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    So am I to understand if we just split into 2 or 3 smaller associations, we would be further ahead in regards to other associations?

    Thats a old trick to get cheap workers if you don't care about the association ranking. Found an new association and you'll start in the bottom group because your new association has zero prestige. Grow the headquartes large enough for all your members and you'll stay in the bottom groups for some time until the association gets too much prestige and is grouped with stronger ones again. Then disband and found an new association again.

    I only ask because there is no way a group that is ranked 14th overall on the server (so should theoretically have at least 4 larger associations in it's pool) is somehow continuously outbidding every other one of those larger associations in their "30%" pool segment, with only 13 members mind you, when our 30-40M bid is beaten by 15-40M each time.

    So you are 12th ant they are 14th? Hm, this would mean in pool 1 are rank 1-13, pool 2 are rank 14-26, pool 3 are 27-39 and pool 4 are the rest of the associations. Hard to believe, but possible on a weak server. Has the 40th association really 10% or less of the point of the first one?

    It is possible that the activity in the associations of the second group is not high or that they are not so coordinated though. Then a association with 13 players who almost all care about the workers have a walk-over.

    So that not all associations on the server have to compete for the same workers. Would be a bit unfair if the association at rank 100 had to compete with the leading association for workers, wouldn't it?

    The associations are divided into 4 groups for the worker auctions. One group for all associations which have less than 10% of the prestige points of the leading association. The rest in 3 equal groups.

    Thats wrong. Or tu put ist better you wrote the answer to another question. ;) That list shows the stock size in a megacity. Which ist the "maximum stock at the end of the stock bar" multiplied by 3.

    Sadly you can't see the maximum stock. You have to calculate it.

    For the calculation you need to know, that the line is at 67% (here 19.430) of the maximum stock. To get the maximum stock divide ist by 67 and multiply it by 100. So with this example:

    19.430 / 67 *100 = 19.430 / 0,67 = 29.000

    Of course it's true. Just click the link for "german source" and you'll see who postet that information. I recommend DeepL if you need a translator.

    Hm, from the lobby I see 798 players on FR202. Average is 79,8. We don't know how they round but I guess they round it up to 80. Maximum number of players per region would then be 90. Fits your numbers. Regions with 90 players are probably blocked for registration now.

    A region is blocked if it has 10 more players than the average AND has 5% more players than the average (Both condidtions need to be true. The latter is alway true until over 2000 players are pre-registrated on a server).

    If I understand it correctly, then this rule is unchanged since there are the Europa servers. The change now is that an entire association is counted completely during pre-registration. Previously, only those players were counted who had actually pre-registered. This prevents a large number of associations gathering in one region by means of pre-registration.

    But there are still strong and weak regions which cannot be changed without making many players unhappy.

    These Pre-registration changes will not in any way hurt the servers or players, and were designed to do the opposite. The change is actually much smaller than what some of the comments here might suggest. There has always been an overcrowding rule, but the pre-registration did not count associations as a whole.

    I disagree with that statement. The change might be small, but the effect ist really big. On german servers we saw up to 10 full associations in one region wich was possible wit hquick chairs and disciplined members

    Thanks to RN Skadi wie now know the actual numbers for the overcrowding rule (german source). For steam over europe:

    A region is blocked if it has 10 more players than the average AND has 5% more players than the average (Both condidtions need to be true. The latter is alway true until over 2000 players are pre-registrated on a server).

    This means that if an association with 25 members pre-registers in a region, it is blocked until an average of 16 players per region is pre-registered over all 10 regions. Or in other words: 135 players ((16*10)-25) have to pre-register in other regions until the next spot in the first region is available. You can do the math for your own server to see how many associations are possible in one region after the change.

    I guess we'll be in a state as it was before pre-registration…

    While I agree some change was needed we'll see many unhappy players when the change finally hits.

    I do not know how you calculate them. But now it's terrible. I play two servers and it is very hard to collect :(

    The worst case scenario I calculated above? Every hour one trainspotter appears.

    The first 10 are different from each other so 10 hours for 10 trainspotters. Then

    • ‘Bad Luck Protection’: A trainspotter still missing in your collection will appear no later than after 100 already collected trainspotters

    So worst case are 100 hour for one trainspotter still missing.Adds up to 1.500 hours for the last 15 trainspotters. Altogether it sums up to 1.510 hours for the worst case scenario. Wich ist very unlikely.

    The reasoning for the trainspotter change is that it wasn't rare enough anymore after they changed it to 20 before one appears your don't have already. They miscalculated and didn't expect full sets so quickly.

    this means players could be waiting 2500 hours for a set which seems worse than before the change came in.

    No, thats wrong because of a change from update 4.8.0. Quoting changelog for update 4.8.0:

    New Features:

    • The logic for generating trainspotters has been changed. No trainspotters will be generated who were already generated as one of the last 9 trainspotters. This will improve thechances of finding a rare trainspotter.

    This means wihtin the first 10 hours after completing a set you get 10 unique new Trainspotters. And in my experience even before 4.13 only the Trainspotters from the lower row were the problem. The rest is usually verry quickly there.

    There were additional changes with update 4.13.0. Quate from the changelog for update 4.13.0:

    Collecting trainspotters will be less frustrating!

    • Trainspotters will only appear every 60 minutes instead of 30.
    • The trainspotter cash rewards will be increased accordingly.
    • Petr and friends will be less shy! Rare trainspotters will appear more frequently.
    • ‘Bad Luck Protection’: A trainspotter still missing in your collection will appear no later than after 20 already collected trainspotters.

    I know how you earn the titles and can see the image but I am curious to find out exactly what titles there are to achieve.

    Well that is easy to answer. You can get a title for every of the 48 good plus passengers plus Money.

    That way I can see which ones I haven't got yet :).

    And thats not easy to answer for me cause I don't really understand the question. There is neither a medal nor an achievemant for getting all possible titles.

    Addditionally you should have a symbol like this

    in the ranking or any transport list which shows you got a title for that good.

    The bank at the express versions of the game have a double limit. This is one more reason I prefer express scenarios.

    But not only the bank is doubled. The profit is doubled too so No1 Engineer can get the same problem there.