, conquer blue vs red cities, etc.). After all RN is a team game :)

    At night, while offline, you set 1 single slot train per connected city, hauling all 4 RG from the nearby warehouse.
    Why from the warehouse? This has 2 advantages:

    - you need a lot less tracks and therefore a lot less money
    - you will not affect industry wait time which sometimes leads to complaints from the local assocs.

    This way of harvesting prestige points from many cities, adds up to a lot of PP at daily reset.
    Needless to say that having the +50% city prestige worker and/or flipping red/blue cities helps a lot!

    I hope my map can be useful to some of you.

    Have fun!!!

    The vouchers are strategic tools and part of the gameplay, just like managing your cash. Some players know exactly how to use the vouchers, but it's not always an easy choice. Holding on to the vouchers until the very last building levels would change the whole dynamics, and there would be no need to think about what makes for the best investment.

    Very true. I find the way vouchers currently work, a nice game element that challenges players to make clever decisions on when and how to use them.

    Especially investment vouchers could be very damaging to the game if you could save them up. Imagine players dumping 100 saved vouchers in one single industry during End Game, completely blocking it for all other assocs

    Let me share a good example of a clever way to use vouchers (for those who don't already know this)
    Assuming you are a cargo hauler in early Era 5. You buy 25 Medusa instead of 22 and put 3 of them in the Museum. You will need those 3 medusa when Era 6 starts. On day 1 of Era 6 when your Engine house has reached level 25, you don't have to waste Engine Vouchers on the cheap Medusa and you can save those Engine Vouchers for the expensive Olympus!

    Okay, I don't want to be only negative.

    If you are serious about compensation for the real issue here, which is loss of train revenue for a full day:

    I think an easy way to compensate players is by turning the game clock back 24 hours so we have an extra day to prepare for End Game. That would make active players a lot more happy than this list of (partly useless) goodies

    RN team,

    Please take back the candy that you think is compensation for loosing a full day on a speed server.

    I am serious, please remove them from my account. I cannot do it myself, but I dont want them. They are an insult.

    Please tell me this is a joke... or at least an honest mistake.
    This doesn't even come close to compensation.

    The listed items above are maybe a nice symbolic gift as a way of saying sorry but it is absolutely no compensation for the losses in the game.

    Active players lost around 100M of revenue. Money that is needed to prepare for EG. Not to mention money spent on buying workers that could not be used, etc. etc.

    Please discuss this with someone who actually understands the game and understands what it means to loose a full day on a speed server in Era 5 only 10 days before End Game starts.

    Yes, in this specific case on COM203 with unsolved issues for over 12 hours, I guess an extra day in the Era would be a good solution. The server is in Era 5 and players are preparing for EG so they need their research/coupling and money for tracks around the EG city, waggons etc. etc.

    Also a compensation for lost use of hired workers in the assoc would be in place.

    So my suggestion still stands: Find a way to compensate for the real loss that players and assocs suffered from, rather than just simply paying each player a handful tickets and/or gold

    Well that was a waste of a reply... Std stock reply that says nothing, and it took 12 hours to get that.

    Totally unacceptable..... This is a supposedly 24/7 operation.. we should not have to wait 12 hours for s response on something so serious

    Actually I don't agree at all ¬ V J ¬
    A short message that RN support is aware of the issues and are working on it, helps a lot!!!

    The fact that the server is still not available means that this is not a quick and easy server reboot kind of issue.

    Of course I would also like to get it fixed asap, but I am happy that someone is looking into this and that we get updates from RN support.