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    If you can't do anything against them (and I KNOW it's very difficult to fight this), then maybe you should consider removing the catch-up package that was a great idea, but is being abused by Assholes (just like most great ideas...)

    This was exactly my main complain with the catch up package, as far as I'm concerned there shouldn't be any, if you decide to start late it's on you.

    If you start in late era1 or era2 you can catch up, if you start later than that you're probably doing it to cause mayem or "do a friend a favour", which usually means the same, if you start in era6 you don't need help as you are just farming PP.

    If we as players can find the multi accounts why can't Travian? It isn't so hard to find them. You don't have to proof it by IP adress or all other methods. Just observing the game itself is enough you will find them very fast. When you see an entire asso the one after the other come onilne, do the same things go offline again and this repeats on a regular bases that is proof enough. They can be smart by using VPN etc. but are not very creative.

    That's another reason I don't like to see crew members play the game actively. They should observe their assigned server(s) for things like this and not distracted by the game. I already said this many times before. Game and "Job" don't go together.

    Seeing the multi-accounti and proving the multi-account are two different things.

    You see a certain situation and you know they are multiple accounts created only to disrupt gameplay, however, for Support is not as easy, they have to prove beyond resonable doubt that the accounts are fake.

    Ability to mark threads as "read" when checking the unread threads section. For example when you were making 50 threads on "guess the landmark", not everyone share the hype.

    Good idea.

    What I did was to open the Event and Contest forum, mark the whole thing as read and then check unread threads.

    I would be more interested in having the ability to "unfollow" a whole section so that it would never appear to begin with.

    Google Translate

    If you want to join a locale forum you can, nothing there to stop you, and plenty of online translators to help you following.

    On the other hand, you have people like me that can't be bothered to follow other locales, if the forum was to become a tower of Babel I would probably be most annoyed.

    Currently you can choose to follow other locales, your idea would impose your choice on me.

    I think this solution has been proposed time and again; many like it as it offer some flexibility without the need to change the whole lot of engines.

    Simple example:

    Europe map
    I have my Whales hauling to the Landmark, it is finally full, I can switch them to deliver intercity and I choose to sacrifice 1 acceleration for 5 speed as I'm going the distance.

    You can't realistically have 2 sets of pax nor you can buy and sell to switch in between uses, so a slider allowing me to tweak my engine comes handy.

    I would be careful about what you touch tough, for example, I wouldn't offer a reliability change at all, not in any way shape or form as it would be a clear advantage to heavy gold users.

    If I was already using gold to buy mechanichs and save myself the money of maintenance I wouldn't think about it twice, anything that lowers reliability and raises anything else is my first pick, to the expenses of those that only use the odd voucher gotten in the lottery and even more so to those that don't even buy lottery tickets.

    If I remember correctly there was also some comment about not offering traction at all in the first era, maybe even the second. When you only have 3/4 wagons on short and/or chained routes, +1 traction beats anything, no contest. Might have even been you saying it.


    I am happy if you want to play in a server where every era random stuff is thrown at you, create your own scenario and I will happily stay far away from it.

    This idea feels like someone is bored and need to spice up things, it wouldn't, because in the end the nerds would grab the data, analyse it and a couple of hours later we'd know exactly what's what.

    Wanting to know what we're dealing with is the nature of the beast as this game comes with long term strategies, takes planning, if you make a mistake you can't restart the game.

    Hei Stubaski

    please try to delete cache and cookies.

    after this the textstrings should be there :) This sometimes could happen after an update.


    I have cleared the cache and it didn't help.

    While I appreciate your tentative, consider that this is NEW content, as such, it shouldn't be cached in any way, shape or form and suggesting to clear the cache isn't ideal, this is a bug that should be passed on a dev.

    What I believe happened here is that the code has been deployed during the maintanance, however, some updated database has not been deployed and for thar reason the strings are not able to find a match and you see the string itself.

    Just tell whoever has done the deployment that he's probably forgot to run some SQL, it's probably something silly like the locale DB not being updated.

    My name is StreGatta (I'm Italian)
    This are the union of Strega and Gatta (witch and cat)

    and I chose it because in the game everyone says I am a witch and that I scratch with comments (and not only) :evil:

    StregattO is also the name of the Cheshire cat in the Italian adaptation of Disney's Alice in Wonderland. The name has been used occasionally in literature to refer to a witched (or witching) cat.

    As for mine... well, if you're not Tuscan isn't really straightforward... for the Tuscans, supercazzola brematurata come fosse antani, anche per due.

    For everyone else, it spawns out of some sort of gibberish or gobbledygook way of speaking to confuse the interlocutor in a comedic way that was used occasionally in the Divine Commedy by Dante and rehashed by Mario Monicelli in the dark comedy Amici Miei (My Friends).

    Growing up in Florence we would throw nonsensical words at each at other trying to catch each other guard and, if the other missed that it was a nonsensical word and would reply asking what was said, we'd say "Puppa!", literally "suck it", sort of gotcha.

    One of those nonsensical words was Stubaski.