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    Thank you for your response. I am suprised by that!!!

    Yes I do run ADBLOCKER PLUS because I do not want to download adverts that waste my limited DATA ALLOWANCE.

    3rd party cookies are blocked to. I do not want to be tracked everywhere I go on the web. )I also run certain scripts that keep my IP free from tracking).

    I'm NOT perpared to compromise my security by allowing 3rd party cookies.

    My suggestion is to take all adverts in house, then check them for compatibility with the game, then allow them to play. That would allow you to control every thing ( time length, format ect) advertizers wish to play us.

    Again thanks for responding.

    I repeat the most important.

    you control the format. then all the videoproblems will go away.

    I left this game nearly 2 years ago because of the video's not playing or not playing correctly, or not giving bonuses. I'm suprised this video problem is still occuring. as of now I can't see any video's complete blank white screen, same as it was 2 years ago!. as the game is nearly impossible to play without the premium 150gold per week, looks like i'll be going again.

    Keep them wheels turning, profits flowing and maintain your trains lol.

    Only SIX years ? that means your coming up to the 7 year itch!!

    I wonder what that itch will become? wishes for rail road crossings, to slow or stop us, holding up supplies, until a reroute is chosen.

    Well Done Guy's n Gal's

    This is one of the longest time games Ive played,

    you have even got me to prize open my wallet on ocassion, to let the moths out and buy some gold.

    A rare occurance, believe me!


    From Cylinderhead

    Hi and greetings from "brainszoo" of loch ness region.
    here is my list of differences.......

    1. green hand =missing finger
    2.skulls lights yellow instead of white.
    3. coal truck 3 skulls eyes missing.
    4. goods wagon pumpkin missing face.
    5. legs sticking out of teeth, (top of train boiler).
    6. ghostley face between trees, to left of train bell.
    7. large lantern at front of train different size colour orange lens.
    8. nameplate "H" missing on side of train.

    thanks guys n gals