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    correct but I am having to watch 40 videos to get the upgrade, it should still be only 28 videos total correct?

    Otherwise its just a waste of time. guessing which video beyond that.

    Depends. Only if you have plus which garantees a bonus video for every first video. Without plus there is no garanteed bonus video. Only a 50% chance to get one.

    It is not very logical.

    Decide either to be able to earn money by legally buying / selling locomotives, or an exploit.

    I want to believe that you have expressed your words inaccurately, but the impression remains that you perceive using legal solutions in the game as cheating, which was probably not your intention.

    No that wasn't my intention. I don't percive it as cheating (or even bug using). Just using the game mechanics to get unlimited money. I would call it exploiting the game mechanic nevertheless, because it shouldn't be possible to get unlimited money for obvious reasons. And RN is to blame for missing the unintended consequences of the change to selling engines. But RN is not to blame for fixing it.

    This entry proves that you have absolutely no idea what money was earned on this accumulation of employees and the bonus for locomotives.

    Selected locomotives, of course.

    Yes, the falcon. I did the math yesterday. $11.000 profit for buying and selling one falcon with employee for 40% cheaper upgrades and the bonus for 20% cheaper locomotives. But it doesn't really matter cause with a unlimited number of trades its unlimited profit anyway. Just more grind with less profit per engine.

    But you didn't really understand what I wrote. The timeline looks like that

    1. Selling engines earns 70% of the base price of an engine. Upgrades don't change the sell price.
    2. Rail Nation makes a change and selling engines earns 70% of the purchase price of upgrades too.
    3. RN realized thats exploiteable and changes the employee for cheaper engine upgrades from 40% reduction to 30% reduction.

    This game was an economic strategy from the beginning and earning money from trading locomotives was included in the gameplay.


    All in all, I am not surprised, because there are many who, due to the lack of knowledge about the game and unable to win anything, look for an exploit in every better result of other players.

    A way to get unlimited money is an exploit.

    From the beginning of the game it was possible to earn good money with an employee 40% cheaper upgrades with a 20% discount on locomotives.

    Nope wrong. From the beginning the you would earn the same money for selling an engine no matter if or how many upgrades were installed. That was changed some years ago and now we get more money for selling an enigine if upgrades were installed.

    As this did not generate profits for the company, the employee was changed to a 30% discount for improvements and no locomotive for today can be sold for a profit.

    I didin't realized the reason for that back than, but now I understand. Good change in my opinion cause that was an exploit to get unlimited money for players knowing it.

    just one question please how do i upgrade my ranks been on 1 now for a week

    You need to meet the requirements for the career achivements and the you have to collect them in the lobby. You can learn what to do to meet the requirements in the lobby too.

    Just a quick question.. I have had my career engine so long I cant remember if you have to play a first round to get one or its automatic at the start of first game...a newbie has asked and my mind has just gone please someone

    You need to advance to career level 2 to get the career engine. Just to add the reason why Bluebalu gave the correct hint.

    Well, its just like in Travian. Dual-accs (two players playing the same acc) were quite usual there. And even tripple- or quad-accs. I knew some back than and I played an acc with a friend too.

    I guess the rules were just copied from Travian. But I don't know Dual-accs in Rail Nation. Not enough to do in this game for that. :-D Ok someone for the time while I sleep would be convinient.

    At the EG If a good in finished 5 to 10 minutes before hourly recalculation, the caller usually ask to Park for the next hour to start. I thing wasting 5-10min is not so effective. What else a caller can do the 5 - 10 min before recalculation?

    I can assure you that no caller likes to park the engines. Usually only goods within one track to the city like coal are possible during so little time, but only with zero or little waiting time. The second option are goods with two or more industries. Hauling from one industry untill recalc and then switch to the second industry. Tthats a risky gamble though, because two players hauling from the wrong industry are enough to ruin that plan. My experience with such gamles isn't good. It usually only works when the second industry is much more away from the city. But in that case waiting till recalc and hauling from there after recalc is better…

    I was reading in the Pollux locomotive details about the upgrades of this locomotive and I see that 1 upgrade is declared to gain if I watch first 14 videos in one day. That is not working. Today I was watching 26 videos to get the upgrade.

    Thats not quite correct. You'll get the upgrade within the first 14 bonusvideos. A bonusvideo is the second video. So worst case is that you'll have to watch overall 28 videos with plus acc. 14 of the first and 14 of the second vids.

    This is a request for advice and not a complaint.

    I have an association member who seems intent on causing trouble in the city (we are rank 3). He sent me a PM when he arrived urging me to write to another association leader complaining about their conduct. I declined and he hasn't sent me another. However, I am beginning to suspect that other players have received them also as trouble is brewing. This is a city which has until now been remarkable for it's lack of bickering. This player is constantly complaining about other people's lack of team hauling but having observed his play carefully for the last 5 days I'd say that he only hauls for the team when there's cash or prestige in it for him. So what is the best legitimate approach? Any ideas?

    First you could ask the other members of you association privately or in the assiciation forum if the new one wants to stir trouble.

    Are you the chair? If I was the chair I would aks him to go to the "chain of command". Which means he writes and complains to me and I talk (or not) with the chair of the other association. Just because its more productive if the chairs (and their trusted ones) work to solve problems behind the curtain.

    And of course write him privately that he can't complain about others while he himself does the same.

    If he stil doesn't change first a yellow card and then a red card which means kicking him.

    Wie bitteschön definiert sich "Langstreckenlok"?

    Schlechte Beschleunigung. Beispiele sind Falke, Phoenix oder Satyr

    Bei manchen kann man es sich an z.B. "Zugkraftmonster"

    Hohe Zugkraft=viele Waggons

    ich mit "Sprinter"

    Hohe Beschleunigung, bestes Beispiel Prometheus


    Kenn ich nicht, noch nicht gelesen


    Sehr hHohe Zuverlässigkeit, verschleißt also langsam.

    Und wann gibt es die Lok jetzt? Ich spiele seit 3 Tagen auf dem Deutschen Server Stellwerk, habe mehr als 100 Videos geschaut aber bisher nichts von einer Pollux gesehen. Oder kann ich die nur bekommen wenn ich bei den Losen Glück habe und bekomme die dann in EPO 6???

    Gar nicht, weil Stellwerk das Update nicht bekommen hat. RN hats wegen eines Bug zurückgestellt. Gibt es dann erst in der nächsten runde.

    Thank you for your answer. It seems to a rumor, which someone started, as you can´t point me to any direct link, and non of my colleague knows about a statement like that.

    Mal ganz abgesehen davon, dass es auch den Suchtfaktor der Videos einschränkt und verhindert, dass einige Spieler die Gewohnheit entwickeln, Tag und Nacht Videos zu schauen und dabei den Schlaf vernachlässigen.

    Translation by DeepL: Not to mention that it also limits the addictiveness of the videos and prevents some players from developing the habit of watching videos day and night, neglecting sleep.