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    If you want ideas about making multi accounts less attractive I have two:

    change or stop the elections at the Steam over Europe scenarios. Most multi accounts are on those servers, easy to create a monopoly and have all the power in a region. (for me the reason not to play those scenarios)

    Interesting perception of the probem. Never occured to me. Seems to depend on the server.

    Change the investing at industries. This is again a part where easily a monopoly is created with multi accounts. For example stop with giving prestige for investments. This will solve a lot of problems with the so called prestige hunters, these are more common at the classic servers.

    They did already reduced the prestige for investments with 4.13

    Balancing changes

    The prestige received for halving waiting times will be reduced (restarting game worlds only).
    The prestige received for investments in industries will be reduced (restarting game worlds only).

    In my perception this change is enough. Its part of the game and I dont think it should removed. By the way: Sometimes stunning to see how little is invested sometimes on non-German and non-Russian servers. Probably explains our different perception of the problem.

    Another option regarding the investing:

    for example: try to eliminate investing and when in a city is decided the requested good is assigned to association X, this association will get the majority at this industry when it takes out the most goods of that industry.

    Please no. Too much industries are shared between cities. And another association from the same city wouldnt be able to reduce their waiting time in this case.

    That's not really the issue. But while writing you kind of went offtopic and most of what you wrote has nothing to do with with making multis less attractive. Maybe I also didn't express myself clear enough. What I'm am looking for is methods to basically take away the reasons to use multis. Let me explain it with an example
    Problem Player A creates a lot of accounts to invest his starting money in industries of where the association of his hated rival Player B owns the majority.

    Gameplay solution: New players can't invest in industries.

    May be some adjusting. Since the totorial requests players to invest in an industry players on career level 1 are only able to click once when they invest. Worth a try if thats enough hassle for multis.

    May be expand the same requirement to the elections of mayor and president. I'm not sure if I like that though.

    What I am not sure about after reading the wiki page: An RRN is given to residents in Korea, no matter which nation. But how about people wanting to play on a Korean server but living outside the country? Can they get an RRN too?

    No, not in my understanding.


    What's that? 8|

    2 factor authentication. It needs more than just login and password. It uses SMS, mail or authenticator-apps to transfer a code. Thats the second factor to make sure no one who stole your login and password can access your accout.

    To be honest I never thought about this option. What negative and positive outcomes would you expect?

    Negative result would be the same as the release of doping. Everyone has to do it if he or his team wants to win. At least everyone will think so and then you have a self-fulfilling prophecy. And the honest players who don't want to play more than one account would leave the game.

    Yeah, that's a very good point. I don't know, to be honest. Do you think reducing the money and increasing vouchers (for example train vouchers, since you can't buy trains if you don't have money) would help? Do you see any downsides about this?

    If I understand this

    Since yesterday we are facing on above mentioned server massive invest of fake players on "our" factories. Why do I call them fak players? Hmm, there are a minimum of 15 players with no trains, I really mean zero trains and massive invest of 5-8 millions mainly on our factories.

    from the first post here correctly the "players" just invest the 8 Mio era 5 starting money and do nothing else. I don't think the number of train vouchers needs to be raised. Players get 12 already in era 5 in addition to the ones from the tutorial.

    Yeah, and this is one of the main problems: A new player looks pretty much the same as a troll, concerning play style.

    Getting rid of the "catch up package" would certainly help to stop disruptive players (or at least increase the effort they have to put into it), but, similar to 2FA, this comes with big costs. This would basically mean that players can't (or won't) join a server anymore once it has run a few days. For user acquisition/reactivation, this would be a catastrophe.

    Depends on which part of the "catch up package" the trolls are using in this case. Probably the starting money which was doubled with 4.13 if the city isn't overcrowded, If the citry ist overcrowded they profit from the buffed track production and the track vouchers. Especially the latter is really convienient if I register only after era 6 is already startet for career reasons.

    To mitigate the problem the starting money could be reduced in the later eras. Maybe to the old levels before the buff. Another step could be the starting level of the track production. Obviously I would hate that, but if its for the greater good I could accept it.

    I explained above already how you can mark single threads as read.

    I would be more interested in having the ability to "unfollow" a whole section so that it would never appear to begin with.

    The ability is already there. Click this button at the startpage of the forum: