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    Hmm good idea, what you think about 2 prestige point for every 1 gold bought? That way should be easier to win round if you pay enough, don't you think?

    We could have a short pause between the end of EG and the actual end of the game, you could be prompted a window saying like "would you like to pay X$ to earn enough prestige to win the game?"

    You know, it would do the calculation and give you a number, or even better, you could have an auction for winning the game.

    I don't finish the research of all trains at the classic or europe servers too.

    To reach that goal you need to be a lot of hours per day online. Look thousants of movies and hoping to get RP's.

    For the medal you only need to complete one era, just put your extra points from era 2 and following in Era1 research which is the one that requires less points and you get it.

    This, very much.

    In the late game your career engine is one of many, whereas in the early game it's your best engine, as until you have 7 Rhinos your career engine pulls in more money than your other trains together, the first couple of days it's the drive of your economy. At this stage of the game acceleration is king as you're doing very short segments.

    As you progress in the game loses much of it's important and become more of a bonus train, which is why I would first optimise the train for the first 2 eras, then think about the rest.

    Acceleration is a poor upgrade on engines that already have high acceleration and you will struggle to see any difference, especially on long journeys like one in the example (6:6).

    Change the train to an Olympus or use the Swallow but test on a 1:1 journey, the Olympus will see differences, the Swallow might not as it's really that much of a slow engine, will probably show differences on 1:1 and 16/24 hours.

    PS. I looked into this as I was curious to see if it could have been worth to fully research the Swallow before moving onto a different engine, being that research is extremely slow when you start, works out that the acceleration upgrades doesn't pay for itself by the time you swap for Rhinos, it is actually detrimental to your economy, twice, firstly because you spend money which you won't made back, secondly because you have wasted RP that could have given you a Rhino slightly earlier, hence boosting earlier your economy,

    Could potentially make back your money if you prefer going from Swallows to Falcons, but again, in that case you're better off switching to Ravens.


    The trains are 140 km away and they're compound speed is 280 km/h, so it will take them 30 minutes to reach the collision point.

    The supervisor is 6,300 metres away, or 6.3 kilometres, at 14 km/h the supervisor could cover 7 km in 30 minutes, since he only has to cover 6.3 km he'll be quicker than the trains.

    When I look at the original image, I still cannot see the differences that are now clearly on this new image (clock and hat).

    ?Am I actually colour blind without ever realizing it before ? You are making me question my eyes LOL

    Hat on the right has a pink flower, whereas the clocks have different border colours.

    Does this make it any better?

    Even with HMR's image I can't see what the difference is with the animal in the picture or below the spoons on the wall

    You mean the tiny horse somewhere down from the spoons? If it's that, there's a flask behind the horse on the right that isn't there on the left, the choice of colours was horrible though, I struggle to even notice there was an item there.

    Hello everyone,

    There's a small update in Lobby today 11th of October, with no player impact. If you see text out of place in lobby or something else weird, this will be fixed by clearing cache and cookies.

    Pass it on to the devs, see if they can start versioning assets of web deployment, this would fix this silly issue of having to clear cache and cookieson our side.

    Personally I would just rather have seperate checkboxes in the Train Mannager header for either Pax or Freight moves regardless of the suggested lock in double clicking along the side bar checkboxes.

    I mean The lock in is a very good idea but I think differs from what Toots original suggestion was to check and list either Pax or freight seperately.

    ie - If I have to park freight only or If I have to Park Pax only it can segregated with one click for a quick move, I would definitely like this in an end game. Or if I want Pax only or Freight only listed, Ditto, for checking one checkbox up they come separately as required in the Train Manager.

    I think they are BOTH good ideas, one doesn't exclude the other.

    I suggest double clicking - only select trains from this product series. Not all trains of this type (as it is now).

    This will make it easy to set different schedules for trains of the same type.

    This is actually a brilliant idea, just made a search for it as I wanted to propose it myself and found this thread.

    Having to do any sort of clicking is a pain, the UI occasionally picks up items that are below and while you are selecting or deselecting a train you end up opening a city or industry below the UI, annoying defect which has never been dealt with, a double click action limited to production series would limit the need for extra clicks and speed up the process.

    Nobody is saying that you can't play the way you like, you most certainly can play whatever way you want, what we are saying is that is not optimal and doesn't belong to this thread where we are not asking "what's funnier" but "what's optimal".

    Your way is fun to you, please keep on playing, your way is NOT optimal though, as such is not a pro suggestion.

    i don't like it, there is already so much way to make money easily.

    Doing the appro while other haul the final good to city (direct) is one of them and your "new members" that lack cash won't need to buy new wagons to do it.

    Also, i think there is a problem in the game with players who can have too much revenue like 350M daily cash... when you haul from warehouse to ports or from close factories near warehouse (era6). It's OP and that's really too much cash.

    To add to this this, if you need money you don't need to borrow them, you need to learn how to make them.

    Clear cache = all cache, you can't clear cache of just one site.

    Then again, I pronounce cash as [kash] and cache as [katchee], so what do I know?

    On Firefox:

    Click the Hamburger button on the top right, opens a dropdown menu.

    Click Options

    Click the Privacy and Security tab

    Scroll down to Cookies and Site Data

    Click on Manage Data

    Enter the relevant domain name

    Delete all data relevant to the specific domain

    I previously posted a quicker version for the web site you are visiting, information on how to do it in different browsers is available through any search engine, I personally use duckduckgo, Google will work just as fine.

    There is nothing that can be done, unfortunately is within the scope of the game.

    Had the same on a US server, there is a well known player that all he does is run for money and ruin the city experience, still, it's his prerogative.

    The original thread was mine from 6 months ago, but that was after I had already voiced having LM comps as posts on a couple of earlier threads, with one of the potential solutions being that the comp could still be run on the city but the reward being a 24hr bonus on the landmark.

    The way it is currently set is extremely detrimental to a well run region, especially in the first 3 eras.

    Now, detrimental is a big word. I really don't see a problem with how it is now, actually, a well run region would find ways to benefit from it, you can time a level up during the comp and get a little extra money in the GH.