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    3) Broken Majority Counter. (This proposal makes sense once the number 2 is realized)

    Make a counter for the broken majority for each player.

    It must be easily visible to every player in the game.

    Visible for players to keep a log. Every player when and where broke a majority.

    I don't think public shaming is an good idea.

    I don'T know if that was diskussed in the english part of the forums already. Maybe in the old forum. But I can confirm that this tactic is verry old. Wasn't even new when I startet the game years ago. So we can assume the RN knows it and is ok with that.

    Back in the days there was another tactic city teams used but RN didn't liked it and introduced thr 24h timer to prevent it. Before that you could change your association every 5 minutes or even faster. So when workers for cheaper buildings or cheaper tracks were available one corps per city would try to get it. Players with money would switch assos to bid for that worker. If the bid was successfull the whole city would temporary join the the asso, take advantage of the worker and went back to their asso after that.

    There is one last thing you can try to save the day. Don't activate your pre-registration until the players of your fourth association were able to register when the new round starts. That will probably only work for 5 to 10 players of the forth association though. If they are quick enough after the server start.

    One tip for the next time. Only one player from each association should use the pre-registration until all associations of your team have a foot in the door. If all associations are preregistered you can give green light to the other players.

    at midnight GMT time everyone receives prestige for their deliveries that day. Also:

    When a city levels, players receive prestige for the "dropped item" as if it were end-of-day.
    When passenger bar fills up, everyone receives prestige in the same manner.

    Make it 0:00 UTC and its correct. ;)

    AH, so I get an extra $500 in my restaurant and they take the free cars, big bucks, etc worth far more. Seems like they are stealing from me more than helping...

    I understand your point, but it is a bit shortsighted. In bigger association there are usually more videos to watch than you can watch because many players don't watch videos at all or only their own..

    Is it the same medal? There are several in that series.
    Nr. 5: Invest in 5 industries
    Nr. 51: 10
    Nr. 92: 20
    Nr. 121: 40
    Nr. 141: 75
    It doesnt count the number of your investments. It counts the nunber of industries where you invested and the investment or a part of it ist stil there. As industries grow your investments there shrink until nothing ist left. When an industries grows, your investment ist divided by 10. When your investment is smaller than $1.000 it is removed.

    These production series are for First Class members. Its a reward for long term players. The criteria arent clear. Ist a combination of time (rounds played) and money (Gold bought). Invest enough money and you get first class in your first round played. Play enough rounds and you get first class wihout investing money.

    Well, the start Question is answered in the FAQ, with one exception:
    If you start the new round with 21 members … well, you have to wait, till your income allows to pay a few millions to level up the Headquarters.

    Wrong. Everyone gets one free donation for the association headquater from Lucy in the tutorial.Leveling the headquarters once on the first day (if enough players activate their prerigistration) is no problem.

    The profits of passenger trains were reduced. Especially the ones for really long routes. IIRC the profits for short routes to the neighbouring city were raised a bit.

    Did your city just leveled to 5? In the first days when only few passenger trains run you can make good profit but when more and more trains run it becames balanced.

    i like the options to limit amount of players from eihter 1 town or 1 asso.
    2 of each town sounds fair.
    for asso members I would say max 3 members.

    Then cabinet members cant change their home town to get points for the Home Pride achievement.

    Only until Era 4 (my server is in the middle of Era 4). Including the complete research of one engine (Lynx, Morpheus, Thor or Poseidon):

    Era 2: 12 /15 (with/without lab) (old researchtree 11/14)
    Era 3: 14/18 (old: 15/19)
    Era 4: 17/19 (old: 18/20)

    I will still park my passenger trains just to be sure. And I also remember more questions about this achievement. Some say it would also not trigger if you hauled the good to another industry (showing a different good in the train schedule, even if you didnt pick up the 2nd good). Supposedly, it needs to be hauled to a City only?

    I never heared about that and would call that a myth. As I said you'll get the medal if only one good shows up in the revenue statistics for the day.

    Then there is another timer, revenue per goods under the money menu. God only knows when this timer starts and ends, I believe from 0:00 midnight to midnight?

    Yes, the daily revenue statistics are from midnight to midnight. And thats the timer for the Monopolist achievement. For the Monopolist medal only one good should show up in the daily revenue statistics. Except passengers, I think you'll get the medal even when yiur bonus passenger trains aren't parked.

    There are 3 timers:
    0:00-0:00 revenue statistics (for today and yesterday)
    0:00UTC-0:00UTC Titles , Prestige and Interests from Plus
    And then the server runtime. Each 24 hours you get the daily login bonus. Each 14 days an new era starts.