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    In my previous post, I posted how the moderator will ban just by mentioning an association who are not even playing in the game. Here's her latest bannable reason.

    For some reason, she allows a player call players horrible names, posting in an inappropriate language, and severe disruptions. She will delete posts but no bans so that player would continue to post the same harassments. NOW you can't even report this one players harassment and disruptions or you could get banned. Here is her reply to a report:




    She only threatens this if a report is made to one person in the game. It's curious what her relationship is to him :?::?::?::?:

    I think this ban was totally correct. Even if you have sensored the actual names here, it is pretty obvious that you wrote this with (too much) sarcasm.

    A bit of fun can be ok in a game, but you don't know the other person/persons. What is just fun for you Evil Negan might be insult for others.

    I have been clearly insulted in this game before, and nothing was done, so I am happy to see the game now takes some action.

    Even if you were not playing the game and can't even see it? You would fill insulted? Wow.

    As I mentioned previously, the [redacted] word was a name of an association that are not even playing in the region. Yet I mentioned that associations name and was banned. I used this associations name because all the people involved knows of that association. The moderator plainly states any mention of that association or a player in that association, no matter if they are not playing, will be considered harassment and lead to further bans. Hence, the redaction.

    We need to keep in mind this game is an international community, some words or expressions can be having totaly different meanings. In one language a common used word or expression and in another language an insult.

    What is exactly used for names isn't visible in the thread creaters post so nobody else can judge the ban if it's ok or not. And in my experience you have to go pretty far out of line to get a ban.

    The redacted association names are just that. Association names. The first redaction is the game world. The reason is because I was warned that if I used those association name in game chat, even if they are not in the region, I could face a possible permanent ban. So I didn't want to chance getting a ban for uttering the association name here. As the moderator said... "I would like to advise that you stop discussing [redacted] or referring to them," Have I gone too far out of line to mention an association who are not even in the region? I guess I have.

    This is a new one for me. You are no longer permitted to mention another association/player or express a positive attitude or you will get banned. Here's the official 24 hour ban reason:

    Thank you for your message.

    The server in which this sanction is for is [redacted] , I will give you some examples of the comments that you have posted that have led to this sanction and I would like to advise that you stop discussing [redacted] or referring to them, and the same with [redacted] as this will be seen as harassment of the Player and the Association. 'Maybe their next name change should be [redacted] #2! 5555555!' 'Awww... how CUTE! [redacted] , now the [redacted] , love us and what to be like the [redacted] SO much, they changed their Association Name and

    have a logo to match ours. I think I'm shedding a tear of joy. 55555!'

    Please consider how you speak to and about other Players in the future as further sanctions place your account at risk of being permanently banned from Rail Nation.

    If you have any further questions or other issues to report, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


    Wow. Be careful out there! Moderators can consider anything they want as "harassment."