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    1. Not necessarily. I know many people who care about it but they wish to actually earn it by building up a decent association over several rounds, rather than just jumping aboard the gravy train. I have been asked several times by more powerful associations to jump ship and go with them the following round but I am staying loyal.

    2. I have also quit Big Ben now due to time restraints and am concentrating on 2 SoE servers & 1 Origin but no that wasn't the one I was thinking off, it was actually Tower Bridge, where it looks like the power may be on the move again, but that is because some of the larger associations are looking for a new challenge.

    3. starting with 25 slots is not a bad idea, but how about a max of 20 pre-reg so you can invite newcomers in straight away, rather than waiting 3 days?

    1. And if they opt for that, they will also have to spend the time that it requires. This is like weightloss irl, You can decide to only eat vegan, but if you make an active choice to make it harder for yourself, you'll also have to expect things to take a bit, or a lot longer.

    Exaggerated loyalty to failing associations/clans/guilds is something I see in FPS games, MMOs, etc and this is rarely anything that pays dividends, it's usually a waste of time. When you write "not all" you're trying to refute my argument with the rare exception. Yes maybe 5% of associations that end a round with less than 15 members at EG have something nice going on towards building up in the next round, but the other 95% are still useless crap that will waste the time of everyone involved, and where their gameplay towards better region efficiency or asso ranking etc would benefit from split+merging a lot more.

    2. Well on TB the SE was above the N just a few days ago. That server is not written in stone. And whoever wins have every chance of recruiting a new asso into their group and winning over the other next round. I really don't see a problem from the perspective of competition here.

    Power has already shifted on TB before, remember the round where enterprise was in the north sector and penguins+batmen+whoever else was in the NW and won their EG in dublin? That was before "It wasn't me" and some other heavy hitters left, and before I left.

    3. That would force a big association to cut people out that have been playing whole gameround with them, how would you feel if you have done a good, productive round but is just the 21st player and have to be cut? In the quest for fairer associations I think forcing associations to punish individuals is a bad route to go, then it's much better to have them open from the start. See the origin server with already made teams forced apart because they have to wait for the earning power to make stupid HQ donations, in an overcrowded economy with low earnings...

    1. Because if they did care about it they would just use the messaging function and be in a crowded place next round. I and many many others have done this time and time again. Begin somewhere at era 6~the previous round, connect with someone you deem worthy, and pre-reg with them for the round you actually intend to play. Simple.

    2. No of course bigger isn't automatically better, but most bigger associations get better by kicking the crap and keeping the good. However one thing that all the horribly ranked associations that never get much hauling done and play SOE without ever noticing there is a landmark is that they are all small and they are all filled with players who either refuse to communicate at all or do so extremely immaturely.

    3. Well in most other games there is an offensive function, which is used to kill off these kinds of annoyances. In railnation we don't have that option, and all we can do right now is to attempt to move away from them. There is no "human right" for players to be parasites and expect the players they are piggy riding on to reward them for it.

    4. I believe you are refering to "Big Ben" where power shifted when "Team Europe" quitted and the new alliance that was formed specifically to challenge them suddenly became very dominant instead.

    Sure that happened because Team Europe quitted, and their satelite associations in city merchants, vikings etc were not strong enough to replace them.

    However the intent with the new alliance(Valar, Diamonds, SAS, Batmen and now in the last round CLMH) that was in the SW and won the last 2 rounds, was to form up and challenge the former victors. I can't say who would have won, but the mechanics work; >100 players joined forces in order to challenge the other 100~ that had previously dominated the server.

    I've also seen it shift on towerbridge for similar reasons, a couple of strong assos allied together and won over enterprise a couple of rounds ago in the NW.

    What makes SOE fun at all is the fact that there is a bigger "macro meta" to engage in for more experienced players. Players/associations who feel excluded are free to communicate with each other and form their own alliances.

    And in order to make competition more accessible for those, I have many, many times suggested that all associations should begin with 25 open slots from the start, to give eveyrone equal opportunities to compete and form new assos.

    I don't like restrictions against having a group of associations going together to play together.

    Some of my closest ties have developed in skype/slack/discord groups with associationleaders of other associations, with the whole point being we go together and bring our assos to play as a 100 member team.

    So what if several SoE servers only really have the playermaterial to properly fill 2-3 regions, let them fill those, and let the players who want more space and care less of ranking play in the other regions.

    There is also a lot of associations and players that better associations just don't want to have next to them, because they are negatively effecting just about every aspect of the game, and pre-regging in 5 assos in 1 region helps getting rid of some windowlickers.

    The diplomacy and building of relations for the next gameround is also a strategic element in the macro-level of the game.

    On both the SoE servers where I have played for many rounds I have seen the power shift because new alliances were made, it's not so "given" or obvious that someone will "rule forever" as people think.

    Current limits work fine.

    Also remove the whole HQ-thing from assos, let all have 25 slots from the start so it's easy to start new ones in a competitive way.

    I agree with stubaski or however he spelled his name, there will be excel sheets, people will enter the data and have the best locomotives show for whatever tracklength and WTs they think are relevant.

    When the pioneers thing came, people who had played test or something were spreading excel sheets right and left within the first hour of the new servers.

    So the only thing I see happening here is widening the gap between experienced players and new players.

    What I would much rather see is a *soft* rebalance of a few engines.

    Era 2 Bat (swap stats with panther or give it some acceleration, let new era 2 players have a little less uphill battle...)

    Era 3 Hercules should at least be as good as the elephant (both traction giants)

    Era 6 ... Did you really have to slaughter the Lindworm? It used to at least be debatable whether lindworm of oly was best for low WT routes... Now it's just Oly crush all 99% of the time, use only oly, end of story.

