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    Thanks for the response:)

    will you pls tell me that how can i make use of the license and make money?

    Licences are for specific goods and raise the price you get for it in cities or in an industry. So just haul the good you've got a licence for. Or better the other way round. Buy only licences for the good you haul.

    Thanks for your input, I'll try the in-out thing. I thought there was a 24hr wait on re-joining.

    The 24h timer is for joining an association. Thats only possible once in 24h. Leaving an association has no effect on it.

    Did your server just started into a new round? The others probably bought the super starter package wich contains a 2 days longer noob bonus and you didn't bought it.

    If thats not the case you probably hit a bug. There was a bug where a player was somehow not really a member of an association. I think that bug was solved. Tthe workaround was to leave the association and immediately join it again.

    Its not possible to redeem bonuscodes in the IOS apps because of Apples restrictions. You have to use the browser version to redeem bonuscodes. But there is no browser with Flash support under IOS so you have to use a PC.

    Endspiel: Die Anzahl der erforderlichen Tonnen in einer Metropole hängt von der Zahl aktiver Spieler ab und wird mit jedem Block neu berechnet.


    Endgame: The amount of tons in a Mega City depends on the number of active players (connected players) and will recalculated with every new block.

    With that change the stock size will be reduced for cities with less than 100 players and will bei raised for cities with more than 100 players.

    The change is on all servers where HTML5 is currently tested and on all 4x-servers .

    One thing I forgot in my post above. In the near future there will be a change. The number of connected players will be a factor for the stock size too. It will be reduced for cities with less than 100 players and raised for cities with more than 100 players. Proportional to the number of players more or less than 100.

    Currently its only based on the city level. A table with the stock size of every city level is there Lagergrösse im Endspiel. Description is in german but it should be self explaining. When a city changes to mega city the stock size is trippled. For example: A city with level 44 has a stock size of 70.000t. A mega city with level 44 has a stock size of 210.000t.

    A city consumes goods every 15 minutes. The percentages show the differences in stock levels immediately after the last two consumptions. If the stock level was higher after the last consumption than after the second last, then there is a plus.

    You can calculate how much tons are one percent.

    The 30.820t here are at 67% of the stock size.Just divide the number schown in the city screen of your city and you'll know how big 1% is.

    1. First and most important reason: Its boring not to level other cities. 14 days per era for 8 levels means you are left with 6 days where you can't level your own city and need something to do.
    2. It helps your passenger haulers. More money, more prestige (benefits the association too) and less waiting times for them. Especially when you spread the level ups of your own city over the era and level the neighbours in the meantime.
    3. More money and prestige for you too if you deliver goods to the neighbours between level ups of your own city.

    I wouldn't expect the HTML5 version in February. Too buggy right now. If I had to guess I would say not before April.

    Why is this only shared in the German forum?? Are the players of other countries not important enough???

    Because it's not an official announcement. Its just that Bright Future is a german company and some employees answer sometimes some random questions in the german forum.

    Direct quotes from the german part of the forum (Klasse = class or league):

    Thats how it used to be. 2 more classes were added. Bruno_BF is one of the developers of the game.

    Bald gibt es noch

    Klasse 7 - ab 150.000

    Klasse 8 - ab 200.000

    mit besseren Preisen

    Now there are 8 "leagues" or "classes" for competitions. You need to have at least as much prestige points as written there to take part of it. The other constraint is that there need to be at least 10 players connected to a city in a league to make the competitions happen.

    In the later stages of the game the more active players are usually in the higer leagues so that there isn't much competition in a competition.

    You need to allow third party cookies to load the gold shop. Just enable them temporary and disable them after you bought your gold.

    Hm, seems like there was a misconception. There is only one career engine. Its not possible to have two. But there are bonus engines. One freight bonus engine (and one passenger bonus engine if you play the Classic ot the Spirit over Europe settings) per era. Red Kite for era 1, Bull in era 2, Isis, Zeus, Sphinx, Valkyrie (and Titan for the endgame). You get them only for the current round and not the next round on the same server or on other servers.

    So I guess you were lucky and got two bonus engines. You'll get the career engine on every server you are playing the moment when you achieve career level 2. You need 100 or 200 (I forgot the exact number) career points th achieve that. You can earn career points if you meet the requirements for the career achievements and redeem then. Career points are an important part of the game because you can buy upgrades for your career engine with them.

    The career is part of the lobby outside of the game.

    First Class is a status that you get as a reward if you have played many rounds and or bought a lot of gold. The exact numbers are not known. You do not have to buy gold to get it.

    With First Class you get several skins for your locomotives.

    Happens sometimes. Try it again.

    I know someone who can only sit when he is at home. If he ist at work he always gets the black screen. Hopfully you don't have the same problem.