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    that wiki isn't up to date anymore

    If you find things that aren't up to date anymore please correct it yourself. Thats the point of a wiki. ;-)

    Hi, you can select a different gender for all game rounds you start, when creating your avatar - but it is not possible to change gender after you have joined a game world.

    Well, no if he wants to use the Pre-Registration feature. RY51 you can ask the ingame support to change the gender of your own avatar. I know for sure it was possible für the support years ago and assume it wasn't changed.

    There seems to be many players including local crew members that say it is allowed to play with multiple players on 1 account, as long as those players do not play on any other accounts on the same server.

    Well, I quoted the rule allowing that on page 1 of this thread.

    According to my 10 year long career with various Travian games, it has always been the rule that only 1 player per account is allowed, and only 1 account per player.

    What in the world is going on here, am I stupid for not turning my account into a Hotseat or is everyone (including crewmembers) cheating?

    No, thats wrong. Back in the days when I played Travian it was not only allowed to play an account with more than one player but it was absolutely usual to do so. I knew people who played one account with 5 players.

    But here in Rail Nation, although it's allowed, it's unusual. I don't know anyone who does that. Just cause its not as important as it was in Travian to have an eye watchin the account around the clock.

    You have to pay additional money to lay a track which connects a new city to your net. The price grows the wich every connected city up to $27,5 million. I guess it's obvious why that worker is usefull. ;-)

    Also a wierd thing, happening to me is:

    when a player has a waiting time of 29 sec, I do have 30 and for my next investment I get -2sec. If I do the invest, I don't only shorten my time to 28, but alsto the time from the player having 29 sec before....

    It's just wierd...

    Well, thats what I explained above. If you invest you'll also reduce the wait time for other members of your association a bit.

    Well, then just compare the times after investing once, twice oder more. And if you are already there you'll learn that the first invest will reduce the wait time more than the second invest and the second invest will reduce the wait time more than the third invest, etc. Most of the time more than 3 invests aren't worth it.

    Thats because of another factor you doesn't seem to know. Did you never wounder about decreasing wait times of other members of your association when you invested? Of course not related to the majority. Try it yourself. Invest a few times in a just leveled factory and watch the wait times of other members of your association. Or search a factory with zero invests from you but where of other members of your association invested and look at the time after "Investments:" in the waiting time popup. ;-)

    What is written shows a direct connection between the total amount of investments and the waiting time!

    And there is no such connection.

    No, it doesn't shows a direct connection between the total amount of investments and the waiting time.

    I'm not against the mechanics of the game!

    But the written information does not correspond to the mechanics of the game!

    There is no number of investments in the written information!

    Look again:


    You don't have to repeat the pictures again and again. I'm not 5 years old anymore. I got your point with your first post already and just wanted to explain the game mechanic a bit. I'm fine with the mechanic that requires new invests after a factory has leveled and I see the logic behind that. Please stop exaggerating like this. Its not a scam.

    If I understand correctly, there is nothing reassuring.

    You say that with a new level of industry, all players lose their investments !!!

    Although it is written that there are 10% left !!?!?!?

    No, I don't said that. Players don't lose their investment. The 10% are stil there and count for the majority (very important) and will earn prestige the next time the factory levels. Just the wait time reduction is reset with each new level.

    And one more thing: One invest will get the same wait time reduction for a level 1 and a level 30 factory (with equal utilisation), but the price is much higher for the invest in a level 30 factory. ;-) Another scam? 8)

    Calm down HMR. ;-)

    An invest reduces the wait time only until the factory levels. When a factory levels the wait time is reset for everyone and the invest is reduced to 10%. So after a factory levels you have to invest again to reduce your wait time again. The logic is clear and no bug or error here.

    Be happy that the invest is reduced to 10% with leveling and not to 1%. The latter would lead to more broken majorities.

    can you please explain why iOS user are unable to access these bonus codes. It seems quite unfair even though we purchase in game currency which supports the game.

    Thats because of Apples condidtions for the store. Apple sees the possibiity to redeem bonus codes as a way to circumvent to buy everthing over the Apple store and its forbidden because of that.

    You get a prestige reward dependig on the placement of your region. The following screen ist found there:

    Regional ranking -> click one of the 10 regions -> click "Total score":

    Looks like there is a display bug with rank 10 (rank %9). Click "Help" to see how to earn regional points.

    When I get kicked out an asso I can join immediatly a new asso.

    But you can only join one association in 24h.

    Who wouldn't want the possibility to benefit from all the workers possible at the exact best time ?

    "I have a building to construct, let's go to association A for 5 min, and the let's go back to B because they have +50km and -35% WT workers". "I must remember to switch to C just before 1 am for the +50% prestige though".

    It was like that back in days. And thats the reason why you can only join a ne association once in 24 hours now.

    Das liest sich so, als ob Du zu viele Loks im Museum hast. Über die Stufe des Lokschuppens werden zwei Limits beeinflusst:

    1. Anzahl der Loks, die gleichzeitig fahren können
    2. Anzahl der Loks, die man insgesamt besitzen kann. also aktive Loks plus Museum

    Klicke mal den Lokschuppen an. Das dürfte so oder so ähnlich aussehen

    In der unteren Zeile siehtst wie viele Loks Du schon insgesamt hast und wie viele Du noch dazukaufen kannst.

    Also einfach alte Loks aus dem Museum verkaufen und Du kannst die neue Mehrslotlok kaufen.

    Wait... 'Hot Seat' is not allowed. It is password sharing, account sharing and is completely AGAINST the rules, no?

    See rule 1.3:

    1. Account

    • 1.1. Every player is only allowed to possess and play one account per game world.
    • 1.2. The account holder is the person whose e-mail address is registered to the account. Support has the right to request the e-mail address as verification.
    • 1.3. It is a violation of the rules to share passwords and will be punished as such. Exception: multi-player accounts. These are only permitted if the players of the account don’t possess or play any other account in the same game world. Accounts that are played from the same PC are not allowed to have the same password.
    • 1.4. It is against the rules to attempt to gain access to another account unrightfully. Any login that is not carried out by the account holder will be seen as unrightful. Violations could lead to expulsion from the game. The team will never ask you for your password!
    • 1.5. An account must only be played for its own success and is not allowed to exist for the exclusive benefit of another account. Accounts that are exclusively used to provide other accounts an advantage (‘pushing’) are forbidden.
    • 1.6. Inactive Rail Nation accounts will not be deleted.