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    Log out and clear cache and coockies from your browser. Log in and try again. If this doesn't work, try to park the engine in another city. When you see the train moving, reschedule.

    1) "N" letter on RAILNATION sign
    2) "Lukas was here" graffiti on the wall missing
    3) "WANTED" poster on the column is missing
    4) The fountain is missing
    5) "RN" sign is missing from the left train
    6) 2 windows are broken behind the fountain
    7) The railroad man doesn't hold his sign
    8) The girl with the red skirt wears different hat (red-blue)
    9) There is a man missing at the entrance of the building
    10) The man with the grey coat is missing his shoelace of the right shoe

    CZ07 Rychlik (Express)