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    Proposal :

    If an individual player's prestige is bigger than the prestige of his association, then, on the upcoming auction, the association joins the auction of the group of teams in the category of HIS (total) prestige, not the associations'.

    Do you have suggestions on how to solve them?

    On the classic scenario, actually it's the income of freehauling passengers that causes the problem. I believe it is difficult to change the income formulas to more fair ones, so it would be easier to :

    1) Create an international server, classic, express, without passengers.

    Additional problems could be reduced by :

    2) Ensure the uniqueness of every account by associating the e-mail with a unique cellphone, as in some social media.

    3) Upon the first login, require a pin sent to the cellphone. Every time the player changes device, generate and send new pin that must be submitted within two minutes.

    4) Reduce the ability to change the avatar name to once per year..

    It is hard to clarify where is the line that distinguishes a married couple just playing together enjoying a common hobby, and a married couple/brothers/family violating account sharing rules.

    - Someone would think that a couple being on line simultaneously affects the bids on workers (let's be honest, that's the first problem we're arguing about). Well it's not. More effective is to have more people of the same association on line at the end of the auction, the strategy the association uses to raise money for a worker, and the decisions taken for how much money will be bid there. One person (part of a married couple) does not make the difference here. It's well known all over our server that I'm playing with my wife, and we rarely buy workers against associations that have better strategy (or "strategy") on this. Now, if the "strategy" includes clear account sharing (not the married couple only), that has to be further investigated and proven. If the married couple/family/brothers are involved, then yes, they have to be banned. But we all start by accusing the married couple first, and this is wrong.

    - Continuous activity IS a problem. Experienced players know very well that more hours in the game = better progress, and this factor in the express server will have additional effect with the new changelog (increased number of competitions).

    First of all, a married couple (which means adults with increased obligations) has other things to do instead of having such free time to cover each others playing hours. Under this perspective, they must be considered as just having another dedicated member in an association.

    Second. Think about a single player aiming for #1, leaving his account 24/7 on line (green light). Only very experienced players can tell if he's really on lie or not, continuously checking on him, and judging by the schedule of his trains and their service condition. Who can tell if he has a second/third person behind him, covering him for the hours that he has to sleep ? Nobody, and this can be only characterized as unfair/unethic. BUT, if in this situation, the second/third person has an additional account, then yes, for me the accounts should be banned, because at this point they can really be considered as shared accounts, because they really affect the game. If they don't get banned, we all have an excuse to have a double/triple account, making the support teams' job harder to clarify the limits between legal/illegal.

    Account sharing IS a big problem in the game, but the married couples aren't mainly responsible. At least, they are known. I'm pretty sure that support has the tools to see what's going on, and decide what to do.

    To finish, administrators that are not part of the support team have every right to play and join associations. I didn't see anywhere something that prevents it, I don't know what their contracts say, but I live with this for years and had no problem. From the other side, if there are paid travian employees, they shouldn't play, especially if they are members of the support. I believe there is a conflict of interest there.

    As for conclusion, I'd suggest we all be very careful who and for what we complain to the support team, and when and why we should pass the limit of joy and join a stressful mode. Sometimes I feel that the game looks like a "mirror" of real life, with competition, rivalries, disagreements, fights e.t.c,, but it's still a game. We should have fun, and not make our lives miserable.

    For sure the developers should focus more on defining and preventing actual account sharing.

    I will speak specifically about COM05 (Cylinder head express), because of the usual number of active players, having in mind that for the last couple of years more than 70% of them are the same ones. Servers with higher membership may have some slight differences.

    The way the formulas are right now, no more than 1-2 serious, full-membership associations that haul focusing on their city are required to bring it in the EG.

    Exactly because most of the players are the same, at about the end of era 3, most of the players know where the "party" (end game) will take place.

    In eras 4-5-6, more than half of the server is connected to the city that will go for the win in the EG , making the city giving significantly higher prestige in the higher haulers against cities that are higher on level, because of the population.

    But the "visitors" are not actually hauling there. The proof is that this city has difficulty to win a city competition until era 5 or 6, when the population is so high that the city is unbeatable. The "visitors" are freehauling, leaving the hard work to the actual citizens. (Don't get confused with the higher prestige the city gives, we all know how to take even more).

    The other cities with citizens that go with values such as "teamwork", "fair play", "competitive rounds so we won't get bored" e.t.c. are doomed to bring their city so high to cover the daily prestige award and the income difference, that their city is absolutely unable to cover the required tonnage of the EG. They have to run in another city !! Which they also have to prepare for (bring it in) the EG. More lost prestige and money (that secondary city is low level).

    The associations that would like to follow, are so far away the way the map is (considering where the usual party takes place), that they can't actually follow. And of course, some associations don't want to follow , preferring to stay alone or with some very few neighbors, for the same reasons mentioned above. There goes the alliances.

    In the meantime, the "party hosting" citizens (those that take over the hard work to bring the main EG city in a good place for the EG) are doomed/instructed/planned to keep the city in a middle place (never #1-3) so the tonnage will be low in the EG. Lost prestige and money. From what I can recall, the members of these associations are not able to be placed in a very high individual rank, or in the top 2-3 associations, because they have to stay in their town. This way you loose money and prestige, we all know that.

    The result is, that actually the rest of the associations have the freedom to do whatever they want, earning money and prestige in whichever way the game gives the opportunity to do, becoming so strong (mainly because they have the ability to buy almost all the workers and taking prestige all around), that they entering the EG taking over the city, and, obviously, winning the round.

    The way the game is right now, it's encouraging freehauling, not teamwork strategy, and the developers should seriously think about it, because of its' target group.

    As for the players, if something doesn't change, we should reconsider why we like/dislike Railnation, and either quit or continue. I like strategy games and teamwork, not shoot 'em' up.

    Because I think it's wrong to block people of connecting to cities (don't get confused, I'm not talking about avoiding overpopulation when preregistering), my proposals for now :

    - Significant change of the tonnage required to finish an RG in the EG, according to the population.

    - Significant change of the awarded prestige and price/tn as the city goes to higher levels during the round (encourage city levelling)

    - Lower effect of the city level on the required tonnage for an RG in the EG.

    - Higher prestige for deliveries in the PREREGISTRATION city (initial city for new players). For this reason, a whole association should have the chance to preregister in the same city, overriding the overpopulation rule.



    Log out and clear cache and coockies from your browser. Log in and try again. If this doesn't work, try to park the engine in another city. When you see the train moving, reschedule.

    1) "N" letter on RAILNATION sign
    2) "Lukas was here" graffiti on the wall missing
    3) "WANTED" poster on the column is missing
    4) The fountain is missing
    5) "RN" sign is missing from the left train
    6) 2 windows are broken behind the fountain
    7) The railroad man doesn't hold his sign
    8) The girl with the red skirt wears different hat (red-blue)
    9) There is a man missing at the entrance of the building
    10) The man with the grey coat is missing his shoelace of the right shoe

    CZ07 Rychlik (Express)