    You are not deliberately playing a worse game, you are playing strategically. If you only haul the best paying goods then who hauls the lesser goods, or do you rely on others to do the dirty work?

    I thought the thread was actually about the Bank Limits, so not sure why the lab has been brought in to it. That should be discussed separately imo, however the same applies. Developing your station is part of your strategy, you need to work out which works best for you and it may not be the same in every round.

    In real life I don't work more strategically by taking time off my actual job to clean the toilets, we have people for that, who are payed accordingly. If I took time off from my work to clean the toilets, my employer would see the price she payed for my salary go down that same toilet, and would probably not be very happy or consider it very efficient/strategic.

    Similarly it's seldom more strategic to go for lesser payed routes in chase of direct PP rather than earning credits to get indirect PP over time.

    I really understand it that a bank limit of 30M is far to low special in era 6 when your income is high, that's why i already said save up your gold to buy plus for era 6

    We're not discussing 30M being too low, we're discussing the 60M +acc limit being too low,

    and even more acutely, the labs 40/80 RP limit being too low.

    As I have said previously, you have the ability to adjust your strategy in the game. Here are two possible strategic decisions:-

    1. Maybe one option is that you decide to haul lesser paying close goods, or those from a longer distance.

    2. Maybe you choose to haul fully integrated, even though it pays less than hauling direct.

    Did you read what you replied on?

    This still doesnt adress the short cap on the laboratory.

    Also deliberatly playing a worse game for the sake of not hitting caps doesn't seem very strategic in regards to the bank either.

    So your idea of "strategic game decision" is what exactly to be clear?

    When I had a job that was 12-hour shifts at a powerplant with nearly an hours commute single way, is that what would constitute "bad game strategy"?

    Since those 14h are longer than the 12.5h full cap of the laboratory? That "vacation-mode" would have been 3-6 days/week depending on the shiftcycle btw.

    Perdita How about adding an extra tier, a extra-plus acc, that allows x4 bank and double RP storage?

    Right now the RP fills up in something like 13h, which is really tough if the time between waking up and going to work doesn't allow for logging in and spending them. Also 60M bank is pretty thin considering what it costs to upgrade it there.

    So if normal +acc costs 150/week, maybe this could cost 200~?

    RN - OJ is based on Classic scenario, but it will have unique features. Will those be just the visuals or will there be more, who knows...

    Well... Since the scenario will only run once, and some players might want to play together that have done so in the past, it might be good to know how crucial it is to start how close to each other in order to do so properly, don't you think?

    Yeah I've been noticing last couple of months sitting has become hell,

    and now even getting in my regular account is getting hard, often the user interface wont load and I'm refreshing and refreshing,

    and when things finally work i can do like 5 things and then something like changing a schedule wont work, refreshing refreshing refreshing... ok now that worked etc.

    The phone app wont let me buy any wagons no matter how many times I close the app or remove the cache or whatever, I'm lucky if I can spend the RP before it freezes completely.

    The webpage itself often forces me to first log in, pick a world, now it has forgotten my login so i have to log in again, I click on the world again, it opens a page, but the clicking thing for flash wont work so I have to reload that page, now it has forgotten iw as logged in again so back to mainpage and logging in again, the then opening the world i want to play again, and oh finally it loads in.

    All in all I'm spending more time refreshing and loading, re-deleting caches on phone and desktop etc, and that's why the upcoming lochness EG will be my last before I quit for now.

    and before I get any comments about potentially having a bad phone or computer, nope, my phone is brand new and works great with everything else,

    my computer does well with the latest games and highest quality videos etc.

    think pax-only is mostly a convenient choice, it's also the best cash-choice as mentioned above.

    If it also became the best PP-choice, thereby being best in every category, nobody would play cargo, and the game would come to a halt as nothing gets done.

    Then all cities will be level 5, and the only metric of the game would be "who changes schedules most often"

    Can you describe in more detail the problem you see?

    Let me compared 2 of my experiences, roughly equal career engines, 20+ wagons, era 6 good-capable;

    Both consisted of my running 5x olympuses and respnding to well over 30 goods on the ON-calls.

    We were the winning region on both.

    1st experience;

    Big ben finished like 2 weeks ago. I had the following bonus engines;

    red kite, bull, ice-breaker, isis, zeus, sphinx, valkyrie,

    I wont count the PAXers, ebcause they dont matter much.

    My asso was 3rd/4th hauling asso on all goods in the city.

    What happens is that on every call when i was present I got the top-hauler spot in my association, and I managed to go from rank 15 to 7 on the server. On average I got about 1500 PP/good

    2nd experience;

    The second experience on Tower bridge I had red kite, no other bonus engines.

    I went from rank 16 to rank 12.

    I was in the top association where many players had 4+ bonus cargo engines.

    The result is I was often the #10-15 hauler in my asso, only got 50-500 PP/good and couldn't advance my position. On many calls I was sending my trains directly seconds after it had been posted, and still got like 52 measly PP with boosted olys and mechanics.

    The main difference; bonus engines. They are an absolute MUST-have for even a decent EG. If a player doesn't have at least 3 of the top 4 bonus-cargo engines, screw the EG, it's useless.

    The possibility to park trains by sort, (cargo or pax) is a very good suggestion.

    I want to add something else, now you can't change association during the endgame, that is ok but I would like to see the option that a person during the endgame can be fired from an association, only done by the Chairperson.

    Oh yeah this, because it's in the EG you see who the most destructive members are.

    I already have 1 member on que up for instant kick when Big Ben starts again because I couldn't during the EG.

    I think all assos should be bidding in the same auctions, this shit where weaker assos don't compete against the strong assos gives them an advantage compared to the strong that has nothing to do with their skill in or time spent. It just means that the "best of the worst" is in a much better position than the "worst of the best" which is a horrible way of designing anything.