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    I also feel disgruntled and disillusioned by the way RN have dealt with this issue, it is in my opinion a huge advantage to players that buy huge amounts of gold, others like myself pay what we can and without the videos we have no chance of competing ( on 4x servers a certain person has already ruined that and bought gold to win every server) what is the point now ? Every answer is meant with an answer of non conclusion ! questions are closed when in fact the situation has not been addressed. I also state that if this is NOT resolved soon i will also be leaving RN along with fellow loyal followers.

    Well i for one would like reimbursed for the gold and + account i still have in Rapid rail, as i invested into what i thought was an ongoing server. Honestly Samisu your patronising of the English speaking players is obvious and really leaves a sour taste that i hope comes back to haunt the RN team financially.

    Go to current game worlds that are running just now and you will see Dutch NL201 Euromast & Portuguese PT02 Fornalha, actually go to current game worlds and click on country you will see french, german, czech, italian, spanish, turkish, romanian game worlds and although you state any language can be used the majority will be native to that country ! yet no option for English game worlds ! SEEMS STRANGE. many have stated there opinion on this matter and we are getting no resolution, we have to make do with an international server that is swamped with Russians who already have there OWN game worlds. I will continue to play the game but certainly not anywhere near as frequent as i have done in the past.

    Yet you ask us to write off the 90% of people & train fans who do not speak english (at least if we follow your logic of just looking at world population).

    If you are unhappy about not having your own server where only your language is allowed but only a server where your language is recommended and the most common one, try to imagin how you would feel instead, if you were not allowed to play at all, because none of the languages you speak are allowed.

    Because that is precisely what a english-only server means. This is what you are demanding. I can only repeat myself: Please, have some empathy with other players.

    You seem top have all the statistics it seems, so why have Polish/Dutch/Portuguese only servers when that excludes people who dont speak that language ? i do not expect that they have higher numbers than English only speakers on RN although i could be wrong. Point being you cater for those said languages by giving them there own language servers but not for English speakers.

    One round of Rapid Rail is not really a great example of numbers to make an argument is it ? like most servers if you join a few days late you have no real hope of competing to be in the top 10 unless you spend serious cash trying to catch up and almost impossible in 4x games. But just a quick question then " is there no servers for English speaking individuals only " ? International is open to all, Russian for Russian speakers, German for German speaker etc etc, but none for solely English only speaking language. It leaves a bitter taste the way Rapid Rail fans have been treated to be honest.

    This game now tends to favour German & Russian players hence they have game worlds that cater for there language. If your of English speaking language then suck it up and make do with an international server where you can try and decipher what is being written, good luck finding a association that speaks English only then during EG getting a caller who gives commands in multi language, from previous experience players join these, go so far and then hit too many hurdles and just quit that server. But as long as they have spent money on gold then that's all that matters ! RN have a multitude of players who quit mid round after spending cash trying to catch up in an era then find it is impossible due to language barriers. If one thing is crystal clear here it is that RN have NOT listened to us on this subject on this forum page.

    The EG is going to be a bit of an anti climax now, im placed 22nd and in the top association this round and im currently sitting with 43 days + account and 330 gold and would have purchased more ! but now i feel i like i wasted money on this server, friends made on here will go to other games and i hope RN feels it in there pockets as lots of good players are already talking of other strategy games.

    No ENGLISH server ! very angry, so what happens with my gold i have left over ? English is the only language i speak and i have tried multi language before and it was a nightmare trying to relay asso communications to various members.

    Basically your answers mean let the big associations run the rule then, I have played many rounds and found that some not all make it impossible for small asso, wont accept newcomers as they have been going for years and basically it aint a comp its a monopoly.

    That's the problem (English speaking servers are to far apart) from playing previous rounds I KNOW that joining a server even a day late is no good unless you want to pump real cash into the game. I was absent from the game for over a year and still see the same problems exist.

    I joined a Russian Express server as I had missed out on servers in English language, plus I don't like steam over Europe or USA scenario. Unfortunately all the associations are in Russian (to be expected lol) when I see writing in chat I cant copy it to translate it, also would be nice to have the city names bracketed in English as I cant read my own city name. Even in world chat everyone is writing in a language foreign to me, I thought world chat had to be in English ? i could be wrong though. I will carry on regardless but any help would be appreciated Thanks