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    This however is even more false, since the counting of players just leads to the creation of many multi accounts punish-connecting to cities neither that account nor the player behind them intend to play.

    Above all it counts "active players" along a metric everyone knows is a complete joke.

    The most players does not always win, this was never the case before.

    The highest level city almost never won before neither, so that part which RN writes here and there is a complete lie too.

    Through the years I've played this game I've been in the winning EG city so many, many, many times, the majority of these we aimed to rank the city at around #8, because it was strategic, due to these mechanics being bullshit.

    Players kept connecting to these citite, because they don't look at level, they look at where the best association or coalition of associations is playing, because they know that's who is most likely to win. Not Levels, Not number of players. Neither of the latter two have ever had anything to do with winning EGs.

    So if we're going to count these "active players" then let's be real about it,

    * Anything less than 100k PP before EG is an inactive player, by any serious definition.

    * Any player who is not filling 25/25 slots of engines, is an inactive player.

    * Any player Who does not have all buildings maxed out level wise is of course not an active player, etc.

    Only players who fulfill these criteria should "qualify" to the endgame, while all other accounts are stopped, so they don't bother those who actually play.

    I think these formulas are a failure.

    the amount of "active players" have always been a subject that RN have been useless at counting, and something I would expect the developers to know is a weakness.

    I think these formulas are overcomplicating something pretty simple.

    If we want people to be motivated to play as well as possible, then a higher level should be rewarded, not punished.

    And the number of random non-contributing idiots (which is the majority of the metric "active players"), should not be relevant for any part of the formula at all, because they say nothing about the actual hauling capacity of the people who actually play the EG actively.

    So quite simply;

    If all cities get the same tonnes as the top city tonnes X3 +5% for each position down the ranklist. It's done.

    Let all cities start at the same time so they are less busy ruining each others first sets.

    Easy and simple. The best built town has an advantage instead of a disadvantage from leveling.


    While Clash is a novel addition to the game, it goes on for far too long and loses that novelty.

    Please shorten the ranked period to 10~days or something next time you have this event.

    Also the current rules suggest that the last couple of days of the event will be played by the end of October, if this is the case it's frankly a completely idiotic setup so I hope it's a typo.

    Are you implying there should be logic?!?

    jk I agree completely this makes most sense

    Well there is a down-side to basing the amount of tonnes on connected players.

    Most players in the game are planless drone-style players, who will either not participate in the endgame or run counter-productive hauling, not following calls either from mal-intent or from just sucking at the game/not knowing better.

    I think a better thing to do would be to make a proportional division of PP of a certain amount of points for each good. That way a city that has 50 people hauling seriously and 50 people who just touch each good once, will have >95% of the PP go to the 50 that are actually doing the hauling, then there could be a multiplier based on Asso-hauling rank for the good and another multiplier for individual rank.

    Also, if the neighboring city has 200 active haulers and 50 idiots, those 200 will be getting 95% of that PP-pool, which is then a considerably smaller piece of the pie compared to the other city that has 50 haulers active haulers, since 1/50th of 95% is 4 times higher than 1/200th of 95%.

    So let's say the first good gives 50.000 total PP,

    and one player hauls 1/50th, his base PP is 1000.

    Let's say he is ranked 1 in his asso and his asso has hauled the most and that the multiplier for top slot on each is 2.

    Then he gets 1000*2*2=4000.

    One of the bad players or one who is just running around touching the good takes 16 tonnes out of 200.000 or something, his asso is ranked worse than 5th and he is outside the top 50 individual haulers giving no bonus. 16/200.000 <1%, he gets 1 PP

    1*1*1=1 PP.

    For each good there should still be a climb of the PP-pool though.

    This rewards better players and associations and removes the shenanigans around with BS-loads during EG.

    This would mean that in these "alliances" that rype is talking about above, it's no longer just about making as many allies as possible, but also about getting quality allies.


    It would be desireble that vids that a player has seen or "seen" 10 times or more always gets a skip button after 3-5 seconds.

    Like for example the miramagia video has gone for ages, but the target age group for that game is probably around 3-5 years old while I suppose most rail nation players are quite a bit older than that...

    Nobody who plays the vids to boost up in the beginning of the game has not-"seen" those thousands of times already.

    Imo the videos are mainly played to keep up with competing individual rankers who also plays the vids, therefore not playing them would give the advantage to the opponent.

    By "seen" I mean clicking on the sidescreen while watching netflix or clicking on the laptop while cooking food etc.

    I understand the vids can't be removed entirely due to ad revenues, but let's at least be a little efficient about it...

    Devs please compare the monumental achievement levels with other achievements that yield similar amount of points.

    It's quite obviously a disproportionate amount of levels (especially the later levels) compared to the amount of Career points the achievement gives.

    Even a great player consistently getting top 10 or #1 positions in the game will only rack up a limited amount of LM-levels through a round.

    Thousands and thousands of LM lvls for one of the smallest achievements career-wise? really?

    Either lower the amount of LM lvls requires for each level or boost the amount of points it gives, the current ratio off effort-points is ridiculous, even when farming 24x servers for landmark levels with 100% reliability career engine, this is a multiple-year achievement yet yields comparatively very low amount of points.

    So, are there actually four same workers at any given time?

    I'm looking at this for Firebox and form Rok Dawgz (16.) point of view. Number one Night's Watch has 30,318 prestige, and less than 10% of that is form ranking 46. Sally flyers. If the rest are devided evenly by ranking, there should be 15 in each basket. If they are devided by prestige, the result is the same, we shouldn't be at the top basket, but yet we are. We haven't been higher in the rank at any time. Yet we are in the same group with very top associations...?

    No they can be different workers, you can see this sometimes if you are sitting for players in lower tier associations, or if you change association from a serious one to dummycorp. The small corps get all the good stuff almost for free compared to serious corps where bidding is a major credit drain.

    It seems weird that you get a medal for completing all buildings to top level but no medal for research every tech in all 6 eras.

    There is also an achievement-series for researching whole eras, but not for completing all 6 eras in a gameround.

    Just thought of it the last EG.

    I'm personally quite bad at clash, but I think it's a general positive.

    Masters hmmm....

    + For it being express, wont be as drawn out and static as the origin thing.

    - For having to play a final round after the qualifier. it would be better to get the thing done in 1 round.

    Uninstalled and re-installed the app fully after this and it still doesn't accept the phones keyboard

    Offensive measures; enable players to damage trains of people who wreck things for others.

    Enable Associations to add WT to specific players in their majority industries, NOT a %, an actual hurting amount of time, 60-600 seconds.

    Change the rival-asso function as well, add an actual time, not a %. Enable to chose up 10 rival associations or unlimited.

    I made a longer reply about this in a thread where i think it was you asking about "risktaking" in the game or something.

    People who organise already use slacks, discords etc to communicate with people they like and shut out the bottomfeeders they don't like.

    Now it

    A) demands that I download 300 mb every time I start it

    B) I can't write my login/pw, so i have to open notepad on the phone and write down my details there, copy and then paste into the app.

    Can you just reverse the version a couple of days? I mean this is really game-breaking.