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    You need to allow third party cookies to load the gold shop. Just enable them temporary and disable them after you bought your gold.

    Hm, seems like there was a misconception. There is only one career engine. Its not possible to have two. But there are bonus engines. One freight bonus engine (and one passenger bonus engine if you play the Classic ot the Spirit over Europe settings) per era. Red Kite for era 1, Bull in era 2, Isis, Zeus, Sphinx, Valkyrie (and Titan for the endgame). You get them only for the current round and not the next round on the same server or on other servers.

    So I guess you were lucky and got two bonus engines. You'll get the career engine on every server you are playing the moment when you achieve career level 2. You need 100 or 200 (I forgot the exact number) career points th achieve that. You can earn career points if you meet the requirements for the career achievements and redeem then. Career points are an important part of the game because you can buy upgrades for your career engine with them.

    The career is part of the lobby outside of the game.

    First Class is a status that you get as a reward if you have played many rounds and or bought a lot of gold. The exact numbers are not known. You do not have to buy gold to get it.

    With First Class you get several skins for your locomotives.

    Happens sometimes. Try it again.

    I know someone who can only sit when he is at home. If he ist at work he always gets the black screen. Hopfully you don't have the same problem.

    There is a simple formula to find your


    (City level city / average city level of all cities) * (number of connected players city / average number of connected players)

    The results of each city will be sorted from high to low.

    Then you put together groups of five citys and thats it.

    I will switch also to another screen but than often it will happen that those vids don't start playing. So you are forced to watch the same vids over and over again

    Thats the reason I wrote "browser window" and not "browser tab". The search for vids (sometimes?) doesn't run in a background tab. But that problem doesn't exist in a background window. If the vid is already running it doesn't matter if background tab or window.

    Think about saving tickets before era change. Even the same wins can be more usefull. If you have researched the coupling already winning research points in the old era is a bit pointless. So saving tickets and hoping for research point or coins after era change is the point of saving. And the hope for the new bonus engine.

    Or if i have some saved in the lottery it will not award you others?

    Yes, if you have saved lottery tickets you won't get free tickets during collecting bonuses. With the exception of the daily free ticket. Thats unique. You can't have more than one of it, but you can get free tickets from collecting bonuses if you have a saved daily free ticket. And the daily free tichet is always on top of the staple if you have more than on saven ticket.

    Interesting. Saw something similar yesterday. Someone send me that screenshot from the masters:

    2.147.483.647 = 2^31 - 1

    I guess its the highest possible bid.

    With the balance change last year, many trains became viable in some occasions so it's more difficult to give you a straightforward answer.

    Yes, there isn't the clearly best train for each era anymore with the exceptions of the Morpheus in era 3 and Olymp in era 6.

    Era 1)

    Hardest era to give a straight answer because you'll lack research points and ist depends on the scenario too. And its a matter of taste if you prefer the Falcon or the Mole

    USA: Easiest answer. Research straight to the Rhinoceros. Research all upgrades with the exception oft the the acceleration update. Then straight ot the Falcon with all upgrades. The falcon ist better than the Rhinoceros on routes with 2 or more tracks. I prefer the Falcon over the Mole because it comes earlier in the research tree. The Mole is better than the Falcon on routes with less than 3 tracks, roughly equal on routes with 3 track and worse on longer routes

    Classic: The same as USA if you dont haul passengers at all. If you want to haul passengers too you have to decide between Rhinoceros/Greyhound and Whale/Mole. Because you'll not able to get Mole and Greyhound and coupling without the massive use of gold. I would prefer Rhinoceros/Greyhound there.

    Steam over Europe: I don't play there so take it with a grain of salt. What I hear is that tThe landmarks will need passengers before you are even near to research the greyhound. So many players reserach Raven, Whale and then Falcon or Mole. Maybe the Mule instead of the Raven, but not the Rhino cause you'll need passengers for the landmark.

    If you have difficulties to get to the coupling don't use the Flacon and use the Mole cause you have to completly research the Mole anyway.

    Era 2)

    2/ lynx (elephant is great as well, but further down the research tree so not worth it if you begin and don't know how to use it) // girafe for passengers.


    Era 3)

    The Morpheus ist despite its bad acceleration the overall the best train in the era. Depending on the route it's maybe worth it to replace the Lynx with Dionysos until the Morpheus is completly reserarched.

    Era 4)

    Depending on waiting time Thor or Poseidon. The Poseidon ist better with roghly 2 min or longer waiting time (also depends a little on the length of the route). I would recommend just to use the Thor. Maybe buy one Poseidon later and compare the current route if the 1 Poseidon ist better than 3 Thor. You'll have to decide yourself if it's worth the price to get a full set of Poseidons too.

    Era 5)

    Medusa for routes with 5 or less tracks, Satyr for routes with 5 or more tracks. The Centaur is like the Medusa. A bit better but also only for routes with 5 or less tracks.

    Era 6)


    Oger, Pegasus, Phoenix and Lindworm ar all better than the era 5 trains, but even I'm not sure if it's really worth to use one of them before the Olymp is researched. I have the habit to stil use the Lindworm even after the change to the research tree last year though.

    Edit: I forgot to add Best Train 3D & 2D (Hear ME Roar) Some pictures that will help you maybe. And when in doubt just use Hear me Roars great engine calculator. railnationenginecompare.htm#8h

    Yes, normally the server stays on for 2 days after end game, then 3 more dayx to wait for the transfer .... but that's the automatic script, which only transfers the purchased gold. From OJ all gold will be transferred. so they need another 2-3 days ... sums up to ... a few.

    You're mixing different things that have nothing to do with each other.

    The gold from Origin will be transfered when one Rail Nation employee starts the script to do the job. Can be monday morning or friday afternoon. We can't say how long it will take because we don't know when they find the time to start it.

    How do I access those?

    I don't know if the browser veriosn is different from the iPadversion. In the browser version its just

    options->collect gold

    Do I need to wait a period of time before it is available?

    Yes, but the exact time isn't known. It can probably collected sometime next week.

    Caveat: It depends on the server where the gold can be collected. Gold from a russian origin server can only be collected on other russian servers. Same with the german servers. Gold from teh COM-Servers can be collected everywhere.