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    1) What are the winning conditions.

    The 5 cities are compared and ranked according to the weakest good of the required 4 goods.

    2) What does the (every now and then changing) good sign mean in the main screen just above the city

    That sign shows the currently weakest good of the 4 required goods.

    3) What does the number mean in the right upper corner of that good.

    I don't get what number you mean. Do you mean the number in parenthesis with the plus? That number shows how much of that good was hauled in the last 5 minutes. Asuming stable tendencies you can make a projection with that number how much will be hauled till the end, wich good will be the weakest eventually and if its enough to stay above the opponents.

    I tought you regret a decision to install a acceleration update. You don't lose any technologie points if the support resets your career engine and could install more speed upgrades instead of acceleration upgrades. But if you are happy everything is ok. :)

    I needed it for my carreer engine, only need speed and acceleration to finish that train. And sadly you can’t cancel an upgrade.

    You can ask the support once to reset your career engine.

    Personally I think acceleration isn't as important as other upgrades. I have followed the rule of thumb that 20 seconds to top speed is fast enough (Speed divided by Acceleration ist the time to accelerate to top speed).

    I guess the swallow is just an bad example. It accelerates in 3,5s to 50km/h without the upgrade and in 2,8s with ist. So I wouldn't expect more than a very little difference. Try it with the morpheus. The acceleration update should make very big difference there.

    You'll find the city-competitions in the competition menue. They're generated 14 to 16 hours before the event so you have to look there around 11 PM the day before.

    Are you talking about that:

    If it hangs there press F5 for reload. If it hangs again press F5 again, etc. Usually works at the first time.

    So I am told, but where does that information come from?

    Depends which part you mean.

    You can easily verify what I wrote. Make a list and write the red marked number down for each level (my example comes from a level 9 city) and compare citys. So everyone can get to the point by himself.

    A bit more arcane knowledge is the fact that the marked nunber is at 67% of the stock size. So if you want to know what tonnage the 2,0% for yarn mean just calculate 7.370t / 67 * 2,0 = 220t. If you want to know the stock size divide the Number by 0,67.

    Even more arcane knowledge seems the fact, that the stock size is trippled when a city becomes a mega city. So a level 9 megacity would've 7.370 / 0,67 * 3 = 33.000t (there're currently discussions how to change that to balance the end game).

    That information comes from different sources. Some are from the Rail Nation blog. Rhe Rail Nation Developers are german and use the german part of this forum. Some information was shared by them there over the years. Bruno_BF is one of them Beiträge von Bruno_BF - Rail Nation Forum

    Does ranking have an impact,

    No, ranking has no impact.


    So also it doesn't matter if city number 10 has level 30 or level 40. And it doesn't matter if your city has level 25 or level 39, it just will have to clear the same amount of goods as number 10 city?

    No, the level of the city at place 10 is important cause the level determines the stock size of a mega city. See Tool for End Game in Steam over Europe for a table.

    And yes the level of city 11 (or 12, 13, etc.) doesnt matter for the stock size. It will the same amout as city 10. But the level matters for the start time. For each level less than city 10 a city has to start 30 mins later.

    You set a sitter there:

    options -> sitting? (I don't know the exact english term)

    After you set a sitter you can click on the name of your sitter. Then you'll get to that screen (obviously not in german):