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    Its like you forget "Halve waiting time". Thats the real pay2win element. BTW: It gave more prestige when it was introduced. And obviously the lottery which is the original pay2win element since the start of the game.

    It remains only: gold and plus account!

    Everything else is lost

    ONe little thing to add: Clothes and engine skins are remaining too.

    So, if I would choose to transfer my PLUS and bought Gold, then the rest is lost, since I will delete my character on the (restarted) server?

    The remainder will not stay on that server, right?

    Yes, not transferable gold is lost when you trasfer the transferable gold and plus account days. But one thing to know is that the non transferable gold is used first if you buy things. The transferable gold is only used when all of the non transferable gold is used. So you can use the non transferable gold to buy plus account until all of it is used. ;-)

    Thank you for your prompt reply. Is there any formula available for calculating of consumption in eg?

    Not to my knowledge.

    Publically known is

    • Basic consumption for all goods is 5%
    • Number of active players (more players higher consumption)
    • Number of completed goods in relation to the length of the end game (more goods in short time will raise the consumption). This is usually the biggest factor at least for the leading cities. Be carefull with the following fact. I only remember it and my memory isn't that reliable I would like… Sadly I'm not able to find a source for it. Was probably in the old forum. The calculation uses a standard time of 2 hours for this calculation. If you complete more than one good in 2 hours the consumption will raise.
    • Consumption is capped at 80%

    Sources are these 6 year old posts in the german blog:

    So funktionierts: Stadtverbrauch - Rail Nation

    Das Endspiel Balancing Update - Rail Nation

    The information there is mostly still accurate with some notable exceptions though. Shortly after the publication of the first post in August 2014 some goods changed the era. Quarz was an era 3 good and is an era 2 good now. Household supplies were moved from era 5 to era 6.

    And of course the warehouse size for megacities was changed this year.

    if the memebership with that asso was longer than 24 hours you are right, if this is shorter you need to wait 24 hours before re-joining.

    You missunderstood me.

    NB: Customer Support told me the same thing, that the 24 hour rule is between different associations, and I should be able to re-aply immediately.

    No, it doesn't matter if its the same or another association.

    It looks like I have to rephrase it a bit. Players are only allowed to join an association once within 24 hours. That means you have to wait at least 24 hours after joining an association before you can join the same (or another) association again.

    My Deputy said there must be 24 hours between leaving and joining, so for safety sake I'll take 36 hours.

    That would be two 'new days' passing in the server.

    Thats wrong and a common missunderstanding.

    There is a limit, but its for joining associations. You can only join an association once within 24 hours and thats it. There is no problem with leaving and joining an association within 1 minute.

    There is a known bug that somehow some players aren't really members of an association after joining it. IIRC it happens when a player applied to an association and got an invitation too and then one of them is "used". And meybe is a member of another association at that moment. I don't remember exactly.

    Anyway, you have to options.

    1. Ask the support for help

    2. Leave the association and rejoin it immediately after. (be sure the old invitation isn't there before doing it.)

    2 should be quicker if you coordinate it with your boss or one deputy.

    Be carefull, the documentation there is very old. More than 5 years old…

    For example

    Copper ore and quarz aren't era 3 goods anymore since the end of 2014…

    Another example are the train numbers there. Don't use it. Its just too old.

    Sure you do. One year it was a red Santa hat introduced in the winter event. I think last year was the set of red ear muffs. A few years back it was a set of reindeer antlers. I didn't get any this year, but I don't know that any were actually offered.

    No, these clothes are in fact very old. Older than the winter event. The Santa hat was in the 2015 Advent Calendar or in the search game (sorry, I don't know the exact english word) at 24th December of 2015.

    Yes I'm sure. They didn't change the mechanism. The just introduced a fee of 1 coin per resource for sales. With the obviuos effect that joint sales and purchases of players didn't pay of anymore.

    Ii guess not enough players participated when you tried it last year.

    why is winning homecity not interesting anymore after 30 wins? Do the stats on you profile stop counting at 30? maybe it is not interesting anymore for career? but also not for personal stats? Why do people then even try to be part of winning city if it even nowhere is taken notice off?

    The career achivement Winning Metropolist needs 30 wins with the home city. After that its not counted anymore. There are 10.000 prestige if your home city is the winning megacity. But only connecting the winning megacity and not setting it as home city is already rewarded with 5.000 prestige. So you don't lose much if you don't set your own end game city as home city. And if you can raise the chances for winning the endgame with your city by setting another city als home city many would do that.

    When all players jump over the finishing line, how did the Winter event packages affect the end results?

    When I hear that the leading player on one server has already almost 100 Diamonds and see several players with 70 Diamonds while the average seems to have 10 to 20 Diamonds on my server I predict a very big impact to the end results. Top results wich are rewarded with 500 or 1.000 career points won't be possible without investing money.

    • ‘Bad Luck Protection’: A trainspotter still missing in your collection will appear no later than after 20 already collected trainspotters.

    Is this update still valid, or has there been new changes since this to how Trainspotters work?

    There were some more changes after that with Changelog for Update 4.14.0 The 'bad luck protection' counter was increased from 20 to 100 trainspotters.